postgresql – Django UserCreationForm not sold yet

We do not know the forms below, nor to create or modify the email link sent by email.

                                        of django.forms import ModelForm
from Django import forms
from django.forms.widgets import CheckboxSelectMultiple
from django.contrib.auth.forms, import UserCreationForm
from django.contrib.auth.models import User

from .models import (

('Dog', 'Cachorro'), ('cat', 'Gato'), ('bird'), "Pássaros", ("fish", "Peixes"), ("Rep," Reptéis "), ("Horse," & # 39;) "Cavalos", ("rat", & # 39; Roedores & # 39;)

('AC', 'Acre'), ('AL', 'Alagoas'), ('AP'), & # 39; Amapá & # 39;)
("AM", "Amazonas"), ("BA", "Bahia"), ("CE") & # 39; Ceará & # 39;)
("DF", "Distrito Federal"), ("ES", "Espírito Santo"),
("GO", "Goiás"), ("MA", "Maranhão"), ("MT", "Mato Grosso"),
("MS", "Mato Grosso do Sul"), ("MG", "Minas Gerais"),
("PA", "Pará"), ("PB", "Paraíba"), ("PR", "Paraná"),
("PE", "Pernambuco"), ("PI", "Piauí"), ("RJ"), & # 39; Rio de Janeiro & # 39;),
("RN", "Rio Grande do Norte"), ("RS", "Rio Grande do Sul"),
("RO", "Rondônia"), ("RR", "Roraima"), ("SC"), (& # 39;) & # 39; Santa Catarina & # 39;),
("SP", "São Paulo"), ("SE", "Sergipe"), ("TO" & "# 39; , & # 39; Tocantins & # 39;)
("M", "Masculino"), ("F", "Feminino")
UsuarioForm class (UserCreationForm):
def __init __ (self, * args, ** kwargs):
super (UsuarioForm, self) .__ init __ (* arguments, ** kwargs)
fields of work["senha2"].label = "Repita a senha"
fields of work["email2"].label = "Repita o email"
# pode fazer is also available

nome = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
& # 39; placeholder & # 39 ;: Nome & # 39;}})
sobrenome = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
& # 39; placeholder & # 39 ;: Sobrenome & # 39;}})
email = forms.EmailField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
'Placeholder': 'Email Válido', 'id': 'e-mail'))
email2 = forms.EmailField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
"Placeholder": Repita seu email, "id: email2"})
cpf = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
"Placeholder": "000.000.000-00" class: "cpf"))
telefone = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
'Placeholder': (00) 0000-0000 'class': phone_with_ddd'))

cidade = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
'Placeholder': Sua cidade))

endereco = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
& # 39; placeholder & # 39 ;: Rua, Av, Estrada & # 39;}))

number = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
& # 39 ;: placeholder & # 39 ;: ##

bairro = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
& # 39; placeholder & # 39; s & bairro & # 39;}})
cep = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
"Placeholder": "00000-000", class: "cep"))

senha = forms.CharField (widget = forms.PasswordInput (
attrs = {
"Placeholder": Minimum 8 digits, "id: senha";))

senha2 = forms.CharField (widget = forms.PasswordInput (
attrs = {
"Placeholder": Minimum 8 digitos, "id:" senha2, "label" & # 39 ;: & # 39; 39; Repita a senha & # 39;}))

data_nascimento = forms.CharField (
widget = forms.TextInput (
attrs = {
'Placeholder': '00/00/000', 'class': 'data'))

pet = forms.MultipleChoiceField (
widget = forms.CheckboxSelectMultiple, choice = PET_CHOICES,)

foto = forms.FileField (
widget = forms.ClearableFileInput (attrs = {multiple: False})

sexo = forms.ChoiceField (choice = SEXO_CHOICES)

estado = forms.ChoiceField (choices = STATE_CHOICES)

Meta class:
model = user
fields = ("user name", "email", "email2", "cpf", & # 39; telefone & # 39; 39,, 'data_nascimento', 'sexo', 'photo', 'endereco', 'number', & # 39; 39, "Bairro", "Cidade", "Estado", "cep", "senha", "senha2 & # 39; ;, & # 39; pet & # 39;)

                django.db import templates
from django.core.files.images import ImageFile
from django.core.mail import send_mail
import maths
since multiselectfield import MultiSelectField
django.core.validators import RegexValidator

