I will Do WordPress Website Speed Optimization And Boost Website Speed for $35

I will Do WordPress Website Speed Optimization And Boost Website Speed


Here is What you will get from this Service (Why do you need WordPress Speed Optimization)As of 2021, website speed is one of the most important ranking factors in search engines, according to Google. If the page speed is slow, the user experience is compromised, and the site gets lower rankings and sales. So, you need WordPress Speed optimization to fix that. I will do speed optimization for you.

Advantages of an Optimized WordPress website:

  • High Google Rankings
  • High Conversions
  • Increase in Sales
  • Decrease in Bounce Rate
  • Significantly Faster Loading time
  • Enhanced User Experience

Feature of My Service (My WordPress Website Speed Optimization Service includes)

  • Create the cache of all the sites automatically
  • Resolve the cached version for logged-in users
  • Resolve the cached version for all devices
  • Decrease the size of the page
  • minify HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Decrease the size of CSS files
  • More powerful minify CSS
  • Database Optimization
  • Fewer HTTP requests through combined CSS files, JS files
  • Load Google Fonts asynchronously
  • CDN setup

Why Choose me?

  • I will give you 1+ Month support (In case of any problem with the website)
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • 100 % Quality and time Guaranteed
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unity – How can I make the objToRotate speed to rotate depending on the target moving speed?

The player has these components: Animator, Rigidbody, Capsule Collider, Third Person Character (Script), Third Person User Control (Script), and the MyLookAT script.

The problem is if I drag the cube target too fast in the editor changing its position it will take some time for the objToRotate to rotate facing the target again. I want somehow to make that the objToRotate will know to set his own speed and to rotate fast/slow enough to face the target when moving the target.

I want the objToRotate to face the target in real-time when the target is moving not with delay.

using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;

public class RotatingTest : MonoBehaviour
    public Transform target;
    public Transform objToRotate;
    public float speed = 1.0f;

    void LateUpdate()
        Vector3 targetDirection = target.position - objToRotate.position;
        float singleStep = speed * Time.deltaTime;

        Vector3 newDirection = Vector3.RotateTowards(objToRotate.forward, targetDirection, singleStep, 0.0f);

        Debug.DrawRay(objToRotate.position, newDirection, Color.red);

        objToRotate.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(newDirection);

any validation of disparate memory speed and timings?

By going to the theory (and assuming bit time, command rate and cycle time are all part of the spec and must be true and always the same for all components claiming to be ddr4-xxx –which i would like to be corrected if they are not), we have:

Type Data rate Bit time Command rate Cycle time CAS latency First word (ns) Fourth word (ns) Eighth word (ns)
ddr4-3200 3200 MT/s .313 ns 1600 MHz .626 ns 21 13.15 14.09 15.34
ddr4-2666 2666 MT/s .375 ns 1333 MHz .750 ns 11 8.25 9.38 10.88

It shows that 2666 CAS 11 can be almost twice as fast by raw ns timings.

Is this true? Am i leaving some part of the theory out? did anyone observed that first hand or know a credible source that measured something similar on a real world application?

performance – Connection speed for a website from UK to Australia

Response Time

The problem is the ping time of the servers from UK to Australia its a hell of a distance to travel in terms of data and will add a lot of response time to the initial connection and the responses between pages. This would definitely effect their rankings as Google now takes this into a a factor.

To give you an example of just how slow this will be my site is hosted on a VPS in the UK by Rackspace it uses a CDN as well. UK to UK testing my site is below 1.4sec load time and 0.9secs on a refresh upon testing my site with servers based in the Australia my site becomes 3.4secs which is just far to slow to work with, especially when rankings comes into it.

Content Delivery Network CDN

I know that you said in your comment to your question about CDN being far to expensive but CDN’s are not expensive at all, depending on the type of data your client needs transferring most CDN networks such as Amazon, Google, and Rackspace will charge around 7-12p per a Gigabyte. its very cheap and they only get charged what they use. It’s incredibly fast and all their content is mirrored over the world and has huge benefits for rankings. Any increase in rankings should be seen as a return of investment if the site is for making money.

Testing The Site in Question

If you want to get a rough idea how fast people will view the site from Australia to the UK then you should use a website such as http://www.webpagetest.org which you can select the broadband speed of the visitor – average speed of users seem to be around around 12mbits – viewed here http://www.netindex.com/download/2,18/Australia/

Australian Hosting

Just like any website you should always try to locate your server in the home geo location of the targeted GEO location so that the site has fewer hopes to the visitors viewing their site. You are best of getting some good old Australian web host to host their site so they do not feel the pain of the heavy response times due to the sheer amount of server hopes they are having to take to get to the data.

macos – Is it possible to check the current speed of the fan on a 2016-2017 MacBook Pro? Is “resetting the SMC of your Mac” at least a safe thing to try?

