dnd 5e – Trying to stage an alignment change and friendship between two player characters with much tension

I have a D&D 5e group of 5 (Four PCs, one DM), of which I am a player:

  • My character – Chaotic Neutral Human (however hope to gradually move
    to Chaotic good following an epiphany) – (Rogue (lvl 7)-Bard (lvl 1))
  • The other player in question’s character – Probably Chaotic or True
    evil – (lvl 8 Elvlish Sorceress with Chromatic Dragon-blood)
  • An Aismer Cleric – Lawful Good
  • A rock-gnome druid – lawful good

My hope is that my character and her character will become friends in order to bring the party more cohesion, and I have discussed this with her. We’re trying to figure out the best realistic way of that happening, but I’m struggling to figure it out. Her character is very hot-headed, very prideful, very power-hungry, and my character seems to get on her character’s nerves quite often. Her character seemed to appreciate my character’s poetry, but beyond that, there seems to be no kindness towards my character. Her character had a bad upbringing – as a lab rat – raised to value power over everything else – however she has a good uncle who I have met. I was thinking of using the disguise of the uncle alongside charm person to essentially extract backstory information, use that in a grand plot to befriend her, however even that would be risky.

Do you have any advice as to how to do that?

Many thanks,

Rhythmic Sheep

performance – Handling of redundant vertex shader output data at rasterization stage

In general, having a vertex shader output with an attribute which has no appropriate counterpart in the pixel shader input… how this one is handled at rasterization stage? Is it interpolated (or at least fully processed) first and thrown away later when computed data is forwarded to the pixel shader (1) or is it ignored directly by the rasterizer because of its awareness to the pixel shader input data format (2)?

If (1), is there a way to avoid this waste of computing power without duplicating vertex shaders and adjusting their outputs a little bit?

Couldn’t find any explicit information on this topic. Thanks in advance!

At what stage of the design process do we use "How can we" and "As a user" statements

This may seem fairly obvious to some. I am a self taught designer, I always try to understand and fill my knowledge gaps.

What stage of the design process do we use?

  1. "How Could We" Statement
  2. "As a user" statements

From my understanding so far, HMWs are used to spark creative thinking for ideation sessions and as users, statements are used for story stories ; users to design and develop.

Am I correct about this and where else can they be used? of course, no design process is the same, but I'm curious how and where you use it.

[ Politics ] Open Question: Is Sleepy Joe still hiding germs in his basement, or is he even aware of the coronavirus at this stage of his dementia?

[Politics] Open question: Is Sleepy Joe still hiding germs in his basement, or is he even aware of the coronavirus at this stage of his dementia?

Hide the company field at the payment stage based on the customer group in Magento 2.3?

I am working on the payment stage to hide the business field based on the group of customers.
can anyone help me to solve this problem?
Thank you

cancellations – Refunds in case of cancellation of the first stage of Airticket – Lufthansa premium economy

I booked a one-way Premium Economy ticket with Lufthansa on the following route for me and my daughter

March 31 – Bangalore – Frankfurt – Vancouver – Saskatoon

I had booked a return ticket with Lufthansa on the following route for my husband

March 31 – Bangalore – Frankfurt – Vancouver – Saskatoon

May 22 – Saskatoon – Calgary – Frankfurt – Bangalore

On March 18, Lufthansa canceled the first leg (Bangalore – Frankfurt) of the two trips due to the COVID 19 situation. I then went online and canceled the two tickets. I don't know why, but Lufthansa does not clearly state the ticket cancellation policy once you have purchased it. When I look at the terms of Premium Economy tickets sold for the same route in the future, they say "Cancellation – possible refund plus price difference". I really fear that Lufthansa will not refund my tickets. The call center is simply not accessible. Can someone tell me how I can know if my premium economy class tickets were refundable and what are my options if I don't hear them in 4 weeks?

cryptography – How to perform matrix multiplication in the Mixing Columns stage of AES?

I am studying AES and I am trying to implement it. But I am having trouble understanding the step of the mixing column. In this step, we need to perform a matrix multiplication between the state matrix and another fixed matrix. Here is the example given in the material I am studying:
enter description of image here

I don't get the 03*2F part. How did it become (02*2F)xor2F? Is the hardware correct or does it contain an error?

i understood 3 = 2 xor 1 Therefore 3 x 2F = (2 xor 1) x 2F = (2 x 2F) xor 2F but what if 4 x 2F? 4 = 2 xor 6 therefore (2 xor 6) x 2F so what?

How can I create a shader that only renders the skybox of the stage?

I am trying to reproduce the following image:

enter description of image here

There are several ways to do this which involve stacking cameras, layers, etc. Is it possible to create a shader which only make the skybox?

unit – Where and how to drag or add the Stage function to the Stage event in the HumanoidWalk animation?

It seems that the Step component (script) is missing but I don't know where it is missing.

This is the events section. I can see that I have added a Step event name but where and how should I add the Step function to it?

The events section of the HumanoidWalk animation

This is the script I use on the soldiers.

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class FootSteps : MonoBehaviour
    private AudioClip() clips;

    private AudioSource audioSource;
    private GameObject() Foots;

    private void Awake()
        audioSource = GetComponent();

    public void Step()
        if (clips.Length > 0)
            AudioClip clip = GetRandomClip();

            if (audioSource.enabled == true)
                if (clip != null)

    private AudioClip GetRandomClip()
        return clips(UnityEngine.Random.Range(0, clips.Length));

And the soldiers also have an Audio Source component and the Step function was private.
And when the soldiers walk in the game, I hear the footsteps. So I wonder what should I do? Where and how to add the Step function to the event?

mongodb – How can I merge an array of arrays at the $ project stage?

I am merging 2 collections into one


_id: ObjectId(),
address: "something"


  _id: ObjectId(),
  name: "something",
  contacts: ({
    "phone": "+144543823..."
  }, {

Now when I merge 2 collections into one:

  "lookup": {
    from: 'contacts',
    localField: 'address',
    foreignField: 'name',
    as: 'contacts'

Now I have results similar to the payload below:

  _id: ...,
  address: ...,
  contacts: ({
    _id: ..,
    name: ...,
    contacts: (
      "phone": "+144543823..."

Now in my project, I get the phones:

$project: {
   phones: "$contacts.contacts.phone"

The output is as follows:

phones: (("+144543823..."), ("+48....), ("..."))
name: ...

How do I get a simple range of phones. Using unwind would make the result very large and I have to groupBy if I'm not mistaken! Is there an effective way to do this? How else can i do that with unwind and no shortage of other fields like name, address, …?