In Trello, is there a way to see all the cards assigned to me within a specific team and then assign them an order?

I am a member of the Trello team where the tips correspond to individual projects, each list of a project corresponds to a type of task. (eg, bugs, features, etc.) and each card is an individual task. The cards I have to complete are attributed to me.

These cards do not have a due date set, but their order of priority is not currently represented in Trello and I would like to remedy that. I do not know which method, if any, I can use to display them at a given location, then prioritize them so that I can stay on top of what I have to do.

Is it possible to view all the cards assigned to me at the same place, and change their order in order that I need to complete them, regardless of their table or list? Basically, I want a personal list of all the cards I have to fill.

I am open to using power-ups or third-party software to accomplish this.

I am also willing to talk to my project manager and suggest a completely different method of organizing maps in Trello if what I am trying to do is going too against the intended purpose. I will say that I like this particular way of organizing things: I like that my conceptual separations are discrete and visually represented, and the use of different tables / lists in this way makes it possible to realize that, from a different way, the use of tags, even if more powerful and flexible. However, not having a single canonical task list is a serious problem.

routing – search for a path with a specific length in a weighted graph

Given a weighted cyclic oriented graph and two nodes, I am looking for a connection path whose total weight is as close as possible to a specific value greater than the shortest path. Example in a real scenario: Find a route from Washington DC to New York, which is 400 km long, although the shortest path is about 230 km. All my considerations up to now have failed for one of the following reasons:

  • Most routing algorithms such as Dijkstra do not work in this case because there is nothing to minimize or maximize (the divergence of a given weight on the weight of a path must be minimized, but you need the finished path to calculate it)
  • DFS and BFS can be used to find a path with a specific number of hops (edges), but do not take into account the weighted edges

formulas – How to retrieve the first lines with a unique value in a specific column of Google Sheets?

Unique items in D are: 4,3,2.


I want to extract 3 lines for each D value. For each line, indicate the first line in which this D value appears.

I tried to use = request but it does not support groupings or subqueries. I tried to use calculation matrix but he does not support the question a function.

Do you have an idea?

Numerical Methods – Specific Number of Halton Points

I am starting to study many articles on numerical computation and I see the definition of Halton Points (HP). But in this article, sometimes, an author uses 289 HP, and sometimes another author, 1089 HP, without explaining why.
Is there a motivation for this specific number of HP? I think so, but I do not understand.
Thank you.

You can find the definition here:

How to Return Lists of a Specific Content Type Using PnP PowerShell

I'm using PnP Powershell for SP 2013. I'm trying to recover lists that support a particular type of custom content ("Knowledge Document"). I have a hard time getting the kind of print list content. Finally, I wanted to use Get-PnPList | ContentType = "My type of custom content"

PopulateData function ($ web, $ incldeFileSize) {
Write-Host "Current Site" $ web.url -ForegroundColor Cyan
$ libs = Get-PnPList -Web $ web | Where {($ _. BaseType -eq "Document Library")}

foreach ($ lib in $ libs) {
$ ContentType = Get-PnPContentType -List $ lib
write-host $ ContentType
$ libitems = (Get-PnPListItem -Web $ web -List $ lib -Fields "FileLeafRef", "Name", "Title", "Author", "Created", "KBAbstract", "KBContentAuthor", "KBCategory", " Publish "," KBPublishDate "). FieldValues

foreach ($ libitem in $ libitems)


java – Printing in a specific location

In Java, is there a way to display a variable at a certain point on the screen? For example, if I want to display a user name automatically entered in the upper right corner of the screen. It must be a variable, but how can I get it to the exact place where I want to display it?

nginx – Serve a file specific to any file type request?

I would like any request for a .php or .dat file to return a specific file. Regardless of a) what domain (I have multiple sites on different domains) and b) where does the request come from in the directory structure.

What is the easiest way to achieve it?

Google Sheets – Is there a specific limit to the length of a formula and what is considered the limit?

I am currently a course that involves Google Spreadsheets and I was wondering if there was a specific limit on the duration of a formula in a cell and the maximum number of functions. I'm looking at a formula I've created and it gives me the error #ERROR "Formula analysis error." the formula and functions that I use are,

= SI (AND (C4 = "K", E4 = 0), "S", SI (AND (C4 = "K", E4 = 4), "K", SI (AND (C4 = "S", E4 = 2), "K", IF (AND (C4 = "S", E4 = 0) "S", IF (AND (C4 = "OUT", E4 = 1), "N / A", 0)) )))

very complicated, I know. Although I do not know how to do otherwise.

If anyone could help me with that, it would be great.

samba: hide shared subfolders for specific users

I'm using Ubuntu 18.4 LTS and I want to share a folder with multiple Windows users on the network.
I installed Samba and created 2 groups: the first group named 'sambashare'. with 2 users' tech & # 39; & # 39; comm, and the second group named & # 39; sadmin & # 39; with a user 'comm & # 39; also present in the first group.
I've shared a folder (named 'all') that contains 2 subfolders (commerce and technology). I want the user to "comm & # 39; displays the two subfolders, but the user "tech & # 39; has only 1 subfolder named & # 39; Technology & # 39 ;.
I've written the samba configuration file with nano, but the user's tech & # 39; continuing to display and browse the 2 subfolders, here are my configuration settings:

    path = / home / username / all
searchable = yes
read only = no
forced creation mode = 0660
force directory mode = 2770
valid users = @sambashare @sadmin
hide illegible = yes

    path = / home / username / all / commerce
navigable = no
read only = no
forced creation mode = 0660
force directory mode = 2770
valid users = comm

    path = / home / username / all / tech
navigable = no
read only = no
forced creation mode = 0660
force directory mode = 2770
valid users = tech, comm

dnd 5th – As a Dungeon Master, how can I handle a player who insists on a specific class when I already know that this choice will be a problem?

I have agreed to call on DM Dragon Heist for a group of friends. One of them wants to play a wizard. Based on past experience, I know that she will ignore the prepared spells and launch whatever she wants. Our previous DM had tried to respect her, but she had tired him and he had finally given in several times. For this reason, I recommended that she play a wizard. She is also the least experienced player in our group, usually does not pay attention and rarely remembers bringing her character sheet. She ignores my recommendation, however, and insists on playing a wizard.

How can I best manage this situation? I'd love to exclude it from the game, but I already know that the rest of my friends would be unhappy. I can allow her to play the role of a wizard, but if I rely on the previous experience, I know that she does not follow the rules and that I really do not want to create a campaign where one or more players cheat. I know she will eventually lose interest and stop playing the game, but I would prefer to fix the problem now. I would also prefer to talk about it now, rather than having to argue with her every single session.

TLDR: One of my players has chosen a certain class, but allowing them to play it will create problems and drag the game down.