trains – Speed and acceleration threshold for different transportation mode in urban area

I am working on machine learning and data science in relation to transportation system. Currently, I am working on transportation mode detection for people mobility in an urban area, essentially using people’s GPS traces.

So I need a scientific backing to what is acknowledged as the maximum threshold of speed, acceleration, and if possible jerk for these transportation modes: foot, bike, bus, car, metro.

I read in this papers where the authors, uses the following as the maximum values:

| transportation mode| maximum speed | maximum acceleration |
| walk               |             7 |                    3 |
| bike               |            12 |                    3 |
| bus                |            34 |                    2 |
| driving            |            50 |                   10 |
| train              |            34 |                    3 |

However, my supervisor did not agree with me using these values as a threshold in my current work because the authors did not mention explicitly the source of their reason for this decision, they just stated that

” Using several reliable online sources and the engineering justification (e.g., existing
speed limits, current vehicle and human’s power), the speed and acceleration thresholds are designated ..”

Can I have a pointer to some sources that suggest thresholds for these motion features with a city so I can back up my claim and explain it to my supervisor?

aperture – I can’t change shutter speed

This sounds like a hardware issue, it’s likely that the shutter wheel is damaged. If you have recently purchased the item, I’d recommend requesting a refund. I would not recommend attempting to repair an issue like this yourself unless you are okay with destroying the camera or really know what you’re doing.

You could try a factory reset the camera software may be corrupt. To factory reset use the following step,

Factory Reset
*Press “menu” button to the left of LCD screen. Select “shooting menu” or “Setup Menu”. Scroll down until you find “Reset Shooting Options.” Then press “OK”, highlight “yes” and press “OK” again. NOTE: This will reset all of your other personal settings. You will need to adjust other settings you have previously adjusted. *

dnd 5e – Do the effects of a Potion of Speed or Potion of Heroism disappear if the character becomes unconscious?

They don’t wear off

As you indicate, the duration of either potion is one hour, and there is no limitation should the affected creature become unconscious.

The general rules for magic items also make no mention of such a limitation. In fact, this is the only excerpt I could find addressing durations and potions:

Many items, such as potions, bypass the casting of a spell and confer the spell’s effects, with their usual duration. Certain items make exceptions to these rules, changing the casting time, duration, or other parts of a spell.

In the case of a potion of speed and potion of heroism, the exception to the Spellcasting rules comes in the removal of the Concentration requirement (the usual reason a spell would end should the caster become Unconscious).

Since there is nothing that would stop the effect if the creature is unconscious, the effect will last the entire hour regardless.

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tethering – PC connection to iPhone hotspot disconnects even with high speed connection

I am connecting a Widows 10 PC laptop to an iPhone XS hotspot. The connection periodically drops even though it is a high speed connection. To reconnect I have to go back to the iPhone and open the Personal Hotspot screen; then the PC connects. Why would this happen?

While the connection is high speed the location that the iPhone is in is very “particular” when it comes to cell coverage. There are areas that are better than others and the iPhone can go down to one bar if not in the correct placement. Even though it can drop to one bar the iPhone still has Internet access; the phone doesn’t completely lose Internet access so I’m not clear why the PC would lose the connection.

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network – Slow internet speed with an ethernet adapter on my Mac

With the internet connecting to my windows laptop, the ping/download/upload speed is 16ms/157.15Mps/10.21Mps. However, when I connect the same internet cable to a USB 2.0 ethernet adaptor and then to my MacBook Air (2017 model), the ping/download/upload speed is just 24ms/30.07Mps/10.00Mps. This speed is even slower than the internet speed when I connect to wifi.

In this post, I see some comments suggesting that only Apple’s brand of ethernet adapter works for MacBooks. Can anyone give me advice if that comment is right or any other possible solution to fix the slow internet speed when using an ethernet adapter? Appreciate!

This screenshot should confirm that my ethernet cable is connected properly.

curated data – Is there any way to speed up many instance of TravelDistance

The goal of this code is to identify and graph a “circle of cities” about a center city.

cityCenter = Interpreter("City")("St. Louis")
stateCenter = Interpreter("USState")("Missouri")
nearbyStates = 
   "BorderingStates"), {stateCenter})
distanceToCenter(s_) := 
cityList = 
    Table(CityData({All, nearbyStates((k))((2))((1)), 
       "UnitedStates"}), {k, 1, Length(nearbyStates)})));
table1 = Table({cityList((k)), distanceToCenter(cityList((k)))}, {k, 
radius = 50;
tolerance = 0.05;

table2 = Join({Interpreter("City")(cityCenter)}, 
    radius*(1 - tolerance) <= #((2)) <= radius*(1 + tolerance) &));

graph1 = GeoListPlot((First /@ table2), PlotMarkers -> Point, 
   GeoLabels -> Automatic, GeoRangePadding -> Scaled(0.5), 
   ImageSize -> Medium, GeoStyling("StreetMapLabels"));
Drop((First /@ table2), 1)
Length@(First /@ table2)
graph2 = GeoGraphics(GeoMarker(Interpreter("City")(cityCenter)));
Show(graph1, graph2)

This seems unnecessarily slow (i.e., there is something better). What’s wrong? Is it the TravelDistance?

performance – Which video card is the fastest model that a Mac Pro 2010 will run before there will be no more actual speed gains?

Realizing that essentially any video card will run in a Mac Pro 2010 (for example, I have a VEGA 64 running in one), how can one determine the fastest video card that will no longer yield any actual performance gains in said system?

For example, in my case I changed from an RX 580 to a VEGA 64 for non-speed related reasons, but when I did this I realized that I didn’t see any appreciable improvement in speed. At that point I figured that the bus speed was the real bottleneck and have been wondering what might be the best GPU for older Mac Pros that hit the wall in no longer yielding any benefit in speed.