Magento 2 : prevent stopping import execution magento 2

i am not able to find the code which is responsible for breaking import csv execution
from magento import tool in backend.

I do not want to terminate csv execution, even if error occur.

Any thoughts on this please ?

root access – Stopping Android updates?

Ok, so I have a question with which android apps/files are responsible for phone updates and app updates?. For instance let’s say using a standard tracfone no particular brand or if needed Samsung A21. And I have the phone set up exactly how I want it and I want absolutely no updates to any system or application files. The phone is rooted. Which files would I remove to keep it exactly like it is? Android version would be of that of the new tracphones found at any walmart.

mount – Dock is stopping me from unmounting a hard drive

I just upgraded to Catalina and am using an external drive as a system drive and need to unmount my internal drive, but I can’t. I try sudo diskutil umount /Volumes/Macintosh HD/ and it asks for my password, tries, then tells me:

Volume Macintosh HD on disk0s2 failed to unmount: dissented by PID 2793
Dissenter parent PPID 1 (/sbin/launchd)

When I use ps aux to find out about PID 2793, here’s the appropriate information:

hal               2793   0.0  0.1  5253644  34068   ??  Ss    1:06AM   0:00.14

The only app (and I checked with lsof) that is using anything on that drive is the dock – and it’s using the iTunes icon. I found that out with lsof, here’s the related output line: 2793  hal  txt       REG                1,2      23760             2640732
/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Applications/

That confirms that the only app using anything on that internal drive is the Dock and that the only file being used is the iTunesDockTile. When I first saw this, I removed Apple Music from the Dock, but it still wants that tile and, rather than getting it from the external drive, that is the system drive, it’s using the one on the old internal drive.

I tried killall dock; sudo diskutil umount /Volumes/Macintosh HD and get the same message as above. (I hoped that it would unmount the drive while Dock was restarting and before it got a file lock.) I’ve considered just deleting that file, but I don’t know what consequences that would create.

I need to unmount that drive so I can reformat it.

Extra (probably unnecessary) details:

This is part of an upgrade from Mojave to Catalina. I tried to start the update and it wouldn’t, since my system drive was not in APFS. I had an extra drive, so I hooked it up via USB and formatted it in APFS, then used SuperDuper to copy my internal drive to the external. I upgraded the external to Catalina. My next step was going to be to reformat the internal in AFPS, then use SuperDuper again and copy everything on the external drive (Which is now a new Catalina update) to the internal drive. It appears EVERYTHING else is using the external for all system resources and the ONLY tile the Dock is not getting from the internal drive is this one iTunes tile.

So what is the best and safest way to deal with this to unmount the internal drive? I’ve considered using a forced unmount, but that doesn’t always work and can cause problems. I don’t want to just delete the tile file until I know what it’ll do or if there are unexpected consequences.

mathematical optimization – Stopping condition for FindMinimum / FindMaximum

This seems like it should be a simple question — but I am looking to use a “home made” stopping condition with FindMaximum, while evaluating a very complex function.

Printing out the successive changes in the results for my problem (which cannot be boiled down to a quick code sample) I see that the relative differences in about 100 params are on the order of 10^-3 between steps (and often much smaller) which is more than enough for this application — but it just continues to dance around the “right” answer until I hit MaxIterations, and adjusting Precision and Accuracy does not seem to help.

Q: Is there a way to implement a “stopping condition” option for these functions?

wireshark – TP-Link wifi dongle in monitor mode keeps stopping abruptly

I am scanning my own network-router but since I am in monitor mode I also have a few at whats going on in the rest of my appartment building. Very interesting all those packages!
This is for educational purpouse only.

I am using a TP-link TL-WN722N in monitormode.
And use wireshark for sniffing.

Al is wel when I start scanning but somehow, at night, wireshark stops.
I have been repeating the procedure for scanning two times now with the same result.
And I don’t know why, since I’m not yet understanding all of whats going.
But there should be no reason for stopping.

My suspission goes out to my (hacker) neighbour who has been a pain in the past.
Could he be using a Wifi jammer or such to kick my dongle? Is this possible?
Some counter kind of counter attack?

I have been doing some general online googling but can’t seem to find such a thing.

Can anyone help me out?

unity – A* Pathfiding movement is not stopping and constant

I’m trying to make my player move towards mouse click using A* Pathfinding but I’m having some odd issues that I can’t solve.

