Thesis survey regarding stock agencies

Hello everyone!

I am an interactive media student from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and I am currently writing my bachelor’s thesis on the use of stock agencies during COVID-19 times. I am trying to research how COVID-19 has affected the usage of stock agencies from the perspective of their customers. I am looking for people who have ever licensed any kind of content from a stock agency to answer my Google Forms survey. The survey is short as it will only take roughly 3 minutes to answer. Your answers would really help me to graduate! Your answers will be handled anonymously, and they will only be used for research purposes for the thesis.

Link to survey:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in this thread.

Thank you in advance!


Exporting Stock Financial Data into Excel

I would like to pull 3 attributes (Open, Close, Volume) for a variety of stock symbols. I would like to pull the stock data within a specific range and export it to an excel spreadsheet. I would also like to append the next stock ticker and its attributes to the bottom of the former.

So far I have the following code:

filename = "Data.xls";
data = FinancialData(
   "GE", {"Open", "Close"}, {{2000, 1, 1}, {2021, 1, 1}});
V = data // Normal;
Export(filename, V);

Several problems are easy to see: Data for Open and Close are saving in separate tabs (I do not know why), adding additional ticker symbols forces all ticker data for a symbol into the same row in the same tab (again I do not know why), I am getting a string e.g.

Quantity(50.29999923706055, “USDollars”)

when all I want is the numerical piece. Finally, I am not getting the headers for each attribute as I am looking for.

I would really appreciate some assistance here. I have looked at other solutions as Creating a Stock Dataset but it doesn’t quite give me what I am looking for and my attempts to change it to meet my needs have failed.

configuration – Magento 2 certain products hide out of stock products at storefront

I wanted to show all out of products at front store, so I went Store> Configuration > Catalog > Inventory and set yes Display Out of Stock Products option

But I have to hide certain out of stock products manually. So Default Magento 2 provides functionality where hide some products at item level configuration ? If yes, how ? If any extension please let me know. I am tired but I could not find the solution for this.

I am using community magento 2.4.0

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Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device?

While they don’t usually host ROMs directly(exceptions include Samsung), you may find that they have software useful for upgrading stock ROMs, such as Samsung’s tool Kies. If you want to upgrade and stay stock then you should try official methods first.

Google hosts update packages for the flagship Nexus and Pixel devices at

You can’t browse that link directly, but web search is your friend here. Search for that link plus the code name of the device and the version you want; for example, searching crespo ics results in a lot of pages with (this link)(n1) — the OTA Ice Cream Sandwich update for the T-Mobile Nexus S. Links for various “factory images” for Nexus devices can be found here.

Probably the first place you should look after trying the official route is the XDA Developers’ forums. Stock ROMs are usually posted in the General sub-forum for your device, and custom ROMs in the Android Development sub-forum for your device. No guarantees.

They don’t have dedicated subforums for all devices, so if you have a less-popular device you should use the site search instead of the subforum search.

You may or may not want to check RootzWiki before XDA Forums above. Developers tend to move from forum to forum and RootzWiki provides devices for the best developers so a lot have jumped on board.

They have sections for many devices and for those that don’t there is a General section. The forums tend to be divided into 3 sections per device (not always): General, Development (ROMS and such) and Themes.

Many developers publish their custom ROMs in ROM Manager and even provide OTA-style updates through it. Naturally, these ROMs can be easily flashed through ROM Manager / ClockWorkMod Recovery as well.

This site often has ROMs for more obscure devices, as well as the popular ones.

This site provides a long list (about 800 pages) for all kind of devices, including Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and more. It misses a filtering mechanism, unfortunately…

Grouped by vendor, then device. Seems to be quite up-to-date and quite complete — for sure one of the best resources.

Similar to Android Forums.

This site posts stock Samsung ROMs from all over. It does require you to sign up.

Note: you may need to register an account before downloading. If not, then the “Download” button is just point to the register page, and no actual file is downloaded.

When in doubt, do a web search. Make use of quotes (e.g., "vibrant" "stock 2.2.1") in order to narrow the results and find what you need.

