vector – Rear Propulsion Steering Spline, or what is this called?

What I am looking for is essentially to know what this is, or what I can google to learn how to do it… unless of course the solution is simple.enter image description here

You have an object at the start position facing a direction, and a desired position and direction.

The object has:

  • max speed
  • rotation rate
  • acceleration
  • deceleration

I am essentially trying to simulate the object having a “thruster” force acting on it.

enter image description here

I would like a smooth path from VecStart to VecEnd, where the object accelerates from stationary, and then decelerates as it gets to its desired position and rotation.

I am at a loss for what this is called, and where I should begin to research.

Grouping Around a Point and Moving Together With Steering Behaviors

I have a group of enemies that move together. I have them grouped around a point by setting their target to be a point. I have combined the “Seek” (“Arrive” has the same issue in this case) and “Separate” steering behaviors to achieve this. My issue stems from the fact that they all want to move to that point, effectively fighting for the center (The separate steering behavior just has them doing this at a distance). Is there any way I could group them together like this without having them fight for the center? I don’t want to have set positions as that would be quite unnatural looking and ill-fitting for my game. I also think a flow field would have the same issues (I’m, not sure about that).

game mechanics – Simple racing car steering?

I want to make a simple 2d top-down racing game, something like Mario Kart in 2d, but I am really struggling with the car steering. The only resources I find are complicated and involve a lot of different physics equations. They are all an overkill for my small project.

Do you known how I could implement some simple car steering or do you know some resources? It doesn’t have to be accurate, it should just feel nice to control the car.

It would be awesome if you could help me!

3d – Steering forces – Avoidance does not affect trajectory when flying directly at a target

I’m trying to implement a simple seek & avoid system for a 3d game wherein planes fly around. Using–gamedev-12732 as a reference.

During testing I found that if a plane was flying directly at a target it should avoid, the avoidance force (a Vector3 that points in direction from the plane’s target to the plane) is in the complete opposite direction of its velocity (also a Vector3), thus it doesn’t steer at all. I could detect this and rotate the avoidance force a bit, but that seems like a poor solution.

func _avoid() -> Vector3:
    var avoidance_force := Vector3.ZERO

    var ray_start = host.get_position()
    var ray_length = host.get_view_distance()
    var collision = host.get_world().direct_space_state.intersect_ray(
        ray_start + -host.global_transform.basis.z * ray_length,
        (host), 31, true, true)

    if collision.empty():
        return avoidance_force

    if == 'Avoidance':

        var collision_dist = (host.get_position() + host.get_velocity() - collision.position).length()

        avoidance_force = (collision.position - collision.collider.global_transform.origin).normalized()

        # if direction_change == -1, then the plane is flying directly at its target
        # var direction_change =
        return avoidance_force