blacklist – Images from external source

I'm building a site like MSN's home page, Google News, Yahoo. It's basically an aggregation site.

To save space on the server, I thought to view the image directly from the source without having to download to my server.

Is there a problem with that? Let's say I have 1000 page views a day.

Link of the image will be like,

Sharepoint: when opening an unsecure warning file or from an unreliable source

Please help. I inherited sharepoint without knowing anything about it and it crashed brutally a few weeks ago, but we were able to restore most of the features and that's the only thing left. When I open a document with WopiFrame, I receive a warning stating that the content is not secure or is coming from an unreliable source. The SSL certificate is valid is installed. I applied it in bindings. I have also added to the trust relationship in central administration. I've also changed it in OfficeWebAppsFarm using PowersShell so that it fixes one and I restarted all the servers as suggested and nothing works. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'm missing just one little thing I'm not aware of.

Can not access data source details when creating an empty data view Web Part with Sharepoint Designer Help

Using SharePoint Designer 2013, I can no longer access a list data source
on SharePoint Online when building a DVWP

Steps to follow to reproduce.

  1. In SPD, create a new Web Part Page.
  2. Edit the new page in advanced mode.
  3. Place the cursor in the ZoneTemplate tag.
  4. Click Insert -> Data View -> View Empty Data.
  5. Place the cursor in the new DataSources tag.
  6. Click Insert -> Data Source -> and select a list.
  7. In the data source pane, click Refresh, and then click Data Source Link.

The server returned a nonspecific error when attempting to obtain data.
from the data source. Check the format and content of your
query and try again. If the problem persists, contact the server.

Run a fiddling session.
get 500 answer on.

soap: A ServerException Exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException & # 39; has been lifted. An error has occurred.

Also tried to refresh a data source on an existing DVWP with the same result.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Started last week

I've cleared my SPD cache and tried on two different tenants.

blockchain – Are there any open source python3 libraries for tracking bitcoin transactions?

I want to track all bitcoin transactions on a given bitcoin address and generate a graph like this: Example

Are there python3 libraries for doing these things?
And if so, do you know where I can find an example of work that I can use?

Thank you very much in advance!

magento2 – Order divided according to the source or location in M2.3

Background information:

I'm working on a Magento 2.3 solution with a Click & Collect system, where c & c sites have their own inventory and where a product can be purchased online (shipping costs) or c & c (no shipping costs).

I know that M2.3 has a Click & Collect feature, but as I understand from the documentation, this feature allows you to select a location where the customer will get all the products.

The system I am working on requires a different configuration. Customers can buy a product online (the product will be shipped) or a product click & collect (the product is already in the physical store), or both, and it is necessary to create different orders. This is an example of the workflow, if it is an order mixed with an online product and a click & collect product:

Contents of the cash register: -> Payment of the customer -> Order WEB001:
- Product 1
- Product 1 (online) - Product 2
- Product 2 (online) - Shipping costs
- Product 3 (c & c)
Order CC001:
- Product 3

I'm thinking of configuring it with the help of multi-source inventory of M2.3 (MSI), which also makes it easier to set up stock inventory for locations, but I'm not sure if it's easy. have a few questions to ask:

First question: Is it possible to configure / code M2.3 to create a command with a specific prefix code based on the source of a product?

Second question: In case of mixed control, is it possible to configure / code M2.3 to split the command (creation of several commands) according to the source of the products?

Third question: In case of mixed order, the customer pays the total that he sees at checkout with the selected payment method (eg PayPal). Since the order will be split, how does the payment work? Will be made several transactions? Or just a transaction and Magento divides the amount paid based on total orders?

I do not have any code to show because I am working on the feasibility of the project but I lack information in the official documentation. So I'm asking here if anyone has worked or has any idea of ​​how the system should work to achieve this type of workflow.

Thank you!

Are there any crypto-currencies not using Bitcoin source code that supports sending to multiple addresses in a single transaction with a good market capitalization?

Yes, every bitcoin fork and others: Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Decred, Dogecoin, Zcoin, Monero (~?), Etc.

You are looking for blockchains based on UTXO. The ones you describe are blockchains based on an account. I found this article that could help you under the limitations behind every design source: here.

sharepoint online – Why can not I get the search column ID in the source stream list?

I have a question about Flow for Sharepoint List. I have 2 lists, and one of them has a search column at the other.
List 1: Currency List (Target List)
enter the description of the image here

List 2: Price Table (source list). I want to get a value of Ask Rate in the column ExRate (column of numbers) to use in Price (calculated column).
enter the description of the image here

My feed:
enter the description of the image here

Someone knows what's going on, help me please!

And another question: if I do not have ExRate, I want to use an expression to calculate in the Price column, give me the expression please?

Sublime text and source tree can not see FileDiff in files generated with the help of xml.File and fsObject in Excel VBA

We are looking at some .yml files that contain the translation of a Rails application. For example, the structure of en.yml is as follows:

list_topic: "Bla bla blog topics"
by_author: "By% {author}"
separator: "."
delimiter: ","
format: "% u% n"
the topics:
topic_name: "topic name"
topic_parent: "Parent topic"
save: "Save"
cancel: "Cancel"

As part of the translation process for our team, translators translate the changes into Excel and re-export the new .yml file via macros. The relevant code is:

FilePathAndName = ExportFolder & ExportLang & ".yml"
Set xmlFile = fsObject.createtextfile (FilePathAndName, True, True)
maxline = TargetRange.Rows.Count
i = 1
For each mCell in TargetRange
line = mCell.Value
line xmlFile.write & IIf (i = TargetRange.Rows.Count, vbNullString, vbCrLf)
i = i + 1
Next mCell

However, SublimeText can not see FileDiff when we look at the two files together under the "Open Folder" interface. Similarly, once loaded into the source tree, it indicates that the 2 files are not identical, but it does not show the file difference.

We need this file difference to verify that the translations were done with the correct syntax. Could someone help us?

Best source for nulled scripts?

I mean other than scriptmafia etc? Any good source for site clones, rips, canceled scripts, etc.? Do not just name it. Publish the link as well.

shellcode – How to securely host downloadable source code

Following: The most secure way to authorize the download and installation of an application on Mac, Windows or Linux, I wonder how one can (like I) create a new framework for secure hosting of packages. Ignoring the question of whether or not you should reinvent the wheel, I am mostly wondering for a learning exercise. In addition, I wonder how sites such as docker, homebrew, etc. could provide a more secure and robust way to download their application. Currently, the homebrew is:

/ usr / bin / ruby ​​-e "$ (curl -fsSL"

Docker is a download of the website

VMWare Fusion comes directly from the website. VSCode is too. That is, none of these applications (no application I'm currently using) comes from the Mac App Store. Sublime. Atom (Atom is at least on GitHub). etc ..

If I just wanted to provide a shell script to install the program, how can I secure it correctly?

Say shell script downloads another some shell scripts, which then download either a .EXE, .app, or .iso depending on the platform however. What steps should be put in place to secure this? In other words, do not use any third-party package manager or publishing solution, do it all yourself. I would imagine that I would do it in the same way as the Linux Y project (see the answer to the question at the top).

  1. Create an MD5 hash of the source code.
  2. Publish this MD5 hash in a secure way (I do not see how you can prevent hackers who compromised your site from compromising this MD5 hash).
  3. Leave the user loop the script, then less