Tips on a good inventory management software to use?

We operate a small manufacturing plant and manage our inventory in the oldest way in three years. spreadsheets, late reports … we would like to finally bring our operations to the 21st century and need advice for better inventory management.

We were considering some options: the trade gecko looks nice, but we are not sure that their extremely high price is achievable for us. Our trainee also spoke to me about Unleashed, but their reviews scare me. We also met Dear Systems, which seems to suit us well, their reviews and case studies seem solid, and the features seem to be what we need, at the size we have right now.

I'm always hesitant to try new systems because that would be a big change for us. Does anyone know about Dear Systems? Or if you have any other suggestions on alternatives, I'd like to hear some thoughts …

What is the best project management software or organization for small businesses?

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Tip: Is the automated enterprise software package ( superior

Hello, would like to ask advice here, because this forum provides more precise answers:

Many wordpress / woocommerce owners generally do not require deep access to their servers. The automated business plan allows unlimited bandwidth and storage at a lower price than most cloud / managed wordpress hosting providers. So my question is:

1. Why should we opt for self-hosted solutions? The automation business package already allows customization via plugins. Their list of restricted plugins, such as cache plugins, etc. It's not really essential, they have their own solutions. What are the benefits of the extra flexibility offered by self-hosting?

(yes, their platform does not have one-click staging, but not all providers have it)

2. What is the difference between hosting automattic and other hosting providers such as wpengine, siteground, in terms of performance and security?

Thank you

Functional / Non-functional Requirements – Stack Exchange Software Engineering

Can any one please check the accuracy of my answers "Functional / non-functional requirements?" Thank you

  1. NF – Provides menus that make it easy to find information quickly.
  2. F – Displays section event images.
  3. F – Includes information about events in the section (ie, monthly meetings,
    recycling course)
  4. NF – Serves as a repository of information accessible to members.
  5. NF – has effective search engines to help you quickly find information.
  6. NF – Supports troubleshooting technical issues.
  7. NF – Facilitates the access of the members to the update of their contacts
    information / profile.
  8. F – Supports reporting (ie event log lists, etc.).
  9. F – Facilitates billing for online payments (ie.
    registration for an event / meeting, etc.).
  10. F – Allows you to customize the template for the promotion / registration of
    special events
  11. NF – Easily supports the display of monthly meeting information.
  12. NF – Supports capture / storage of information by appointment / registration during events

software engineering – how to increase project requirements

These questions depended on the project to implement, taking for example an implementation for a restaurant, we have: how many employees have, reservations will be made, what forms of payment will be available, the system will have to connect to employees, how replenishments will be made for the stock of supplies etc …

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Mathematica software: how to write a function that calculates a convolution integral of given functions?

There are many ways to improve your code.
Do not use return instructions unless necessary.
You do not need to name var1 after var, the ToExpression it's not necessary.
I suggest the next version. Right here, X is a local variable, as well as ff and gg.

conv[f_, g_, t_] : = Module[{ff, gg, x},
   ff = f /. t -> x;
   gg = g /. t -> (t - x);
   Integrate[ ff gg, {x, 0, t}]

As mentioned earlier, Mathematica.stackexchange is a better place to ask Mathematica specific questions.