api – Coinbase Pro – Volume bought or sold

With the help of the Coinbase Pro API, is there a way to compare the volume of purchases with the volume of sales for a given period of time, not just the total daily volume?

Right now, all I can understand, it's a series of GET /products//trades calls and adding each purchase / sale. This terminal has a limit of 100 results per call (and a limit of 3 requests per second) and, depending on the trading pair, 100 results cover only 15 minutes at a time and take enough time to query for 24 hours. worth for a single trading pair. (Of course, I would hide all that, but the results would only be good for one day.)


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SQL Server – Discover the average price of each model in the top 5 manufacturers in terms of quantity sold and order by average price

Discover the average price of each model in the top 5 manufacturers in terms of quantity sold and order by average price.

I first thought of finding the average price of each model associated with the manufacturer's table
and then I added a sub-query to find the top 5 manufacturers in terms of quantity sold and order by average price

select ft.IDModel,avg(TotalPrice) as (average price),
sum(Quantity) as (sale quantity)
join DIM_MODEL as dm 
on ft.IDModel=dm.IDModel
where IDManufacturer IN
(select top 5 IDManufacturer 
from DIM_MODEL where IDModel 
IN(select top 5 IDModel
group by IDModel
order by sum(Quantity) desc) 
group by IDManufacturer)
group by FT.IDModel
order by (average price);

Actual output:

Average selling price by quantity of IDModel

110 91.3636 12

108 151.0833 12

109 175.4444 12

107 185.10 15

106 236.75 14

111 285.909 11

104 503.5882 17

103 524.7142 8

102 535.1428 9

101 597.9523 33

105 633.7142 16

I know I'm not doing it well, so I kindly ask you to help me

probability – How many tickets can be sold for all punctual passengers to get a seat?

Assume on average $ 7 % $ passengers holding a valid ticket do not do it
present themselves or are too late for their flight. Now, we want to sell more
tickets that there are no places. How many tickets can be sold for an airplane
with $ 240 seats to be insured with $ 99 % $ probability that any punctual
do passengers with a ticket also have a place?

assume $ X $ is the number of people who show up. then $ X sim Bin (n, 0.93) $.

We now want to find $ n $ or $ mathbb {P} (X_n leq 240) geq 0.99. $

We should probably use the normal approximation of the binomial distribution.

From the limit theorem of Moivre and Laplace, we know that:

$ mathbb {P} (X_n leq240) approx Phi ( frac {240-0.93 cdot n} { sqrt {n cdot 0.93 cdot 0.07}}) $.

How can I now find $ n $?

primaverabss – JASMIN CLIENT UPDATE and product failure sold

I had a problem integrating with Jasmin. The goal is to update customers and sales products on Jasmin via the system to integrate with it. But I do not see anything referenced in the documentation and I can only insert specific fields. Is it a limitation or am I doing something wrong?

8 – Drupal Commerce – allows certain products to be sold only in bulk (groups) with other products

I am creating a commerce site with Drupal 8 and Drupal Trade and I do not have such a common request. Some products should only be available in groups (in bulk) with other products. That is to say. if you want to buy the product A in quantity 100, you must also buy the product B, the product C and / or the product D and the sum of these (B + C + D) must also be 100. Otherwise, it should not be possible to buy any of them separately.

I've seen that there are Bulk modules (even if they can not answer this request), but they only exist for Drupal 7.

Is there a module for D8 to group products like this? If no, what would be the best way to achieve this feature?

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Has Bigscoots been sold? | Talk Web Hosting


I started using bigscoots a number of years ago thanks to the recommendations of people on the forum. I have hosted half a dozen sites there. I have sent them a number of people over the years and I have had great service … until today.

The support system removed the ticket that I submitted, and then tried to call to get an answering machine (something that had never happened before) and the live chat was useless to the point of being maddening.

The ticket system always sent me this message when submitting "This ticket can not be opened because of blocked content. Generated automatically", but the leader of the discussion kept asking me to several times to submit a ticket.

And it was after I received an e-mail confirmation of the first ticket and I went to check it, it was gone.

Not to mention the cat (name posted) said it was Scott with whom I have treated many times over the years and this guy knows this company from top to bottom, this was obviously not him.

This is the type of service that can be expected from Dreamhost or GoDaddy …

That being said, have they been purchased by one of the largest hosting companies?

This type of experience is exactly what drove me to look for them at first … but this has been repeated time and time again over the last 20 years … I feel it is not more operated by the same people and I finally needed a service to find it, it does not have anymore.

Does anyone know what's going on with them, did I just get there after a perfect storm of bad service a day or is it time to go out?

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

qrcode – Bitcoin QR code on a product sold in stores

Specifying a bitcoin payment address (as a QR code or otherwise) is usually not the way to accept bitcoins for a sale. There would be very basic vulnerabilities, such as exchanging the payment address displayed on your product, etc. Attempting to use the same address for each product is bad for confidentiality / fungibility and makes accounting difficult.

It is best to accept Bitcoin for payments using a Bitcoin payment processor such as BTCPayServer (an open source project), or for a small scale, you can even process the payments manually at the cashier. In both cases, a payment address will be presented to the customer when ordering, do not a payment address per product.