xubuntu – Dell XPS 13 9380 stops after waking up in sleep mode

I have a Dell XPS 13 9380 under Xubuntu 18.04. Xubuntu is the only machine operating system. The version of my kernel is 4.18.0. I managed to flash the latest BIOS update from the Dell site. I've also implemented the first comment solution on this post. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem.

My current problem is that the machine will seem to hang, but when I press the power button to make it appear, the screen will blink once and then darken. I press again on the power button. The Xubuntu logo appears, but the machine stops. This happens every time I try to get it out of suspension.

Are there any parameters that I should know to solve this problem?

Battery – Fully charged MacBook Air 2015 stops instantly when it is unplugged from the mains

My father uses a MacBook Air early 2015 (dual-core i5, 128 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM). He has been using it without a problem since the day he bought it, until it turns off instantly as soon as he disconnects the power cord. food.

This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but this problem began to arise as I surfed the Internet looking for a new gaming laptop (Windows) meant for my university on my dad's MacBook. Subsequently, it started to happen again each time. The power cord is still usable even if the outer layer near the MagSafe is worn out and exposes the internal components, but not the wire itself (my father has been using it for 4 or 5 years the cable is turned yellow, etc.).

My dad is concerned about this problem as he always uses it for his work, reading news and articles, and all kinds of things that need to get away from the power cord because the battery Macbook Air is excellent.

I tried to find solutions online and I discovered that many people were experiencing this type of problem since 2009 – 2016.

How to diagnose and solve the problem?

asp.net web api – The main app Asp Net (hosted in IIS) stops without reason

I have hosted an asp web core web API in iis. It works well but it stops at random without giving any reason. The only entry in the log in "The application is being closed …"

If this is due to the recycling of the application pool, it should be restarted at the next request. However, I've tried changing the recycling settings every midnight, but the app still stops.

Start code:

static public IWebHost BuildWebHost (string[] args) =>
WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder (args)
.UseIISIntegration ()
.CaptureStartupErrors (true) // default
.UseSetting ("detailedErrors", "true")
.To build();

I do not think that unhandled exceptions or a pool are causing the problem. Even if that is the case, the application should restart with the next request.

Ubuntu 19.04 stops working – Ask Ubuntu

I am facing a strange problem with my laptop, running Ubuntu 19.04. Since today morning, suddenly, my laptop stops working after a series of symptoms such as an increase in brightness to the maximum (I prefer working with a low brightness), then the keyboard of the laptop. Laptop stops working. I am able to move the cursor on the screen but the click does not work). To get rid of this, I use to remove the battery and restart the laptop again.
I do not understand why this is happening. Is there a problem with the hardware of a laptop or a problem with Ubuntu? I am in serious need of help as this happens every 2-3 hours now. Thank you.

Android Accessibility: Click When the Pointer Stops on Web Sites

I have a disability that requires me to use the Interaction and dexterity: click when the pointer stops accessibility setting on my Samsung Galaxy S9 +. Unfortunately, this setting (in combination with the Assistant menu) does not allow me to click on hyperlinks. Although you can use Wizard menu: Cursor To move a second pointer that clicks on links, it is almost impossible to do so accurately.

Is it possible to use the same cursor to navigate the user interface and to navigate web pages? I tried to use the Samsung Internet and Google Chrome unsuccessful applications.

baggage – Do I have to re-check my baggage at MCI-SEA-ICN-SGN stops? Delta and Korean Air

As a general rule, if it is only one reservation, you can expect your luggage to be checked in order not to see it at the checkpoint (except in some cases international transfers, but none in the route you describe).

Some ticket sellers sometimes issue tickets across multiple airline bookings, even if you buy them at the same time on their website. This practice is generally considered rather dubious unless the passenger is told exactly what happens (because it also affects your rights in case you get delayed and miss a connecting flight), and I do not think Travelocity is part of it. If in doubt, look for small print characters to warn you that the connections are not guaranteed or are "guaranteed" by someone other than the airline.

In your case, it seems very likely that there is only one reservation – especially since the last leg is reserved as Delta shared code rather than its Korean flight number. Air. There would be little reason to do it except keep the entire itinerary on a single Delta ticket.

unit – Gameobject stops moving or gets stuck during a collision with another GameObject

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A laptop fan stops working whenever I move the laptop

Ok, so I'm not sure this question fits here, but I guess it's related to hardware.
So the fan of my laptop is working normally when it is idle, but every time I move it, it stops working normally.

It only works at full speed and does not return its speed. So, if I try to see the fan speed, it returns 0 but the fan runs at maximum speed. As after a certain temperature, he was running at full speed then stopped. It's either at full speed or nothing.

And he resolves himself once the laptop is idle for a moment. He returns his speed if I ask.

I would appreciate that someone know why this is happening or if it is still possible to solve this problem completely.

shutdown – The installation of Ubuntu Studio 19.04 stops

Windows 7 is installed on my laptop and I have never had problems reinstalling Windows 7 over and over again. I've found millions of results of this type of failure with the installation of Ubuntu that have never been fixed by Ubuntu. So there must be a problem with Ubuntu Studio.

I typed so many things about Grub, just like suggestions on those who have experienced the same thing, switched to BIOS and changed this and that, the problem still persists.

When I did not change anything, all of a sudden he was able to switch to installation without turning off my laptop, but it gave me a squishfs error. Hahaha … It's free, but it's not trustworthy, oh that's it! I'm on the front!

A different suggestion? Before moving on to another Linux like. I'm tired of using Windows, but if Ubuntu gives me even more headaches, I should stick to Windows, just like millions and millions of other users of Windows worldwide, as the best operating system to date. Man!

google sheets – Arrayformula stops working after mixing lines

I have a fairly extensive sheet where, in many columns, I use arrayformula to automatically complete data from various other worksheets.
The problem I have is that when I have to rearrange the lines, the contents of this line, the output of arrayformula stays in plain text after moving, which prevents the array from working because it can not overwrite cell data that now contains text.

Is there a job around? I do not want to constantly need to manually delete cells several times a day.