python – How to find the maximum amount of stock for a particular product using web scraping?

I am learning web scraping and want to find out every detail of the product, for example the name, reviews, description and number of available stocks of particular items. However, I have no idea how to know the maximum number of quantities of any e-commerce they have. See the image below enter the description of the image here
when I type 100, eBay recommends putting fewer amounts (as they do not have 100 bathrobes).

Flash ROM – How to Extend EXT4 File System Support for MicroSD Cards in Stock or Non-Lines / CyanogenMod ROMS

As I know after Android 4.4 or whatever, your storage card is no longer directly exposed and needs to be carefully interfaced through Mount points that need to be aware across vold system

My question is given this situation and the fact that ext4 is very complicated in terms of access and especially with now SeLinux sitting on it
it's sort of still possible to render ext4 support when it did not initially exist as was the case for lineage and previous similar OSes
this would be the case if mount points are created at startup and then vold is made aware of them

what I did
since I'm rooted ( magisk ) I use su mount master and mounted these manually, but then trying to use vold failed because it was too late
I've found articles on how this was done in previous versions of Android up to version 5.
After 7.6, the Android world has become even more paranoid about security and seLINUX could not have been more agitated
Starting from version 7.x of Android versions, I would like to know if there is a definitive guide on how to proceed. It does not bother me to recompile this feature in the kernel. It's a much more rewarding investment than trying to search for custom ROMs and moving away from stocks just because you want them. EXT4support

so how can i add
EXT4support on stock and similar ROMs
for Android versions> 7.x and proceed in the right way, where all applications can access my partitions. all my scores are
EXT4 it's enough in contrast with the second partition app2sd approach that is used to save space. of course I have that too, but I have two other partitions used for extSD (primary partition of external data storage) and one devoted to another application. totally 3
EXT4 partitions. the first is the main data partition, the second is app2sd and third is a special partition dedicated to an application.
if it's important, I'm rooted on a Samsung device equipped with Nougat 7.x.

image quality – Can a 1 "(one inch) sensor camera be used for stock or commercial photography?

I often use a Nikon 1 V2 with a 1 "sensor for commercial work … mostly product-type photographs.The quality of the image depends much more on other factors … and its sufficiency really depends on the requirements.

I do not sell to stock exchanges, but Adobe Stock has a minimum requirement of 4MP for photos and 1920×1080 for video; which is more than enough for most web-based needs (the other agencies are similar). And as my Nikon1 can meet / exceed these requirements, the results of 1 "sensors should be acceptable.

But real needs are not always known … the agency does not know end-uses when it accepts subsections. And often, the customer does not know what he really needs and wants as much as he can get (as little as possible). It is not uncommon for a client / client to insist that they need much more than what they actually do, and trying to fix this is usually futile.

The purpose of all that is to say; yes, 1 "sensors can be perfectly acceptable, but you will have a wider market if you use something that produces higher specification files.I also use a D850 …

legal – Do I need a property to sell a stock image of an object when the location is not identifiable?

You do not need a property as a stock photo. If a property release is required; it is required by the user, not you.

With stock photography they are unlikely to accept an image w / o release even if the end use does not actually require it … part of that is because they do not know what the end use will be when accepting images, and a general protection policy.
If the image is more generic, they may accept it w / o a release.

The other implied part of your question is "is it legal for me to take, and now posses / sell, the picture?" I can not answer that definitively … but if you were not doing something you believe / knew to be illegal (against policy / etc) then it was / is probably fine.

You said the subject of your photo is clearly "an object." If that object is also a piece of creative work (i.e. has statue / painting) then your photo could be in violation of someone else's copyrights (varies by region and installation).

Is it worth investing in stocks?

Good!! Did you know? Today, many people are investing in the stock market because they earn quite a good income income.

More importantly, I wanted to know how to invest online in the stock market. is it worse?

What is your point of view on the stock market?


stock markets – Can I sell USD / BTC instead of selling BTC / USD?

Let's say that I think Bitcoin has peaked. I want to shorten bitcoin, but in a much less risky way. In order to do that, I want to go long on USD / BTC. Suppose (as an example) that I longed for this pair when Bitcoin was worth $ 13,250 (on the bearish side, I defined this price as the exercise price) and that I lean it. sold for $ 8,000 and up I would have made a return on investment of 65%, compared to just under 40% for the USD / BTC. I want to do this to be able to make a higher profit during a bear market. I think it's a good idea.

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Stock market of the forum | Promotion Forum

Stock Market Information Forum and Getting Started Guide

The basics
– This is handled by a formula, designed to determine the change in value for each stock in the stock of a forum. It's fair and balanced. I wrote the basic formula under the forum submissions section; you can read below if you want to try to stick to the process.
– Every day at a specified time (such as 8AM GMT (-7GMT)), the list will be updated with the current price and the previous price of each action.
– You can buy or sell at any time. To buy, respond using the form provided in the individual stock market thread, and then give the money immediately after sending, to the person selling the stock. To sell, make a post asking your shares to be sold in the same thread.

Example: You buy 10 shares of Hogwarts School of Wizarding for $ 50 each. (Total $ 500 FP). 2 days later, the value increased to $ 60. You request a sale and you receive $ 600. In this case, you earned 100 FP more than you spent.

Make sure to buy stocks using Today & # 39; hui value!

When you submit your forum to the list, a non-refundable fee will be charged. These fees will start your list of forums at a specific price. After explaining some basic information about how stock prices work, you will find the registration form necessary to submit your forum, the necessary elements to create your own discussion thread, as well as the additional items you can buy, increase your number of available actions and increase the initial value (if you wish).

