serps – Why is the Google Analytics keyword report showing items that start with “cache:”?

The Google Analytics keyword report is now useless. Google search used to send the phrase that the user searched in the referrer. Google Analytics parsed those out of the referrer into a report. Google stopped sending that keyword data and now Google Analytics shows “(not provided)” in that report instead of useful data. See Google Analytics – Traffic Source – Search engine – (Not Provided)

When you see a keyword that starts with “cache:” that is from a visitor that viewed a cached copy of your page from the Google search results.

When they view the cached copy and then click to your site, Google Analytics sees this value in the referrer and erroneously includes it in the keyword report.

There is really no way to fix this. Google Analytics has been doing that for years and it doesn’t cause real problems other than noise in this report. Since the report doesn’t have real keywords in it anymore, you should just be ignoring the report altogether.

To get the keywords for your website, set up Google Search console and look at the “search analytics” reports there. That is the only reliable source for keyword data these days. You can even link the search console data to your analytics so that you can see the data in a separate report there.

damage – Do objects (like doors) start with a base Defense of 10?

When Damaging Objects, considered to be Defenseless:

Inanimate objects are defenseless by definition and therefore subject to finishing attacks (see the Finishing Attack maneuver): essentially, you can choose between making your attack on the object as a routine check or, if you make the attack check normally, gaining an automatic critical hit if your attack hits, for a +5 bonus to effect.

This is all fine and good, except that the last time I had to adjudicate this, with someone trying to kick a door down, they objected to me starting with the Base 10 defense for the door, namely they chose to Power Attack, and were already damage shifted, and completely missed the door. I can kind of see their point that a door shouldn’t be that easy to miss hitting. I think I described it as more of a “glancing blow”, that they were trying so hard to hit it hard that the blow just skidded off of it. But the question does remain, should a Defenseless object the size of a door start with a defense of 10 such that the average bystander has a little more than a 50/50 chance of actually hitting it if they’re trying to hit it hard? Am I reading the rules wrong? Did the player maybe just get a little too greedy in trying to do more damage?

air travel – Passing airport visa check before visa start date

If your flight departs fifteen minutes after your visa’s validity period begins, your only problem is that your visa won’t be valid when you check in. This shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s certainly acceptable to the visa authorities, but you might encounter an airline employee who is overly cautious. If so, point out that your visa is valid on arrival.

If your flight arrives fifteen minutes after your visa’s validity period begins, you have the same problem, but it’s more likely that airline employees might be overly cautious.

The other problem with the second case, of course, is that flights routinely arrive more than 15 minutes early. In that case, you can just wait until midnight.

But if you can reschedule your trip a day later, you will probably have a less stressful time of it.

block – I want to start Bitcoin Mining but I dont know what the cost to profit ratio would be

So I am rocking a Ryzen 5 2600x, Rx 570 4gb, and 16gb ram 3000mhz

I am going to be soloing but i was wondering if i would be able to make profit

I am quite new to this so i just had a couple questions

Would i be able to make anything with my current setup?

is it worth going into a mining pool?

If i were to get a dedicated machine like a ASIC, would i make profit being Solo or in a Group?

How long would it take for me to mine 1 confirmation solo with a ASIC vs my pc and how long would it take for me to mine 1 block with an ASIC vs my pc, solo?|

Any and all answers appreciated considering im new to this

unity – When the scene is loaded again start function is not getting called from the script in which I have applied singleton pattern

In Game scene I have an empty GameObject Circles to which a script named Circles is attached.
The script is:

public class Circles : MonoBehaviour
    public Text text;
    LevelManager levelManager;
   public int score=0;
    int enemyNo;
  private void Awake()
        int scorer = FindObjectsOfType<Circles>().Length;
        if (scorer > 1)
 void Start()
        enemyNo = Random.Range(0, 4);
        Invoke("instantiator", 1.5f);
        text.text = score.ToString();
        levelManager = FindObjectOfType<LevelManager>();

When the player loses he goes to GameOver scene where his score is displayed.
When the player presses play again button then he comes to Game scene again and the start function is not getting called.
When the player presses the play again button I want to destroy previously existing Circles GameObject and not the GameObject Circles which is present in the scene so that score is set to zero and the start function get called.
How to fix this issue?

dnd 5e – When and how does combat start in a standoff?

In that type of situation, everyone is ready to begin fighting at any moment. Everyone basically is ‘readying’ for their fight – not just the PCs.

Readied Actions

These actions do require a trigger to be specifically stated, as well as the action they will take if triggered. In a general situation, most Readied Actions take place during combat when the turn structure is in place. However, it may be possible to ready an action outside of combat, but you as the DM will need to adjudicate the possibility of that.

From the Players Handbook, page 193 (emphasis mine)

…you can take the Ready action on your turn so that you can act later in the round using your reaction.

