bitcoin core – Brother died and I am sole survivor..just found out he has a wallet. How do I go about getting his bit coins I have no info

I have no info..

Without information, you cannot get control of any Bitcoin your brother possessed.

You need some details of his wallet or of his account with a Bitcoin exchange.

How do I retreive

If he looked after his own money in a Bitcoin wallet on a computer or phone, you need to be able to log in to that device and run the wallet program and enter any password he set on the wallet. He may have kept a note of his wallet’s “private key” or its 12, 18 or 24-word “recovery phrase” written down somewhere safe. E.g. on paper or stamped metal in a safe. If so, you can use this information on a different computer to create a new wallet that controls the same money.

If he had an account with a business that looked after his money for him, you’ll need to find out the name of that business and his login details. It is possible you would find some details in his old email messages.

I have death certificate.

That might be of use if his money was in an exchange and you know his account name but not his account password. You or the executor of his estate would need to contact the exchange directly about this.

You will be contacted by people offering to help you. 99% of these will be scammers intending to trick you into trusting them with any details you find, or who will trick you into paying invented recovery fees but who will never give you access to your brother’s money. Be very very careful.

Are all of you LLC and corporation types? No sole proprietors?

Just wanted to ask because I sometimes worry of getting sued.

I don’t expand my business anymore because I worry that I might get phisher… | Read the rest of

Adding users to a Facebook Messenger group after the sole admin leaves

This question is very similar to this one: Deleted myself from Facebook group and cannot regain access but specifically for a Facebook Messenger chat.

I was the sole admin of a Facebook Messenger chat, left the chat, and now no one can add me back because no one else is an admin. When someone tries it says new people need to be approved by admins, but there are no admins listed.

Can anyone promote themselves to be the new admin or is there another workaround?

Using CSOM, are site sharing settings accessible, especially the setting that limits site sharing to the sole owner of the site?

Using CSOM, is there a way to check a website (web) to make sure that only site owners can share the site? In the modern SharePoint user interface, the site sharing option says "Site owners and members and people with Edit permissions can share files and folders, but only site owners can share the site ".

Maintain sole responsibility for views in Android

I am trying to improve the structure of some Android fragments. I have the following pseudocode block:

    <50 lines of loading spinner>
    <50 lines of content/>
    <50 lines of empty state/>

My problem with this is that all of the different mutually exclusive states are inflated at the same time. They are all developed on the same xml file which blurs the visibility of the changes.

I have been able to explore three potential solutions to the problem, each with its own pros and cons, I will go into detail on what these solutions are below. My question is:

What are the authoritative best practices for managing mutually exclusive Android views connected, for example, by a user stream?

Solution 1: includes


If I take out the xml blocks and understand them, I can develop each block of code in its own xml file.

The advantage of this is that we can preview each one and work on them in isolation. The downside is that all three are inflated at the same time and treated with the same fragment.

Solution 2: separate views








OnCreate {
    if(a) inflate Spinner.xml

OnLoaded {
    if(b) inflate Content.xml
    if(c) inflate Fragment.xml

In this solution, we each develop in their own xml file. We inflate the spinner when we create the fragment, then inflate the content or empty state when we have loaded the data.

As with the previous solution, we respect the principle of single responsibility and only inflate what we need. One drawback is that we manage the three views inside a fragment.

Solution 3: an outside coordinator


    data = loadData()
        create content fragment
        create empty state fragment

In this solution, as in solution 2, we have separate xml files for each of the states, but in this case, we also have separate fragments, managed by a global coordinator.

The advantage of this is the complete separation of the states. This is not something I have found examples of, so I fear it is a product of my own madness, with no examples to follow. I am also concerned that this makes backstack management more difficult, as we would not want the user to press and end up on the stream loading view.

Thanks for the reading.

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5th dnd – Which CDs should I use for someone who is trying to survive indefinitely only with an alchemy pitcher as the sole source of food and water? (survival campaign)

The Player's Manual contains explicit rules on food / water consumption that you will want to refer to.


A character needs a pound of food a day and can make the food last longer by subsisting with a half-ration. Eating half a pound of food a day equals half a day without food.

