Has the arbitration cost the game to the Lions or not?

No, as I said in other articles, it's the failure of Lions to take advantage of turnarounds.

The Hands to the Face penalty also applies to the neck area and during these two real-time calls and from the referee's point of view, she very much seems to be hand-to-hand. neck. time.

When you slow down and look at all the angles, you can see that it's minimal and that the hands are not facing each other, but that the referees do not have the ability to slow down the time, and no, this should not be revisable, as it will only waste more time and, like the PI calls that are now controllable, they will never reverse them anyway.

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low light – How can I improve my indoor sports photos with Sony a6000

In addition to investing MUCH more money into a new goal, how can I improve my indoor sports photography under low light, including roller derby. I am currently using a Sony a6000 with an E-mount 50mm f1.8 lens.

Due to the lack of zoom, I often have to trim the photos to fit them properly. Most, if not all, require a lot of post-processing on the white balance and exposure, which leaves me with a lack of clarity and a lot of noise.

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iso – What settings to use for indoor sports (water polo) with Nikon D90?

It's a really difficult situation. The best option would be to improve the lighting itself, but you are not allowed to use a flash or even place lights.

  • The shutter duration should be short enough to freeze the movement of the player and water, as well as to prevent camera shake.
  • You can use the opening of your wide open lens at the cost of depth of field.
  • The simplest option is sensitivity. Increase the ISO sensitivity to a level that does not generate more noise than is acceptable to you. For the Nikon D90, this can be 1600 or 3200.

  • If you have a fast (and expensive) telephoto lens, you can get your framing from a distance. A monopod (or tripod) is recommended for longer lenses (beyond 100mm) to minimize camera shake.

  • If you can approach the pool, you can choose a standard lens or a wide lens. This gives you wider openings, less risk of visible camera shake, more interesting perspectives.

It is not possible to give you a list of good settings, as it depends too much on the landscape and the amount of light available. If possible, please download a sample image for review, discussion and advice.

Finally, you need to determine if your beloved D90 is the right camera for this purpose. The cameras and their useful ISO range have been significantly improved over the last 10 years. You may want to lend or rent a full frame DSLR and see what it can do in low light.

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