First, you decide what perceivable circumstance will trigger your reaction. Then you choose the action you will take in response to that trigger, or you choose to move up to your speed in response to it…When the tirgger occurs, you can either take your reaction right after the trigger finishes or ignore the trigger.

Your situation

In order for the players in your situation to their ready action, they would need to have explicitly stated what their trigger was and what the use of their reaction would be. However, given that the combatants were also likely ‘readying actions’, the initiative roll works because everyone is on even ground.

Even if this was a one-sided readied action event (where the combatants whom the PCs were fighting were not prepared for a fight), the trigger for the PCs readied action is the attack – which needs to be completed before they can act.

In addition, a readied action is just that, something that is being held waiting for the trigger. That could be a caster having started their spell and waiting for the event to finish casting it (if no event, the spell slot is still lost), or the bowman with their arrow nocked and bowstring pulled and ready to fire, etc. etc. That sort of action may also move towards a specific resolution (FIGHT!) rather than hoping for an alternate resolution (NEGOTIATE!)

The developers have your back

Jeremy Crawford Tweeted about when Readied Actions are available.

The options, including Ready, in the “Actions in Combat” section (PH, 192–93) are meant to be used in combat, after rolling initiative.

but he also suggested an alternative:

Your readiness can guard against being surprised. Otherwise, you roll initiative as normal. The DM might give advantage

Jeremy also had a nice discussion on this podcast about readied action and initiative (starts at about 6:10).

Unspecified Initiative Rolling

There is a potential issue in how you roll initiative that should be mentioned. This section is not a judgement against the actions described, but merely a reminder to have a consistent and agreed upon method of initiative at your table.

If you are trying to create a level playing field, then you should roll specifically and openly for each combatant. While the DM does have “control” to make changes behind the scenes, what you have done is to allow the situation to play out as you wanted it to rather than be dictated by the rolls of the dice.

Even though you had one guy ready to go, you could have created a narrative around why the other mook got to go first – and that would have been a more consistent and fair way to adjudicate your initiative rolls.

The decision to assign the highest roll to the guy who was about to shoot may have further incensed the players and made them feel they didn’t get the opportunity they should have. It doesn’t mean what you did was wrong, but it may have contributed the feelings at the table. It may not have, but I think it’s something you should be aware of and consider when rolling your initiative.

How To Start a Inexpensive TShirt Design Printing Business

Before a years ago, to start and get success in a T-shirt printing business was quite difficult. But nowadays, with the emergence of the internet and digital printing resources, to start and grow T-shirt printing business become quite easier and more affordable than earlier. In fact, you can allow your users print-on-demand without any higher investment. Only you need to consider some few points before starting it which are as below:

Any business needs a proper business plan. Except it, it will be a waste of time and money. So first craft your business structure and future goals. Then decide your business name that reflects your ability in a T-shirt printing business. Also, do a competitor analysis and identify your niche market.

Do what necessary documentation and legal procedure are required which includes business licenses or sale tax permits.

Get info about printing system and find out the best high-end industrial printer and of premium quality cutting machine that best suits your needs.

After knowing where your audience and mapping competitors are, build an online presence. Identify and integrate T-shirt Design software with product configurator tool using which that offer your audience a great personalized experience.

Review different T-shirts of competitors and price your t-shirts depend on size and designs. It should be cover your manufacturing cost, marketing cost and profit margin. Also, keep in mind what customer willing to pay.

Now you have ready with your t-shirt printing business. Now it’s time to know your audience about your new venture. So do it using the power of digital platforms. Social media can be one of the best platforms for marketing your venture. So, Harness the power of social media.

By serving your customers with what they want in terms of quality, design, ease of using your website; you can make your business successful.


sharepoint online – SPO start page doesn’t get the same menu as our home site

Yesterday I ran Set-SPOHomeSite -HomeSiteUrl /path/to/site to set our home site.
Today, Get-SPOHomeSite indicates that the site mentioned is indeed a home site. I also see that the search bar on top of the home site says “Search in SharePoint”, which shows that at least one part of migrating our site to become a home site has worked, but don’t see any “My Sharepoint” type of link from the home site to our start page, and our start page never got the same menu header and theme as our home page.

Does anyone know what may be causing this issue?

Is there way to manually start Touch Bar from Terminal when Touch Bar didn’t start at all?

Occasionally I found that Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro is completely blackout and “pkill” won’t work because Touch Bar Agent is not running at all. One workaround is that restart macOS. It usually works for me but I’m wondering if macOS offers a way to start the Touch Bar process manually from command line so that I don’t have to restart OS entirely. My MacBook Pro doesn’t have a physical “esc” button and I found abilities to manually start any process much needed.

design – Where to start to make a simple web application for a personal project?

I’m trying to start an personal project, but I don’t realy know how. My ideia is to make a web application for the Agile Planning Poker.

I want to create sessions for some users to get in and vote for estimatives, but when the session is empty, it will not exist anymore. How can I design it? Or at least start?