customs and immigration – US citizen traveling to UK on May 31st staying for one month

Hi everyone I currently live in Miami and I am due to leave for the UK on May 31st and I will arrive on June 1st on AA38 from MIA to LHR. I am a US citizen and I will be seeing my British boyfriend in the UK and staying at his home in Brighton for one month before returning to the US. This flight is one of the only international flights still operating from my area because of COVID-19. I understand many might think I am crazy to make this journey but I have not seen my boyfriend since March 2019 when when went on a trip together to the UK and Italy. I have a bunch of masks with me and I am in good health and I do not mind following the local laws at all times regarding social distancing and quarantine. Does anyone know if Immigration will allow me to pass through. I know that US citizens can use the E-Gates now and don’t undergo questioning by immigration officers but I have heard from the UK Gov website that the E-Gates have been shut down for non-EEA citizens, and I also heard a story of a woman who was refused because she wanted to take care of her pregnant daughter. I am kind of in a tough spot right now. Should I postpone my trip or just take the flight. If I take the flight what can I do to convince Border Force to allow me I have enough funds and I will promise to adhere to local guidelines and I have a place to stay. Any answers would be appreciated.

Do you have trouble staying fit as a busy professional?

Hi everyone! Since I'm new here, I'm currently trying to find out how we could make life easier for busy professionals like you. ;]

This is why I have two very simple questions:

1. As an entrepreneur, I wonder if you have a hard time staying in shape? And if so, what are the 2 biggest issues that keep you from staying in shape?

2. When it comes to staying in shape, what would you want more than anything else to be able to get back in shape or get back to it?

Thank you very much in advance. You can also send me a message directly if you are not comfortable putting it in the comments section – looking forward to reading your responses!

Visas – I have been in the United States for ten years and have been banned from staying for ten years

I am a French citizen.
2003 -> 2012: I lived and worked in the United States under legal visas.
2012 -> 2019: I stayed in the United States.
2008: I got married in the United States with a non-citizen green card holder.
2015: I had a child with my wife of a non-American citizen holding the green card. My child is an American citizen.
2016: My wife became an American citizen.
2016: I applied for a green card as a US citizen husband (and father)
2017: My wife broke up with me. She no longer supports my request for a green card.
2018: I am divorced.
2019: I returned to France without my son.

I have now been excluded for ten years. Is there anyway that I can return to the United States just for a few days to see my son?

Thank you for any help or advice you could give me.

Staying in a hotel during a pandemic

I am alone in a New Jersey hotel in a room. Should I return to my country of origin or stay here and isolate myself until the worst of the pandemic ends?

Staying in Canada for three months, will this affect the UK student visa application?

Britain and Canada share information on immigration under the Five Eyes Treaty (with the United States, Australia and New Zealand). You must assume that the UK authorities are aware of your extended stay.

Therefore, if asked, you must declare it. Don't be tempted to try to cover it. If the UK authorities know about it and you don't mention it, you will likely receive a long ban on deception.

This will have an effect on any UK visa application. The magnitude of the effect will depend, among other things, on the details of the extended stay and the nature of your request.

The only way to find out is to apply.

uk – What documents to show for "Proof that family members are staying in your country of origin while traveling on a standard visit visa"

I am applying for a transit visa to the United Kingdom. One of my parents lives with me and is my direct dependent. They do not have a passport at the moment and all their documents indicate an old address in a different city that we lived in a few years ago. What we currently use as proof of address is a gas connection registration document.

What documents can I submit for my caase Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel for Standard visiting visa in the visa application?

Networking – Connecting to an alternative WiFi network while staying connected to the original WiFi network

I have a Windows 10 machine located at a remote site, associated with a WiFi network. I can access the machine via Microsoft Remote Desktop and an ssh client is also installed. The machine is not connected to a wired network.

The Windows 10 machine is paired with a WiFi network (call it network A). I want to be able to switch to another WiFi network (call it network B).

Is it possible to go from a network A to a network B using a remote workstation or ssh? If I use the Windows GUI to switch from Network A to Network B, I would need another network connection to keep the Remote Desktop session running.

One way to do this is to connect to a WiFi network using a command prompt:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="my_ssid" key="password"

But is there a way to delay the connection so that it switches automatically after I log out of the remote desktop connection? Can there be a fallback mode on the original WiFi network in case of problems?

Legal – Should non-Burmese citizens staying in hotels in Myanmar register with local authorities? If so, how?

I've read about (mirror):

By law, guests staying in hotels must register with local authorities.

However, the page does not give any reference and date of August 8, 2013.

Should non-Burmese citizens staying in hotels in Myanmar register with local authorities? If so, how?

As a busy entrepreneur, do you have trouble staying in shape?

Hi everyone, I am currently in a research phase where I am trying to find out how to help entrepreneurs in a hurry to stay in shape :]

I therefore have two simple questions:

As a busy entrepreneur, do you have trouble staying in shape? If you do what are the two biggest problems you face?

google – Number of unique visitors staying at least 30 seconds + visitors of 2 pages or more

I was asked to report a number based on the number of unique visitors who stay longer than 30 seconds AND on two or more pages.

My plan was to create a custom report or segment based on these criteria, but in both cases I encounter the same problem. pages per session is a metric in Analytics, which means that I can not use it as a filter. (at least in Google Analytics standard).

Did I miss something? These seem to be pretty basic variables.