What Is Restaurant Management Software & How Is It Better Than Excel Spreadsheets?

If you use spreadsheets to manage your restaurant inventory, keep financial records, organize and supervise employee shifts, control operating costs, and craft detailed reports, you know how tough and tedious it is. Managing your restaurant with spreadsheets? Bad idea. Is there a better solution?-Yep, it is- restaurant management software. You can use already existing solutions or even develop your own restaurant management software.

Software for streaming low-latency video over a local network?

I’m trying to find a solution for serving video over my network locally. Hosting an RTMP server gives me a roughly 2-second delay. VLC’s streaming option doesn’t seem to work with video and with audio has multiple seconds of delay. This is on a local-network so I’d preferably want the delay to less than a second.

It seems like my IP camera on my phone has this capability with an incredibly low latency, but I don’t know if that technology is adaptable to use to stream my monitor on my PC. I am able to use my OBS output as a webcam, if that helps.

EduEx Online Exam Software Elite | Nulled Scripts Download

Edu Expression Online Examination Software​

Edu Expression is built on Idea that Online examination systems can be far more convenient and performance oriented. It’s a ready to go solution for every one starting from simple quizzes/exams to high end cloud preparation needs and even for live exams.

The Online Examination solution that fits all size and needs, and oh, if we’d skipped anything it’s Open Source. We’re…


Dev Software – E-Pin Software – Limited Edition

Hello I offer my E-Commerce and E-Pin Software to my valued members. The software will be completely open source and licensed. Will Be Sold … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1834847&goto=newpost

learning – Canonical software programs to allow comparison of programming languages?

What canonical programs exist that can be written in one language, then in another language, so that the two programs can be examined side-by-side for the purposes of comparing the different syntax/features of the two (or more) languages?

I can think of one (and, only one), “Hello, World!”

Are there more?

How can I use budget and time as a constraint in a software design specification

The prompt:
enter image description here

How can I add budget and time as a requirement if I don’t know the client’s budget and time frame for completing the project?

Secondly, How can I list that requirement as a design constraint?

I feel that I need to make unnecessary assumptions because the prompt does not provide many details about what the client wants.

Thanks in advance.

software – Looking for a desktop app to sort my photos library by face

I am looking for a desktop application that can index my local photo library and understand faces on its own. As a 2nd step I want to copy these found photos per each person into a separate folder. I am not looking for apps where I need to tag people first.

I believe Picasa was able to do that many years ago, but it no longer exists. I tried several new ones without success. I tried Google photos by uploading but it does not work with my account/country, there are many bugs reported around that. I am sure there must be a desktop application.

Any help or hints are appreciated. Thank you!

memory – Mac Book won’t install software

I just recently replaced the drive in my MacBook Pro and after partitioning the drive, formatting it correctly, and multiple attempts to install it just won’t complete the process. When going through the Command + R menu it will start to download OS Mountain Lion but when it’s almost finished it will give an error in the install log that says “Failed to verify InstallESD.dmg: hdiutil verify failed” and it will begin to download all over again. If I go through the Command+option+r menu it will try to download OS Catilina and when it’s almost finished it will give an error that says ” an error occurred when installing macOS Catalina”. I’ve read that both of these problems might be related to ram so I took both out and reinstalled them as somebody suggested and still no luck. I really just want to make sure that it’s the ram before I go and spend the money. Any ideas would be appreciated!

How to qualify as a software engineer by self-study?

I want to be a software engineer but there is no real opportunities for formal training.
So, is it possible to qualify myself through self-study and self-learning ? if yes, what are resources, tips, risks and timeline to achieve that ?