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Selling names that have previously SOLD or GOT OFFERS

I no longer have time for Domaining (as of a few years ago). I don’t have time to respond to inquiries, seek out end users, and the like.

I have an interesting opportunity for you, I have a set of names that have either previously sold or received offers. All the sales are confirmable with sites like Namebio or Google. Some of the purchases were made by me through auctions or other means. Which means I beat out many other bidders who were interested.

That means these names have a much higher likelihood of selling again or getting offers. I had hundreds of occasions where clients drop names I sold them, I pick them up, and sell them again either to the same person or someone else. I have sold several names 3-4 times.


Generally, for the sold names, I will accept a fraction (10%) of the selling price. For the very expensive names ($8-15K) I will accept less. For the names that were bought in auction, $100-$500 I am looking for something similar.

How to sell them again:

If you are not lazy, you can reach out to previous buyers or contact end-users. If you are lazy, just list them everywhere (including the original marketplace) and sit back for a couple of years. Some of these names may seem weird to you but there’s usually a good reason why they sold in the first place if you know what to look for.

Previously sold:

(names in bold have received offers while I had them)

3DBlurays.com $200 Flippa

3DRenditions.com $755 Sedo

HealthAccessStrategies.com $600 Sedo

HomeEnergyCanada.com $1,300 BuyDomains

IPMultimediaSubsystem.com $1,500 Sedo

LoanCashQuick.com $105 SnapNames

LocalHealthNews.com $310

NationalDirecteMedia.com $108 GoDaddy

ProstateCancerBiopsy.com $2,499 GoDaddy

SolarOffsets.com $700 Sedo

Avisos.tv $1,155 GoDaddy

Bacias.info $3,000 Afternic

Bistrot.tv $1,048 Sedo

CarFinancingQuote.com $107 GoDaddy

CollegeGrantFinder.com $100 SnapNames

Cyberlink.tv $1,000 Sedo

DatingPickup.com $712 Sedo

efamily.tv $2,300 SmashFactory

Erotics.tv $2,584 Sedo

eye-care-4u.com $12,356 Sedo

FastPass.tv $805 GoDaddy

Fino.tv $2,500 Sedo

Flirting.tv $1,000 Sedo

Florencia.tv $750 Sedo

Golfa.tv $952 Sedo

Guildford.tv $1,300

HotelsStart.com $1,000 GoDaddy

InsuranceAgentsQuotes.com $765 GoDaddy

InsuranceQuoteStop.com $575 Sedo

JeuxVideos.tv $1,350 Sedo

JuegoGratis.tv $1,000 Sedo

Libertine.tv $1,300 Sedo

Nedjma.tv $8,385 Sedo

Neotel.tv $1,000 Sedo

Pronostic.tv $1,728 Sedo

QualityJobFinder.com $405 GoDaddy

Recontres.net $14,871 Sedo

Securr.info $2,990 Afternic

SexDorm.tv $1,000 Sedo

SexyWomen.tv $1,200 Sedo & $1,699 Sedo

ShanghiChina.com $750 Afternic

ShoppingStores.co.uk $1,200 Sedo & $1,860 Sedo

StockQuoting.com $173 Flippa

TeeTimes.mobi $10,000 Sedo

VPSHosting.tv – $2,100 Sedo

WorldFocus.tv – $3,500 Sedo

Zoopy.tv – $3,900 Sedo

Received offers:


For these names, I probably received offers via e-mail or more likely, brandable marketplaces such as Namerific or Brandcrowd.

These will also come with free logos.

Offers were below $250 ($25 each)







Offers $250 – $999 ($99 each)




Offers were $1K-2K ($149 each)





Some of these may have logos.

