What open source project management systems accept a Teamwork.com data import and export?

I have some old data in Teamwork.com that I would like to keep for history / posterity, but I couldn't find options for importing the database data exported to another open source / free service. Are there any options I miss in this regard?

Uninstall – How to uninstall the downloaded gcamera beta application from an unknown installation source for Samsung Galaxy A50s (SM-A507FN)

I have a new phone. Samsung Galaxy A50s. Model number SM-A507FN

I downloaded Arnova's Beta 6: GCam_5beta6.200105.0445build-7.2.018.apk

for Android 9+ phones from https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-suggested/
assuming it works on my phone. However, the app crashes frequently and does not work.
I upgraded the phone software, so it has been upgraded to Android 10. Kernel 4.14.62-17887617.

This app was not installed from Playstore, so I don't know how to uninstall it now.
So please let me know how to uninstall this app.

What news source do you trust for the most trusted coronavirus news?

I look at the websites of local and state health departments … but even these should be screened with a critical eye …

Notice, for example, how many have "infection and death" counters that update daily related to coronavirus … Also note how difficult it is to get the same seasonal flu data … even if we are in "season" …

It's almost if the need for data by which we can make informed decisions is deliberately suppressed … or as everyone involved feels the need to "sell" to a story instead of "providing" to the public. ..

Can anyone direct me to a source – this guy earned $ 500,000 in 3 months

I know probably none of you are doing opp biz, I'm making one, big ticket. there's a guy in mine who made over $ 500,000 in 3 months


he mainly uses home mail and sends out flyers. I asked him where he had found his leads and he replied no, only for people who had bought from him, and gave me a URL to a solo site

what type of site does he buy his prospects from, biz opp. home mail, sms are like over 90% open rate too

Is Forex Your Source of Income – Discussions and Help

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source of results – The SharePoint 2016 query generator inserts "ContentTypeId" instead of "ContentType"

In on-premises SharePoint 2016, I was having trouble getting results based on a content type that I had created when trying to configure a result source to search for that type of content . I finally decided to see what I had done on a working SharePoint 2013 site, when I realized that using the result source query generator in 2016 , when I choose "ContentType" and click "Add a property filter", the query generator actually inserted "ContentTypeId", not "ContentType". It baffled me a little. I just wanted to post this, in case someone has a similar problem. Once I manually edited the inserted text to simply delete the "Id" at the end of "ContentType", the source of the results worked as I expected. Is this a bug in SharePoint 2016 or is it expected to be in one way or another? If so, where do you report bugs in SharePoint to Microsoft?

enter description of image here

borders – Is there an authoritative source for COVID-19 travel restrictions in the EU?

Similar to this question but for the EU. I need to repatriate myself and my car from Prague to London. Ideally, I would cross the Czech / German, German / Dutch, Dutch / Belgian, Belgian / French and French / British borders, but the list of countries could vary by increasing the duration of my trip.

I find it very difficult to say if I will be refused entry to one of the borders I have to cross. All I can find are vague media reports that use expressions like "limited to essential travel". It is unclear what constitutes an essential trip, and in particular whether the return to my country of origin will be sufficient reason for a country to allow me to enter. For example, they may think that I can get home by finding a route that bypasses them, and therefore it is not "essential" that I cross their border.

I have a British passport, a Czech residence permit and I have houses in both countries. The UK is my main residence.

I have a ferry booked from France -> UK and as far as I know, entries are still allowed there.

Are there any authoritative sources of information where I can find out exactly what the restrictions are within the EU? Alternatively, individual sources for the countries I travel to would be helpful.

Most crypto exchanges have a similar API. What software (commercial or open source) do they use in their back-end?

If I want to start a crypto exchange today, which companies should I look for who can provide me with ready-made software infrastructure when I don't want to create one in-house?

I'm talking about the match engine, API, etc. The trading software for the exchange spine.

Can I buy source codes developed by others? [closed]

I am a programmer interested in buying already developed software to avoid redeveloping it. Is there a website to locate sellers?


dnd 5e – Is there an official source for the properties of the stone?

The statistics for stone are not collected anywhere, but you can put useful things together …

  1. The stone is mentioned explicitly a few times in the DMG
    section on objects

Most useful – the AC for stone is given as 17.

Use common sense to determine the success of a character in damaging an object. Can a fighter cut a section of a stone wall with a sword? No, the sword may break before the wall.

You might decide that certain types of damage are more effective against a particular object or substance than others. (…) blunt damage works well for breaking objects, but not for cutting through rope or leather. (…) A pick can flake off Pierre but cannot effectively cut down a tree. As always, use your best judgment.

I know "use your best judgment" isn't the takeaway you are looking for here
but i would apply these instructions to give resistance to the stone against drilling and cutting damage but not clubbing. As you quoted “ objects are immune to poison and psychic damage '', but I would also give resistance to stones like fire damage and necrosis. How you apply your judgment is up to you, so I'm not going to list all types of damage here.

  1. The guidelines on HP are not self-explanatory but could probably be adapted to a stone wall:

A stone wall is normally considered resilient and (at least) large, which would add at least 27 hp (5d10) and possibly much more – although in the case of a wall, you can affect 27 ch at each specific section of the wall (see section on huge and gargantuan objects).

  1. You can use the damage thresholds of the published modules

DMG does not provide explicit guidelines on appropriate damage thresholds. However, other published supplements provide damage thresholds that can be referred to as a point of comparison:

  • The larger boat hulls in Ghosts of Saltmarsh (and now available through the ground rules) have damage thresholds between 10 and 20.
  • A submarine in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist has a damage threshold of 15, while it gives steel doors a threshold of 10
  • The infernal machines and chains of Baldur & # 39; s Gate: Descent in Avernus all have a threshold of 10.
  • In Tomb of Annihilation, there is a crystal window with a damage threshold of 15 and more chains with a threshold of 10.

Considering all the above, a damage threshold of 15 to 20 seems appropriate for the stone.

In addition to the concerns of balance and likelihood of the game, when setting the damage threshold, you can also consider exactly how hard you want the stone to be for your players to destroy, depending on the current level . At low levels, a threshold of 10 may be enough to make your players understand the difficulty of destroying a wall, without completely eliminating the possibility of doing so.