machine learning – CNN Predict a class and a precision of staying stuck

My model is a binary classifier.

With the same exact architecture, the model sometimes gets high accuracies (90%, etc.), at other times, it only predicts a class (so the precision remains locked on one digit all the time) and on other occasions, the loss value is "nan". (too big or too small for the value of the loss to be a figure I guess).

I've tried to simplify my architecture (up to 2 layers conv2D and 2 dense layers), seed a random number of core initializers (2) and change the rate of ## EQU1 ## 39 learning, but none of these actually solves the problem of inconsistency help the model to train once with great accuracy, but if I run it again without changing any code, I'll 39 get a very different result, an immutable accuracy, as it only predicts a class all the time, or a loss "nan").

How can I solve this problem of:
1. Model having unchanging predictions for the entire series (predicting only one class all the time).
2. Inconsistent and non-reproducible results (when the above problems come and go without code modification)
3. Get at random values ​​of "nan" losses. (How can I get rid of it permanently?)

Thank you!!!!

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Visas – Canadian Parents Staying 8 Months in the United States

I live in the United States with a green card. My father retired and my mother had a year off (until September). We are all Canadian citizens.

I just had a child and they wanted to come visit me and stay with me until the end of August to become grandparents. I know that as Canadians, you have 182 days without needing a visa, but I have a hard time finding the options that they offer to them (for example, staying 8 months instead of 6). In the worst case, of course, they can come back sooner. I think we should apply for a B2 visa, but I have not found a concrete answer

Air travel – My boyfriend is from Barbados and went to the United States in 2013 on a b1 visitor visa. He's still here, he's staying too long.

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accommodation – How to avoid staying in roach hotels in Costa Rica?

I have lived in several tropical cities. Some in developed countries, some not. In some cities, even in some developed cities, it is almost impossible to find a place to stay without cockroaches. I admit that I almost never spend in hotels costing more than 60 USD per night. My price range is usually $ 20 per night, with an occasional night of $ 50 or $ 60 to celebrate arriving in a new city or something.

What about Costa Rica? Especially the San Jose area. Reading the airbnb reviews, it seems like most places have a review that mentions cockroaches. And I never trust good reviews, especially if they are less than 100 words long. Most are just bots or are paid.

From now on, I'm planning cockroaches. I plan to buy a cockroach aerosol in a convenience store. So, first, do Costa Rica's convenience stores (which look like am / pm and Circle K) generally store cockroach aerosols?

But then, do I choose the wrong hotels? Is there a better strategy for finding a place to stay free of cockroaches? Is this just wishful thinking for Costa Rica? Or is it easy enough?

Does the location where you are staying (geographically) has a negative impact on your SEO rankings?


According to my experience with SEO, the geographic location of the hosting can have a major impact on the speed of loading the site. And we all know that Google and other search engines are lowering sites with slow upload speeds (which may result in high bounce rates).

The further a user is away from hosting the site, the longer the site load time will be long. However, as far as the distance between Germany and the UK is concerned, I think the ping (the time required for the load request of the site in Germany to arrive on the UK server) should be optimal, can to be around 100 to 150 ms, according to my estimate.

For ease of understanding, suppose that a request from the UK to a UK server takes only 10 to 30 ms, which means a shorter load time. Germany in the UK means a higher offset in milliseconds.

And it will have a negative impact on the SEO scores, even if I value a little and not too much. However, if you have important resources (high-resolution photos, videos, etc.), the loading of the site could be a little slower.

I hope this has brought some light to things.