A character can stay without food for a number of days equal to 3 + his Constitution modifier (minimum 1). At the end of each day beyond this limit, a character automatically undergoes a level of exhaustion.

A normal meal day resets the number of days without food.


A character needs a gallon of water a day or two gallons a day when it is hot. A character who drinks only half of that amount of water must make a DC 15 save save or be exhausted by the end of the day. A character having access to even less water automatically undergoes a level of exhaustion at the end of the day.

If the character already has one or more levels of exhaustion, it takes two levels in both cases.

Food and water, Player's Manual, p. 185

An alchemy pitcher is more than capable of producing a gallon a day (up to 8, in fact, fresh water), and there is no rule that fluids produced by the pitcher of alchemy disappear with time, so in a temperate climate, an alchemy pitcher could produce enough water to feed 8 humanoids, which means that the excess can be spent on the food.

A humanoid must consume at least 1 pound of food to stay fed, and an alchemy jug is capable of producing 1 gallon of honey, 2 gallons of mayonnaise, 4 gallons of beer and 1 gallon of wine. The 5th edition D & D does not have rules concerning the balancing of macronutrients. Therefore, at least, according to the rules of the game, 2 gallons of mayonnaise (or about 16 pounds) is enough to support up to 16 creatures a day.

Realistically, a group of up to 5 characters could survive on a pot of alchemy, producing water 2 days out of 3 (5 × 3 = 15 gallons of 16 gallons produced) and producing Mayonnaise every third days (5 × 3 = 15 pounds of 16 pounds produced), with an excess of 1 gallon of water and 1 pound of mayonnaise every three days.

So, unless the party is bigger than 5 humanoid creatures, there is no need to call for any type of control in the first place. They are perfectly capable of feeding themselves and being watered.

I mean, you have to take the Jug Alchemy Jug if you intend to run a real survival campaign.

Although we believe that only water feeds and that surviving in honey / mayonnaise / beer / wine does not provide enough nutritional value to survive (which, if you're running a survival campaign, is not unreasonable applies), water is easily the most difficult substance to obtain. Literally, the real-world professional survival guides emphasize the second priority, the safety of water, which comes after the protection of predators and elements. And in game mechanics, spending a single day without water (or even with poor quality water) is much more challenging than spending days without food.

Thus, an article whose sole purpose can only be to trivialize this part of the difficulty will always be a problem, regardless of the players' attempts to also let this article meet their dietary needs.

So, if you intend to properly restore the survivability mechanisms of your campaign, you will have to delete this item. Talk to your players, explain the problem to them (and make sure you play the same game), then, after doing all that and getting your players' consent, give you a narrative justification to explain why the pitcher has disappeared. Does not work anymore.

How to respect the principle of sole responsibility and use exception management at the same time?

I do not know exactly how to use exception handling in a class that respects the S principle.

For example, consider this code in C #:

public class BcryptDecrypt    
    private string _password;
    private string _hash;

    public BcryptDecrypt(string password, string hash)
      this._password = password;
      this._hash = hash;

    public bool Verify()
        return BCrypt.Net.BCrypt.Verify(this._password, this._hash);

It is clear that he declares that he decrypts a bcrypt hash. But you can see in the Verify method that there is no try-catch block to handle an exception.

If we add a try-catch to handle an exception, we will no longer be able to follow Principle S. So how did software engineers solve this problem?

// After adding try-catch
public class BcryptDecrypt    
    private string _password;
    private string _hash;

    public BcryptDecrypt(string password, string hash)
      this._password = password;
      this._hash = hash;

    public bool Verify()
                return BCrypt.Net.BCrypt.Verify(this._toDecrypt, 
            catch (System.Exception SomeException)
                // Handle exception as you like and break S-Principle

One way I think is to create a separate class to handle each method or class exception or to create a universal class to handle it.

I saw the same question on stackoverflow, but the only answer given was to restart the exception to let the controller handle it. This does not seem to be a solution for me, since the controller himself would respect the principle S.

When does the sole functor have a left and right assistant?

