Settings – A way to get the phone status bar (battery, wifi, notifications) visible on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

The question is pretty self explanatory, I have a Nokia 8 with Android 9 (not rooted), I started playing HP: Wizards Unite and I am very irritated by the fact that the bar Phone top status displays battery, notifications, clock, wifi, etc. more noticeable unless I slide over it, but it will disappear again. I've tried searching in the phone settings as well as in the settings of the games, but to no avail. I'm looking for a way to make sure the top bar of the phone is permanently visible while playing the game, so I can easily monitor the life of my battery.

Ps. If this is not the right forum for this question, do not hesitate to vote on its migration, but I thought that an android guru might perhaps help you.

If anyone has a solution to this, I would be very grateful.

Customer Service Tax Refund Nc Status – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Refund of VAT Customer service
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Even after submitting the application, you may have some degree of curiosity for the procedure. So, for this state tax refund, customer service will help you. they will provide you with the information for the application you submitted. this will help you keep a constant eye on the means and follow when your request is at what stage.

The relationship in the state tax department and the refunded customer service
Having good relations or contacts between departments is one of the most important points. This will help a lot of users. we then examine the relationship between the state tax department and the state tax refund service nc. you will find it rather satisfactory. As they provide the customer service of the refund of the state tax nc all the necessary data. And the best part is that the information they will share with you is always up to date. you will always have confidence in the information you get.

So from now on, when you're having trouble, just contact the customer service tax refund nc.


filters – Delete archived status & # 39; the publication and the default page

I have a page status on my wordpress platform:
All, mine, draft, published and ARCHIVED as you can see in the picture below

status of wordpress pages

When I go to pages, the default view is All pages had 62 pages on my example.

I want to hide the archived page in the default view. Soon ALL (62) I want to see all pages except the archived state pages. the archived the pages must still be visible if we go to Archived tab.

Thanks for the help.

Ux field – Can we open the keyboard if the mobile application has the status of backsheet?

I am working on a mobile application. It's like ordering an app for the grocery store but wholesale and not at the retailer. Thus, the user can order from 100 kg to 1,000,000 kg for sale. The range of commands is huge and because of this need UX help

I am a user and I can order between 50kg and 1.00.000 kg. I select a bag containing 50 kg. But if I give the possibility to add elements whose design is inferior to the design, it will be very difficult to add 20 to 100 bags because the user will have to click 20 times.

enter the description of the image here

I decided to give some text, but I'm not sure that the background sheet mode is already activated. How can I open the keyboard for all users to enter a specific value?
Need help for Ux design.

Plus – I've redesigned the pop-up but it's a bit complex as in the picture below.

enter the description of the image here

Manage status codes in engine.ini

We could determine if sumission is successful by status code. We can say that the engine does not match by status code, and more … Can we already do it?

Registration after the status of questions (ignore the user interface)?

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system.xml – Multi-select drop-down menu for Magento 2 system configuration status

I first created a dropdown list of countries in the backend configuration, using the source model as

Magento  Directory  Template  Config  Source  Country

Then, depending on the selected country, I have to inform the states of this country in a multi-selection field located under the country field.

Currently, there is an option to load the report into a single selection drop-down list. But I need it as a multiselect attribute.

adminhtml – Magento 2 In the order of the administrator panes, add or change the time when you select the status of a dynamic text box.

In fact, I need a command to add or change a time, when we select the status of the command relative to the custom status input text box displayed under the selection status.

If you know that please tell me how to get them according to the status change as the dynamic value put in the text box under the status selection.

Thank you in advance developer Magento.

Get the status of SharePoint workflows in the SP farm by using Powershell

I'm trying to determine which properties of $ list or $ wp return the status of the workflow (Done, In Progress, An error has occurred and canceled). or how I can get the status of each workflow in the SP farm. I managed to get the URL, the name of the list, etc., except the status of the workflow.

$ siteurl = "xxx"

Get-Workflows function ($ siteurl)

$ site = Get-SPSite -Limit ALL
$ WorkflowDeatils = @ ()

foreach ($ web in $ site.AllWebs)
foreach ($ list in $ web.Lists)
foreach ($ wf in $ list.WorkflowAssociations)
if ($ wf.Name -notlike "The previous version")
$ row = PSObject new-object
add-Member -inputObject $ row -memberType NoteProperty -name "Site URL" -Value $ web.Url
add-Member -inputObject $ row -memberType NoteProperty -name "List Title" -Value $ list.Title
add-Member -inputObject $ row -memberType NoteProperty -name "RootFolder" -Value $ list.RootFolder
add-Member -inputObject $ row -memberType NoteProperty -name "Workflow Name" -Value $ wf.Name

$ WorkflowDeatils + = $ row
$ WorkflowDeatils

Get-Workflows | Export-csv C: workflow.txt
$ site.Dispose ();

Check the status of the checkbox by programming

I am relatively new to PHP and can not control the checkboxes of my forms.
I have a group of 6 linked checkboxes on a form – there are also other unrelated checkboxes on the form – and I want all six associated checkboxes to be checked initially. When the user fills out the form, he can very well uncheck one or all six checkboxes, which is fine.

Various changes are made to the different text entries and text boxes on my form. Any error causing the form to be redisplayed with the appropriate error messages. When I redisplay the form, I want all the associated check boxes to be displayed in the appropriate state. For example, if the first and third checkboxes have been deselected by the user, I would like this option to be displayed unchecked when the form is displayed again. If they are all unchecked, I want to show them all unchecked when the form is displayed again.

I can initialize the checkboxes quite easily by simply including the word "checked" in the original HTML, but I really have trouble figuring out how to disable (or enable) programmatically a check box without resorting to JQuery or JavaScript, both of which I want to avoid if possible. (I'm trying to make these forms work for users who refuse to enable javascript for any reason.)

Can any one tell me how to enable or disable the checkboxes once they are already set?