exclude product from cart spend restrictions: yith-woocommerce

I’m using a minimum-maximum plugin for woocommerce from yith. say I have 3 categories of paper, pens, and mugs. paper generally costs $10, pens generally $5, and mugs generally $50.

now I set a cart spend minimum of $100 but I want to exclude pens from the cart spend minimum. even after setting it up in the backend, I still cannot checkout pens because it claims the cart spend of $100 has not been reached.

if anyone has experienced this and has a workaround, please help.

How to spend from a custom P2SH script using bitcore-lib

I could not find anywhere on the web about it. I was hopeless until I noticed that I could, without modifying the library.

First choose a similar class in Bitcore-lib.

  • multisigscripthash (<== suggested) or publickeyhash for P2SH outputs
  • multisig or publickey for bare script outputs (don’t use these, these are nonstandard)

Then copy it to a new file in your project such as this one**. Do not use typescript classes even if your project is of kind Typescript.

Then change require paths. Also require inherit from NPM. As in the boilerplates above, we need to inherit from Transaction.Input

A function such as “buildP2SHPushIn” in the example should produce the redeemscript. Remember, the last element of P2SH redeem scripts is a push of the P2SH script.

And finally use addInput instead of the higher-level function from to add inputs as shown here**

**The examples are for Bitcoin Cash, but they can be used the same way in Bitcoin. Do not copy from them, however!

[UNTAPPED FREE METHOD] How I made $1676 Shopify Dropshipping POD with ZERO Ad Spend in 1 Month

Hi Everyone, this is my first thread in Digital Point. I would like to share my experience of making $1676 organic sales from Shopify Dropshipping POD without paying any ads. The method I used here is not about Google SEO, growing IG organic page, or driving free traffic from Pinterest.

The method that I used is quite unique, which is a collaboration with an artist. I consider this method as an untapped free traffic method.


If you’re struggling to run a profitable campaign for your Shopify Dropshipping with Facebook Ads or Google ads. I hope my thread will be useful for you. You can try my method to gain organic sales to gain initial capital or making additional income.

The main idea here is that we will collaborate with the artist from Instagram or Youtube. Here how the collaboration work:

Shopify store owner provides website and fulfillment using POD company like Printful or Printify
Artist provides 2D design for the merch and promotes it to their audiences (followers or subscribers)

We will share revenue with the artist through affiliate commission using Shopify affiliate apps such as Go Pro Affiliate (Free) or Affiliatly (Paid). You can choose whether you want to share a flat commission per sale or % of revenue to the artist.

Here the step-by-step guide to executing this free traffic method:
1. Create your Shopify store dedicated to recruiting artist to sell POD products

2. Ensure your Shopify store looks professional and trustworthy

3. Find an artist account on Instagram or Youtube. You can find IG accounts such as @taramochimochi, @ohmygoIes, and many more, so many plenties of opportunity. I myself worked with a 2D artist. Use the IG username suggestion feature to find more artists.


4. Send an email to the artist to pitch them with your collaboration proposal
PRO TIP: attached the product mockup on the email using Printful or Printify mockup generator to attract artist’s interest

5. If the artist is interested in collaborating with you, request the artist to provide his/her design’s choice to create a product mockup. If the artist is already satisfied with the mockup, then upload the merch to the collection page dedicated to the artist.

6. Lastly, the most exciting part, the artist will announce and promote the collaboration merch on their IG post, story, and bio link. If you collaborate with artists from Youtube, they will promote the collaboration merch on their Youtube channel. Then, you will make organic CHA-CHING to your Shopify store.

Please kindly note, this method requires you to do the work by investing in your time and energy to make it work since it’s free traffic. The good thing is you don’t need to pay any advertising cost to acquire the sales using this collaboration method.

I hope my sharing will be useful for Digital Point members, good luck in implementing this strategy. You can read more detail of the guide here https://www.ebizstrategic.com/shopify-and-printful/. Let me know if you have any questions!


bitcoin core – How to create a double spend to prioritize a new transaction over a previous unconfirmed transaction?

I’d like to generate a double spend transaction and increase the gas fees over the previous, unconfirmed transaction that has been stuck for a week. I know there’s other answers regarding double spend but I’m looking for more of a technical answer specific to my thought process and sample code.

I understand the general premise is to recreate the originating transaction in its entirety. I’ve started by utilizing bitcore-lib to perform a getRawTransaction of my currently stuck transaction. From here, I’m iterating over the vin and performing a getRawTransaction of the vin’s txid to retrieve the parent. I’m then parsing the parent, iterating over each vout and looking for vout.n to match the previous vin.vout. Once I find a match, I’m generating a utxo which effectively looks like this:

const utxo = {
    address: output.scriptPubKey.addresses(0),
    txId: vin.txid,
    outputIndex: vin.vout,
    script: output.scriptPubKey,
    satoshis: output.value

I then use these utxos to generate and sign the transaction as follows (sorry for lack of full class, but the actual process of signing transactions is fully functional):

const transaction = new Bitcore.Transaction();

targets.forEach((target) => {
    transaction.to(target.address, this.amountToSatoshis(target.amount));

So my questions are…

  1. Is my thought process correct in how I could go about regenerating the original transaction for submission by bitcore?
  2. Is there an easier way to regenerate the transaction and increase the fees than how I’m trying to do it?
  3. When attempting to replicate/duplicate the previous utxos, would I want to also provide the sequence number in the utxo?
  4. Will this even work or will I even be able to submit this transaction to my same core node?
  5. If it won’t work, would it work if I ran -zapwallettxes on the core node first?

how to calculate SOPR (spend output profit ratio)?

