Digital solution of equation with free parameters

I have an equation that can not be solved analytically, so I need to solve it numerically. But, this equation has some free parameters that I want to replace with numbers after solving the equation. Let me ask a very simplified version of the question, then I can solve the original with the help of this simplified version.
I have an equation with the form of ax ^ 5 + bsin (x) + 3 = 0. Now, I want to trace the root of this equation in the coordinate system a-b. In a word, I want to repair the root and see how it behaves by modifying our free parameters, a and b.

optimization – Is the business traveler problem with the dikstra algorithm the optimal solution?

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How to correct the errors of URL and indicate the step ..?

Hello friends,

How to correct the errors of URL and indicate the step ..?
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Limit solution space for symbolic algebra problems

I have a system of 12 equations of the second degree with 12 variables (x1, x2, x3 … x12) and several positive constants (a, b, c …> 0).
I have to find the x1 solutions in terms of constants, but I'm only interested in solutions where x2 x3 and x4 are positive.
The only way for me to do this is to solve for the positive x2, then look for the x3 and x4 values ​​for each of the solutions and eliminate the solutions allowing negative values. Then find the values ​​of x1 for the remaining solutions.
Ie something like:

conditions = {a> 0, b> 0 ...}
eqs = flatten[AppendTo[eqs, conditionss]]presolve = eliminate[x1,x3,x4...x5]
presolve = flatten[AppendTo[presolve , {x2>0}]]solutionsx2 = solve[presolve, x2, Reals]
solutionsx3 = {}

And then for each element i in "solutionsx2":

presolve = eqs
presolve = flatten[AppendTo[presolve, {solutions[[i]], x3> 0}]]Add to[solutionsx3 , Solve[presolve, {x3}, Reals]]

and then repeat the same thing with x4.
This seems like a very inefficient way to proceed. Is there a better way to identify relevant solutions?

The supposed solution of Lampert to the problem of Entscheidungs

Here: Timm Lampert claims to refute Church-Turing's theorem that first-order logic is undecidable. I wondered what was the first mistake!

The best and cheapest solution to have internet in Japan

I've already seen this question but the messages are quite old, so I wanted to have the most real answer possible.

In August, I travel 18 days in France and Japan and would like to know the best way to have internet there.
I know two ways:

  1. Pocket Wifi
  2. SIM card

For the pocket wifi, I saw some options but it looks expensive, about 100 € for the whole trip.
For the Sim Card, I saw French site solutions like 14 days = 24 € and 21 days = 36 € but I do not know if this is trustworthy? Is the price normal?

Do you know of ways / best options?

python – zig-zag function – coded solution

Here is my coded solution to the LeetCode zig-zag problem

The string "PAYPALISHIRING" is written in a zigzag pattern on a
number of lines like this: (you might want to display this pattern in a
fixed font for better readability)


And then read line by line: "PAHNAPLSIIGYIR"

Write the code that will take a string and do this given conversion
a number of lines:

I know that the last line is a little messy and that I could unpack it into a two-line loop, but I really like the simple lines for the loops.

def zigzag () -> list:
"" "Returns the zig-zag word of a given entry as a list." ""
table = []
    for _ in the range (num_rows):
array.append ([])
increasing = 1
array_index = 0
word_index = 0
while word_index <len (word):
if increasing:
board[array_index].append (word[word_index])
array_index + = 1
word_index + = 1
board[array_index].append (word[word_index])
array_index - = 1
word_index + = 1
if array_index == -1 and ascending == 0:
increasing = 1
array_index = 1
if array_index == num_rows and increasing == 1:
ascending = 0
array_index = num_rows - 2
back to table

if __name__ == "__main__":
num_rows = 3
print ("". join (line for zigzag array () for row in array))

How long does Google have to rank sites / articles these days?

Hello friends,

How long does Google have to rank sites / articles these days?

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Windows App – TMG Solution Revisions Revision 2019.06.07 (Update Only) for Siemens NX | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 646 MB

TMG Thermal / Flow Simulation – NX for advanced calculation of heat transfer and fluid and gas flow. The naznaenie obnovleniya- principal fix the bugs identified in previous versions of the module.
A flawless stay

It is only the updated TMG Thermal Simulation / Flow Module (NXCAE_EXTRAS) for NX 12.0-1851 Win64. To apply, you must have a thermal simulator / flow TMG (NXCAE_EXTRAS) pre-NX 12.0-1851 and a crowbar SSQ.

Compatibility: Siemens NX12.0-1851

tmg v12.0.16 for nx-12.0 win / Linux x64 (2019-03-01)
tmg v2019.1.2 for nx-1851 win / Linux x64 (2019-03-01)

Read: README.txt


Download from Filefloater

Download from RapidgatorDownload from Nitroflare
A flawless stay

Looking for a solution | Talk Web Hosting

I hope this is the right place to ask the following question:

I am doing independent video editing. Zipping files and using Google is fine, but things are resuming and they do not like their systems used for NSFW content too much. Since I do not want my accounts to be closed, I have to find a different solution. What I would like to do is associate a WP site because I am not a website designer and it is easy, with some sort of download / download. / storage solution for large files. What I need is quite specific, and I hope that there is a solution. I've been looking for WP plug-ins to accomplish what I want and I have not been able to find one that suits my needs, which could be a product looking for the appropriate plug-ins .

I need people to be able to register on the website, which is pretty simple.
I need registered users to upload files into their "member area".
I need to be able to view the downloaded files according to the user.
I need to be able to download and upload files again and post them in their "member space", but not in the rest of the site.
Incorporate a payment system, which will likely be Stripe or something similar.

In short, I must be able to send and receive files from / to each registered user without the rest of the website having access to these files. The interface would just need to work as a regular website. I asked one of my friends who works in computer science and he referred me here, so I hope you can very much lead me in the right direction.

We thank you for browsing this disjointed screed and for any help you may be able to provide.