One of the issues is that player is moving a little bit even though it arrives at the position of the other transform

Movement don't stop when player arrive at destination

The second one is that the force is that is applied to the player is not constant, I would like it to keep always the same movement speed. I’ve tried to change to use transform.Translate to move the player with constant movement speed but it makes the movement to be like walk a little then stop, walk a little then stop…

player movement using translate doesn't make it smoother

This is the code that I’m using

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Pathfinding;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Player : MonoBehaviour

    (SerializeField) private float speed = 100;
    (SerializeField) private Text lifeText;
    (SerializeField) private int life;
    (SerializeField) private GameObject target;
    (SerializeField) private float nextWaypointDistance = 3f;

    //AI configurations
    private Path path;
    private Rigidbody2D rigidbody;
    private Seeker seeker;
    private int currentWaypoint = 0;
    private bool reachedEndOfPath = false;
    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Start()
        seeker = GetComponent<Seeker>();
        rigidbody = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();

        InvokeRepeating("UpdatePath", 0f, .2f);

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        lifeText.text = "Vida: " + life.ToString();

        if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1)) //right click
            Vector2 mousePos = Input.mousePosition;
            Vector2 worldPos = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(mousePos);            
            target.transform.position = worldPos;

    private void UpdatePath()
        if (seeker.IsDone())
            seeker.StartPath(rigidbody.position, target.transform.position, OnPathComplete);

    void FixedUpdate()
        if (path == null) return;

        if (currentWaypoint >= path.vectorPath.Count)
            reachedEndOfPath = true;
            reachedEndOfPath = false;

        Vector3 direction = (path.vectorPath(currentWaypoint) - (Vector3)rigidbody.position).normalized;

        Vector3 force = direction * speed * Time.deltaTime;


        float distance = Vector2.Distance(rigidbody.position, path.vectorPath(currentWaypoint));

        if (distance < nextWaypointDistance)

    private void OnPathComplete(Path p)
        if (!p.error)
            path = p;
            currentWaypoint = 0;


What I want to is to make the movement smoother and with constant movement speed.

Can you guys help me?

potential theory – An equation for stopping times of reversible Markov processes

In the famous book FOT on symmetric Markov processes, I find a slightly unexpected description.

Let $E$ be a locally compact metric space and $m$ a Radon measure on $E$. Let $X=({X_t}_{t ge 0},{P_x}_{x in E})$ be an $m$-symmetic Markov process on $E$. That is, the transition semigroup of $X$ is a symmetric operator on $L^2(E,m)$. For a Borel subset $B in mathcal{B}(E)$, we set $sigma_B=inf{t in (0,infty) mid X_t in B}$ with convention that $inf emptyset=infty.$

In Section 4.1 in the above book, there is a potential theoretic description, which means the following facts: for any compact subset $K subset E$ and any open subset ${G_n}_{n=1}^infty$ with $G_n supset overline{G_{n+1}}$ and $bigcap_{n=1}^infty G_n=K$, we have
text{(S)} quad sigma_{G_n}+sigma_{K}circ theta_{sigma_{G_n}}=sigma_K.

Here, $overline{G_n}$ denotes the closure of $G_n$ in $E$, and ${theta_t}_{ t ge 0}$ the shift operator of $X$.

The potential theoretic description is as follows: for any $alpha>0 $ and any compact $K$ and open $G$ with $K subset G$,
text{(P)}quad H_{G}^{alpha }p_{K}^alpha=p_{K}^alphatext{ $m$-a.e. on $E$}.

Here, $p_{K}^alpha (x)=E_{x}(exp(-alpha sigma_K))$ and $H_{G}^alpha(x,B)$ is a kernel defined by
H_{G}^{alpha }(x,B)=E_{x}(exp(-alpha sigma_G)text{1}_{B}(X_{sigma_G})),quad x in Etext{ and }B in mathcal{B}(E).

The equation (P) is due to the $m$-symmetry of $X$. Therefore, it is considered that (S) is also due to the symmetry.

Wouldn’t (S) generally hold without the symmetry
(is this really a consequence of the symmetry)?

YouTube not stopping scheduled live stream

Since this week if we stream via restream to YouTube, YouTube are not ending the live stream. Normally once restream stop sending data YouTube stops after a few minutes. Now the stream shows live on YouTube for 5 to 6 hours after it has been stopped. In the YouTube studio it shows no data being received so there is no end stream option. The channel shows as Live and the stream shows the cycling logo for 5 you 6 hours.
Has been like this for a few days now.
Just enquiring if anyone else has this problem.

magento2.3 – M2 | gmail proxy server stopping images to load in email templates

I am having gmail proxy server issue for showing images in email templates.

At the start of image URL which is

this is getting appended…


I found this remedy but not sure how can I send HTTP header code 200 for sales emails (for example “new_order” email templete)

I have overridded the default order email temple from theme as:


Looking for your valuable ideas as solution, Thanks

PostgreSQL 10 logical replication only synchronizing one time and then stopping

I have one database containing user information that I’m replicating to a separate application db on the same cluster. After an error I discarded the subscription, replication slot, and the replicated schema. After re-creating the tables and subscription the data replicated as expected. However, all subsequent changes after the initial load failed to synchronize. This included all major operation INSERT, UPDATE, & DELETE.