color – Is it just me, or the smartphone cameras do not have chromatic aberrations?

A factor that could affect it: diffraction is so huge on these tiny sensors and cheap lenses may not be sharp, so it's possible that the image is not sharp enough for you to see chromatic aberration ! Chromatic aberration can only be seen if the image is otherwise clear.

I am far from certain that this is the only reason for this (it is possible that any chromatic aberration that exceeds diffraction and that other sources of non-sharpness are removed by algorithms sophisticated dealing with the raw data of the sensor). . But it can be a reason.

I think that the combination of lack of sharpness, due to diffraction, a lens and poor algorithms, can help explain everything you see.

Edit: @ DeltaOscarUniform has calculated that, unless the number of megapixels is excessive, the diffraction should be non-existent because of the relatively small F number F2.8 (typical). However, other sources of lack of sharpness prevail. However, a 12 megapixel phone camera still has half the pixels of a 24 megapixel / no-mirror DSLR, so the low megapixel could be a part of the explanation.

smartphone – iMessage Security Exploit?

Our family has decided to add an extra phone line to our international students. I went to see our carrier and I added it without problem, so I was a bit confused when my sister came down and told me that she had a problem with her phone. My sister has an iPhone, but the language exchange student and I have an Android phone. I was able to conduct an SMS conversation with the foreign exchange student, very well. My sister was able to receive text messages from the student's Android phone in exchange for currency, but when she responded, the message was sent to another iPhone user who previously owned the phone number. this student's phone. We know it because another girl answered. I called Apple to solve the problem and they gave the student in currency exchange a link to remove her iMessage number. This seems to have solved the problem for us.

I'm afraid it does not really solve the problem. And if two people had met in a bar, one with a newly connected Android, the other with an iPhone, and the first thing exchanged was nude photos? What happens if one of them has just received a new number that remains connected to an iMessage account? The Android user would have his picture sent to the right person, but the iPhone user would have his picture sent to the person with the previous phone number of the Android user (this is This is how iMessage works). And what happens if an iPhone user receives text messages to the point of changing their phone number and not updating their iMessage account? The spammer can register a phone on this number and use it to intercept text messages sent to him by other iPhone users. This is obviously a security issue with iMessage, but would it be considered a security exploit?

applications – How to get a new IP address for my smartphone oukitel c13 pro

I use Oukitel C13 Pro, the processor is quad-core and 2 GB of RAM with 16 GB of ROM.
I'm trying to install plotagon on my device but it does not work and I've also updated the plotagon but it still does not work. what can I do to make it work on my phone or how can I get a new IP address

Forum posters for a smartphone site


I am looking for someone to write messages on the forum of my smartphone.

I am willing to pay $$ for your messages.

If you are interested, please let me know.

Thank you

Hot clips are constantly revealed in Vietnam, be careful when you edit a smartphone

The Dragon Temple Phone Repairer requested a password to receive a vertical client. The password used for the business card steps and the potential risk of disclosure of sensitive information.
"At the time of the phone repair, the most vigilant dead user is attentive to the confidentiality of his expression." HCMC] – determined. sewing machine 7

According to Mr. Khanh, the dragon temple phone repairer asked for the password allowing him to accept the language of the guest. "Passwords used for rich works, dragon temples are steps to review functions, store batteries, hardware … the coins for iPhone, software-related diseases all suggest iCloud accounts, "Khanh explained.

However, users are less interested in the security of sensitive information to give workers a password.
"What are the many forms allowing manual repairers 'machines to reach the essential, ink – sensitive material of the user' s but without the school, the "hot" card was leaked after the host computer gave the password to the repairman, "added Khanh.

According to Mr. Khanh, to protect themselves from the "reluctance" to give a password to people, users must follow the following steps:

Can I connect an external flashlight to an Android smartphone and control it?

I saw doing on an iphone:

If it is possible, can this also be done via JS?

Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to a smartphone, using a BT 4.0 Android device?

My question is simple: is it possible to connect an Android smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 to multiple Bluetooth speakers (2 or more)?

Thank you

smartphone – What differences will I notice with the additional monocular lens of high quality compared to the budget of the camera of a phone?

Seriously, if you plan to photograph wild animals at long distance, you will want something other than a monocular module on a smartphone.

