spam – RBL and SPF-based whitelist in Postfix

I want to add all the customers who pass RBL and SPF checks (and possibly others, but this is a minimum requirement for me) to the whitelist, as well as the others to the gray list. Until now, I used Whitelister, who can do exactly this type of whitelist, but that has not been maintained for a long time, so I am looking for alternatives. As far as I know, Postfix can only reject clients in RBL files, but can not use these files under more complex conditions. Is there a strategy daemon that can create such a whitelist?

How to programmatically set a user as spam in BuddyPress?

I work on a moderation tool. One of the things I want my moderators to do is set up a user account as spam. I know how to do it through the UI as an administrator, but how can I do the same via the code?

[ Abuse and Spam ] Open question: Why do Republicans express so much concern about rape by Muslim immigrants in Sweden?

It's not like they're murdered. In addition, none of these Swedish girls were dressed properly.

Amazon Web Services – E-mails are sent to spam even if the DKIM and SPF records are configured and the rDNS also in EC2. I am postfix and dovecote

I've set up my own mail server in AWS using postfix and dovecot. I've also set up DKIP, SPF and DMARC records. Now the problem is when I send an email from, it is not reported as spam in Gmail. Infact, it is automatically marked as important. Same thing with But when I send it from another address such as, it is reported as spam. I am totally confused as to why this happens. I'm using the roundcube webmail.

How to block spam traffic?

Hello friends,

I would like to know how to block spam traffic …?

javascript – Using setTimeout to hide a form from spam robots

This is not really a coding issue, more theoretical and the code is not necessary because I know how to do it, but I'm not sure where to ask that question.

I have an idea to prevent spam robots from seeing that I have a form, but I can not test it in the local code. Can I just create the form entirely in javascript, then write it in the internal html of a tag after a second expiry? It seems too easy, so there must be a reason it does not work. I can not find where someone has tried this and tested it for a while, so I do not know if it will work or not.

So, based on what everyone knows about how bots work, can he still see that I have a form, especially if the js is obfuscated? I would think that the bot would never expect to receive this or detect the change in the html, but would it find the form in js obscured?

How to block spam traffic?

Hello friends,

I would like to know how to block spam traffic …?

spam – Phishing emails and securing the configuration?

I am a one-man business and I receive a lot of phishing emails very similar to those companies I use.

Some of these companies and the emails we exchange are unique. How would these malicious senders "learn" the type of emails and content that I send?

Since the increase in the number of phishing emails, I have also noticed that I received very few genuine emails from companies I was used to dealing with.

My site is on shared hosting. I use Webmail using Roundcube to generally receive emails. I've also set up an Imap email account on my webmail account on my Android phone (samsung). Is there any security that I need to implement in this regard? The Imap security type setting for incoming and outgoing servers is set to SSL (accept all certificates) on port 465?

Could they sniff out the content? If so, what are the recommended steps to prevent and secure a compromised website / email?

page template – Sub-page redirects to the spam site

My WordPress site was recently hacked and I followed the steps outlined here to erase it:

The entire site redirected to a spam site. Now I can access it and backend again. But there is always one page that always redirects to the spam site and I can not understand why.

The strange thing is that as soon as I'm connected to WordPress, I can access the page. As soon as I get disconnected, the page redirects to the spam site.

But only this particular page. All other pages work perfectly well.

I've already done some research in loads of php scripts to find something that does not belong to it. I have installed different security plugins and scanned the entire site a few times. But no luck.

Can a developer send spam using a wildcard behind and in front of the "@" sign?


PHP Developer: email to: user@*.org or *

The recipient opens the email:

Sender: PHP Developer:
this is a spam email

So, how?