Add custom SVG icons to the Social Icon menu in Twenty Seventeen Child WordPress Theme

I have problems adding custom SVG icons to the social icons menu in WordPress Twentyseventeen Child Theme.The menu works fine with all the prepackaged SVGs included in the theme, but I can not add custom SVG to the child theme.

Here's what I've done so far to add the "Etsy" SVG in the social icons menu:

  • Copy the /assets/img/svg-icons.svg drop in the theme of the child
  • Stuck the way to the Etsy SVG in the svg-icons.svg file with all other icons

Screen capture adding SVG Etsy path to svg-icons.svg file in TwentySeventeen WordPress child theme

  • Copy the /inc/icon-functions.php drop in the theme of the child
  • Add & # 39; & # 39; to the range of social media sites

Adding to all registered social media sites with the function twentyseventeen_social_links_icons ()

  • Then I called "the /inc/icon-functions.php at the bottom of the child's theme functions.php

add icon-functions.php to file functions.php

It did not work. WordPress Core recommended to use the get_template_part function in the new WordPress functions and hook behaviors for WordPress4.7, but I've also tried:

  • get_theme_file_uri()

  • get_template_directory()

  • get_template_directory_uri()

  • get_stylesheet_directory()

  • get_stylesheet_directory_uri()

All in nothing.

I've also tried to use require instead of understand but this threw a 505 error and said "Site Down For Maintenance"

All caches erased. An idea of ​​what I'm doing wrong?

These articles refer to very similar problems, but none of them solves mine in particular:

Group Dynamics – Social contract of flirtation in GN

I have participated and mainly organized a LARP in Switzerland for several years. This year, I have for the first time participated in a major GN project organized in Germany (Conquest of Mythodea, about 9000 people).

  • While there, one of our friends met another participant in the said LARP – actually one of the NPCs. It happened at a party before the event when people were not yet in character, that is, rather normal things that could happen at any music festival.

  • Later, while taking part in the real story of LARP, a sort of quest was distributed where the goal was essentially to make nice discussions / flirt with any other player. Regardless of the details of this quest (and how it might be considered complete or not), it made me think …

Is there a social contract / practice established on how the GN community handles flirtation or similar romantic advances?

Of course, LARP should be a fun experience for everyone. You would absolutely want to avoid creating situations in which players would feel uncomfortable (or worse) by unexpected advances. And although breaking the character is of course always an option to tell someone to stop, I wonder if there is no danger that people will feel "submissive" to pressures "in a certain role or a certain scene. Moreover, breaking the character is rather frowned upon in some circles and would probably be considered a measure of last resort …

I am looking for LNG responses with personal experience of this topic and / or established social contracts. Bonus points if the experience comes from the European / German LARP scene.

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Free – Social Hideout Staff Recruitment | Promotion Forum


Hello, I am looking for an administrator. I want to create a community located around introvertis and extroverts, who might have difficulty making friends or difficult problems for which they might need advice, or just a social center allowing them to be 100% themselves and to embrace for what they are.
Here's what I'm looking for from a potential administrator and moderator.


  • 18+ for the position of administrator.
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Does the action text near the social share buttons increase sharing?

Are there studies that prove that an action text such as "share this" near social sharing buttons increases sharing?

For example, would the action text "share this" in the header encourage users to share more?

screen capture header

lens – What can I improve in my social dance photography?

I love to photograph social dancers. Can you give me constructive comments in my latest albums about what I like best and what you think you can improve?

All photos are taken with a 18-55mm zoom lens. I also have main lenses of 35 and 50 mm, but I do not use them because the dancers are very dynamic and it is often difficult to frame the plan.

Thank you in advance.


I install Open Social on Linux Centos 6 via composer and drush ops, I get a boot message failed

When I try to install the site with drush -y site-install social –db-url = mysql: // root: root @ db: 3306 / social, the bootstrap return failed. In Bootstraphook.php, line 32. Has anybody also encountered this problem? I created the mysql database. Can someone help?

How many followers should I follow a day on Twitter – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

I am thinking of writing an article on the best way to get the most members possible. However, to give you some clues:

  • Follow up to 150 to 200 people a day to avoid suspension of your account.

  • Follow the people who are active and relevant to your niche.

  • Check an influencer, a big gun in your area and follow the latest people who follow him. To give you an example, if you are in the niche of SEO tools, you can follow people who follow SemRush, Moz, Ahrefs, etc.

  • Follow the people who are active – they liked or retweeted something from these popular accounts.

  • Use the search function and find people from your niche.

Let me know if an article where I will go into the details of this case will be useful.