– What is the importance of "Gorilla glass" in a smartphone?

It depends on the use of your device. It’s just an extra layer of protection and has some advantages over others (Like scratch resistance, splash protection).

You can trust Gorilla Glass because they don't just make glasses for smartphones. They also manufacture glasses for industries. Corning is the company that makes Gorilla glass.

So the answer to your question is that it is not significant at all. You have to
replace it with other unbranded screen protectors. You have to
check the reliability of this product before use. And it is
where brand recognition takes place. Corning will provide you
warranty on specific products. And because many users have already used it
so you can obviously trust them.

The choice is yours. If you are able to make the right purchase, it doesn't matter
it is branded or not it will always be worth it.

smartphone – What is the problem of light in my photos?

I often take photos with my phone (a Galaxy S9) and this problem seems to plague me every time I try to take photos indoors near a window during the day. The light from the window above the table seems to leak into the image and very badly disturbs the white balance, while producing a photo that seems to have been taken with a stained lens. The first image below is the photo taken in automatic mode normally. The second is similar but I used my finger to cover the top of the lens where the light gets in. I put my finger as close as possible to the lens without showing it in the image. As you can see, the second photo came out much better, without any sunlight from above. As a result, the colors are so much better in the second image than in the first. Is it a problem with my lens, my photography skills or is it something else?


Great pic

Send RAW from Sony RX100 to an Android Smartphone

First of all, a bit of context so maybe someone will have a good suggestion: I'm currently on tour with my bike. My Android smartphone is basically my computer, and it's ok (considering the weight saved, it's even more than ok). I use Snapseed on my phone to perform basic processing on the photos I take (mainly light and dark and colors).

I'm photographing in RAW with a Sony RX100 mk 3. For now, the only way for me to get RAW on my smartphone is to change the SD card, which is painful. I only need to transfer a few photos at a time. The official Sony application (Play Memories) only sends JPEG files.

Is there a way to send RAW over WiFi?

layout – "Translate" the dimensions of the desktop mobile app mockup to the size of the smartphone?

I'm sure this is a common problem, but I'm not sure I can explain it correctly. Stay with me.

I have included a screenshot of a mobile application that I am working on in my Windows 10 PC. For the sake of argument, let's say I created it in MS Paint.

As you can see, Paint the font is 48 pt and the text area is 580 px wide. On the other hand, if I send this "drawing" by email to my iphone and watch the drawing from the phone, the picture is perfect. I know the image is resized in the phone.

On the other hand, I sent this same image to the developer, and the font in the app he deployed (in my ihpone 7) is too big, but I don't know not what size I should tell him. The same goes for other orders. I guess he is using an iphone plus, while I have a normal iphone. I guess Android will have the same problems.

My question, how do I tell the developer when he asks me the font size and the control size? I can't tell her that the font is 48 points since I guess it will be too big for the iphone.

In other words, how do I "translate" the sizes of my Windows 10 PC into sizes that would fit a smartphone?

The reason I ask is because I sent a developer a mockup of a screen I created in FireWorks to a developer, but the font sizes are very different. So I have to tell him the specific font sizes, but I don't know what those sizes are.

enter description of image here

Can not connect Canon 70D to Android smartphone

One solution might be the same answer in How to program the EOS utility to take a number of shots.

I'm not sure that the EOS utilities work for the number of shots in a row, but an app controller called Android DSLR (Beta) works great with my T4i and when I had a T2i. I have not tested yet for the brand 7D ii. If you can get a usb micro usb or Android tablet with a USB port for the standard cord. The application allows you to program many parameters such as the number of photos, their interval in seconds, aperture, shutter speed, iso, changing brightness settings after each photo, etc.

A few years ago, I used it to complete the patio of my backyard and it worked pretty well, to perform table tricks on my boyfriend's table, to get pictures in self-service where 10 seconds are not enough. behind the camera, review my RAW images while I'm on the road and want to see them on a bigger screen.

I really recommend looking in and see if it could work for your Canon camera.

DSLR Controller (BETA) – It costs around $ 7.99 (CAD or USD, I forget)

Remote version – A test application before buying the DSLR controller

The application for Android claims to use WiFi too, but does not have a WiFi camera to test it, but it does not hurt to try.

How to factory reset an Android smartphone without using the volume increase button

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Why recently, the photos of my smartphone began to blur on one side in particular. I've already tried using different camera apps

If the lens cover is not visibly damaged or polluted, and if it is not a focusing problem rooted in your compositional habits, the assumption made for any camera (from the smartphone to the digital SLR) showing such problems is that there are problems of tilt or shift – vulgo, an element of the lens or the sensor has been shaken.

It could also be a faulty optical stabilization system (these systems essentially work by causing a controlled off-centering).

If the problem persists, it is likely that the camera module of this phone will need to be replaced by a repairer (if it is replaceable).

pop3 – POP download from Gmail does not include emails sent from a smartphone client by SMTP

I have three different Gmail accounts. I have a phone with AquaMail. I have a PC with Thunderbird that is configured to combine all accounts using POP, thus keeping a permanent copy of everything on my PC. The only thing that does not work properly is that if I send an email from my phone, even if it is correctly replicated in the Sent folder of Gmail, it does not come out. is not included in the POP download on the PC. replicated in Thunderbird. According to Google's help, this is intentional behavior: emails sent by SMTP-based customers "are marked as having already been downloaded" and are therefore not available for POP. This causes me a problem. How can I get copies of e-mails sent from my phone in Thunderbird?

Start Windows 10 on SSD from a smartphone

I need to install Windows 10 on the new SSD of my laptop and I can not use any USB stick. I've tried using a rooted Android smartphone (Samsung J5-2015, custom OS) as a removable USB memory containing Win_10 ISO, but this has not been done. not working.

An idea?
Thank you!

How are calls or SMS used to operate a smartphone?

How to use a phone number to access a smartphone? I read information that you could receive a call or SMS on your phone and allow an attacker to install their malware in this manner. Methods like that are possible? This seems a little exaggerated to believe. What exactly are the methods used to install malware on a smartphone. I have a pretty basic understanding of information security, any book or site to read is appreciated.