[ Other – Society & Culture ] Open question: is Coronavirus really as bad as people claim it is?

I do not really see why it is worse than the swine flu or Ebola, when we had never closed the business of these two flu.

Why does society have the idea that school / college is all there is to success in life?

It provides the foundation they need to succeed in their own way.

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Others choose to make their own way and still others never choose.

An education prepares you for life even if part of it may never be used in your life, but it offers one of the tools they need to be successful in life. Finding their way to a happy life is a whole different story.

Even if I must say that the American educational system is broken and playing favorites without shame. When we all have access to our own personalized education, I think we will benefit a lot from virtual reality, because there is a big difference between watching a person and maybe an assistant or two buzzing in class and being part of it in an environment VR.

[ Politics ] Open question: are Democrats a cancer of society?

They are constantly trying to create discontent in people. It is their only path to power.

dnd 5e – Can monsters live in society?

If a monster abides by the law of a certain city, would it be allowed to live there? I'm not talking about basic monsters like orcs and goblinoids, or metamorphs (including dragons), but more like liches, spirit flayers, spectators and other smart monsters but frightening. No matter whether they are feared or accepted, is it simply plausible to say that they could live in a city or a village?

dungeons and dragons – What humanoid races or monsters have a matriarchal society?

What humanoid races or monsters have a matriarchal society?

It is obvious drow are:


Women are the figureheads of drow society. At the head of each house, there is someone who is a savvy business operator, a
tactician, a high priestess of Lolth, and probably also a ruthless
murderer with blood on his hands. Unlike many other races, women
drows are generally larger and more robust than males.

To reach the
upper echelons of power, a woman must first become a priestess of
Lolth. Then, to reach the status of high priestess, she must take
advantage of powerful connections or creating special alliances. The path
to ultimate power in drow society is never direct and is always paved
with death.

(Tome of Mordenkainen's Enemies, p. 51)

But, apart from the Drow, what are the other humanoid races or monsters that have a matriarchal society in D&D?

I'm looking for examples of this, 5th or previous editions.

Why does modern society discourage marriage and parenthood?

Good question but I don't think so.

Today, men and women marry much later in life. They finish their studies, get a good job and save their money for a house before having their children.

Due to the progress of contraception today, children born to parents are sought after and therefore better taken care of. Twenty years ago, in the Chicago Tribune, this link was linked to the drop in violent crime.

In addition, children are born to parents who are often middle-aged now … some even older. We have made such advances in medicine now that more and more couples who could not have their own children are now.

And Ben Franklin gave the wisest advice to date on marriage: "Get married in a hurry and repent at leisure"

Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society

What to prepare for the road of busy life.

Do not be right, people are something very difficult to discover. We are good and there are better people than us, going out must be a little humble as an entrepreneur Do Trung Duong HBC – VCCI This will help us avoid many competitors in the corporate market and avoid the loss of customers and contracts.

https: eva.vn/doi-song-xa-hoi/doanh-n … 34a408947.html

The father used to say that he entered the market as a battlefield, that he had to prepare carefully with weapons, knowing that he knew us. The entrepreneur Do Trung Duong is the man who pushes the Viking Group, a multidisciplinary company at sea, to face big waves. Mr. Duong was to prepare the strategy and plan how the opponent would apply.

In the HBC – VCCI business, there are sometimes too many jobs that you are an employee to do constantly. Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society shared, sometimes need to know the opening words to help colleagues, this is not a shameful thing. But what matters is how you ask for help. The words will not make you lose any contracts, nor billions of dollars, thank you sincerely that people will agree to help you. On the contrary, being suspicious and rudely ordered will make your colleagues hate you more, can help but do not want to help you.

Boss Do Trung Duong is dedicated to the company – Vice Chairman Do Trung Duong HBC-VCCI Having said that, sometimes when meeting staff are asked at meetings, you need to know how to express your opinions quickly. Do not be too resolute, too definitive, do everything you have to allow yourself to withdraw. Sometimes, being too determined sting the clumsiness of others. There are no enemies forever, the future is sometimes too many, it will be difficult to reverse. In HBC – VCCI, you must learn to integrate with your colleagues, do not lie for this reason, other reasons to lie, sometimes you will forget what you say, when you discover the trust of people. Other than you will lose.

The more you are in the trading company, what people want to tell you will tell you, do not be too curious about anyone's back. Business man Do Trung Duong investor Share more about the problems that employees face in the business. There are many employees because the pressure to find new contracts and new customers makes it impossible to integrate into the collective. There are times when you have to congratulate others because learning to rent is the fastest and most effective way to reduce the distance between them and your colleagues.

https: ictnews.vn/trang-chinh/trang-n … 030-191591.ict


What changes need to be made in society and government to make sure we never get a POTUS like Trump again?

The good news is that the necessary changes inevitably occur. Whites are losing their share of the population and will become a minority in a relatively short time When this happens, angry rednecks, haters and ignorant baiters will no longer be able to take control. Everyone will be able to vote! Republicans say their party will become smaller and less relevant in the decades to come by bursting into the White Party, just as white people are losing control. From here perhaps 2040, no president will ever be able to run a campaign based on racism. And the last Republican president who did NOT have a major racist strategy in his campaign was Eisenhower!

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Purchase – Looking for an independent article writer, a niche for business and society.

Looking for an independent article writer, a niche for business and society. – ASEAN countries only.

Preferably from Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia.
But PH or Thailand or Vietnam is also ok.

The blog is focused on companies and society of the Asia-Pacific.

PM me your past work and your rates.

Incident response to a medium-sized phishing attack when targets are not coming from our society?

Our company suffered a phishing attack yesterday. By investigating the attacker and our potential employees who could have been phishing, we ended up with the database of phishing user attacks.

This database includes e-mail and passwords (~ 40) from several companies (~ 10) that seem to share the same phishing attack as us. In addition, it seems that the target is very visible.

Until here, here is what we accomplished:

  • Contact targeted businesses and list phishing users
  • Contact websites that are susceptible to phishing attacks (it happens on several hacked websites, so it's hard to stop it)

However, we are not sure that this is the best way to handle the following situation, here's why:

  • More and more users are still capturing their identity information and it's not our job to secure users from other businesses and we'd like to stop wasting time on this (most companies are tracking our email or call us for more details).

  • We are concerned that some companies (targeted companies in the same industry as us) do not understand us well and think we are somehow associated with this phishing attack because we are one of their competitors.

  • We ensure the safety of our competitors (so we spend money on them)

One solution might be to publish a blog post, but it also has drawbacks, such as being considered a toxic player, because we would be pointing out the safety of our competitors. Another solution would be to not contact these companies and let them compromise.

What would be the best way to react to this phishing attack?