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Entrance – Order now
5 GB of SSD disk space
Bandwidth of 25 GB
5 email accounts
5 MySQL database
0 Addon Domains
Normally $ 5.00AUD / month | Only $ 3.25AUD for WHT users

Staff – Order now
15 GB SSD disk space
Bandwidth of 50 GB
10 email accounts
10 MySQL database
10 complementary domains
Normally $ 8.00AUD / month | Only $ 5.20AUD for WHT users

Business – Order now
30 GB of SSD disk space
Bandwidth of 75 GB
50 email accounts
50 MySQL database
50 complementary domains
Normally $ 14.00AUD / month | Only $ 9.10AUD for WHT users

Business – Order now
60 GB of SSD disk space
Bandwidth of 120 GB
50 email accounts
50 MySQL database
50 complementary domains
Normally $ 20.00AUD / month | Only $ 13.00AUD for WHT users

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120 GB SSD disk space
250 GB bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL database
Unlimited Addon domains
Normally $ 35.00AUD / month | Just $ 22.75AUD for WHT users

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What is included?

– CPanel
– Softaculous
– SpamAssassin
– RAID 10 storage
– Instant account configuration
– No lock-in contract
– Affordable prices
– AttractSEO
– Cloudflare
– 99% uptime guarantee
– Accept PayPal payments
– 30-day money back guarantee

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American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal,

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Advantage SSD / NVME + SSL Encrypts and Railgun Web Hosting

Good morning all,

I'm trying to find a web hosting service that can meet my needs.
I need to host at least 10 websites. Most of them will have WordPress installed and others only basic websites, but I need something like that.

– 10GB of storage (SSD or NVME is a Big Plus)
– 10+ Addons Websites
– Adult Friendly (2 of the websites have adult legal content, no video will be hosted on the storage site)
– Unlimited bandwidth (or at least 2 TB, currently close to the monthly one)
– Cloudflare Railgun would be great because it helps a lot
– SSL Encrypts
WE (Miami or NY) – OR – EU the UK

Budget (paying monthly) € 5

It does not bother me DirectAdmin nor cPanel just to let you know.

I understand that my budget is not so high, but I am currently paying € 5 Host all the websites, but the company that I use aims to "shut down" its US servers and focus only on Eastern Europe, which is not the case. not advantageous for my visitors.

google chrome – Configure HTTPS access to the crostini container with a valid SSL certificate

I'm trying to generate an SSL certificate for crostini and have Chrome OS trust it:

  1. I generate a certificate by issuing the following commands and setting penguin.linux.test as common name:
openssl genrsa -out penguin.linux.test.key 2048
openssl req -x509 -new -nodes -key penguin.linux.test.key -days 1024 -out penguin.linux.test.pem
  1. Then I import the certificate into the chromeOS settings under Manage Certificates> Authorities.
  2. After starting a Web server with the certificates under port 8443, I try to access https: //penguin.linux.test/ using the Chrome OS browser.

However I receive the error NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID
chromeos screen capture of the error

ROWEBCA ► SSD, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, cPanel, Free SSL, Instant Activation, cPanel, Daily Backups!

ROWEBCA has been providing trusted, secure and fast optimized hosting services for years.

Here are our current shared plans:


5 GB of disk space (PURE SSD)

1 domain
CPanel Control Panel
Unmeasured bandwidth
Instant activation
Free WebSite Builder (SitePad)
Free SSL
Daily offsite backups
LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

$ 1.99 / month
More info | Features included
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10 GB of disk space (PURE SSD)

5 domains
CPanel Control Panel
Unmeasured bandwidth
Instant activation
Free WebSite Builder (SitePad)
Free SSL
Daily offsite backups
LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

$ 3.99 / month
More info | Features included
Order now


20 GB of disk space (PURE SSD)

Unlimited domains
CPanel Control Panel
Unmeasured bandwidth
Instant activation
Free WebSite Builder (SitePad)
Free SSL
Daily offsite backups
LiteSpeed ​​Web Server

$ 5.99 / month
More info | Features included
Order now

There is a 30 day money back guarantee for each shared package !!!
For annual subscriptions. a month is free (for all packages) !!!

ROWEBCA is primarily a web hosting company based in Montreal, Canada.
We also offer computer services locally in Montreal and surrounding areas.
Our customers will always be first. They will be able to contact our support team at any time.
time, they need help for their web hosting account through our ticketing system.
We can also help them by providing web support, such as troubleshooting programming.
or tips for improving websites.

Our guarantee: no overselling !!!

Thank you for reading this.


plugins – WP Mail SMTP: What do the SSL / TLS options mean?

When configuring WP WPTP WP Mail SMTP plug-in, I had this choice:

screen capture

Encryption: () None () SSL () TLS
For most servers, the recommended option is TLS. If your SMTP provider offers both SSL and TLS options, we recommend that you use TLS.

