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Lightning Network – How fast can an LN payment be sold on a PPR?

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I was excited about this offer but later they asked a lot of things to manage to sell the estate.

Such a certificate of evaluation, I was surprised why I needed a certificate

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api – Coinbase Pro – Volume bought or sold

With the help of the Coinbase Pro API, is there a way to compare the volume of purchases with the volume of sales for a given period of time, not just the total daily volume?

Right now, all I can understand, it's a series of GET /products//trades calls and adding each purchase / sale. This terminal has a limit of 100 results per call (and a limit of 3 requests per second) and, depending on the trading pair, 100 results cover only 15 minutes at a time and take enough time to query for 24 hours. worth for a single trading pair. (Of course, I would hide all that, but the results would only be good for one day.)


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See attachment 244232

SQL Server – Discover the average price of each model in the top 5 manufacturers in terms of quantity sold and order by average price

Discover the average price of each model in the top 5 manufacturers in terms of quantity sold and order by average price.

I first thought of finding the average price of each model associated with the manufacturer's table
and then I added a sub-query to find the top 5 manufacturers in terms of quantity sold and order by average price

select ft.IDModel,avg(TotalPrice) as (average price),
sum(Quantity) as (sale quantity)
join DIM_MODEL as dm 
on ft.IDModel=dm.IDModel
where IDManufacturer IN
(select top 5 IDManufacturer 
from DIM_MODEL where IDModel 
IN(select top 5 IDModel
group by IDModel
order by sum(Quantity) desc) 
group by IDManufacturer)
group by FT.IDModel
order by (average price);

Actual output:

Average selling price by quantity of IDModel

110 91.3636 12

108 151.0833 12

109 175.4444 12

107 185.10 15

106 236.75 14

111 285.909 11

104 503.5882 17

103 524.7142 8

102 535.1428 9

101 597.9523 33

105 633.7142 16

I know I'm not doing it well, so I kindly ask you to help me

probability – How many tickets can be sold for all punctual passengers to get a seat?

Assume on average $ 7 % $ passengers holding a valid ticket do not do it
present themselves or are too late for their flight. Now, we want to sell more
tickets that there are no places. How many tickets can be sold for an airplane
with $ 240 seats to be insured with $ 99 % $ probability that any punctual
do passengers with a ticket also have a place?

assume $ X $ is the number of people who show up. then $ X sim Bin (n, 0.93) $.

We now want to find $ n $ or $ mathbb {P} (X_n leq 240) geq 0.99. $

We should probably use the normal approximation of the binomial distribution.

From the limit theorem of Moivre and Laplace, we know that:

$ mathbb {P} (X_n leq240) approx Phi ( frac {240-0.93 cdot n} { sqrt {n cdot 0.93 cdot 0.07}}) $.

How can I now find $ n $?

primaverabss – JASMIN CLIENT UPDATE and product failure sold

I had a problem integrating with Jasmin. The goal is to update customers and sales products on Jasmin via the system to integrate with it. But I do not see anything referenced in the documentation and I can only insert specific fields. Is it a limitation or am I doing something wrong?