Offers were below $250 ($29 each)



BootyDose.com (logo included)

TravelAttic.com (logo included)

HolidayPeriod.com (logo included)



Offers $250 – $999 ($99 each)

GamerCoast.com (logo included)

TechPickle.com (logo included)

TravelSpur.com (logo included)

GTMPlus.com (logo included)




Offers were $1K-2K ($249 each)


ProfitRight.com (logo included)


SwatchMedia.com (logo included)

PredictMedia.com (logo included)

ReactDesigns.com (logo included)

GearAdvance.com (logo included)

AccessHentai.com (logo included)

Please PM me with the name you are interested in, and we’ll get payment set up. If you purchase this listing, you only get HotelsStart.com


Woocommerce Keep custom Sorting and sold out products in the back – hide theme element

I’m trying to get my products sorted.
I’ve found a code that has multiple been discussed on these forums and on other sites.
It works perfect for the sorting.
But it targets one of the elements that is used in my theme Generatepress.
And therefore it’s filtered out.
Since I’m not familiar with these queries I guess I’ll try it here.

The code that I use is the following:

add_filter('posts_clauses', 'order_by_stock_status');
function order_by_stock_status($posts_clauses) {
    global $wpdb;
    // only change query on WooCommerce loops
    if (is_woocommerce() && (is_shop() || is_product_category() || is_product_tag() || is_product_taxonomy())) {
        $posts_clauses('join') .= " INNER JOIN $wpdb->postmeta istockstatus ON ($wpdb->posts.ID = istockstatus.post_id) ";
        $posts_clauses('orderby') = " istockstatus.meta_value ASC, " . $posts_clauses('orderby');
        $posts_clauses('where') = " AND istockstatus.meta_key = '_stock_status' AND istockstatus.meta_value <> '' " . $posts_clauses('where');
    return $posts_clauses;

If I monitor the query I get this:

FROM wp_posts
LEFT JOIN wp_term_relationships
ON (wp_posts.ID = wp_term_relationships.object_id)
LEFT JOIN wp_term_relationships AS tt1
ON (wp_posts.ID = tt1.object_id)
LEFT JOIN wp_icl_translations wpml_translations
ON wp_posts.ID = wpml_translations.element_id
AND wpml_translations.element_type = CONCAT('post_', wp_posts.post_type)
INNER JOIN wp_postmeta istockstatus
ON (wp_posts.ID = istockstatus.post_id)
AND istockstatus.meta_key = '_stock_status'
AND istockstatus.meta_value <> ''
OR wp_posts.post_type = 'gp_elements'
AND ( wp_term_relationships.term_taxonomy_id IN (1816)
AND wp_posts.ID NOT IN (
SELECT object_id
FROM wp_term_relationships
WHERE term_taxonomy_id IN (10) )
AND tt1.term_taxonomy_id IN (1816) )
AND wp_posts.post_type = 'product'
AND (wp_posts.post_status = 'publish'
OR wp_posts.post_status = 'private')
AND ( ( ( wpml_translations.language_code = 'nl'
OR ( wpml_translations.language_code = 'nl'
AND wp_posts.post_type IN ( 'gp_elements' )
AND ( ( (
SELECT COUNT(element_id)
FROM wp_icl_translations
WHERE trid = wpml_translations.trid
AND language_code = 'nl' ) = 0 )
OR ( (
SELECT COUNT(element_id)
FROM wp_icl_translations t2 JOIN wp_posts p
ON p.id = t2.element_id
WHERE t2.trid = wpml_translations.trid
AND t2.language_code = 'nl'
AND ( p.post_status = 'publish'
OR p.post_type='attachment'
AND p.post_status = 'inherit' ) ) = 0 ) ) ) )
AND wp_posts.post_type IN ('post','page','attachment','wp_block','product','product_variation','gp_elements' ) )
OR wp_posts.post_type NOT IN ('post','page','attachment','wp_block','product','product_variation','gp_elements' ) )
GROUP BY wp_posts.ID
ORDER BY istockstatus.meta_value ASC, wp_posts.menu_order ASC, wp_posts.post_title ASC
LIMIT 0, 20

So at the last lines you can see the query targets wp_posts.post_type.
And in that statement it gives gp_elements.
These need to be included in my where clause so they aren’t filtered out.

Any suggestions?