Let $ mathcal {C} $ to be a small category. Also, leave $ 1 $ to be the discrete category with on an object. When the sole functor $ !: mathcal {C} to 1 $ to have a left and right assistant?

php – Product filters wordpress plugin: implement the principle of sole responsibility

Plugin is a small editor that can create a filter such as a price slider, check boxes of "marks", a drop-down list of "seasons".

An example of how the plug-in works is available at:

The element classes are the main classes of the plugin but they have too many responsibilities

  • Creating controls for the publisher in admin
  • Rendering for front-end with which user
    will interact
  • Apply the selected options to the product
    request. For example, if the customer has chosen the category "cat1" in the item,
    then it is necessary to change the query to database so that there is
    only products in this category

Could you tell me which model or solution do I need for the code to comply with the SOLID principles?

class Drop_Down_Element extends Abstract_Filtering_Element {
    public function get_element_slug() {
        return 'drop-down';

    public function get_element_title() {
        return __( 'Drop Down' );

    public function get_url_key() {
        return $this->get_option( 'url-key' );

    public function apply_filter_to_query( WP_Query $product_query, $filter_value ) {
        $tax_query_item = (
            'taxonomy' => $this->get_taxonomy(),
            'field' => 'slug',
            'terms' => $filter_value,
            'operator' => 'OR'

                $product_query->get( 'tax_query', () ),
                ( $this->get_url_key() => $tax_query_item )

    public function render_template() {
        $this->get_teplate_loader()->render_template( 'elements/drop-down.php', (
            'element' => $this,
            'items' => $this->get_items()
        ) );

    protected function get_items() {
        $items = ();

        foreach ( get_terms( (
            'taxonomy' => $this->get_taxonomy(),
            'hierarchical' => true,
            'menu_order' => 'asc',
            'order' => 'asc'
        ) ) as $term ) {
            $key = urldecode( $term->slug );

            $items() = (
                'key' => $key,
                'title' => $term->name,

        return $items;

    public function generate_controls() {
        $editor_panel = new Tabs_Layout( (
            'title' => $this->get_element_title(),
            'tabs' => (
                'general' => (
                    'label' => __( 'General', 'wcpf' ),
                    'controls' => (
                        new ControlText_Control( (
                            'key' => 'postTitle',
                            'control_source' => 'post',
                            'label' => __( 'Title', 'wcpf' ),
                            'placeholder' => __( 'Title', 'wcpf' ),
                            'required' => true
                        ) ),
                        new ControlText_Control( (
                            'key' => 'optionKey',
                            'label' => __( 'URL key', 'wcpf' ),
                            'placeholder' => __( 'option-key', 'wcpf' ),
                            'control_description' => __( 'The “URL key” is the URL-friendly version of the title. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens', 'wcpf' ),
                            'required' => true
                        ) ),
                        new ControlSelect_Control( (
                            'key' => 'itemsSource',
                            'label' => __( 'Source of options', 'wcpf' ),
                            'control_description' => __( 'Select source of options, that will be using to filter products', 'wcpf' ),
                            'options' => (
                                'attribute' => __( 'Attribute', 'wcpf' ),
                                'category' => __( 'Category', 'wcpf' ),
                                'tag' => __( 'Tag', 'wcpf' ),
                                'taxonomy' => __( 'Taxonomy', 'wcpf' )
                            'default_value' => 'attribute'
                        ) )
                'visual' => (
                    'label' => __( 'Visual', 'wcpf' ),
                    'controls' => (
                        new ControlText_Control( (
                            'key' => 'cssClass',
                            'label' => __( 'CSS Class', 'wcpf' ),
                            'placeholder' => __( 'class-name', 'wcpf' )
                        ) )

        return $editor_panel;

abstract class Abstract_Element extends Component {
    protected $project;

    protected $wp_post;

    /** getters, setters, options management **/

    public function get_default_options() {
        return ();

    public abstract function get_element_slug();

    public abstract function get_element_title();

    public abstract function generate_controls();

    public abstract function render_template();

interface Filtering_Element_Interface {
    function get_filter_value( $default_value = null );

    function set_filter_value( $filter_value );

    function get_url_key();

    function apply_filter_to_query( WP_Query $product_query, $filter_value );