dnd 5e – Is there an official source for the properties of the stone?

The statistics for stone are not collected anywhere, but you can put useful things together …

  1. The stone is mentioned explicitly a few times in the DMG
    section on objects

Most useful – the AC for stone is given as 17.

Use common sense to determine the success of a character in damaging an object. Can a fighter cut a section of a stone wall with a sword? No, the sword may break before the wall.

You might decide that certain types of damage are more effective against a particular object or substance than others. (…) blunt damage works well for breaking objects, but not for cutting through rope or leather. (…) A pick can flake off Pierre but cannot effectively cut down a tree. As always, use your best judgment.

I know "use your best judgment" isn't the takeaway you are looking for here
but i would apply these instructions to give resistance to the stone against drilling and cutting damage but not clubbing. As you quoted “ objects are immune to poison and psychic damage '', but I would also give resistance to stones like fire damage and necrosis. How you apply your judgment is up to you, so I'm not going to list all types of damage here.

  1. The guidelines on HP are not self-explanatory but could probably be adapted to a stone wall:

A stone wall is normally considered resilient and (at least) large, which would add at least 27 hp (5d10) and possibly much more – although in the case of a wall, you can affect 27 ch at each specific section of the wall (see section on huge and gargantuan objects).

  1. You can use the damage thresholds of the published modules

DMG does not provide explicit guidelines on appropriate damage thresholds. However, other published supplements provide damage thresholds that can be referred to as a point of comparison:

  • The larger boat hulls in Ghosts of Saltmarsh (and now available through the ground rules) have damage thresholds between 10 and 20.
  • A submarine in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist has a damage threshold of 15, while it gives steel doors a threshold of 10
  • The infernal machines and chains of Baldur & # 39; s Gate: Descent in Avernus all have a threshold of 10.
  • In Tomb of Annihilation, there is a crystal window with a damage threshold of 15 and more chains with a threshold of 10.

Considering all the above, a damage threshold of 15 to 20 seems appropriate for the stone.

In addition to the concerns of balance and likelihood of the game, when setting the damage threshold, you can also consider exactly how hard you want the stone to be for your players to destroy, depending on the current level . At low levels, a threshold of 10 may be enough to make your players understand the difficulty of destroying a wall, without completely eliminating the possibility of doing so.

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dnd 5th – Can you throw Magic Stone on 3 pebbles as a bonus action, throw a stone as an action, then, on your next turn, throw the 2 remaining pebbles?

Can you cast Magic Stone on 3 pebbles as a bonus action, throw a stone as a main action. so on your next turn, throw the 2 remaining stones? In other words, launch the first pebble as an action and the second as a bonus action, using the two-weapon combat rules (PHB p. 195; emphasis added)

When you perform the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon
you hold in one hand you can use a bonus action to attack with a
different light melee weapon that you hold in the other hand.
You do not add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack,
unless this modifier is negative.

If one of the weapons has the property to launch, you can launch the weapon, instead of making a melee attack with it.

"My reasoning" for the question:

I know the attack is a separate action. The problem is, if after throwing 1 (assuming you used this bonus action to throw the magic stone), during your next turn, could you use the 2 remaining stones and throw both, as my question specifies ?


Since there is no individual entry for "pebble" and / or "stone" (which makes it an improvised melee weapon?) & It & # 39; s at 100 % considered "thrown" (or used as slingshot ammunition):

Could we also assume that the magic stones are "light" (like a dagger, a light hammer or an ax is .. devil even a scimitar at 3 pounds is "light")?

See the limited use of bonus action spells during ranged attack as a druid: Magic stone, Shillelagh, and Word of healing, as options. None is a "direct attack".

Especially before level 5, when Produce flame and Create a bonfire forestall Magic stone as ranged options, able to "use two weapons" 2 Magic stoneIt would be a doubling of the economy of action and the production of damage at a distance, mainly for the druids of levels 1 to 4.

