Design Models – Improving Confusion Search for ERP Software Licenses, admin

I am building a system for 3D CAD niche software with Dongle licenses. The customer portal and the internal portal for technical support and sales. It's very similar to AutoDesk and Adobe, but we do not have a cloud license but USB sticks. In a global real-time search attempt with the library, he wrote:

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The drop-down list does not filter but selects in different pools (something like different tables but not exactly all tables).

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User Objectives: Look for different users or accounts on a second page that they can check and edit detailed information by clicking on a line. This second part imitates a basic CRM / ERP

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Current research issues:

  • The drop-down list does not filter but selects a group in which to search.
  • You can always search for a member in real time when the serial code (pool)
    is selected and because there is a link that creates confusion
  • I can not list all the suppliers and their dongles, then click directly on this dongle
  • I can not list all the dongles used by (assigned) members without duplicates, then go directly to this dongle. I need to find to search again on the second page (account)
    Note: We have a security feature that allows the owner to unlock multiple dongles. In theory, he is therefore the owner and assigned to several dongles at the same time. So, when a member of the team uses a dongle, there is a "double assignment". to the owner and this user, but the real customers do not see it, this happens on the back-end but will make the technical support more difficult. They must find this account, and then perform a new search in this account.
  • when searching by member, since not all members have dongles, I need to indicate to the search (real-time chip) to choose from the pool 3


  • The account can be a single user or a company. Created in SSO without any
    purchase All accounts do not have members or dongles

  • An account owner is both owner and member (user of multiple dongles)

  • The link between the dongle and the account is created when inserting a dongle license
    (property) on the account, it does not need to be purchased, but this can happen at any time

  • The link between the member and the dongle is established by "assigning" a dongle,
    but the owner is tied to all the dongles in this account

  • All members do not have dongles (license granted)

  • All dongles have the owner if the product has not been sold, it belongs to
    home account (Cast) or third party (reseller)

Possible solutions:

  1. Create 3 pages in the navigation or 3 tabs inside and change the name of the page to "Search" each pool (serial code of the dongle, accounts and members). Disadvantage: People may have trouble navigating between pages. It's more tedious. However, I saw this in many CRMS
  2. use a single global search, and then filter duplicates as in Sugar CRM using filters similar to those of SQL, Dev is not happy with this idea and could become confusing and complicated.
  3. simplify the data structure and try to move members inside the account pool since a member of the team can not exist in isolation without account owner and account. Create two pages "Search by account, Search by serial code of the dongle"
  4. SQL associates for cases where relationships are clear and attempts to simplify pools (data normalization).

Disadvantage: Dev is completely against making knuckles. (not sure because it's difficult or they do not know how to do it). They want all relationships to be 1 to 1, but that seems to be common in programming. This could be done by creating foreign keys in DB. Our library already has this feature.

Ideal user experience: real-time search without duplicates

Question: what is the simple decision to make in this case?

Migrate the Lightning Node Daemon Software

As the lightning network is a specified protocol and both implementations are open source and compliant with specifications, it is appropriate to: theoretically be possible to migrate from one implementation to another.

however virtually spoken, you will need a software tool that transforms all the internal data formats of lnd to those used in c-lightning without disturbing the state of the nodes. I am not aware of any tools for converting internal data formats. That being said, either you create such a tool or you have to install a new node (even with a new node ID).

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I have downloaded free open source software to accomplish certain tasks. But worried they scan my PC and send data back to the cloud behind the scenes!

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software recommendation – Vim type clipboard manager with multiple buffers

I am looking to expand the capabilities of my clipboard.

I became attached to how vim does it; several discrete buffers in which you can "copy" text. I also usually prefer to use the mouse as little as possible. All the clipboard managers I've seen have a heavy graphical interface; therefore, a solution that allows me to copy and paste buffers using only the keyboard is ideal.

I am under macOS 10.14.6 and would prefer something that I can install via Homebrew. Happy to consider a paid software.

Software Installation – New Ubuntu User and Attempt to Remove Programs in Error

Authentication is required to remove the software.
Incorrect permissions on / usr / lib / policykit-1 / polkit-agent-helper-1 (must be setuid root)

Guys … I'm the last kid in the neighborhood and I picked up this laptop with Ubuntu 18 on it. It works fine, but has SW on I do not need it and I want to delete it. When I try to remove the software, I receive the error message above.
How can I fix that? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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IT Architecture – Software Management of TLB Failures?

I read an operating system manual that talked about TLB errors handled by software. I am very new to all this. So there is a change of context to a kernel procedure. But in this case, the TLB is certainly not emptied and the kernel code itself does not use the TLB, as this would be counterproductive. But how does it work? I do not know why the text would not have addressed such an obvious question.

Plus, you're still using virtual memory, right? So, you would make two context switches, a bunch of table lookups in memory, in addition to kernel instructions, by missing TLB input. It seems quite counterintuitive to do all this work to use something that is supposed to save you work. Sorry if I'm wrong here completely. Thank you in advance.