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Who knows the virtual transfer software?

Who knows the virtual transfer software? What is the best solution for a beginner? Thanks in advance!

usability test – How do you test keyboard accessibility with prototyping software?

How can keyboard navigation be tested using only prototyping software? I currently use sketch + invision for prototyping. Is there a plugin or a better option?

I am aware that the best option would be to create a html page, but I do not have the resources to do it yet.

Software update – Why iPhone 11 on iOS 13.0 can not it pass to 13.2.2?

This question already has an answer here:

A friend received a new iPhone 11 a little over three weeks ago. It runs on iOS 13.0 (17A577), so it probably never had a software update.

When my friend tries to update iOS to the current version (13.2.2), the "Check for update …" dialog box appears for a moment, then the message

A dialogue then appears, saying:

Can not install the update

An error occurred during the installation of iOS 13.2.2


Call me back later

Retrying results in the same result.

iOS 13 presents various fairly serious bugs, including the very slow responsiveness of taps (several seconds running before the taps are displayed on the screen).

Is there a way to overcome this error and update my friend's iOS?

Why does my Views PDF Display output display differently depending on the software?

Using Drupal 7 and the PDF Views module, I've created an output PDF file that looks perfect when it's opened in a browser, but that's inconsistent everywhere else. This pdf is displayed as follows:

Chrome, Firefox, Edge – displays exactly as expected.
Acrobat Reader – displays only one color of the table background, the rest is empty, no text.
Ipad, Outlook – displays a blank white screen.


My question:
What would make a pdf display perfectly in a browser and horribly in everything else?

information architecture – Separate or reconcile – Knowledge base about software projects

I am building a website with Atlassian's Confluence to achieve these goals:

  1. Document a complex project with multiple websites (Product Management)
  2. Train the non-technical staff to use it. Store APIs, repositories, and libraries (documentation for developers).
  3. Testing data and information on automation and quality assurance
  4. Will be reused for end users (knowledge base and tutorials)

Note: The platform will be used for both internal and external users with different user interfaces.

My Confluence sidebar has a tree that follows the same thing as the pages on the website.

enter the description of the image here

But someone from Quality Assurance asked to separate his share
enter the description of the image here

My initial idea was to make these test accounts the child of Single Sign-On (contextual)

However, since the person (quality assurance) already knows the platform, she wants to have as little information as possible.

However, this could be problematic as new people are unfamiliar.
In addition, they avoid reading the website (they want to be explained in person), which makes documentation a waste of time.

Question: should I create the whole information architecture (child and parent in the tree) or separate it, by suggestion, from the quality assurance (current screen captures )?

I think it's an eternal dilemma, you try to separate things and it becomes difficult to manage (inconsistent, error-prone, scattered and redundant information), whereas when you put things together, people complain that there are too many things to go through- I have conflicting comments.

Question 2: Any other tips on how to solve this problem?
Confluence needs to look for filters and I make images and videos as much as I can, but I'm always looking for the best approach.

MLM Software Solution – Cryptocurrency Corner

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documentation – When one is a solo software developer for a startup, what is the best way to balance the efficiency and avoid the growth problems with a code base?

One of my friends recently asked me to become a part-time software engineer for his startup, which has not written any code yet. She is serious enough and has already amassed a lot of money. However, she does not currently need someone full time for her development.

My current employer does not pose any legal problem as they explicitly approve the secondary job, provided it is reported.

In my opinion, the considerations of a single developer differ considerably from those concerning a team consisting of, for example, 5.

  • Unit tests are less critical because each line of code belongs to me, which makes debugging easier. A 100% test coverage has diminishing returns. However, it may be necessary to come back later to finish them.
  • There are no merger considerations because I am the only one to commit.
  • Jenkins does not seem very useful as a solo developer as long as you run your unit tests.
  • Project management is not really a thing because you are the team.

But all these things could also become problems later on.

How can I balance moving fast while building a code base that can effectively grow? Ideally, I would like to lead the development team for that if it takes off, but if I am hit by a bus, I do not want it to be stuck with something useless.

Basically, if it raised a million dollars tomorrow and I was asked to hire 4 juniors to help launch the product in a hurry, what should I do as a developer for to be able to seamlessly pass when writing the code?

Admittedly, the question is vast, but Stack Overflow and Reddit are full of technical debt stories or they do not fit well with the growth of the paralyzing technical team of startups. How can I avoid being that?

Windows App – Order Software JP Software 25.00.24 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 34.65 MB

Take Command is a complete interactive graphical user interface and command-line environment that makes it easy to use the Windows command prompt, and creating batch files is even more powerful.

Take Command displays your command-line applications in tabbed windows, with optional Explorer-like integration for a visual overview of your folders. Take Command includes hundreds of major enhancements to command line and CMD commands such as COPY, DEL, and DIR, and adds over 140 new commands, 460 variables and internal functions, an IDE / debugger command file, and more. thousands of other features.

· Edit and re-execute previous commands with a powerful command-line editor
· Copy, delete, move and rename groups of files and directories, not just individual directories
· Extended directory searches allow you to change directories anywhere on your system by entering only part of its name.
· Quickly locate files or text in files anywhere on your system
· The built-in file viewer includes scrolling, searching and printing features
· Select or exclude files by date, time, size and / or extended wildcards for extraordinary flexibility in file management
· Redefine commands, create new commands and functions for your usual tasks, and even assign frequently used commands to a single keystroke.
· Direct access to FTP, TFTP and HTTP directories and files (including SSL) in all file processing commands
· Complete configuration adjustment via interactive dialogs or on the command line
· File descriptions of up to 511 characters provide information that can not be contained in a file name.
· Batch debugger with singlestepping, breakpoints, syntax coloring, bookmarks, variable windows, variable monitoring windows, and editing
· An enhanced batch language adds subroutines, IF / THEN / ELSE logic, DO loops, SWITCH statements, error and exception handling, and over 130 internal commands, while maintaining compatibility with the processing files written for CMD.
· More than 130 built-in variables include system configuration, device status, network device detection, available memory and disk space.
· More than 200 variable functions make it easy to manipulate and display strings, characters, numbers, dates and times, file names, and more.
· Easily start graphics and character applications – even run most console programs in the Take Command window.
· The built-in scroll pad allows you to view or print the results of orders placed at any time.
· The customizable toolbar gives you quick access to frequently used commands and applications.
· The Find File dialog box lets you quickly search for files or text anywhere on your system – or search from the command line with the new FFIND command
· Dialogs, accessible from the Options and Utilities menus, for modifying environment variables, aliases, file descriptions and startup parameters.
· New commands such as ACTIVATE, MSGBOX and QUERYBOX that allow you to use the features of the GUI and control the GUI applications from your batch files.


bitcoin core – If a court orders mining pools to seize funds, they will change their software to do so or will be closed – this can happen?

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