[ Politics ] Open Question: Why did GOP senators Burr & Loeffler downplay the threat of the coronavirus but sold millions in stock after attending a confidential briefing?

[Politics] Open question: Why did GOP senators Burr & Loeffler downplay the threat of the coronavirus but sold millions in stock after attending a confidential briefing?

15 year old customer of goaddy ourinternet.us reseller – they sold to domains at the right price – 70% increase

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I'm looking for oth … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1800430&goto=newpost

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Microsoft Excel – Which vendor sold the least carrots? What is the formula?

WHO sold the least carrots?

What is the formula? Minif finds the value himself, but how do I get the name of Tom, who sold the 10 carrots? The match does not work because the cherry also has 10 uprights …

  A       B        C
  1. Product Seller

  2. 5 Apple Tom

  3. 4 Apple Ann

  4. 15 Pear Tom

  5. 10 Pear Ann

  6. 22 Banana Tom

  7. 12 Banana Ann

  8. 10 Carrot Tom

  9. 11 Carrot Ann

  10. 2 Pear Ann

  11. 99 Carrot Ann

So because black people have sold other black people?

I played this game when I was a kid. Say I catch my brother with his hand in the cookie jar. I can do the same thing wrong and it can't nark. There is no higher ground. He's the same scum as me. If he told me I was wrong, I could just laugh at him. So because black people have sold black, they have no higher ground. None of this is going well. WE shouldn't have been hiding cookies but we did. WE did it, not our neighbors, not our future children. WE did it wrong.

Now we could argue that "this" black man did not sell slaves. But didn't "that" white man buy or sell them either?

We also have many white men who have ended slavery. Do you project responsibility for this on "this" white man? If we project the evil of the past onto the people of today, to be honest, we will also project the positive.

In the end, I am not responsible for my great-grandfather who steals cookies, who has slaves, who raises children, who cultivates or whatever the guy does. At most, if he had property, his heir could have it with related debts, such as a farm. In the end, this game is a joke. The sky is the limit of the games in projection, there are no borders. The logic does not lie on either side of the game.

[ Politics ] Open question: have blacks sold other blacks?

These Africans were North Africans (Arabs) NOT other Blacks, why can't the idiots understand this before saying it was other Black Africans?

dnd 5th – Paladin Party sold its soul to an evil goddess. Is he getting a new model character now? (ex: death knight, black guard, etc.)

A pc died, and in an attempt to save his life, the paladin in my group decided to offer his soul after having a conversation with Lolth's spiritual form. Lolth decided to trade an exchange for his normal friend's life in exchange for the paladin soul. I don't just want to make him become "evil" but I want to give him some form of model, pretty much how a pc turns into a vampire for example and gets new things from the vampire model.

I want ideas / help to give him this "epic" style as a reward for this player's bravery and selflessness.

google – Prestashop: the number of transactions does not equal the products sold

If an order is returned / refunded / canceled, some online store solutions will return transaction data to Google Analytics using the same transaction ID, but at a cost of 0.00 and no products. New data overwrites old data because it has the same transactionId.

There does not appear to be any other way to notify Google Analytics that an order has been canceled.

If this is the case with your online store, this could explain why there are more transactions than the total of the products sold.


Another way to get fewer products than the number of transactions in Google Analytics is if the tracking code contains an error and cannot add the products to the data layer before sending the transaction to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics does not require a product list to record a transaction.

As we discovered, this is probably the cause of the problem as there have been no cancellations or refunds, and you have found that some transactions are recorded without any product in GA.

There may be invalid parameters or a bug in Prestashop or one of the extensions used.

I recommend that you test the purchase of each product (your payment method must have a test method that you can use to avoid being billed and having to reimburse) and use Tag Assistant ( browser extension) to see if the data is sent correctly to Google Analytics.

This will help you identify the products that are causing the problem. They can have invalid parameters or non-escaped characters (like apostrophe) that cause the javascript code to fail.

Why are gTLD domains not sold at a single price?

From what I understand, the Israeli Internet Association (ISOC-IL)
domains still sold with Israeli ccTLD (.*.il)
whether directly or indirectly (through its representatives or through representatives of the domain registration companies it oversees)
by unified price (I believe around 80 NIS per year),
by virtue of first come, first served Politics (FCFS | in Hebrew: כל הקודם זוכה).

Up to now, I have only worked with this authoritative body ISOC-IL, to register domains, but I feel like I don't want to continue working with him in general for various reasons.

When I visit registrars of well known international domains such as come on dad and namecheap, I get entirely different prices for different areas;
In other words, there does not seem to me to be a unit of price as opposed to the virtuous policy of ISOC-IL.

Why are gTLD domains not sold at a single price?
or this is a false premise and they do it somewhere, or at least should it be?

google – The number of transactions does not equal the products sold

I am new to Google Analytics and Google Data Studio and between two dates I have an X number of transactions. Of course, in each transaction you can buy one or more products, but we will assume that a transaction is a product. Thus, the number of products that Google Data Studio shows me and which have been sold via a source / medium Y is less than X (number of transactions).

Y (number of products sold) <X (number of transactions)

How is it possible?