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beginner – song of 99 beers in Rust

I'm learning rust.

I find this sometimes confusing compared to other programming languages, especially when it comes to strings and slices.

It is an implementation of the 99 beer song that I wrote, but the code is awkward and I think it's bad.

How would you have written if it was a real world software production code? A way to improve performance, readability and a more reasonable way of dealing with strings in Rust?

const BOTTLE: &str = "bottle";
const S: &str = "s";
const OF_BEER: &str = "of beer";
const N_UP: &str = "N";
const N_DOWN: &str = "n";
const O_MORE: &str = "o more";
const ON_THE_WALL: &str = "on the wall";
const SPACE: &str = " ";
const COMMA: &str = ",";
const PERIOD: &str = ".";
const NL: &str = "n";
const TAKE: &str = "Take";
const IT: &str = "it";
const ONE: &str = "one";
const DOWN_AND_PASS: &str = "down and pass it around";
const GO_STORE: &str = "Go to the store and buy some more";
const NINE_NINE: &str = "99";

pub fn verse(n: i32) -> String {
    let mut phrase: String;
    let bottles = &format!("{}{}", BOTTLE, S)(..);
    let bottles_of_beer = &format!(
        "{}{}{}",if n == 1 { BOTTLE } else { bottles }, SPACE, OF_BEER
    let n_str = &format!("{}", n)(..);

    if n < 1 {
        phrase = format!("{}{}{}{}", N_UP, O_MORE, SPACE, bottles_of_beer);
    } else {
        phrase = format!("{}{}{}", n_str, SPACE, bottles_of_beer);

    phrase = phrase + SPACE + ON_THE_WALL + COMMA + SPACE;

    if n < 1 {
        phrase = phrase + N_DOWN + O_MORE;
    } else {
        phrase = phrase + n_str;

    phrase = phrase + SPACE + bottles_of_beer + PERIOD + NL;

    if n < 1 {
        phrase = phrase + GO_STORE;
    } else {
        phrase = phrase + TAKE + SPACE + if n == 1 { IT } else { ONE } + SPACE + DOWN_AND_PASS

    phrase = phrase + COMMA + SPACE;

    if n < 1 {
        phrase = phrase + NINE_NINE + SPACE + bottles;
    } else {
        let n = n - 1;

        if n < 1 {
            phrase = phrase + N_DOWN + O_MORE + SPACE + bottles;
        } else {
            phrase = phrase + &format!("{}", n)(..) + SPACE + if n == 1 { BOTTLE } else { bottles };

    phrase = phrase + SPACE + OF_BEER + SPACE + ON_THE_WALL + PERIOD + NL;

    return phrase;

pub fn sing(start: i32, end: i32) -> String {
    let mut s = String::new();
    let mut x = start;

    while x >= end {
        if x < start {
            s = s + NL;
        s = s + &verse(x)(..);
        x -= 1;

    return s

What song are you listening to now?

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I listen now evanescence – bring me too life
this song is old but really good.

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[ Lyrics ] Open question: What is the best song of bb king?

[Lyrics] Open Question: What's the best bb king song? yahoo

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music – iTunes App on macOS – play the song now

I recently switched from Spotify to Apple Music. I can not find any play button next to the name of the song in the app (compared to Spotify). I do not find the option of playing the song now in place of the song being played – which is strange and boring. To work around this problem, I right-click on the name of the song, set it to Read, and then use the >> button to move to the next song. Is this the only way possible or am I missing something?

Operating system version: 10.14.6 and the application is up to date.

Screenshot of the iTunes library page:

enter the description of the image here

When I pause a song on my iPod classic, I am forced to listen to each song of that artist. How can I solve this problem?

If I play a playlist and pause a song in this playlist, my iPod will not let me out of this playlist. I am obliged to listen to each song of the reading list. Once finished, I can navigate the iPod. . How can I solve this problem? If I need to go to the bar of genius, pretty much how much would it cost?

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[ Other – Music ] Open question: What's a song that never fails to give you feelings?

[Other – Music] Open Question: What's a song that never fails to give you feelings? yahoo