compliance – InfoSec certifications for global start-up

This is not how it works. You do not collect certificates.

  • being certified does not mean you are safe
  • customers only care about the certificates they care about

The "best" certification is the one that best serves your business objectives. If you are suing Cyber ​​Essentials, but your customers want BSI Grundschütz, then you have wasted a lot of time and money. And neither guarantee that you are safe.

Company certificates help you to visualize your company, its processes, its employees and its technology through different objectives. Choose the goal that will help you secure your business. Your goal is to be safe, not to be certified.

The "best" case? Examine them all and identify the goal that highlights the gaps that your business should fill right now (no, you don't fill all the gaps at once at the start). Then use this goal to improve yourself. So maybe be certified in this program, but only if it meets the needs of your business.

Here's the approach (for an unregulated industry – for regulated industries, you swap items 1 and 2):

  1. Get basic skills in your people, processes and technology for obvious / common threats
  2. Get compliance with what third party stakeholders want (customers, regulators, investors, etc.)
  3. Develop internal compliance with your own standards to ensure consistency
  4. Develop a risk-based approach to target non-top-line threats to your business
  5. Develop a flexible and adaptive approach to security to be able to respond quickly to emerging risks

Here is the ELITE approach:

  • Essential
  • Theequal / Legislative (Lender / Allied)
  • Iinternal
  • Targetté
  • EMergent

Make the USB hard drive with OS X bootable as a startup drive?

A few years ago, it was easy to clone the current system partition of a Mac computer to an external Firewire hard drive, and then use it as a boot drive for the same Mac or even for another Mac. .

When I was currently trying with a USB stick (Western Digital Expansion +) and I clipped the SSD of my MacBook on it and I was trying to start another MacBook (different model) with it (holding the key Option during boot), it was not recognized as a possible boot disk.

What could be the reason? Are USB drives more difficult than Firewire as boot drives? Or is it more difficult today to use the same system configuration on a different MacBook model?

The source was the SSD of a MacBook in mid 2012. I am not sure and currently I cannot know how old the other MacBook was …

themes – Astra start-up site (life guide) is not imported

I am using astra for my website. I bought the Astra premium sites plugin. I can import any site but the "Life guide" start site I want. I can import all the other agency startup sites, but I cannot import the life guide site. it always says validate the license and when i click validate it shows that the license is validated but every time you try to import the site it always says "validate the license".

1. image 1: bonus in which it is always said to validate the license

2. photo 2: another premium site ready to be imported

site 1


backup – Mi 8 pro start-up loop after changing the dpi

I am using Mi 8 pro with MIUI 11, today I changed the developer mode dpi and now I'm stuck in a startup loop. but I can go into Mi-Recovery mode and there are only 3 options available. reboot, erase all data, connect to the Mi wizard.

What I have tried:

  • I have already used ADB but unfortunately I have disabled USB debugging after using ADB and now when I try to use ADB to reset the dpi I am not successful.
  • When I go to connect to the Mi wizard from the recovery mode, it shows me this URL. I am installing this software but my phone does not connect to it.

All I want to do is save my photos. Is there anything I can do? I believe that if I press wipe all the data, my phone will work as before, but I will lose all my photos that I don't want.

(Sorry for my bad English)

Startup problem | Web Talk Hosting

hi wht

When i start the server using reboot i have a problem and it never reaches the connection console

from ipmi access, I have these errors:

/ * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * /
Press (Enter) to jump and boot to the hard drive …

/ * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * /

See the picture here:

After pressing ENTER, the following error message is:

/ * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * /
Welcome to emergency mode! Once connected,
type "journalctl -xb" to display the system logs, "systemctl reboot" to restart,
"systemctl default" or ^ D to try to start in dafault mode again.
Press Enter for maintenance (or press Ctrl-D to continue):
/ * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * // * / * / * / * /

see the picture here:

Anyone know how to fix this kind of problem?

Investigation of the strange behavior of Windows startup

My Windows 8.1 shows a slow loading recently and a rather unclear behavior at startup.
I started with xbootmgr logging, and it looks like almost 5-6 minutes of initial startup is just System.exe doing smth with the following files:

Unknown, Flush

Here is a very descriptive screen of the newspaper: view etl

It certainly does not connect itself (first file on screen in C: Temp boot_BASE + LATENCY + DISK_IO_INIT + DISPATCHER + FI *) and it is probably not an antivirus, because the startup in safe mode has the same long delay.
Please help me: what is going on and how to deepen the issue?

bash – How to configure cpumask at startup with systemd?

I have the following service:





echo 1 > /sys/bus/workqueue/devices/writeback/cpumask
cat /sys/bus/workqueue/devices/writeback/cpumask > /tmp/writeback

Then after restarting, cat /tmp/writeback This seems good:

But /sys/bus/workqueue/devices/writeback/cpumask has been replaced by default:



windows 10 – Trying to change the startup sound

I am trying to change my startup sound, but I am not making it work.
It plays the default sound, but I have no chance of making it play a different sound.

What I have tried:

  • modification of the keys HKEY_CURRENT_USER AppEvents EventLabels WindowsUnlock, WindowsLogoff and WindowsLogon
  • change sounds in the sounds menu
  • replace the Windows Startup.wav files in the windows directory (make a backup first)

I have successfully changed my shutdown sound, my startup sound just won't change.

bitcoin core – How to quickly synchronize mempool at startup?

I just started my full "casual" node and watch the mempool size increase after the blocks are fully synchronized – watch -n 3 'bitcoin-cli getrawmempool true |jq "length"' – it has around 4000 pending transactions. However, my full "continuous" node has about 18,000 pending transactions that never seem to become available for my "occasional" node.

It seems that when a node starts, it will receive new transactions that arrive at the mempool, but the old transactions that were asked there are never "synchronized". How can I synchronize the mempool of a recently launched node with that of its peers?

I could close my other full node and copy the past mempool.dat in my other node, but this solution is very ugly because i need to stop a long lasting node with many connections.

How do I pause the game immediately at startup?

I want my Unity game to start with Time.timeScale = 0f because it starts with a main menu which is in the same scene as the game. I tried to put Time.timeScale = 0f in Awake () but that did not work as expected. Putting it in Awake () interrupted it almost immediately, but the update functions run at least once because some objects moved a little before the pause of the game. How can I Immediately stop when the game starts?