What do these options mean? What do they mean (as in a normal conversation):

  • SSL = SSLv3
  • TLS = at least TLS 1.0

or do they mean (as in Outlook and some other email clients):

I assumed this last point, because it is very common with the mail.

But if so, why does the plug-in recommend "TLS" (STARTTLS, which is not secure) to "SSL" (TLS, which is safe)?

HAProxy – Dynamic update of SSL certificates without reloading

We currently use HAProxy to handle TLS terminations for thousands of domains, all of which have a regular rotation of Let's Encrypt.

The proper configuration looks like this:

frontend https-in

    bind *:443 ssl strict-sni no-sslv3 crt /usr/src/data/certs/

and /usr/src/data/certs/ is filled with a bunch of .pem files.

SSL certificates change all the time because they must be renewed individually or new domains are added / removed from our system. At the moment, we are solving this by writing all the certificates of /usr/src/data/certs/ and perform a zero reload time haproxy shutdown. This is tedious because we have a very large memory spike when reloading because the new instance reads in the full load of certificates and the old instance continues to run.

We are currently looking at some of the capabilities of the HAProxy Unix Socket commands and see the many things we can make dynamic (ACL, Maps, etc.). I wonder if we can take a similar approach to synchronize certificates and avoid constant reload behavior.

Use HAProxy 1.9 to experiment, but we are not married to a particular version for that. Thank you for any help or suggestion!

Sale – DigitalServer.com.mx Powerful Servers and Secure SSL in Mexico | 99.9% availability! | Promotion Forum

DigitalServer.com.mx, one of the leading web hosting providers in Mexico, now offers powerful dedicated services and secure SSL certificates.. You will receive super fast hosting with real Mexican Ips, as well as professional clients and a professional technical support team, working 24/7.

Our team offers well SSL Certificados in Mexico, check out our Secure SSL certificates:

== >> Comodo Positive SSL Certificate:
Validación of Dominio
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SHA2 and ECC
Sello Estático
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== >> In addition, we are pleased to offer these SSL:
– Rapid SSL
– Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
– Rapid SSL Wildcard
– Geotrust Quick SSL Premium
– Geotrust True BusinessID
– Symantec Secure Site
– Wildcard Geotrust True BusinessID

For more details, follow this link: https://www.digitalserver.com.mx/certificados-ssl.shtml

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Servidores Dedicados Premium
Super servers for applications and websites

Premium Servedores Dedicados On Linux or Windows, the DigitalServer atmosphere offers a range of low-cost servers with 100% Internet connectivity and Premium support. If you want autonomy and complete access to your server, dedicated servers in Mexico are an excellent choice and an excellent opportunity, as their existence is limited.

Servidor Dedicado DSM-1
– Intel C2350 2 cores at 1.70 GHz
Serial ATA Hard Disk – 1 TB
Including IP – 1 IP Fija
Availability 100%
Monthly rent
$ 1,850.00 MXN

Servidor Dedicado DSM-2
– Intel C2750 8-core at 2.40 GHz
RAM – 16 GB
Serial ATA Hard Disk 1 TB
Including IP 2
Availability 100%
Monthly rent
$ 2,250.00 MXN

Servidor Dedicado DSM-3
– Intel Xeon W3520 4 cores at 2.66+ Ghz
RAM – 32GB
Serial ATA Hard Disk – 2×2 TB in Raid 1
Including IP – 2 IP addresses
Availability 100%
Monthly rent
$ 2,495.00 MXN

Take a look at Digitalserver.com.mx Servedores Dedicados in México:

Servedor Dedicado in Mexico DS-1A
– Intel Core i3 / Core 2 Duo 3.06 Ghz + 4 MB of cache
Serial ATA Hard Disk – 1 TB
Including IP – 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Availability 100%
Monthly rent
$ 3,450.00 MXN

Servedor in Mexico México DS-2B
– Intel Xeon E3110 3.0 GHz, 2 MB, 6 MB single cache memory
RAM – 6 GB
Serial ATA Hard Disk – 1 TB
Including IP – 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Availability 100%
Monthly rent
$ 4,640.00 MXN

Servedor Dedicado in México DS-3C
– Intel Core2Quad Yorkfield 2.83GHZ 12Mb L2 Cache
RAM – 8 GB
Serial ATA Hard Disk – 1 TB
Including IP – 1 IP Fija Mexicana
Availability 100%
Monthly rent
$ 5,795.00 MXN

We accept PaymentWall as a payment method: https://www.paymentwall.com/
And payments from 192 countries, some of which are local payments.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales team!

SSL decryption / visibility on the host

Can the host application see the traffic before network encryption? For example. Can a host-based VPN application see plain-language traffic (http to https) for making traffic routing decisions? Considering the TCP / IP model, all work at the Application layer.

Manage SSL renewals

I am looking for an opensource software to track our paid SSL certificates. Ideally, I would like to have something where we can enter our SSL domains … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1780955&goto=newpost

What is Ssl In Seo ..?

What is SSL in SEO ..?