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Forums like this one are huge. However, honestly, the sign of a real power is the presence of a huge social media after these days. I mean, you could have a tiny forum – tracking a lot of social media – and it would be a giant – compared to a big forum without traffic or potential traffic.


Well, quality is also important – without separating third world countries – but third world prospects are not likely to buy.




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How do social media apps notify you when another person is taking a picture of your profile?

Social media applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc., warn you if someone takes a picture of your profile, chat, conversation, story, etc.

How is this possible without tracking, keylogger, spy applications … etc, if it is not illegal?

social engineering – protecting against OSINT?

Open source intelligence has been around for some time, even though it only caught the eye recently. Here's what I do to control myself.

Step 1: Hack yourself

Have you already googled yourself? Try to collect information about yourself using OSINT techniques. Start somewhere, perhaps your most common user name that you use to access this website, and then continue from there. There are various tools for searching for user names on the Internet. You will be able to find where you registered with this alias. Many times it will be in places where you do not even remember to sign up. Read the messages and see how much information about you is given.
In the meantime, start profiling yourself based on the information you have found. You will be surprised to know what you will get for each message you have written or which you have answered will have something unique to say about you. Sometimes you may even encounter older usernames that you used in some way while having a connection. Plug in from there, search for it now, while noting your conclusions. Now you have a fair idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlikes, dislikes, interests, opinions, etc. of the person. In my opinion, it becomes dangerous to link a person's online identity to one's true identity. In some cases you do it intentionally, in others it happens unintentionally. You find an article that leads you to a user name, which leads you to a blog post, which leads you to the LinkedIn profile of the user. And now you have rich information about this person.

There are many great tools for recognizing people. Google search filters are the first best example to help you refine the results. Your information is there, it's just a question of finding it. Here are some other tools that can help.

Step 2: recalibrate

Once you have collected a good amount of information about yourself, you must start evaluating what you want everyone to know, which should be seen with limited access (Facebook friends, connections on LinkedIn, etc.) and what's up there. but should not really have been. Once you have that, you can go back, find those sources and put them away. You can also ask a close friend to do the same thing to get a different perspective, maybe she will find something different from you.

Step 3: Control

I give the impression that the internet is bad, this is really not the case. Some people like to share and interact with the community, post things, tweet their opinions, share their experiences. And that's fine, as long as you know what you're doing and it's okay. The internet is absolute, once it's up there, if you forget that, it'll be up there forever. So be aware that if you post something, do not be surprised if someone you've ever met knows a lot about you. Even if it's a private forum, share it assuming everyone is watching.

This whole thing is not a punctual effort. I like to do it from time to time because I do a lot of things without realizing its consequences. As time passes and your consciousness increases, you will automatically have a filter in your head that will emit red flags if you share something you should not be. Some call it paranoia, I call it necessary (within limits).

In the end, get used to the fact that what you share on the Internet will probably be seen by many more people than you thought and could say much more about yourself than you thought. Once you have this default filter in your head, you can control what anybody can gain on you with an OSINT based attack. My apologies if this answer is largely unstructured. There is no right or wrong answer here. Read more answers, find ideas and create your own template. Good luck!

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    New social bookmarking list – Oct 2019

    Good morning all,

    Even if, today, we use Social Bookmarking, yes, everyone has a different perspective. Some use it for a fast ping, while others use it as a source of backlinks.

    Check out the list of the latest social bookmarking sites –

    I will try to update many other resources as soon as possible – instant business profile, guest post list, list of article sites.