Compare the conventional software development and RAD cycle

Compare the conventional software development and RAD cycles describing similarities and differences?

css – Is there any software in which I can drag and drop elements to create template?

I am creating my first website and no template available online satisfies my needs. So I have decided to create my own template.


  1. How can I do it?

  2. Is there any software available for that?

  3. Or do I need do it with html + css (if anything else is also needed then please tell)? If yes, then how?

PS- Try suggesting free softwares.

If this not the correct site for my question then please suggest the right site.

What is Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale Software also known as RMS Retail Management Software is a very famous and widely used software for smooth, fast and accuracy in retail businesses. Speed and accuracy is required in retail businesses because a large number of transactions done in minutes and the manual methods of record-keeping can destroy your business. Using digital methods is always better than manual and old methods. Point of Sale Software or RMS Retail Management Software contains inventory management and reporting, also provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for business efficiency and growth.

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antivirus – Would an anti-virus software make any other processes consume more CPU?

Would an anti-virus software make any other processes that it scans to consume more CPU?

We recently switched to a new Next-Gen, AI based Anti-Virus software. On couple of our Linux servers that runs Java processes, there has been frequent high spikes in CPU usage recently. Apparently, it is Java that is the highest consumer of CPU while the anti-virus process isn’t using a lot. I am pretty sure that it is not the anti-virus behind the higher CPU usage since the these spikes started a couple of days before even the AV software was installed. So, right now, I am in the process on convincing others that it is not the anti-virus (trust me, no one is believing what they see at top -c) . Before I go back to the team, I would like to make sure that when anti-virus scans every single file that gets opened by other processes, the resultant CPU usage would show up against the anti-virus process and not against the process that opens the file. Is this how it will appear in CPU usage stats?

Server run Amazon Linux and the Anti-Virus is Crowdstrike Falcon.

What is some good software for computer drawing?

I would like to draw pictures by specifying almost mathematical shapes and ratios, rather than freehand drawing. For example: “Draw an equilateral triangle whose bottom vertices are at the lines dividing the image into thirds”. Or at least a drawing program with which you can work with preset shapes and gridlines for the layout rather than freehand drawing everything. What are some candidates for this?

Master reseller hosting software


Over the years there has been many master reseller plugins for WHM/cPanel, a select few remain and others are gone. Which is consider… | Read the rest of

windows – I am looking for a tablet device for a personalized software

I need personalized software for myself and I am looking for a dedicated tablet-like device to run this software.

Software would be mostly CRUD application for objects made mostly from text and rarely with images/sound, but also with some graphical visualisation of those data.

There are few requirements for device:

  • need to be able take it with me in pocket – so I guess suitable is only 8-10 inches (is that right?)
  • budget is around 250USD (buying in Europe, but we can speak about US prices), maximum is 350USD
  • software would be done in .NET, so it needs to be able to install Windows or Android (then I can use Xamarin), no need to be preinstalled, I can reinstall OS myself
  • sometimes I would need some more space to watch and play with my data and I do not want to export-import it through the computer, so I would like to plug such a device to 4k monitor directly (miniDisplayPort / DisplayPort / HDMI)
  • sometimes I would need to write some longer text there, so I would like to be able to plug a normal keyboard (USB? mini-USB? or somehow else)


  • there could be potentially lots of data and I would prefer to have it stored in RAM memory most of time, eventually on some small local database – so I guess I would need big RAM device
  • I do not want to have a wireless internet connection (I guess every device have nowadays, so my plan B is to just never log to any WiFi network or maybe open device and destroy a wireless adapter)

Anyone is able to recommend me some specific device?

Installing a new software (httpd) in an old Linux (Centos 5)?

I need to upgrade Apache httpd on an outdated Centos 5 32-bit that is running on production. I tried compiling it in a docker container – but that seems to fail due to various reasons:

1) It complains about old PCRE version:

util_pcre.c:128: error: 'PCRE_DUPNAMES' undeclared (first use in this function)

I patched it by adding the proper value to the pcre.h just to see where it goes …

2) Next it complains about some feature in flex that is not present in the installed version:

"/usr/src/httpd-2.4.43/server/util_expr_scan.l", line 32: unrecognized %option: reentrant
"/usr/src/httpd-2.4.43/server/util_expr_scan.l", line 33: unrecognized %option: bison-bridge
flex: could not create 

I think I am trying to solve a difficult problem; so what alternatives do I have?

Is it fine to statically compile httpd in Centos 7.x and run it in Centos 5.x? Are there any caveats in doing so? The other option is to compile everything from scratch on Centos 5.x but that seems like some task 🙂

Upgrading the httpd machine is getting push-back’s due to various reasons; can someone please advice a workable solution?

screen capture – Does antivirus software detect scrceen grabbing functionality in a running program?

Screengrabs are not malicious in and of themselves. So, there is no need for anti-virus or anti-malware to be suspicious of that behaviour. Every OS has some sort of screenshot program. But unusual screengrabbing can increase the “score” for suspicion.

What anti-virus or anti-malware will do is look at the behaviour in context and comparison to all the other behaviour it has, or if it is a known bad binary, it will detect it.

I used to run a commercial, non-malicious PC spying package that took a screenshot every time someone hit the enter key or clicked the mouse. (This was a very specific use case for a specific threat on a single machine, and the machine had a poster informing users of this). I needed to whitelist the package’s processes in the anti-malware software we used because it was the combination of behaviours (screengrab hooked in the background to the keyboard and mouse actions in all processes and not just the screengrab program) that was suspicious.