ios – Why would an iPad fail to connect to an iMac (via a Lightning cable) to sync, once all of the "trust" steps have been followed?

When you try to connect a new iPad (iPad Air, 3rd generation) running 13.3 to an old iMac running MacOS 10.11.6, the iPad / computer connection (via cable) never succeeds.

All prompts are correctly followed:
Trust this computer is selected.
Do you want to allow this computer to access this iPad? Yes
The access code is entered correctly on the iPad.

Then the computer hangs when prompted
To allow access, please respond on your iPad...

… until expiration with a response from
iTunes could not connect to this ipad. You do not have permission.

What's wrong? Has Apple deliberately banned the use of old computers / MacOS with newer devices ??

business – First steps in BPMN 2.0 – Music production diagram

I am trying to simulate the process of hiring a record company. Formally, I have decided that the steps to do so are as follows:

  1. The artist sends his new album to the label, which will review it and decide whether to approve it or not.
  2. If the record company approves it, they will prepare an interview in order to decide to hire the artist. If the album is not approved, it will reject it and then end the process.
  3. Once the interview is over, they can reject it (end the process) or send an offer to the artist, who will decide whether to accept it or not.

Here's how I modeled it:
enter description of image here

What do you think of using the objects in this model? I did not understand if I needed to connect them to other activities or not. Regarding the two messages, I used that of the artist to communicate with the record company, is this correct?

Gompertz model: steps to find the value of K and the value of a, where a is constant and K is the carrying capacity.

$$ frac {aln ( frac {K} {26.273})} {aln ( frac {K} {27.165})} = 1.0065809 $$

10 Magic Steps for Website Automation | NewProxyLists

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    Automating your website is not as difficult as you think. If you follow these steps, you
    will end up with a fully automated website that can easily make you a few thousand
    dollars a week. Of course, it depends on the quality of the information you

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Steps to ensure data inequality / Mac mini security before sale?

I have Mac mini ranging from 2011 models to 2014 models, which I want to sell. My concern relates to the integrity / security of the data concerning them.

I don't have a large HD / external server to back up all the data, so my plan was to remove and keep the hard drives from each Mac Mini, and put in a brand new SSD before the sale.

In addition to doing the above, are there any steps to take to ensure data integrity / security? For example. will something be saved in ram or CPU / GPU or Other?

After Trump steps down, should we de-program, deport or behead his cult members to get the country back on track?

No, we are not a country of savages. We will give Trump supporters the best care during their 2 days at the Betrayal Camp and one of the BEST final meals of all time. Even the lobster. Go against it, you know you would send us with one last way of ramen noodles. At least your belly will be full.

integration – Search for a portable integral / derivative calculator with purchase steps

I'm currently looking for a portable integral / derivative calculator that shows the steps as well as these 2 sites:

I'm currently looking at the TI-Nspire ™ CX II-T but I'm still not really sure if it does what I want it to do. Thanks for any help :]

If Trump is acquitted, what other steps can Democrats take to ensure that he is removed from the presidency?

Breaking: Donald Trump is on tape during a dinner with Lev Parnas, referring to Ambassador Yovanovich: “ Take her away ''.

https: // / …

If the Republicans don't withdraw it, it proves that the whole party is nothing but a criminal organization. Trump works like a mafia kingpin.

I think Congress should call more witnesses if the Senate does not: Parnas, Bolton, Mcghan, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Giuliani.

android – Protection steps to prevent files sent via WhatsApp from installing malware

I have read articles on exploits that allow someone to send an MP4, PDF or any other type of file via WhatsApp or another service, which will automatically run to install malware without any clicks or user intervention.

I know that some of these security holes have been fixed by WhatsApp recently, but it is likely that other holes remain.

What steps can an average user take to avoid this? For example, I can turn off automatic download.

Are there:

  • Any other phone or WhatsApp settings?
  • Scanning apps Can I install malware scan downloads on Android?
  • Other steps?

How to earn money on YouTube? Learn 7 Steps To Make Money With Ads, Affiliate Marketing And Sponsored Products | NewProxyLists

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Nowadays, everyone wants to make money on YouTube. Talk about the most obvious quick enrichment strategies! You tend to produce a few videos, upload them to YouTube and wait for the money to come into your account, right?

No, it is not as simple as it sounds.

I have to say that being a videographer is an incredible way to make money. But it all depends on the time, the dedication, the effort you can put into achieving what you want. And if you've made your decision and really want to work hard to make money with YouTube, I'm here for you because here I'm going to give you a complete step-by-step guide to making money. money on this platform. Here you will find out how to create an audience, monetize the audience and generate substantial income on the YouTube channel.

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