You need:

  • Ability to use a fast shutter speed (1/1000) as wildlife can be … wild and run / fly fast.
  • A decent opening. Note that the number of opening is actually multiplied by the framing factor, which on smartphones is huge (that is, the framing factor).
  • If you shoot in conditions other than the sun, good ISO high performance, which means that the sensor has to be much larger than a smartphone sensor.
  • Image stabilization could also be an advantage, but I found that fast shutter speeds (1/1000) do not need it. However, in low-light conditions, when shooting still or moving wild animals, image stabilization may be required.
  • A long focal length
  • A high resolution sensor.
  • A good goal, because the lens can limit the quality of the image. Even with a long focal length, it may be necessary to crop the image.
  • Good ergonomics on the camera. Aiming at a goal equivalent to 400 mm is not easy.
  • A screen / viewfinder that can be viewed in the sun.
  • Burst mode for taking multiple pictures in a short time interval.
  • Fast autofocus

Let's see what a smartphone has:

  • Shutter speed: is it even adjustable? Probably not.
  • Aperture: Anyway, the trimming factor means that it is actually too small (too big).
  • Good ISO high performance: no, due to sensor size
  • Image Stabilization: Yes, but if you use a monocular, it probably means that the information system becomes confused and does not work as it should.
  • Long focal distance: can you be long enough with a monocular?
  • A high resolution sensor: modern smartphones may have them. You can have enough megapixels.
  • A good goal: NO !!!
  • Good ergonomics: no, smartphones are not designed for the ergonomics of cameras.
  • A screen / viewfinder visible in the sun: no
  • Burst mode: I do not know, can depend on the smartphone, and burst auto focus is probably not fast enough, or not at all, support
  • Autofocus: no and especially not on a monocular

If you do not have a lot of money to spend, you can buy a cheap digital SLR (avoid the cheapest to avoid those who have slow burst mode) and a cheap telezoom. Do not expect to spend nearly $ 1000 for setup, though. This $ 1000 is what photographers consider "cheap", which some lay people might consider expensive. I photographed wild life with Canon 2000D and 55-250mm. The quality of the lens may be correct but not excellent. The camera has a buffer that is too small for burst mode. I missed a lot of potential shots because of the small buffer for the burst.

A better configuration would be a full-frame / mirror-less digital SLR and a professional telephone lounge. For example, I currently have an EOS RP and a used 100-400mm L (the first version of the lens) for a total of $ 2,000 (the purchase of the second version of a new target would have cost $ 3,500 in total). This is much better than the first configuration, but some might still argue that the burst of EOS RP is not fast enough.

Ubuntu 18.04 does not recognize the Android smartphone by USB cable connection

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and Android 8.0.0 in a Moto Z2 game.
What I've tried
1 – I have reinstalled the package mtp-tools.
2- Check if Android is configured for USB MPT connection in the smartphone development options.
3- I have installed android-file-transfer
4- I tried to install
with the smartphone connected in USB, I receive in response to commands:


Bus Peripheral 001 002: ID 8087: 8000 Intel Corp.
Bus Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Root Hub Linux Foundation 2.0
Bus Unit 003 001: ID 1d6b: 0003 Root Hub Linux Foundation 3.0
Bus Peripheral 002 004: ID 8087: 07dc Intel Corp.
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1bcf: 28b4 Sunplus Innovation Technology Inc.
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 138a: 0011 Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS5011 Fingerprint Reader
Bus 002, Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Root Hub Linux Foundation 2.0


version of libmtp: 1.1.13
List of raw devices
No raw devices found.

Charging the battery works normally.

passwords – Go free-card transaction and make transactions only by QR codes with my smartphone

I have a OnePlus 6 and I have recently opened a bank account in a bank that seems to me very innovative in the context of a free (debit / credit) transaction card. It will not necessarily be my main bank account and to this day, I do not see myself putting most of my money there, but I want to put about $ 2,000 at the moment.

I have the banking application on my smartphone and I can pay worldwide without any fees / commissions per QR code up to a generous amount.

My smartphone has virtually no other apps installed besides WhatsApp and Gmail.

I do not use Pin code for about 10 years on my smartphones (however I use a PIN for banking applications). I do not use either digital print in my smartphone.

What security measures should I take to properly secure my smartphone if I go without a transaction and manage all payments, worldwide, by smartphone?