Selling – Streaming site for shows, anime and movies v1 [!!SOLD!!] | NewProxyLists

This site was created in December 2018 and it was active be active unitil June 2019 with updates. Site has been in development for more than 6 months. There are no bugs with the site. It’s very fast and responsive. It’s done in php 7.2 and it still works.
– Home Page
this page contains what was added to the site within seconds. It is a very fast system
– Anime List Page
this page contains every anime added to the site
– Anime Info Page
– Containing description of anime and cover + background, also you can click episodes here.
– Watch Page
On this page you can choose the episode you want to watch, as well as what has a bookmark, like, dislike
– Search and Custom Search
You can type any series that exists on the site and it will appear in your search
– Admin Page
Here you can add animes, edit, delete, add episodes, sources and lot more
Detailed TOS about what information site collects and distribution of links.
– Account Page
You can add here your favorite shows on the list also you can remove it too
– Login/Register
You can simply create an account here or login intro it.
Contact me through chat here or discord:
There are more pictures if you would like to see.
I got a demo too .​

Does all Samsung devices sold in India after 2014 has e-fuse inbuilt? When Samsung e-fuse knox introduced?

I have samsung j7 prime bought in 2017 and samsung j2 bought in 2016. How can i know that it has e-fuse knox security inbuilt. I searched a lot but did not find any answers specific for Indian market.
Does all samsung devices from 2015 have Samsung Knox Security efuse hardware inbuilt?

dnd 5e – Are Darts sold separately?

This might sound like a silly question, but it seems oddly placed in the PHB.

Looking simply on what characters get regarding starting equipment, every item listed, regardless of class, seems to indicate they gain 1 unit found in the weapons list (save for 2 daggers or swords)… All except for the Monk that gains 10 Darts. While thrown like a javelin, the dart is the only item listed in the Simple Ranged Weapons list that is actually thrown and not projecting ranged ammunition, and unlike arrows and bolts, it does not indicate an amount in brackets, leading me to understand that a monk is the only class that gains 10 units of a weapon.

Again, I might have understood this clearly, but I can’t help shaking the feeling that I am missing something, so I’d like to verify this once and for all:

Is each dart sold individually for 5cp a shot? And does this mean that after a fight, the monk can go and reclaim all 10 of those darts undamaged like arrows?


free push in namebright
expired domain on 06,2021
payment Paypal
domain will direct push to your namebright account (only need: username and email) after received your payment

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View attachment 252836

I Need an Idea For a Site That Can Be Sold Multiple Times

I want to sell starter sites on Flippa but I don’t know where to start. I listed a site recently but no one was interested, no bids at all.

Please help me come up with ideas by sharing your ideas.

I am not looking for a blog or a forum. I want a web app or a similar idea.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,


Why are the 5W and 12W USB power adapters sold at the same price from the Apple Store?

When taking a look at the available USB power adapters that Apple sell directly from their website, it appears that both 5W and 12W versions are listed – both are sold for the exact same price. Out of interest, why is this the case – why would anybody prefer purchasing the 5W version, when they can get over double the power for the same price?

bookings – Can I take trains in Finland even if it shows sold out?

This heavily depends on the type of train you are planning to use.

In general there are 5 different type of trains you can use with your Interrail/Eurail pass

  • regional trains which are included in a pass and no reservations are possible
  • trains with reservations available but not compulsory. If you don’t buy such a reservation before boarding the train you might not get a seat at all.
  • you are not allowed to board trains with compulsory reservation without one. There is mostly only a limited contingent of reservations available for rail pass holders (typically high speed and night trains)
  • sometimes you are only granted a discount on standard ticket fares. (E.g. Eurostar and Thalys)
  • some trains in Europe such as hotel trains for example don’t offer any discount for rail pass holders

There are the following train categories operating in finland:

  • Yöjunat (night train) and Pendolino (highspeed train) require reservations. You can’t take those trains if they are already sold out.
  • For intercities (IC) reservations are only recommended. The odds are high that you might not get a seat on this train if it is already booked up.
  • Pikajunat (P) and Taajamajuna (H) are interregional and regional trains and do not require reservations. Just board those trains!

You can actually find details on reservations organized by country on interrail.eu