Bid Information
Registration fees: These are the fees you must pay when you submit your forum to the stock market listing. This is non-refundable.
Course of the starting action: The starting price at which the actions of your forums begin.
Average number of daily messages needed without change: This is the number of messages your forum must post daily so that its stock price is not affected at all. The average will be based on the total messages from the forum. Once your forum exceeds a certain amount of message, the daily average may change.
Increases or decreases in price of 1 PC, by: This is the number of posts that must be done in addition to the average, so that the stock of your forum increases its price by 1 FP. It is also the number of posts that will reduce your price by 1 FP, for as many posts below the average.
Default actions available: The number of shares you can sell to people interested in investing in your forum stock. This amount can be increased by purchasing a share upgrade.

Registration fees: 500 FP
Course of the starting action: 25 FP
Average number of daily messages needed without change:
For forums with fewer than 250,000 messages – 50 messages
For forums from 250,001 to 500,000 messages – 75 messages
For forums with more than 500,001 messages – 100 messages
Increases or decreases in price of 1 PC, by: All 10 positions above or below average.
Default actions available: 1,000 shares

In order to submit your forum to the list of stock markets (and your thread is listed in the list at the top of this page), you must complete the following information and copy and fill in the format of your choice. thread. Once I have reviewed the information you have provided (and rechecked that you have created your topic), you will then have to pay the registration fee, along with any other fees for the additional items you wish to add , before listing your forum. Once you have done this, please keep tabs of this thread daily, to see if there are new price updates for your stock, so that you can maintain your own updated thread.

Submission form


(b)Forum Name(/b):
(b)Forum Link(/b):
(b)Current Total Posts(/b):
(b)Thread Link(/b): (Link to your thread that you created, by using the next form for the topic.)
(b)Extras(/b): (Any added items, if wanted)

Your personal stock thread form


(b)Forum Name(/b): (your forum name)
(b)Forum Link(/b): (link to your forum)
(b)Today's Share Price(/b): (updated daily in overview thread, please see that thread daily for your current share price)
(b)Total Shares(/b): (This is the total shares you can sell)
(b)Available Shares Left(/b): (current total for purchase)
(b)Stock Buy Back Availability(/b): (Specify here if you are willing to buy back the shares you sold off.)
(b)Share Owners(/b): (Those who bought any number of shares, and the price the shares were bought at.)
(b)Forum Notes(/b): (Any notes you have about the forum or whatever else.)

(b)Form to Fill out to Purchase or Sell Shares(b)
(b)Buying or Selling?(/b): (Are you buying or selling?)
(b)How Many Shares(/b): (The amount you want to buy or sell.)
(b)Current Price(/b): (The current value per share.)
(b)Total Price(/b): (The total value of your request.)

Extras at the purchase
Increase the starting price of the shares by 100 FP: 300 FP
Increase the starting price of 250 FP: 750 FP
Increase the starting price of the shares by 500 FP: 1500 FP
Increase of available actions:

250 FP per 1,000 shares
500 FP per 2,500 shares
1,000 FP per 5,000 shares
2,000 FP per 10,000 shares
3,000 FP per 15,000 shares
4,000 FP per 20,000 shares
5,000 FP per 25,000 shares

stock exchanges – What are the differences between Bitcoin derivatives, such as perpetual contracts and futures contracts?

Futures contracts are derivative instruments used to fix the price of a security at a predetermined future date and price. The price at which you buy a future indicates the price of what Bitcoin would be, say, in three months from this day, also known as the expiry date of the contract. However, if investors want to trade on the current price, the only option available to them is to physically buy Bitcoins. But the main disadvantage of this method is that you have to invest more capital than buying a futures contract. In addition, futures contracts must be renewed because their maturity is close.

Contracts of indefinite duration are future contracts that do not expire. The price of open-ended contracts is close to that of Bitcoin's average spot price on various stock exchanges. The cash settlement of a futures contract is: spot price at expiry - futures price (as you can take the physical delivery of the asset at the expiration and sell in the open market). Thus, if the indefinite contract is traded at a premium in excess of the Bitcoin spot price, the long-term contracts of the contract will have to make financing payments to the shorts. This will make the contract less attractive for long-term bonds and more attractive for short films, which will lower the price of the contract at the spot price level. The opposite occurs if the perpetual transactions are made at a price lower than the spot price. This is the reason why the perpetual contract closely mimics the Bitcoin price (after adjusting for trading costs).

Permanent contracts are very similar to margin orders because you do not need to record the total amount of the purchase. You must keep a certain amount as collateral. If you keep 20% of the amount of the purchase as collateral, you have leverage multiplied by 5. The advantage over futures contracts lies in the fact that they follow the cash price and that they avoid the hassle of rolling.

Try this best stock of precious metals

The Sleeping Giant mine is located 80 km north of Amos in northwestern Quebec, Canada. It is
accessible by the road 109 which connects Amos to Matagami. It's an asphalt road and it spends less
less than 1 km from the mine site. The equipment and services are available at competitive prices.
The mine operated from 1988 to 2014. It has remained dry since it closed temporarily.
in 2014 and no infrastructure has been subscribed or added. Currently, the mill Sleeping Giant deals
ore from the Elder mine, owned by Abcourt Mines inc. and, occasionally, some custom ores. The mill
the capacity is 700 to 750 tons per day. The activated carbon process is used to recover gold.
Historically, the recovery of gold on Sleeping Giant ore, at this plant, is 97.5%.
The tailings pond complies with all government regulations, dikes and water quality
are audited annually by an external expert. The tailings pond has sufficient capacity to receive
residues at the Elder mine and at the Sleeping Giant mine, as noted in Section 16 of the
technical report. The settling pond at the outlet of the tailings pond is used to treat
water rejected according to the rules and to control the quality of the water.