I’m literally asking for a friend, who has a MacBook Pro 2016-2017 with no touch bar. (Big Sur 11.4, updated about 2 months ago).

They report that recently (noticed within the last week) when the laptop gets hot, usually when driving a very large BenQ monitor or perhaps when doing intensive numerical calculations, single pixel tall black lines appear across the bottom of the laptop’s monitor in the Dock area. As the laptop continues to get hot over a period of 10 to 20 minutes, more isolated lines appear.

Their research shows that it appears to be a known problem with this model, and may be associated with something called a “T-CON” board.

Before considering a major repair, one bit of advice in this and this answer is to investigate the fan speed; is it going to full speed soon enough, does something need to be reset, etc. It also links to

Question: Is it possible to check the current speed of the fan on a 2016-2017 MacBook Pro? If that suggests it’s not running fast when the computer is hot, is “resetting the SMC of your Mac” at least a safe thing to try?

sharepoint – Reduced speed for Microsoft Graph API

Over the past two days the speed for retrieval of data through the Microsoft Graph API has diminished tremendously. Downloads that used to take above 5 to 10 seconds have now increased to 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If you could please help me out to resolve the issue, it would be of great help. Users are accessing the API mainly from Australia.

Thanks and Regards,

dnd 5e – Can a monster with a flying speed lift a Grappled PC and then drop them?

By the plain reading of the rules a flying monster can grapple in this manner. Provided the conditions are met. Halved speed, size requirement, etc.

From page 74 of the 5e Basic Rules for Players

When you move, you can drag or carry the grappled creature with you,
but your speed is halved, unless the creature is two or more sizes
smaller than you.

The dropping of the character is handled by the rules of interacting an option on page 70 of the 5e Basic Rules for players. If you can pick up a dropped axe, releasing a character from a grappled to let him fall is certainly covered under a interaction.

The monster will not get an attack of opportunity. The fall of the character is a not a result of the character’s action, movement or reaction.

From page 74 of the 5e Basic Players rules.

You can avoid provoking an opportunity attack by taking the Disengage
action. You also don’t provoke an opportunity attack when you teleport
or when someone or something moves you without using your movement,
action, or reaction. For example, you don’t provoke an opportunity
attack if an explosion hurls you out of a foe’s reach or if gravity
causes you to fall past an enemy.

game maker – How do I create a powerup that affects speed for a limited amount of time?

A simple implementation can be done on the playership object. You need to track the power-up additional speed (powerup_speed) and the overall bonus duration time (powerup_countdown). On playership:

Create Event:

powerup_speed = 0;
powerup_countdown = 0;

The power-up effects occur only when the timer is a positive value. This is a countdown timer: As long as it is greater than 0, we set the bonus speed to an arbitrary value and reduce the timer by 1. Otherwise, the bonus is inactive and we reset the bonus speed:

Step Event:

if (powerup_countdown > 0)
    powerup_speed = 10;  // Change as needed
    powerup_countdown = powerup_countdown - 1;
    powerup_speed = 0;  // Reset bonus speed

Please note, the timer is defined as game steps, not seconds: n seconds = n * room_speed steps.

Then, you change the code snippet controlling the y position as follows:

y += sign(mouse_y - y) * (global.Speedy + powerup_speed);

This way, your power-up logic should be up and working. Applying the power-up to the playership object is just a value assignment when the collision occurs:

Collision Event:

playership.powerup_countdown = 30 * room_speed;  // Power-up lasts for 30 secs

game design – How do I create a powerup that effects speed for a limited amount of time in gamemaker studio 2

I am looking to create a powerup that when your “playership” object collides with it will effect the “playership”s speed for maybe a few seconds say 30-60 seconds. I cannot seem to figure this out on my own nor do I know what to look up so I am asking on here for some help.

I have this for my playership “y += sign(mouse_y – y)*global.Speedy;”

Web page speed test from multiple locations at the same time.


Currently I am looking for a web page speed test that can test the web page from multiple locations at the same time. The only one I can find online is https://performance.sucuri.net/. But it does not brings enough data.

Then I find this picture https://guozeyu.com/images/2017/cdn-9.png, which contains all the data I want.

I try to find the contact information of the author but failed. So I just wonder if anyone know on which site this performance result is generated?