A collection of shipped ROMs. Contains ROMs for 40-odd devices.

Translated from a popular Chinese ROM, MIUI is a highly customized version of Android with a large base of customization and theme options and a strong iOS aesthetic. Available for many devices and in Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), Jelly Bean (4.3) options.

Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) is just like Cyanogen Mod (CM) a Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based ROM. AOKP focuses on providing extensible settings with the disadvantage that less devices are supported in comparison with CM.

If you have a Samsung device and you want to unleash the potential of your device then this is the place to go for information, tutorials, files, firmware and many surprises! Many top devs in the industry and talented people frequent and maintain many useful threads on this forum based site.

Another popular Android forum, similar to XDA and RootzWiki.

Similar to CyanogenMod, OmniROM is a committed open-source project that provides ROMs for a variety of devices.

Similar to OmniROM, Replicant is a committed open-source project that provides ROMs for several devices (mostly Samsung). It is a fully free Android distribution (with a marked aversion to binary blobs), putting the emphasis on freedom and privacy/security.

Lineage OS is the successor to CyanogenMod(in the sense that the numbering scheme matches only). It allows for customization of the buttons at the bottom of the screen and for root access.

Flashtool provides inbuilt tool – “XperiaFirm” that lets you download the stock firmware for Xperia devices. Using flashtool you can even install the downloaded firmware onto your Xperia device.

factory reset – Can Easter Egg prove phone has Stock Android 10 ROM?

I purchased a brand new LG-K51. I previously had a cyber stalker who had control of every device I owned for over 2 years. (I didnt realize my laptop was affected & continued to plug every new devices in to transfer pictures, etc. Helping to hack each new device I purchased apparently) Now this new phone has never been plugged in that laptop, yet I was having all of the same problems plus I recieved a red box in Google Play help: “Custom ROM not Play Protect certified” I attempted to do a hard reset with Power & Volume when I got: something about a partition. It also said there was no space available. Also Permission Denied. User: Jenkins.
I am not a tech person. Just a regular phone user. Period.
Someone on Quora barked at me that I was paranoid, and simply check if theirs an Easter Egg, which will prove there is no Custom ROM.
The phone did open the Easter Egg per the directions I found on YouTube. Created a Q. Opened. Then allowed square blocks to be tapped on and off.
Is this in fact all it takes to prove there is no Custom ROM? Or does the Easter Egg need to accomplish something more?
Please, I dont know a whole lot about operating systems or EASTER EGGS other than coloring them!
Any suggestions on how a regular persin can check and then restore the Stock if need be?

❕NEWS – Tesla’s buy of Bitcoin could derail the stock market | NewProxyLists

Recently one of the major stories that has made headlines in the cryptocurrency world is the purchase ob Bitcoin from Tesla in the amount of 1,5 billion dollars. This has caused the price of Bitcoin to soar to new heights even beyond what we saw towards the end of last year and the start of this year. However, there is fear that these investments can affect the stock market. After the announcement the stock price of Tesla increased by 2%, before later falling by 5%. Other companies that have invested in Bitcoin have seen a similar occurrence in their stock prices after investing in Bitcoin. What do you think can be the cause behind this?

microsoft excel – How to add receival and Booked out button to update stock

I have a stock sheet that I would like to update the stock on by entering goods received and booked out on another sheet.
So I would enter receivals or parts booked out then click a button at the top of the respective column to update stock and clear the data entry column.

Can anyone help on this as I have very little VBA experience.
I can provide the workbook

Thanks in advance


plugin – magento 2 hide out of stock products except when a specific attribute equals yes

I would like to hide out of stock products generally so I’ve added the option in the store configuration settings. However there are certain products that will be restocked soon. I’d like to keep showing those.

Therefore I decided to add an attribute to them to mark them for restock att_restock.

However I’m not sure how to override the logic so that it works in the category, layered navigation and search results pages now. I’ve tried other solutions in

Where should I add my plugin in order to add my logic in the selection?

Any help is appreciated.