analog audio input + USB data cable = sound noises

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Disable the sound of all notifications except Call Message and WhatsApp so that it is in vibrate mode

I have a brand new Galaxy S10. I wish that the phone remains in mute mode, but that the phone vibrates if there is a call, SMS or WhatsApp notification.

How to do that? I do not want to install the phone from now on.

What video game sound effect can you still hear in your head?

What video game sound effect can you still hear in your head? | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. Thumbs up What video game sound effect can you still hear in your head?

    I can still hear a piece coming out of a brick in Super Mario Bros

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macbook – How to correct the problem of Bluetooth sound quality after updating Mojave?

After updating Mojave, my Bluetooth headset looks terrible and smothered. After testing several Bluetooth devices, I was able to diagnose that it was not the hardware. After research, I found:

but after testing the above, the problem has not been solved and search on the site with queries:

I did not see that asked. Is there a way to repair or fix the sound problem with Bluetooth devices in Mojave?

No in video playback and / or browser sound W10 1809 Bootcamp MBA2018

At the time of the release, I installed the W10 1809 on a MacBook Air 2018 (ie the most recent).

The Bootcamp audio drivers are v 6.1.7200 (the most recent) and macOS Mojave has been and is fully up to date.

Despite this, the video playback is interrupted and there is no sound, nor does the microphone pick up sound.

In MacOS, everything works perfectly.

At first, I thought it was something specific to the new device / to the new version of W10, but several months after the release of both, I start to wonder …

Has anyone encountered this?

sound – How to configure i3wm with a desktop environment?

I highly appreciate the i3 window manager (, which greatly simplifies the manual management of the windows location.

However, since i3 is only a window manager and not a desktop environment, it lacks some functions, such as easy support for connecting a second screen or changing the sound volume .

How can I configure i3 with a decent desktop environment, to make the most of both worlds?

audio – Looking for a free and friendly sound recorder

Good morning

I want to record some audio (a song) from Youtube and this turns out to be more difficult than I thought. My operating system is Windows. If I have just used the Sound Recorder application that came with the computer, it records from the speakers of the computer using the microphone of the computer. and the sound quality is rather mediocre, like a tin can. If searched for stream rippers on the web and they are all owners; at best, you get a free trial period. I like free open source stuff. Third option, which, in my opinion, would be really better because it will be simpler to use and more versatile is a sound recorder that records from the analog output of the sound card, but before it goes through the speakers. Does anyone know of a good, free:

A. Ripper of course of water and / or

B. Sound recorder recording the analog signal of the sound card, not the microphone.


Long live the GNU,
Gab Far

accessibility – dialogue-based interface, the voice of the application becomes an input instead of the sound input of the user

The application we are developing currently has a feature that allows the user to communicate through dialogue (imagine siri)

We are currently facing a problem. The problem concerns accessibility. When IOS VoiceOver is enabled, try to imagine the situation below:
1. The sound interface welcomes the user
2. The user slips or taps to control the interface and finally finds the CTA for the input of the sound
3. The user activates the audio input and talks about what he wants
4. The sound interface starts to respond
At this time, if the user presses twice to speak and if the audio interface is not completed. The sound interface intervenes and blind to what the user should say so that the input is never clear.

To avoid this, the user must wait for the end of the audio interface response, then enable the CTA to speak. Which is neither ideal nor satisfactory. I should find a way to stop the sound interface if the user initiates an action. I guess that's basic code. Does anyone have any idea of ​​this situation?

php – How to create an algorithm to program variables to recognize the sound of the musical keyboard?

Hello, I would like to know how the algorithm consists in interpreting two musical tones and comparing them in variables.
For example:
I have two variables A and B.
I have a virtual keyboard and I have the intention of just clicking on one of the keyboards (keyboard virtualpiano site)
Do Re Mi Fá So Yes
If I click on the C of the first key, I want the number 1 in variable A, if the second key is F, it would be 4, if Mi was 3, and so on.
This through the "SOM".
If someone knows how to do thank you very much.
(I've left the freedom in the tags for any of the languages, that is, you can use the one with which you have more affinity)

UX design guidelines for audio / sound feedback and user interface interaction

Here are some useful articles about UX for the sound I've used for a project some time ago:

Susini, P & Houix, Olivier and Misdariis, Nicolas. (2014). Sound design: An experimental framework applied to study the perception of everyday sounds. The new soundtrack. 4. 103-121. 10.3366 / sound.2014.0057.

Carron, Maxime and Dubois, Françoise and Misdariis, Nicolas and Talotte, Corinne and Susini, P. (2014). Sound Identity Design: Provide new communication tools to create "business sounds" for brands.

Will Littlejohn (Director of Sound Design @ Facebook) – How to improve mobile interactions with sound design

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