Which sensor is the best for mobile phone camera – Carl Zeiss or Sony?

I was googling for Carl Zeiss Vs Sony. Earlier, I was checking companies whose lens are one of the best for mobile phone. Nowhere I found any comparison between the two and also the list is not available for the best sensors for mobile phone.

I am disappointed by the Megapixel targetted mobile phones in midsegment.

android 10 – Why fastboot isn’t accepting unlocking code I received from Sony?

I’m following this https://www.getdroidtips.com/android-10-q-sony-xperia-x guide about changing ROM of my phone to Android 10. My Xperia X is stuck on Android 8
and isn’t getting any further upgrades. It gets only security patches. But that will end soon too.

I got unlocking code from Sony but I got a pushback from fastboot:

running fastboot -i [received code here]
resulted in error: invalid vendor id '[received code here]'

How should I proceed ?

sony – I am shooting video at 200 ISO but the video is still really noisy. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Noise is not caused by a certain ISO setting. High ISO isn’t really what causes increased noise. The lower amount of light we usually allow into the camera when using higher ISO is what causes noise. If you limit the light to the same level at ISO 100 that you would use to properly expose for, say ISO 3200, and then try to boost those almost black shadows by five stops in post, you’ll see the same thing as using ISO 3200 with the same exposure time (Tv) and aperture (Av) when shooting.

For more, please see:

Why would using higher ISO and faster shutter speed yield more noise than using lower ISO and slower shutter speed?

Should higher ISOs really be preferred (all other things being equal)?

Regardless of whether you are shooting still images or video, if you want to decrease the amount of noise in a shot you need to increase the amount of light you’re letting into the camera. The options you have for doing this are:

  • Use a wider aperture
  • Use a longer exposure time
  • Add light to the scene

data recovery – Sony Xperia stuck in boot loop due to no free space

My partner has a Sony Xperia Z3 compact that has been complaining of low space (~16 MB free) for weeks before now finally refusing to boot and it has become stuck in a boot loop. I have tried a number of key combinations to try and get it into recovery mode but none have worked and I have read that Sony Xperias do not have this enabled. The phone is not rooted.

Is there anything I can do to get either free up some space to try and get it to boot or to get the data off the device or should I consult a specialist data recovery company?

Many thanks

Wide-angle primes for Sony APS-C?

Is there some resource that lists all APS-C lenses available for Sony E-mount? In particular, I’m looking for a low-weight wide-angle prime, perhaps 10mm or 12mm

sony – previewing exposure and af with flash in low light studio

Comments tell me my initial assumption was incorrect, but I’ll leave it here, just in case.

You cannot use the rear screen on many cameras to preview exposure, as they auto-adjust to try to give a ‘best view’ in all lighting.

I’m assuming your softbox flash was a regular strobe light?

That’s why the pros use studio flashes, which contain modelling lights. These let you see the general shape of the lighting before the shot is taken, and is also hugely useful to just be able to actually see in the room, and as something to help out auto-focus.
The idea is that the flashes almost completely overpower the modelling lights, so they don’t really interfere with the end result.

Being in a similar position, I only have regular strobes, I often use video lighting squeezed in tight to the softboxes to mimic modelling light. It doesn’t quite work, because you cannot achieve the exact same angles, but it’s a reasonable close-approximation, for zero additional budget [as I have them anyway, for video].

I have considered trying to squeeze some small consumer LED spotlights, rear-facing inside the softboxes to better approximate my angles – but this is a project currently awaiting trial.

charging – My Sony Xperia X won’t charge. Why?

Umm hey i wanted to ask a question. Why doesn’t my phone charge?? I have a original Sony crarging brick. Pls help me. I hard resetted another phone of mine and it asks me for my email and i don’t remember it, so PLEASE i am DESPARATE to look for a solution to fix my phone not charging. (I apologize for my bad english, if any mistakes.)

Sony a7 III FTP Workflow help / suggestions

I was excited about the FTP options on the camera but..

The problem is, it has no option to ‘upload latest or failed only’

Here is my issue.

I want to have photos automatically FTP’d as currently are – of course when the camera is offline or service not available I would prefer it to retry when it does have a connection – but this does not seem to be an option at all.

I can see no way to do this automatically or even via the camera – only ftp all images again or images taken today. The issue with that is, i want to curate and clean up the images periodically.

The only option i see is to:

  • turn off auto ftp, once ftp’d then format the card – but this method has several drawbacks. (card life, hassle, etc)

Any suggestions? I really like the auto ftp but like I said, i want to curate/remove many of the photos before adding them to my permanent collection.

Thanks in advance.

sony alpha – Upgrading… and I’ve no clue about which glass to buy?

I am looking at buying a new mirrorless Sony camera, and I’m looking at the options of an A7R III or A7R IV. Now, truth be told, I couldn’t tell you much about the technicalities, but I’ve been told too many times over the years of using my Nikon D80 DSLR (since 2006) that I should “have a coffee table book” or “get published”. Will the price difference in the two cameras really matter for someone with limited technological experience yet eager to really advance oneself?