(Side note: I mingled with melee, Shillelagh& # 39; ed club with a scimitar out of hand. These are Level 5 remote options that I hope to develop.)

optimization – What is the lowest level at which a PC can pierce a stone wall cut in 1 turn?

This question asks how PCs can break a stone wall. Aside from using disintegrate To immediately destroy a wall, it seems that a wall can be destroyed by reducing its HP to 0. Walls have a hardness which reduces the damage caused to them.

What is the lowest level at which a player character can destroy a wall in 1 round? Magical and mundane means are both within reach and any element to which the character has access. Limit items to character level or lower.

pathfinder 2e – Is there a way to destroy stone walls in 2 rounds?

After looking at a stone wall and attack spells, I started to wonder: in addition to using technology, is there a way to use magic weapons, spells or his own abilities?
How could a PC destroy a stone wall? (5 × 5 ft) in 2 or 3 turns.

dnd 5e – Can the magic of flesh to stone transform a dead body into stone?

Any creature that fails two DC 13 Con-backs up against gorgonian breath (or any other magic such as From flesh to stone fate) is petrified by stone. In addition, a dead but animated creature (ANY bodily undead) suffers a similar stony spell when properly exposed to these magics.

Does the breath and / or the petrifying spell of Gorgon work on the "dead" bodies not yet animated / undead? Besides, is such a "dead" body even targetable via the version comes out of this magic?

Concern: it would be strange if a zombie ("dead") could turn to stone but a body of flesh (also "dead") was immune to petrification or perhaps not even targetable.

Reason for request: rotten / stone / preserved dead bodies are useful: can be dismantled for pieces of the flesh Golem, vital pieces for making magic items, original creature Risen / Risen / Reincarnated at a later date – that is to say myriad-plethora-abundant uses.

In advance: This may be a lot of noise for nothing or otherwise an unnecessarily complicated way of viewing 5th decisions. If this is the case, corrections to these RAW, RAI and / or RAF nuances here would be invaluable.

[ Politics ] Open question: I hit my head very hard on a stone floor. Now I feel the need to vote Republican for the rest of my life. How can I fight this?

[Politics] Open question: I hit my head very hard on a stone floor. Now I feel the need to vote Republican for the rest of my life. How can I fight this?

image – Minecraft stone texture generated in R

I needed a stone texture similar to Minecraft, instead of creating it with the help of an image editing software, I 'd like it. decided to generate one using R.

The idea is to create noise and stretch it horizontally so that the texture tends to have horizontal lines.

Sample output (this example is scaled, the original file is 32×32 pixels):

enter the description of the image here

My questions are: What do you dislike in this code? Are the "ambient" and "png" libraries required, or does R have appropriate built-in functionality?

The ambient package is used to create the Perlin noise and the png package is used to create a low resolution PNG image.


size <- 32

# data is in a 1:2 ratio.
data <- noise_perlin(dim=c(size, size / 2), frequency=0.9)

min <- 0.1
max <- 0.6

# data's bound is -1 to 1, transform that into a bound of min to max.
inrange <- min + ((data + 1) / 2) * (max - min)

# turn into 1:1 ratio by repeating columns.
stretched <- inrange(, rep(1:(ncol(inrange)), each=2))

writePNG(target="stone.png", image=stretched)

dnd 5th – Ways to heal a body part that has been turned into stone?

During the very first session of my current campaign, my character's fist was turned into stone.

A few sessions later, I am a little irritated to have only one hand that works. What are the ways to restore my hand?

We are at level 8 and we are playing the 5th edition in the Forgotten Realms. My fist was turned into stone by a dragon. We play Storm King's Thunder. What happened to my character is one of the characters provided by the module. At least I guess that. We have not really checked this to avoid the damage.

Good weight of the leaf stone on graphs

Hey, I'm looking for someone to help me make a graph that shows the weight in the stone.

So, a stone is 14 pounds.

This means that it is really hard to do in Google sheets because it is the base 10.

Suppose someone weighs 10 kilograms, which would be wrongly considered 11.2.

Does anyone know a way around this?

Plus also to display it on a graph.