How to split Partition External SD card for adoptable & Portable without rooting?

My mobile device have

OS Android 6.0.1 Marshellow Processor Qualcomm Family cortex a53
Machine arrch 64 Architecture arm cortex a53 External memory card 64GB

It have option to formatting external card as internal but when I install user apps and move not all apps move to the internal formatted external as card some installs still on internal card. And occupies internal memory.

I tried to partition Micro SD card from PC mini partition wizard and created two three partition

first one of 20GB Fat32
Second one 20GB ext2
Third one 20 GB ext2.

When I connected it to mobile it doesn’t show any partition and asked.for.formatting in portable or internal when I said to format as internal it formatted and deleted all partitions.

After searching googling founded some posts and answers in many forums and found the commands for and shell or terminal all emulator

adb shell sm list-disks adoptable
sm partition disk:179:160 mixed 25
adb shell sm format private:179,3
adb shell sm mount private:179,3
adb shell pm set-install-location 2
adb shell pm get-install-location

But will these commands for partitioning 2 portions and I want 3 dedicated partitions

  1. First fat32 one mountable viewable for photos videos of fat32 partion readable in Windows to

  2. Second ext2 one as apps moving ext2 partition for fast apps functioning

  3. Third ext2 For backup of stock from or custom ROM a can’t support more than 4gb file size

I tried these commands from Windows adb shell but ‘SM’ file not found error come

Now my queries are :-

  1. Do SM & PM: command solve my problem to dedicated partitions for proper functioning. Of adoptable storage. In my case of Android 6.0.1

  2. Does the SM & PM commands needs to be turned in terminal emulator or Windows DOS and shell

  3. Does SM & PM command compatible in Android 6.01 do it function in it or not

  4. Does SM & PM command need rooting the mobile first

  5. Does super user command SU should be running before SM & PM command but sinus not functioning to do SU function without rooting.

  6. Where to get binAry files SM & PM & SU commands and how can we infuse or download in mobile system folder or can work without infusing in mobile by running bootloader recovery tarp image can we run it …. command help please

  7. How to mount and view browwse ext2 external partions in Android as whenever I format it in ext2 it’s unreadable from file manager or any app which app or command we can view or mount the ext2 partitions from Android mobile

As I am novice and new to Android adb commands Linux commands to. So I need advice help to modify the command and precious advice. Kindly guide step by step?

How to transpose and split in Google Apps Script?

How do write script for below

google form response as below

time stamp Document No. Recipient Name Document transmittal ref no
7/9/2021 21:36:11 170709, 170738, 171769, 172003, 172025 Susan 20210001
7/18/2021 18:19:59 131034, 131192, 132438, 132465, 133016 Jhon 20210002

i want processed data look like below

Time stamp Document no. Recipient Name Document transmittal Ref no.
7/9/2021 21:36:11 170709 Susan 20210001
7/9/2021 21:36:11 170738 Susan 20210001
7/9/2021 21:36:11 171769 Susan 20210001
7/9/2021 21:36:11 172003 Susan 20210001
7/9/2021 21:36:11 172025 Susan 20210001
7/18/2021 18:19:59 131034 Jhon 20210002
7/18/2021 18:19:59 131192 Jhon 20210002
7/18/2021 18:19:59 132438 Jhon 20210002
7/18/2021 18:19:59 132465 Jhon 20210002
7/18/2021 18:19:59 133016 Jhon 20210002

the current script was done below

function formatData() {
 // File
 var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();

 // Get responseData sheet
 var rawData = ss.getSheetByName('documentTransmittal');

 // Input data
 var data = rawData.getRange("A2:D").getValues(); // Gets titles and options in a single call to the sheet

 // Initialise an array that will hold the output
 var outputArray = ();

 // Name a variable to hold the data from each set of options
 var options;

 // Start looping through the data
 for (var row = 0; row < data.length; row++) {

 // Split the document with individual no.
 options = data(row)(1).split(", ");

 // Loop through the array of split options and place each of them in a new row
 for (var element = 0; element < options.length; element++) {

 outputArray.push((data(row)(0), // Place the title in a new row
                  options(element))); // Place one option in the 2nd column of the row

  } // Options loop ends here

 } // Data loop ends here

 // Get processedData sheet
 var processedData = ss.getSheetByName('responseData');

 // Get last row in processedData sheet
 var lastRow = processedData.getLastRow();

 // Post the outputArray to the sheet in a single call
 processedData.getRange(lastRow + 1, 1, outputArray.length,


above only can help get 2 row data only

woocommerce offtopic – How to NOT split a coupon discount across all order product items?

My client runs a marketplace (using WooCommerce Product Vendors) where vendors can create and sell products.

We would like to enable the WooCommerce “coupon” feature but WITHOUT altering the order items prices, so that the vendor commissions remain the same. Basically, the discount should be applied as a new/separate “order item line” without influencing the other line items prices.

