Can I start the EC2 instance while the EBS volume is being optimized?

Can I turn on the EC2 instance while the EBS volume is being optimized?
I've increased the EBS volume by 50 GB and the optimization lasts 6 hours.

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18Yo Just Fin College, Best Biz Online? Dropship, Affiliate Marketing, Day Tading? I want to start early

Look, I know it's a lot, but you know … um im special. to joke if you have the time you can read :RE otherwise nvm XD

Ok, I just finished my studies, I'm looking for AF for a while and I'm doing it on instagram essentially promising a service that makes your followers grow and you can earn money by distributing people

it's okay, I guess, not sure how to make a good living, but that's why I want to ask,.

What would you recommend that I learn and put all my time in?
Dropship, Affiliate Marketing, Day Tading or other ???

I know sub-sections for everyone, but maybe you could tell me which is the best callous that I think should be learned from scratch, as soon as I have time to find a job or to learn something.

I'm from the UK if it makes a difference Maybe one of them will have more success in the UK idk? I would be happy with $ 30,000 a year, that's all. no need for 6 digits llike seriously my goal is 30k a profit per year so.

I've tried ebay DS, but I was using software that has banned me and I've heard that manual DS is better. But then people say do not do eBay at all to amazon. and then theres Shopify and get ads traffic or facebook or instagram etc ….. Trading i do not know anything really lol i just saw people earn money : p

As soon as I'm 18, I mean I do not have TUNS to invest, I guess? depends how much.
You may be able to give me an answer if money is not limited and an option if money is a limit. I've heard that trading is a necessary money so uh … m

But yes, how about I should start early and master?
I have paid for a few courses, but I will not spend much on them, so I will not buy it anymore. Maybe if you learn me one on one, do you pay for a mentor? im only 18 so then please do not think i can pay you big : p perhaps if you advise me and earn a lot, I can repay you my profit, because I would do it entirely. even if it would cost me 2k id be happy because then at least that's my profits and how it works :RE

at the moment, my goal is like the minimum wage online idk because i am too realistic, i do not really believe in their classes that say OHH DO 6 digits a month, maybe that's possible but people sell the courses to earn money :RE It is like an online method to make money. course. so now I do not buy them because yes.

Anyone could talk to me about chatting maybe Skype Discord Steam? maybe guide me to get a price or settle something where, if i make money online, i pay you with pleasure. or let me know below? what should I learn :)
18Yo Just Fin College, Best Biz Online? Dropship, Affiliate Marketing, Day Tading? I want to start early

samsung galaxy s 5 – Can not start in recovery mode after flashing TWRP on klte

I can not start my Samsung Galaxy S5 in recovery mode after flashing TWRP.

I'm trying to install LineageOS on my Samsung Galaxy S5.

I followed the installation guide on the LineageOS wiki:
1. Installation of heimdall, that I have built from the source to get the v1.4.2, because the previous version could not complete the handshake with my phone (other people had the same error )
2. Check if heimdall works using Heimdall print-pit, what he did
3. TWRP flashing using heimdall flash --RECOVERY twrp-x.x.x-x-x-klte.img --no-reboot. Keeping in mind their disclaimer, I tried the current version as well as two older versions. Heimdall releases Recovery of successful sendingand I disconnect the phone (once the device is released).
4. Start in recovery mode -> FAIL

Instead, the device starts in download mode (and no, I did not switch the volume buttons inadvertently). There is no error message.

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Where to start in java script?

I learned to program in java in the course and I want to start javascript, but I do not know how to study alone

linux – machine does not start – changed drive order

So we have a beefy Dell file server, a set of drives in a raid configuration and a small root / boot drive. All is well, now the boot drive that was / dev / sda is now / dev / sdq and the machine will not boot. Nothing has changed from a material point of view.

How can I restore this drive to become / dev / sda and then boot? what determines the driving order? This is the drive number 15 (as I said, beefy file server), but in one way or another, it was / dev / sda before and / dev / sdq now. Other machines with the same hardware configuration always have a drive always under / dev / sda

I have forgotten the model number, but it is new enough to have iDRAC9 management hardware.

When do you limit your free support and start charging?

At what point during your assistance to a hosting client, you stop and say, "Well, the problem is not related to our hardware, but your computer has a problem. That's the problem and how to solve it. If you wish it. we will say that they will need to contact a computer technician, MS or developer of the software they use.

Too often, I find myself doing hours of free troubleshooting on a customer 's computer when it has a problem that has nothing to do with our service. The minute I mention the charge, the customer always comes back with the mention "No, this should be covered by the assistance to the accommodation"

When do you start charging?

Start a new business

I have the intention of creating a business that involves expanding and making canvases with the photos of every day. Is it only possible? Is it a question of photography or is it more of a computer issue? Please, any advice and directions are more than welcome. Thank you