Is there a solution for the open overlay dropdown for the outside of the reagent table?

In my case, I used the multi-select bootstrap dropdown inside td where I also used the table responsive class just because of that the dropdown doesn’t get ; not display correctly. the responsive property "overflow: hidden" hides this drop-down list. Please check the screenshot below.

The responsive property "overflow: hidden" hides this drop-down list

games – Looking for a visual solution to connect certain boxes in a grid where management matters

I have 9 boxes of 1.5 cm in height and width each. I want to place these boxes in a grid (for the sake of simplicity, let's put them in a 3×3 grid). The total size that my grid can hold is around 7×7 cm.

Then I should connect some of these boxes in the grid, in a way where management counts.

For example, if I get the following grid:


I would for example need to connect the box with id 6 to the box with id 3 and 5, which means you can travel from 6 at 3 and 5 but not vice versa (you cannot travel from 3 at 6 and neither of 5 at 6).

My connections should always be one-way, so there can be no connection between 6 and 5 if there is already a connection from 5 at 6.

I hope I didn’t get my question too complicated, and that’s understandable 🙂 I would prefer a solution that uses the white space between the grid boxes (I know that the & rsquo; The space allocated is quite small), as there will be icons in each of the four corners of the boxes.

These boxes would be placed on a card for a physical board game, so the end result should be visible when printed.

Anyone have any ideas about this?

What is the best WordPress plugin for Seo?

Hello friends,

What is the best WordPress plugin for Seo?

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just a clarification on a solution

this message came to me while I was looking for solutions to questions like that of the message.
The question is

if $ A∈ Bbb R ^ m $ and $ B∈ Bbb R ^ n $ are compact then $ A × B = {(x, y) ∈ Bbb R ^ {n + m}: x∈A, y∈B} $ is also compact. (x is the cross product).

Because $ A $ and $ A $ are both compact and they are subsets of $ Bbb R ^ n $( or $ Bbb R ^ m) $ wouldn't it be easier to prove that their cross product is bounded and closed?
It is easy to show that they are closed (for example, by taking a cross point of the cross product and showing that each element of this point is a cross point of $ A $ and $ B $ so it has to be in the cross product) and they're obviously limited because $ A $ and $ B $ are bounded, therefore $ A times B $ are compact.

Is social trading a good solution?

I've been trading for years now and still haven't found my way. And that's why I'm looking for different ways. One of these methods is Social Trading, which has been very popular lately.

So I like to know if some of you have tried it and your experience.

website – Web Solution: Application of technical sheet

Hey, does anyone know a quick and easy solution to transfer Excel sheets to a web application?

The app should only cover the basics first.
It would be an advantage if the web application could be extended with additional functions in the future.

I imagined that I could download an Excel sheet and then transform it into an editable table.

Does anyone know of good solutions for such a project?
Free software is preferred.

sharepoint server – Adding new files / features to the existing solution

I have a SharePoint 2013 site which is already in use and I have enough data.
Now I need to add some new images to the layouts / images folder, overwrite the existing site page and add items to a list. i set it all on activate the event receiver.

how to accomplish this task so that existing things are not disturbed.

Problem with the Soundcloud player. Is there a solution?

Hi everyone. I am working on a website and I am trying to integrate soundcloud into the design. The Flash version of the soundcloud mp3 player is absolutely perfect for the design of my site. Unfortunately, people on iPods / tablets can't see / play music on this player …

The HTML5 player is nice, but is almost double the size of the Flash player. It is way too big for the design of my site. He moves the products "under the fold" on the page.

Is there a way to cut a lower part of the html player? I was trying to put it in a table and cut the bottom, but it didn't work.

I was just wondering if anyone had a solution to fix this problem?

I have attached a picture showing 2 pages and the size of the HTML reader (even if I adjust the height settings).

Thank you

Jim, HTML Newb

zabbix – Simple host monitoring solution

I'm looking for a host monitoring solution for an infrastructure that I need to manage.

Since this infrastructure is on-site, I would like to have a client-server architecture, where a client periodically reports the status to an external server (EC2 instance).

I tried Zabbix for this purpose, but it didn't work very well. The connection is terminated every time the agent has attempted to connect to the server, possibly due to firewall rules. In addition, I would like to have some level of automatic discovery instead of having to manually enter hosts (this is a "need", not necessarily a "must"). I would try to add a Zabbix proxy, but then I should add the proxy to another on-site host, which should be monitored itself (hence the server on an EC2 instance)