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Sorry to encounter problems with your current provider that never simplify life.
One thing to check and ask when looking for a new host if you start with a single server with plans for more. If you need more IP addresses, contact the vendors to inform you that if you need them initially to access a larger subnet, you will be able to migrate more easily.

Many people will test businesses with a single 1U system and make sure everything works well before sending out more equipment. Nobody wants to move a full rack or multiple racks after a few months of bad service.

The 10 Gbps uplink might be a bit harder to find for a single 1U server, but you should be able to talk to your suppliers.

I would suggest checking the offer section and see if something looks good, talk to some of the companies, make a short list and go from there.
The big problem is asking for fees for remotes, see what is included if free reboots, etc.

Colocation 1U to start | Talk Web Hosting

Good morning all,

It has been several years since I publicly read this forum and decided to register. Yay.

I need help in New York or New Jersey (preferably New Jersey) for colocation.

The requirements are for now, 1U (I have more servers but I'm not going to just throw in my entirety.The reason is that I've had a horrible experience with someone from the region (I will not name).

So for a month or so, I would like to colocate my esxi server. Would like a 10gpbs line, but 1 will be fine. Usable 13 ips is a must.

How to start a career in Blockchain security

I am a new graduate in software engineering. My only knowledge is developing applications. I wanted to start a career in Blockchain Security but I do not know where to start. I am doing a career change and I have no experience. Can someone explain me how to start? What courses and certificates do I need? how long will it take me? and what is the best way I can go to achieve this goal? Thank you for your time.

Finally, if I ask the question about the wrong site, can anyone tell me where I can ask my question?

Which platform should I use to start my first blog?

Quote Originally posted by SenseiSteve
See the article
First of all, welcome to WHT What are your concerns about platforms? We think of WordPress first, simply because it was a blog platform, but it has evolved into a full-fledged CMS. This is an excellent platform to start, and then grow with time.

Thank you for answering. It is said that Google gives priority to when it is to approve AdSense and rank higher than other platforms.

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compliance – where to start preparing for SOC 2 type 2?

We are a small US start-up with most employees working remotely (less than 10 people in total) and are currently developing a SaaS web platform for banks (everything is hosted in AWS). I was instructed to investigate what we needed to do to get a SOC 2 type 2 report (one of our clients will probably need it in the future ), but I quickly found that the task was perhaps insurmountable for me (I am only a guy and has no experience in certification, compliance and the like). I have read the pdf "Trust Services Criteria" from the AICPA website, watched many videos on youtube and spent a few days googling but still at a loss.

At the present time, we do not have any real control in place, because the company is so small: we simply create trello tickets, develop a feature and deploy the new code by not using it. than common sense, without written procedures, guidelines or rules. I do not know where to start or how all controls should be designed to satisfy a listener. It's like I have to write an entire book from scratch without really knowing the subject. If there was at least some kind of documentation model on how to organize everything I could, I could at least try to adapt to our case but I have nothing found from such.

How can one start to prepare SOC 2 completely from scratch? Maybe some companies can help in this regard (not with the audit itself as there is nothing to audit at the moment but with specific writing controls)? Any help will be appreciated. Sorry if the question is too broad but I really do not know how to be more specific in my situation.

I can not start

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Can I change a UA code or do I have to start over?

Since the former administrator retired, I grope in the GA without passing passwords and other information.

We have a UA code on our website for quite some time. Is it possible to create a new account and use the same UA code or do I have to start all over again and ask our web developer / host to update the UA code?

c ++ – Are unitary writing tests a good way to start contributing to the heart of Bitcoin?

Going directly to the unit test can be difficult, I suggest you visit the official github page to learn how to contribute to the bitcoin kernel:

If I wanted to contribute, I would personally start by trying to solve some problems on their "New Problems" page, because it is new, there is a lot of work, some can be simple and help is always needed:

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