bitcoin core – Targeting a specific wallet when sending commands using bitcoind RPC commands

I am very new in Bitcoin development, using its RPC API.

I created a portfolio using

    "method": "createwallet",
    "params": {
        "wallet_name": "/wallets/walletA"

Now, I want to get information about this wallet. I'm trying to use the getwalletinfo order.

But it seems that you can not specify the wallet Last name/path when running this command? You must first "load" the wallet (using loadwallet)?

That's the part I do not understand. Let's say I've created 10 portfolios and I'm trying to run a getwalletinfo command in a multithreaded environment … How can I be sure to target the right portfolio? Do I really have to send a loadwallet asks to specify the portfolio I want to work on, before getting any information about it?

What will happen if I want to get information about "walletA" then I run loadwallet walletAbut before I can run getwalletinfo to get his info, a loadwallet walletB request is made?

sum of specific lines

How can you summarize specific lines? When I add up specific lines such as A10: B20: C30, I get the whole column that doubles the numbers. He picks up the specific totals plus the individual columns

Web application – How to tell the user that a web application is optimized for a specific browser?

Do not inform them.

Provided that it works well on all servers and that the IE8 look does not seem to be a huge mess (see "Gradual Degradation"), so why bother to tell users to update their Navigator? Chances are that if they use an old browser, that's because they do not have a choice – it could be a business network where they do not have the permission / possibility to update, for example. To tell them to update does not mean that they will do it. It's probably going to annoy them. "Everyone is welcome, but you can not come here with these shoes to sir".

You tell them that they are obsolete will not win you any favor. Make sure you have created the application using the appropriate web standards for what it actually works. To tell them that their browser is obsolete is really just an admission on your part that "We have not bothered to make sure that this site works properly on your device, it's your fault and you should do something about it". In fact it is do not their fault, the site does not work – it's up to you. Especially Since this is an intranet application, you should know what the browsers on which it was used look like and build the application accordingly.

If you can not do anything about it, do not draw your attention to the fact that the site does not work perfectly, but let them fend for themselves. Make sure the site works and do not harass them.

Use Ultimate cron to set a specific time to run a module function, but it does not work as expected

I put the ultimate work time cron once a day but it works Every hour because another defect cron site works every hour.

This code works on the production but not according to the time crontab, that is to say once a day. It works every hour. I've checked the cron job list on the acquia server. There is a set of cron tasks named "cron site" that runs every hour.

/ **
* Implements hook_cronapi ().
* /
function demo_cronapi ($ op, $ job = NULL) {

$ items (& # 39; monitor_run & # 39;) = (
& # 39; description & # 39; => & # 39; Post Solution & # 39;
& # 39; scheduler & # 39; => (
& # 39; name & # 39; => & # 39; simple,
& # 39; easy & # 39; => (
& # 39; rules & # 39; => (& # 39; 0) => & # 39; 0 7 * * * & # 39;),

return items $;

/ **
* Trigger event to generate a report.
* /
function monitor_run ($ job) {
// logical code.

Handling List – Replacing Factors That Depend on Only One Specific Variable

I have expressions with terms that are products of factors. Some factors are expressions that depend on a single specific variable. I'd like to replace these factors with constants and create a separate list with the replaced constants. An example:

(L Myb)/EIy + (L Myb Rzc^2 (12 + la^2 - 6 la Coth(la/2)))/(12 GJ la^2)

This example only has two terms. The second term has the factor

(12 + la^2 - 6 la Coth(la/2))/la^2

it's a function of la. I would like to replace all the factors that depend only on la with constants, thus transforming the expression into

(L Myb)/EIy + c1 (L Myb Rzc^2)/(12 GJ)

and in a list

c1 -> (12 + la^2 - 6 la Coth(la/2))/la^2

How can I do this? In particular, I find it hard to match the "all-complicated" function of la.

How to get all "conflicting" packages with a specific package?

I know you can get the metadata of a package using "apt-get depend".
I would like to find all the packages that "Conflict". Is it possible?

php – How to make a specific SELECT

Good night guys, I have a doubt about how to make a specific choice in my chart 2, as you can see in the photo, there are several fields called goal cars and several fields with l & # 39; repeat year, my question is the following make a choice that took only once the goal g5 and that only returns me the years and years bring me back several engine models
Example: Objective G5 >> Year (each year would appear here in relation to the objective g5) >> Engine (Indicate here all the motors linked to the chosen year). Does it work? E,I am open to suggestions.

proxy – XAMPP denies access from a specific external IP address

I need help to secure my XAMPP test server because until now, none of what I've tried seems to work.
I'm using Apache 2.4.7 on a Windows 7 machine.

The configuration is as follows:

I redirect all the traffic on my IP server, port 80, to a java application running on localhost:5000.

The code doing all this in httpd-vhosts.conf the file is as follows:

  ProxyPreserveHost On
  ProxyRequests Off
  ProxyPass / http://localhost:5000/
  ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:5000/
        Order deny,allow
        Allow from all

The question is, how can I deny the traffic of the specific external IP address?

It seems that I can not use .htaccess because requests on port 80 are redirected to a Java application, not to an xampp folder containing web content.

In addition, the code below does not do the job either:

    order allow,deny
    deny from 193.37.XXX.XX
    allow from all

What are the other options?

No suggestion?

5th dnd – What are the sources of Magic Items that are not specific to adventure?

As a DM, I like to assign objects to my players. These may not be in the module I am currently running, so I often draw from the DMG. I've recently discovered that XGtE also has a list of magic items (both lists are displayed).

I can use D & D Beyond to filter magic items by sourcebook, but there are currently a million books, and I think most of them are adventure books. I do not want to include them in my aggregated list of magic items because these probably depend on the adventure. Ideally, I would like to have a list of magic items without adventure for D & D 5th (unlike this question, which wants all items to be sorted by rarity).

Which books should I buy to have all the magic items that are not specific to adventure? Until now, DMG and XGtE seem obvious, but I'm not sure what others should include or not (for example, I know that SCAG has new spells, but does it have new elements? ).

obscurity – Looking for a specific quote on key implementation and transparent encryption

The principle of Kerckhoffs (also called Kerckhoffs desideratum,
hypothesis, axiom, doctrine or law) of cryptography was declared by
Auguste Kerckhoffs, cryptographer born in the Netherlands in the 19th century:
A cryptosystem must be secure even if all that concerns the system,
except the key, is common knowledge.