ios appstore – How to solve the “You don’t have permission to open the application” in Mac OS big sur?

When I want to open an app which I’ve downloaded outside of app store a pop up with the message of You dont have permission to open this app shows up.

enter image description here

My laptop is macbook pro 2020 m1 big sur version 11.1

enter image description here

I’ve checked of my user is the administrator or not and I found that I’m the only admin account on this laptop :

enter image description here

I’ve also tried to open app with rosetta but didn’t work either and also tried to make all users able to read and write in the permissions of the app info .

enter image description here

I hope anyone could help me open such apps . Thanks in advance .

tried to solve a time complexity

I have an algorithm with this complexity formula :
enter image description here

I tried to figure out how to solve this
and I tried to say something like this
if I have a log n divide n the value goona be very small
and if I switch between them the value be very big
soo I came to this
t=o(n)+somthing very big(log n/logn)

and I tried to know if the result is big than linear time or not.
and I am lost

“help me to figure out if this is big than linear time or not”

How to solve multi domain Duplicate Content? [duplicate]

I am reaching you once again. I have a question regarding duplicate content. I have multiple domain websites where all the websites associated with a group.

All the contents of the website are the same with a different domain such as,, and so on. So my question is that will google penalize for that reason? I haven’t implemented href lang tags. how to resolve the issues

How can I solve this? I am very confused.

enter image description here

I don’t understand how to solve this problem. Pls help me.

I have written the code correct previously it was working but now it’s not . it did solve earlier bu why it’s not working now

enter image description hereHere is the code in the image i m not able to write it here .Plz plz plz help me with it as fast as possible .Plz help me .
And if someone knows other program of newtons divided difference formula plz let me know

heuristics – How do I solve a search problem on an infinite graph?

I have a search problem that requires me to find a path from $v_s$ to $v_g$ in the graph $G = (V, E)$ where $v_s, v_g in V$ are the start and goal vertices in a set of vertices and $E subset V times V$ is an undirected set of edges connecting vertices. Both $V$ and $E$ can be infinite. Each edge has an associated cost $c: E rightarrow mathbb{R}$ and the cost of a path (an ordered set of edges) between adjacent vertices that leads from the start to the goal is the sum of the cost of all of its edges. My goal is to find the path with minimal cost (assume it exists).

From my understanding, because this graph could possibly have an infinite branching factor, A* is not guaranteed to return a solution (or terminate). Are there any viable alternative algorithms that are designed for handling graphs with large or infinite state and action spaces? I’m not looking for guaranteed termination or optimality, just some names of algorithms that might be used in these sorts of problems as my search for “heuristic search infinite state space” doesn’t turn much up.

list manipulation – Solve multiple equations with a parameter by means of Reduce

I have developed a program that solves an equation and give its solutions as outputs:

m = 0.3
n = -0.9
equation = Reduce(E^(m*x) + E^(n* x) == x, x, Reals)
sol1 = N(x /. ToRules(equation((1))))
sol2 = N(x /. ToRules(equation((2))))

whose answers are approximately 1.97121 and 5.93163. However, I need m to change and, therefore, to render a different solution each time I change it. So I need m to be also 0.05, 0.06, 0.1,… and whatever numbers I define in a list. How can I arrange Reduce to read the different values and to solve the equation for each of them, given a list of values for m?

How to solve the differential equation , when my initial condition is Infinity

int(r_)=-((557.310989080004 r)/((37.3042 - r) (-25.578 + r) (62.8822 + 
r) Sqrt(0.0345106153943703 - ((37.3042 - r) (-25.578 + 
  r) (62.8822 + r))/(3000 r))))

This is the function of r , now next is that I want to solve the differential equation using this function. Before that at my boundary conditions, this whole function vanishes as;


maxr=31.0723250284387 and rg=25.57799942210616`

Next I try to solve the following differential equation via NDsolve

sol = NDSolve({TD'(r) == int(r), TD(maxr) == Infinity}, {TD}, {r,maxr, rg}, Method->"ExplicitRungeKutta")

But it fails are throws some errors like
Solve::infc: The system TD==(Infinity) contains an infinite object (Infinity).
NDSolve::icfail: Unable to find initial conditions that satisfy the residual function within specified tolerances. Try giving initial conditions for both values and derivatives of the functions.
Can anyone help me out.

group theory – How many ways can you paint a Decagon with q colors? Solve with Burnside’s lemma

How many ways can you paint a Decagon with q colors?
I need to solve it with Burnside’s lemma.
So far I managed to find only 2 symmetries, the identity, and this one.
I believe I miss the method, can someone solve, and try to explain how did he solve it?
enter image description here

plugins – How can i solve php upgrade problem

I am using a plugin that works on Woocommerce.
While no error occurs on PHP 7.2 (eg 7.3) I get an error like the following in 7.2. The developer team is not helping. How can I resolve this error? It is probably caused by a foreach loop defined in the plugin. However, I am not sure how to find this cycle. I’ve been researching for about a week. I could not find a solution.
I looked at a change that came with new versions of PHP. I could not see any change regarding the foreach loop. I searched for similar problem on other platforms. Unfortunately, I could not find it.

invalid argument supplied for foreach() in woocommerce/includes/wc-template-function.php on line 2735.