Does disabling Network adapter on virtual box stop all networking between guest and host os

If I unselect – Enable Network Adapter in my virtual box. This option is under the Settings->Network
Will the guest OS be able to communicate with the Host OS ?

How do aliens without the Medicine Skill stop the bleeding condition?

According to Starfinder’s bleeding condition rules:

You take the listed amount of damage at the beginning of your turn each round until this condition ends. Your bleeding can be stopped with a successful DC 15 Medicine check as a standard action, or through the application of any ability that restores Hit Points.

Some aliens have innate capabilities that allow them to restore hit points and can stop the bleeding in this way. Other aliens have the Medicine skill (or an ally with the Medicine skill) and can thus stop the bleeding that way. But what about unintelligent monsters, or aliens that simply have no medical training? Are they doomed if they get the bleeding condition and don’t have some capable healer at hand to stop the bleeding?

unity – How can I make the transform to stop slowly smooth before the next waypoint?

You’re moving the object using Vector3.Lerp(). When you move with linear interpolation (lerp), the speed is constant. To add speed up at the beginning or slow down at the end, you’d need to use easing.

Ironically the source you obtained this code from seems to have left a comment referencing easing but then forgotten to actually include the easing section.

There are many ways to implement easing. One way is to use easing functions. You can search the web to find free libraries of easing functions for Unity. You’d generally use them something like this:

var t = passedTime / duration;
var lerpFactor = EasingLibrary.EaseInOutCubic(t);
transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(currentPosition, currentWaypoint.position, lerpFactor);

Another solution is to use an Animation Curve. With this approach, you’d declare a curve field at the top of your script:

(SerializeField) private AnimationCurve easingCurve;

This will show a curve field in the Inspector. We’ll use this curve to define the interpolated motion of our GameObject. Start with something like this (note that the curve should start at (0,0) and end at (1,1):

Easing curve

Then we’ll use the curve in our movement coroutine:

do {
    var t = passedTime / duration;
    var lerpFactor = easingCurve.Evaluate(t); //use the curve to apply easing
    transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(currentPosition, currentWaypoint.position, lerpFactor);
    passedTime += Time.deltaTime;
    yield return null;
} while (passedTime <= duration);

Our curve defines a function which takes an input and returns an output. The “time” (x-axis) of the curve represents the input (in our case, a time from 0 – 1) and the “value” (y-axis) represents the corresponding output (in our case, how far the GameObject has moved between the start and end positions).

If the curve was a perfectly straight line from (0,0) to (1,1) the output would be linear (in fact, it would be exactly the same value as the input). However, this s-shaped curve will ease the motion in at the beginning and ease it out at the end. The flatter the curve is in a particular area, the slower our motion will be at that time.

If you find this confusing, try messing around with the shape of the curve and study how this affects the animation.

Easing functions usually are easier to use. If there’s a specific style of easing that you want, you would just call the appropriate function. Animation curves take a little more work to set up but give you more control over the exact motion.

For a project which makes heavy use of easing, I’ll usually rely on an easing library and only use an animation curve if the easing functions don’t give me enough fine control. If I only need to use easing in one or two places, I’ll usually just use an animation curve rather than adding an easing library to the project.

Google to stop Cookie based Tracking. End of Affiliate Marketing?


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Stop Instagram Group Message Requests Spam

Instagram has a huge spam problem.

My “Message Requests” inbox is continually filled with requests to join Group Messages, sent by fake “sexy women” profiles.

The only options are to Accept, Ignore, or Delete these group message requests. There does not seem to be a way to report them as spam, or block the sender.

enter image description here

Message Requests
Requests aren’t marked as seen until you allow them.
Accept | Ignore | Delete
Delete All

How can I prevent these messages from being sent to me? How can I block these senders or report them as spam?

transactions – What would stop some major company from blacklisting specific Bitcoins based on the “inputs” used and their “origins”?

I remember news about some exchange actually banning users based on some kind of “reputation score” on the inputs/coin parts they controlled/used, or got Bitcoin sent to them from. So even years and years back, they had this mapped out somehow.

Why can’t they do the same today? Aren’t they? If not, why? Why do they not take this obvious path to harassing and restricting people to only use Bitcoin in “approved” ways with “approved” people/entities?

Did they stop doing it for some reason? What stops them from doing this and thus locking out tons of people who have “dealt with undesirables”?

windows 10 – Specific “Best Match” option won’t stop showing on the quicksearch bar

When I was looking for a song I didn’t know the name of, a TV series called “Looking” showed on best match. After that, I tried searching something else up, I put an 8, the same thing showed on best match. Now when I press the “QuickSearch” button, all I see is the “Best Match” of the tv show “Looking” Please Help!!

dnd 5e – Can subtle spell be used through a warlock’s familiar, and does it stop the stealth from being broken if it is currently sneaking

The Subtle Spell Metamagic can be applied through a familiar

This is clear from the fact that you are still the one casting the spell, which is what Metamagic requires:

[…] When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to cast it without any somatic or verbal components. […]

[…] Finally, when you cast a spell with a range of touch, your familiar can deliver the spell as if it had cast the spell. […]

You are still the one casting the spell, as this only triggers when you cast a spell, and the use of “as if” means that it is not actually the case that the familiar is the one casting the spell.

Your familiar may stop being Hidden because the GM says so

Notably, spells cast through your familiar are all going to be touch-range spells, and as such, your familiar must actually touch your target. This would likely end their Hidden status. To quote the “Hiding” section of the rules:

The DM decides when circumstances are appropriate for hiding. […]

[…] In combat, most creatures stay alert for signs of danger all around, so if you come out of hiding and approach a creature, it usually sees you. However, under certain circumstances, the DM might allow you to stay hidden as you approach a creature that is distracted, allowing you to gain advantage on an attack roll before you are seen. […]

Even just approaching a creature so that you can touch it is likely to end up with your revealing yourself, let alone actually targeting it with a touch-range spell.

So while, yes, you can apply the Subtle Spell Metamagic to touch-range spells cast through your familiar from find familiar, it is going to be up to the GM whether your familiar remains Hidden during/after this action.

plpgsql – PostgreSQL: How to stop PostgreSQL from generating logs for PL/pgSQL functions?

I’ve defined some PL/pgSQL functions which get invoked from the client (e.g. psql, but could be JDBC/Hibernate as well), which is connected using a non super user role. e.g. SELECT chk_pwd('(some.user,', 'P@ssW0rd'); I’ve also set log_statement = 'none' in the postgresql.conf of my server. That stops logging of all SQL statements. However, the signatures and invocations of the PL/pgSQL functions are still being logged, leaking sensitive data into the log files. How do I prevent this?

2021-02-27 17:42:58.483 IST (13008) myrole@test_db CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function chk_pwd(email_t,character varying) line 10 at RAISE
2021-02-27 17:42:58.483 IST (13008) myrole@test_db STATEMENT:  SELECT chk_pwd('(some.user,', 'P@ssW0rd');

Stop addiction

Hello everyone, is there a way we can help people from addiction?