('AC', 'Acre'), ('AL', 'Alagoas'), ('AP'), & # 39; Amapá & # 39;)
("AM", "Amazonas"), ("BA", "Bahia"), ("CE") & # 39; Ceará & # 39;)
("DF", "Distrito Federal"), ("ES", "Espírito Santo"),
("GO", "Goiás"), ("MA", "Maranhão"), ("MT", "Mato Grosso"),
("MS", "Mato Grosso do Sul"), ("MG", "Minas Gerais"),
("PA", "Pará"), ("PB", "Paraíba"), ("PR", "Paraná"),
("PE", "Pernambuco"), ("PI", "Piauí"), ("RJ"), & # 39; Rio de Janeiro & # 39;),
("RN", "Rio Grande do Norte"), ("RS", "Rio Grande do Sul"),
("RO", "Rondônia"), ("RR", "Roraima"), ("SC"), (& # 39;) & # 39; Santa Catarina & # 39;),
("SP", "São Paulo"), ("SE", "Sergipe"), ("TO" & "# 39; , & # 39; Tocantins & # 39;)

('Dog', 'Cachorro'), ('cat', 'Gato'), ('bird'), "Pássaros", ("fish", "Peixes"), ("Rep," Reptéis "), ("Horse," & # 39;) "Cavalos", ("rat", & # 39; Roedores & # 39;)

("M", "Masculino"), ("F", "Feminino")

Usuario class (models.Model):

nome = models.CharField (max_length = 50, blank = False)
sobrenome = models.CharField (max_length = 50, blank = False)

email = models.EmailField (unique = True, empty = False)
foto = models.ImageField (blank = false, verbose_name = "Foto para seu perfil")
telefone = models.CharField (max_length = 20, blank = False, verbose_name = "Celular")
cpf = models.CharField (unique = True, max_length = 19)
data_nascimento = models.CharField (max_length = 8, blank = false, verbose_name = "nascimento data")
sexo = models.CharField (default = M, max_length = 2, choice = SEXO_CHOICES)
pet = MultiSelectField (max_length = 30, choice = PET_CHOICES, bulk_name = "Selecione seus farts")
endereco = models.CharField (max_length = 50)
number = models.CharField (max_length = 10)
bairro = models.CharField (max_length = 30)
cep = models.CharField (max_length = 25)
cidade = models.CharField (max_length = 30)
estado = models.CharField (default = RS, max_length = 3, choice = STATE_CHOICES)
senha = models.CharField (max_length = 15, blank = False)

def __str __ (auto):
return str (self.nome) + & # 39; - & # 39; + str ( + & # 39; - & # 39; + str (self.telefone)

                of django.shortcuts import rendering, redirection, HttpResponse
since the import messages of django.contrib
since import django.http HttpResponse
since django.shortcuts import rendering, redirect
since django.contrib.auth import login, authentication

from django.contrib.sites.shortcuts import get_current_site
from django.utils.encoding import force_bytes, force_text
from django.utils.http import urlsafe_base64_encode, urlsafe_base64_decode
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
from .tokens import account_activation_token
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.core.mail import EmailMessage

from .models import (

from .forms import (

def activate (query, uidb64, token):
uid = force_text (urlsafe_base64_decode (uidb64))
user = User.objects.get (pk = uid)
except (TypeError, ValueError, OverflowError, User.DoesNotExist):
user = none
if the user is not None and account_activation_token.check_token (user, token):
user.is_active = True ()
login (request, user)
# return redirect (& # 39; home & # 39;)
return HttpResponse (& # 39; Thank you for confirming your email. You can now login to your account. & # 39;)
return HttpResponse (& # 39; The activation link is invalid! & # 39;)

def index (request):
usuario = Usuario.objects.all ()
form = UsuarioForm ()
data = {usuario: usuario, & # 39; form & # 39 ;: form}
returns the rendering (request, index.html, data)

def cadastro (request):
usuario = Usuario.objects.all ()
form = UsuarioForm ()
data = {usuario: usuario, & # 39; form & # 39 ;: form}
returns the rendering (request, 'cadastro.html', data)

def cadastro_novo (request):
if request.method == & # 39; POST & # 39 ;:
form = UsuarioForm (request.POST, request.FILES)
if form.is_valid ():
user = (commit = False)
user.is_active = False ()
current_site = get_current_site (request)
mail_subject = Activate your blog account. & # 39;
message = render_to_string (& # 39; acc_active_email.html & # 39 ;, {
& # 39; user & # 39 ;: user,
& # 39; domain: current_site.domain,
• uid: urlsafe_base64_encode (force_bytes ( decode (),
& # 39; token & # 39 ;: account_activation_token.make_token (user),
to_email = form.cleaned_data.get (& # 39; email)
email = EmailMessage (
mail_subject, message, to =[to_email]
email.send ()
return HttpResponse ('Please confirm your email address to complete the registration')
form = UsuarioForm ()
returns the rendering (request, 'cadastro.html', {form: form})

Air transport – The flight operator says sold out, code sharing does not say sold

Apparently, Lufthansa is a little confused in one way or another.