I just come across an article talking about the proper way to buy a dip is by using an indicator called SOPR , i search for it but there is no clear mathematical way to figure it out , if any one knows how to calculate it and how to use it please help and i would appreciate it if you include some practical examples .
thanks in advance
article link : https://academy.glassnode.com/indicators/sopr/sopr-spent-output-profit-ratio#:~:text=How%20is%20it%20measured%3F,original%20UTXO%20(in%20USD)

How do I double spend using electrum for fix unconfirmed transaction

I have two Blockchain.com wallets.(Both of them are mine)
Some days ago i did a big mistake.
I sent 1100$ From wallet #1 to wallet #2. (10.0 sat/vB > As you see this is very very low) (TX LINK)
And i sent that 1100$ to my friend from wallet #2 after the transaction upper immediately. (99.3 sat/vB) (TX LINK)
Because of low fee in first transaction, both transactions have n’t confirmed yet.
I asked people to fix these unconfirmed transactions.
They told me use another wallet like Electrum wallet and double spend those unconfirmed transactions.
So i installed Electrum in my windows 7 os.
For double spend using electrum i found this link :
But it seems it has deprecated.
I could n’t understand one part of this tutorial :

Re-create the transaction, but this time put a higher fee.
Sign your transaction, and save it to a file, it should end with .txn extension

My questions :

  1. As you know Blockchain.Com has no RBF option. So those two transactions have n’t RBF flag.
    In this situation can i use double spend with electrum?
  2. How can i create a transaction in offline mode and sign and save it?
    I tried it.But after setting fee and click send button electrum tried to broadcast.And i could n’t find an option for sign or save transaction with .txn ex.
    Would you please share a complete step by step tut about this.
  3. If i double spend first transaction what happen to second unconfirmed one? (I am a bit confused about this)
  4. Should i double spend two unconfirmed transactions with two temp wallets in electrum or double send of first one is enough?

sharepoint online – Calculating how long a user spend in NewForm and EditForm using InfoPath Forms

Based on this question:

Calculating how long a user spend in New form and editform.aspx

I am having trouble adding the JSLink to the WebPart of the InfoPath Form. When I go to Edit WebPart, the field for JSLink is not available. I tried added the JS Link to “Script Editor”, however, that does not work either. I am using SP Online with InfoPath Form.

Can someone please guide me how to add a JSLink to a InfoPath Form? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

dnd 5e – What is the longest possible time a player character can spend preparing their spell list?

Steve is a hypothetical PC with 20 levels in Wizard and an intelligence modifier of +5, and as such he can prepare a total of 25 spells every day. He also has all spells a Wizard could ever learn in this spell book, due to a DM who is really generous in giving out spell scrolls.

One morning he says to himself: “Today I am going to cast something amazing, I just can’t decide what”. So he sits down and prepares all possible 9th level spells and as many 8th level spells as he can in addition to that. Resulting in him spending 9 minutes each preparing 16 9th level spells (from the PHB, XGtE and TCoE) and 8 minutes each preparing 9 8th level spells. This results in him spending a total of 216 minutes that morning preparing his spell list.

When it is almost noon, he stumbles out of his room, hungry beyond imagination, down to the dining area of the local tavern, he is currently residing in. He is eager to tell his party members all about his amazing plan and finally eat his first meal of the day. To his astonishment his friends are nowhere to be found. They had waited for him for more than 3 hours, planning their whole adventuring day in the process. They are now on their way to kill that green dragon terrorizing the neighboring kingdom, with or without Steve.

“I made a terrible mistake” Steve mutters to himself. “I didn’t even realize how much time had passed. I must be the worst time-wasting spell preparer in tbe history of the multiverse.”

But is he really the one who spend the most possible time imaginable to prepare his spell list or is there any way for a player character to spend more time preparing their spell list then Steve did?

bitcoin core – How do I use bitcoind to spend from private key but not store it

I understand that I need to import a private key in order to spend bitcoins, would it be possible to generate/use an address without storing or the server having the private keys in the server

Ive seen many crypto wallets claim to do this but how would I go about this process

Thank you!

information – VR users, how much time do you spend sitting & standing during non-game apps?

Would you be able to mention the percentage of time you spend seated or standing while using non-game VR apps, and also your experience level with VR?

Please only describe this info in terms of use with non-game VR apps, i.e. creativity, productivity, web-browsing VR applications.

standing – 50 %, seated – 50 %,
experience: beginner, intermediate, advanced