Is there a way to tell WooCommerce not to split an order coupon discount across all the order items?

I’ve been digging into WC core and I’m afraid this is the only available logic, where a discount is split across all order items.

$10 discount is split across all 4 products

Thanks for your help!

co.combinatorics – Split ${1,…,mn}$ into $m$-tuples $x$ with $sum_{igt 1} x_i=kx_1$

This question arose in Math.StackExchange with $k=3,m=3$

For which $m,k$ are there infinitely many $n$ for which the numbers from $1$ to $mn$ can be split into $n$ disjoint $m$-tuples $x$ with $$kx_1=sum_{igt 1}x_i$$
Clearly $sum_{i=1}^{mn}i$ must be a multiple of $k+1$.
We also have $kle(m-1)^2$ otherwise the collection of $x_1$s can’t be small enough to match the rest of the $x_i$.
Are these two conditions on $k, m$ and $n$, along with $ngt f(m,k)$ for some $f$, enough to ensure a solution?
For example, if $k=1, m=3$ and there is a solution for $n=N$, then there is also a solution for $n=4N$: Double all the numbers in the solution for $n=N$, then include the vectors $$(9N+a,9N+1-a,2a-1),a=1..3N$$

sql server – Split a column into multiple by value in cell

I would like to take a tall and skinny SQL table and split new columns based on the unique values in one column. I would like it aggregated over a date.

Example This:
Date Person Value
1/12 Harry 17
3/14 Harry 2
2/08 Sally 11
4/19 Sam 3
3/14 Sally 45
2/08 Al 8

to this:
Date Harry Sally Sam Al
1/12 17 0 0 0
3/14 2 45 0 0
2/08 0 11 0 8
4/19 0 0 3 0

Thank you!

postgresql – How can i split 1 row into multiply rows in SQL

I want to split something like this:

Value || Startdate || Enddate
XXXX || 2.July || 16 August

Into this:

Value || Startdate || Enddate
XXXX || 2.July || 31 July

XXXX || 1.August || 16 August

The value is not important for now.

version control – Is it a good practice to split one commit into two, where one is content change, the other is style(indent) change?

Of course it’s a good idea. The commit for a change in semantics is quite distinct from the commit for a change in indentation.

However, why are you changing the indentation? The general old school rule was that the maintainer of a body of code should live with the indentation scheme of the original developer. There are exceptions upon exceptions to this rule, but the intent of the rule is to keep (1) avoid edit wars, and (2) avoid commits that have zero semantic meaning.

Suppose you do find one file in the configuration managed code base that blatantly violates your organization’s coding standards. It’s most likely that that is not the only file. You should create a new change request (or whatever they are called in your organization) to fix all of those problems. That one commit might hit anything from one file to thousands of them, but if the reformatting is done by a well-tested tool, it will have zero semantic impact.

The new school rule is that commits / pushes will either (a) be automatically reformatted to an agreed-upon common style upon commit /push, or (b) rejected should the code in question fail to conform with that style. Either way, you will not have a problem with code that deviates from the style with which everyone has agreed to abide.

Display split checkboxes in a Formidable forms graph

I’m using Formidable forms to create a training diary and want to display the data in a graph. I’ve got that working (sort of) but want to display the checkboxes (here: as a stacked bar chart

I’ve found documentation on how to show the split data in emails and other places but nothing for how to insert it into a graph snippet. My current graph is here:

This is my current snippet:

(frm-graph fields="6" x_axis="8" is_stacked="1" )

This is what I’ve found on showing split data (from

Get the entry ID from a Dynamic field by using show=id. This allows you to autopopulate Dynamic fields. Usage: (frm-field-value field_id=x user_id=current show=id).
Alternatively, you can use show=value to get the saved value from a field with separate values. Usage: (frm-field-value field_id=x user_id=current show=value)

c# – What is the idiomatic way to split code between separate files in Rust?

Coming from the world of C#, where, despite sharing namespaces, it’s quite common for every class to have its own file, I find that Rust codebases seem to have a complete different sort of philosophy (and perhaps less organization) in the sense that lots of structs, enums, traits, etc. are combined in the same files, which seems to make it more difficult to track down code at times. That’s further compounded when you see a struct’s implementations spanned across multiple files.

This question is not a technical one. I understand what you can do in the module system, but I’d like to see some comments about the idiomatic, perhaps philosophical idea behind the way Rust developers tend to manage their code across different files.

google sheets – split received text to many row

I’m using Apps Script to send data to Google Sheets. I ask about how to split input data from web app to a spreadsheet. I try to add n for the data range but can’t success any help ?


function myFunction() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  var sh = ss.getSheets()(0);
  var data =("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "s", "G", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N" , "n" , "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "s", "G", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N" );  
    return ContentService.createTextOutput("Success");