United Airlines has only recently begun deploying Premium Economy on its aircraft and will only launch this class on March 30, 2019, even in some cases. Although it is possible to buy Premium Economy tickets (since the beginning of December), they are only on sale on flights as of March 30th.

Since your flight takes place before March 30th, United does not sell any tickets for Premium Economy, nor are these sales available to partner airlines, including Lufthansa.

Have you ever sold a domain name for the most part?

What did you win the most for one of your domains?

For one area only, I think my biggest was $ 500. Not much, but I call it a feat because it was a bad .info. lol i did a lot of work on it so it was well worth the price.

android ux – Sales metrics overview for multiple tags for each item sold in a mobile app

I write a mobile application application (native React) that lists the items that users buy and sell. Each article can be tagged with certain tags. I want to present some statistical statistics like:

  • benefit for each label,
  • items sold for each label,
  • etc.

so that the user can see what I sell the most popular, but do not know how to do it correctly because of the multiplicity of tags associated with each item relationship.

What are the possible ways to present tag statistics on a mobile app?

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Hidden content:

You must answer before you can see the hidden data contained here.

Why are desktop computers still sold?

A processor can be considered, in its simplest form, as a device that translates energy into work.
The quantity of energy that it translates into work (reduction of heat) is qualified as efficiency.

Portable and mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, phones and other smart clothing, consume little energy (a battery). To maximize the life of the battery, these devices use very low power processors. To return to my analogy above: the less energy you have, the less you can do work.

Desktop computers, however, do not work on batteries. For all intents and purposes, they have unlimited power. Typically, processors in a desktop computer operate in the range of 75 to 140 W and have 4 to 12 cores. In comparison, a laptop processor uses only 35 W (i5-7200U @ max performance) and usually only has 2 to 4 cores.

In short, desktops are much more powerful than any portable or mobile device of the same generation. That's why they still exist. Ultimately, with the growth of the cloud, distributed computing and IoT, all client-side processing will be offset to compute clusters via distributed computing, thereby transforming client-side devices into thin clients or smart clients. It is interesting to think that we have almost closed the loop: originally, there were mainframes with stupid terminals, then the "personal computer" was born, and we are now moving towards a client-server architecture.


Da62 Pa59 Tf16 Cf42
External links: 1 678 951
Referring domains: 4,540
EDU links: 3,192
EDU Domains: 48
Backlinks GOV: 187
GOV Domains: 13
Namebright, 8/2019

See attachment 237595

See attachment 237596

See attachment 237597

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We maintain facilities in the United States and Europe to ensure the best response times and latency. Our highly scalable network with a network capacity greater than 1,000 gigabits per second uses different paths from each of our data centers to provide premium fiber-optic connectivity through providers such as Internap , Level 3, Hurricane Electric, Spectrum, Comcast, Telia, etc. Zayo, Hibernia, GTT, Warner Cable, Qwest, CenturyLink and Abovenet. Our fully redundant and load-balanced backbone and core network connectivity is unmatched in terms of efficiency and performance. This unique combination provides superior network infrastructure with unmatched quality of service.

Thousands of customers around the world choose Watta Server for the superior reliability of its world-class data centers offering unsurpassed security, network availability, capacity, processing power and operations management. With the security of your IT infrastructure in our data centers, you can focus on reducing operational costs and managing the success of your core business, not its servers.

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Seattle, WA
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@ $ 34.00 / month

Dual Xeon L5520

48GB DDR3 1066
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Seattle, WA
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@ $ 48.00 / month

Xeon E3-1230v1

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geekghost sold | Talk Web Hosting

I use their excellent server administration service. Today (why does it always happen at Christmas?), I receive an e-mail

GeekGhost was acquired by Payments Online Inc


Your credit card statements will now show "PADDLE.NET * ONPAY.BZ" as a merchant.

They also write

Under the new ownership, the GeekGhost brand will be retained and you will now have access to our global team of support technicians via e-mail and ticket support through our new support portal,

which is the old URL however my login is no longer accepted there.

This good company has it been acquired by the dreaded GIE?

Does anyone know anything about this? – A Simple Blogging Platform (SOLD) | Promotion Forum

I have answered your PM.

This site has been sold! :RE