Job opportunity in Spain

Hello friends … I tell you that I currently have a job opportunity in Denia and that I am looking for houses for sale. Any recommendation? Seeing an article, I found these properties for sale in Denia, how do you like the price of houses ?. To truly live in Spain is a dream come true. Because I have always wanted to live in this country, it has always attracted attention, now that I have the opportunity, I would not want to miss it.

Traveling in Spain

I travel to Spain with a Mexican passport. I am a permanent resident of the United States holder of a green card. My question is: do I need a visa to travel to Spain for 10 days?

Do I need a visa for a stopover in Germany if I have a Type C Schengen visa for Spain?

So, I'm going to Spain next Monday from Japan and I'm a Filipino passport holder but I live here in Japan. I had my single entry of type C Schengen visa from the Spanish Embassy.

My route has a 5 hour stopover in Munich, Germany and I have to pick up my luggage and re-register, do I still need a visa in Germany?

How can I take the blue card in Spain?

I live and work in Spain with the work permit and my visa is multiple (Type-D).
I also want to have a blue card.
I have searched a lot, but I have not found the process on the internet.

  1. I want to know the exact process of taking the blue card.
  2. Can I work in other European countries with this credit card issued in Spain? (I've heard that it should spend about 18 months before being able to work in other European countries)
  3. Can I apply for permanent residence from a country (which ones?) After a while? (I've heard something about 5 years old, and not all countries giving public relations only by having the blue card).
  4. What are the other important benefits of the Blue Card?

Thanks in advance

visas – Special mention for the trip to Spain (Flamenco) in the cover letter

I would say yes to a certain extent.

They want to know why you want to go to each of these countries. So, if you say "because of my love for flamenco …", then there is an interest in the local culture that is a valid reason to travel there as a tourist.

But they also want to be sure that you will return home when you are done. So, you could also say something like "… I hope to improve my flamenco guitar skills and impress my friends when I get home".

But you should be clear and to the point. No need to mention everything.

Here is an example:

To answer your other questions.

By all, I mean you do not have to tell them every detail of your trip and your life story in a cover letter. You do not have to talk to them about every place you visit or your guitar lessons at home. But tell them how long you will spend in Spain and the Netherlands and / or provide plane / train / bus tickets, etc.

As long as you are not unreasonable, the length of your stay depends on the funds you have available. A longer stay means you must have more funds available. But 15 or 25 days will not make much difference.

Spain – Can I (Spanish citizen) fully sponsor a Schengen visa requested by the Spanish Consulate?

I (Spanish citizen) is currently living abroad with my girlfriend. We want to make a relatively long trip to Spain and, if possible, it would be difficult to collect enough money to prove that she had visa means for such a long trip. My plan was to act as a sponsor, avoiding, hopefully, sending money to his bank account (as that would mean wasting money on an international transfer) .

This poses a seemingly simple question: Can I, as a Spanish citizen, declare that I will cover all his expenses during his stay in the country?

I assumed that the answer would be Yessince I guess sponsorship is a common thing. However, I did ask this question to my local consulate just in case that's where things got confused. On the one hand, I got this answer from them (translated from spanish):

(…) the invitations of Spanish residents can in no way replace the accreditation by the interested party of compliance with the obligation to declare their own economic resources. Anyone who invites a foreigner to Spain can take the responsibility, if they wish, of their accommodation, but never the expenses of stay that their stay can imply.

On the other hand, I checked the document on the consulate website detailing the documentation required for a Schengen tourist visa application. The section on economic means states the following:

Confirmation of employment (with salary information) or, failing that, any other economic means accreditation and intention to return (for example, an extract from a bank account (…) or proof of sponsorship).

So my question remains unanswered. I do not really know how to proceed since both answers come from the same supposedly reliable source (Spanish consulate). Which one should I trust?

Can I transport gold from Turkey to Spain without paying taxes?

I plan to take less than 200 grams of gold with me on a return flight from Turkey to Madrid. I wonder if it's okay and if I have to pay taxes.

Spain – Do I need proof of return flight to embark between Madrid and Montevideo with Iberia?

I am French and I will soon travel from Madrid, Spain, to Montevideo, Uruguay, with the Spanish airline Iberia. I know that some companies require their customers that they present proof of the flight back on board (usually a return ticket). Does Iberia do that? I have browsed their website but I have not found anything about it.

Name appearing as XXXX on Spain Schengen visa (no last name in PassPort)

I recently got my Schengen visa from Spain and I do not have the last name. The name on my passport is XXXX, ALOK KUMAR KRISHANAMURTH (the space for the last "Y" was not there, my name on the passport is Alok Kumar Krishanamurthy).

As we have seen, Schengen usually repeats names twice when there is no last name and that is the first time my name appears under the name XXXX ,

In my previous Schengen visas from France, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark, they gave me the name of ALOK KUMAR KRISHANAMURTHY, ALOK KU..Do I have to contact the Consulate General? Spain in Mumbai to find out why my family name is XXXX and for missing "Y" in first name

usa – valid H1B visa but not stamped. Want to attend a conference in Spain. Am I eligible to get a Schengen visa and return to the United States?

I have a valid H1B visa but not stamped yet because I have not traveled to India since then. I was invited to speak at a conference in Spain next year. Am I eligible to obtain a Schengen Business Visa? Is it true that after the conference, I'm afraid I can not go back to the US without stamping? Can I do it in Spain or do I have to travel to India, have it stamped and enter the United States? Please, give your opinion?

thank you so much