google play store – What could cause a "violation of the Android ad ID policy"?

Google Play has notified me that my application has been removed due to an offense relating to the collection of advertising identifiers.

My application, however, only retrieves some publicly available data from the internet and uses firebase to send push notifications to devices that install the application and subscribe to specific FCM topics.

My question is: how could I have advertising IDs? Are these identifiers sent in HTTP requests made by the application? (for example, in headers?) Or maybe it's because of FCM subscriptions?

The full text of the email I received follows.

Hello the developers of REDACTED,

After review, REDACTED has been removed from Google Play due to a violation of the policy. This app will no longer be available to users until you submit a compliant update.

Problem: Violation of the strategy of using the Android advertising ID and section 4.8 of the distribution agreement for developers

Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the application requests or manages sensitive information about the user or the device. We have identified that your application collects and transmits the Android advertising identifier, which is subject to a privacy policy. If your app collects the Android ad ID, you must provide a valid privacy policy in the designated field of the Play Console and from the app.

Next Steps: Submit your app for another appraisal.

  1. Read the rules for using the Android ad ID and user data, as well as the Developer Distribution Agreement, and make the appropriate changes to your app. If you decide to collect sensitive user information, be sure to follow the policies above and include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app's store list page and in your app.
  2. Make sure your app complies with all other rules of the developer program. Additional enforcement could occur if there are other policy violations.
  3. Log in to your game console and send the update to your app.
    You can also opt out of this requirement by deleting any sensitive authorization requests or user data.

You can also opt out of this requirement by deleting any sensitive authorization requests or user data.

If approved, your app will be available again with all installations, ratings, and reviews intact.

If you have reviewed the policy and think that this removal may have been a mistake, contact our strategy support team. One of my colleagues will answer you within 2 working days.

Thank you for helping us provide a clear and transparent experience for Google Play users.


The Google Play Team

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Where can I download the header / cover template for Unity Asset Store?

Previously, the template could be uploaded to the page with the resource publishing rules. Now he's gone. Where did he go?he

c ++ – How to store constantly expanding maps with an upper-lower hierarchy and left-right hierarchy?

I write a game that will unfold largely on only one screen of hexagons, but that will require an extension of the map in all directions. In addition, to display these hexagons, I have to be able to browse them in order from top to bottom, from left to right.

I already wrote the coordinate system, which can represent coordinates in the form 2d (axial) or 3d (cube). The system considers (0, 0) as the central hexagon, which means that I must also store negative coordinates.

What I do not have is a data structure that meets my needs.

I am thinking of writing a data structure composed of 4 two-dimensional vectors (each for a quadrant of the map with respect to the positive / negative ratio) that would make it possible to obtain the hexes in the desired order, but this solution (using 4 vectors) seems unintelligent and time consuming to write.

So, is there a simpler way, perhaps already implemented?

Create a django API that will read and store the contents of a file

I need to create a django API that will read the contents of a file and store it in the database.

apps – Stop Google Play Store from automatic update

Ok, so that's a strange problem, but listen to me. I own a LG G4 and, as usual, the play store is updating to stay on the latest version. But I noticed that the original game store on the phone was faster and not sluggish, and the user interface was simply better. Is it possible to keep the phone turned on with the old version? Every time I demote it, it is updated soon after.

Is there a problem in the compilation of jitismeet to generate jitismeet.framework to increase the price of the App store?

ERROR ITMS-90206: "Invalid package." The "" package contains the unauthorized "Frameworks" file. "

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import – the URL key for the specified store already exists. When importing

M 2.3.1

We import via Firebear.
When I do not matter, I have success. The product is imported, but the following error message is displayed:

The URL key of the specified store already exists.

Whenever I try to save a product …

We had previously removed products from the table with
"delete from catalog_product_entity;"

If I change the key of the URL in the feed .. the import works correctly and I can register the product …

How can I "clean" my database so that I can import the original feed with the original key and let it allow me to register the product .. without error "The key URLs for the specified store already exists "?

google – multi-tenant SaaS using GCP as the primary data store and compute engine

I have traveled to the furthest corners of the web to find a solution to my problem and I have not found anything after a week.

I am developing a SaaS product for several tenants. Everyone will be able to download their data on BigQuery via Google Cloud Storage. However, for users, it would only be a button "Download" on an interface and all the wonders of GCP will be extracted. Once they have downloaded their huge data sets (5 GB for each file), they will be able to view the visualization with the help of my React integrated web application on this connection and the following ones. For each tenant (clients separate from mine), I should create viewer roles so that I can display datasets and creator roles so I can create datasets for both viewers and creators.

Is it possible? I do not think that the service accounts are appropriate here because they would result in everyone having the same authorization (that is, the service account). At the same time, I do not want to force customers to own a Google Account or prefer to use their corporate domain email addresses and their own passwords. I do not need to access any of their data and I just want to authenticate them and assign them a role.

Currently, I have a mockup that uses service accounts that works well. But everyone would have the same role once connected to my application because the Flask engine simply uses a service account with minimal privileges.

I was thinking of a way to map a service account to the type of user for the respective organizations, and then this environment variable is set in the Flask application that calls the GCP APIs.

It will be on Kubernetes and multi-leasing will be done through completely separate namespaces.

Two examples of customer journey to illustrate:
1) A client of client A connects to my application by typing -> he has the right to create datasets to download his dynamic datasets of the vehicle -> the file is read in a compartment GCS -> the file is then downloaded BigQuery with the help of a schema determined by a Flask backend application that I wrote -> the client can then browse the data on a React dashboard in using aggregations to ensure that the data respects the limitations of the client browser.

2) A client of client B connects to my application by typing -> it only has access as a viewer to be able to display data sets previously loaded by its data creator colleague – > It observes the data, save png in a set of slides, and then disconnect from my web application.

Does any one have any documentation tips that could help or cases of use? I plan to completely abandon PCBs because of this, even though it's very impressive.