database size – What (kind of) DB can store store variable-length blobs without padding?

I have an offline task: store a HUGE amount of variable-length binary data on multiple hosts. Average data size is about 16Kb, total size: maybe hunderds of Tb. I have no consistency or speed requirement as it will likely have 1 client only.

When doing an interface mockup, I used SQlite and found this: when data pieces were all of the same length, the db file was only 4% larger than the raw data, but when I added variable-length data, the DB became almost 50% bigger. So it obviously uses some padding or reserving, and I don’t want to waste space like that.

Are there free databases that are known to be most efficient in terms of space for storing variable lengths of blobs? And provides an easy way to spread data across multiple hosts at same time?

applications – When update the app from Play Store are external files deleted?

My question is pretty simple.

I developed a game, uploaded it on the store. In order to keep player level record and UI prefs it writes an ini file.

When the next update is up on the store and the users will update will they lose their progress? Will the file be deleted?


amazon s3 – Using AWS to capture and store data (Python)

i have one script(Python) that get data from an specific web page, do the ETL and save the archive as .CSV on my desktop.

I need to put this code inside AWS Amazon (I believe it must be AWS Glue), set a trigger to do this operation 00:00 everyday and store the collected data on the AWS s3.

Someone here already did something like that? Im struggling to do it, but im unsucessfull until now. Every direction that some of you can provide is accepted.

posts – How can I change the product layout in the store page in WooCommerce?

I am a beginner at WordPress and PHP, (coming from mostly java and c#) and I was wondering how can I change the store page in woocommerce, I have knowledge of HTML + CSS and I want to implement my product design to the store page… I am using OceanWP theme.

I am looking for help with overriding the theme somehow,
I also need examples if possible (see code below) please

<div class= "main-body">
<?PHP foreach: product>
<div class ="title">
<?PHP echo product title>
<img src=<?PHP echo product image>

etc (ignore my bad syntax)

microsoft office – Windows Store Apps on fslogix

I can’t find any Documentation about this…

We run fslogix and there is a Problem that whenever we download a Store app (ToDo) it disappears as soon as you Restart the Workstation.

Is there a way to fix this problem?

I have discovered that there is an redirections.xml but I can’t find this on the machine.

Application update is rejected by Google Play Store

My app update got rejected, from publishing in Play Store, without getting any further informations or explanation

Your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to a policy
violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your
app is still available on Google Play.

FYI : I published a different application with the same UI/UX but different content in January 2020.

What is a Facebook store?

What is a Facebook store?

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Is it possible to uninstall the Google Play Store without affecting Google Play Services?

I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy a50 with a stock ROM installed. However after using an app (System App Remover) to uninstall Google Play Store (I removed the Google App also) – many apps simply crash on load and I am familiar with the App won't run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device error. Perhaps I’ve forgotten something else that might come into play (I rooted this device a while ago) but reading around it seems these apps are somewhat tethered together and the way to separate them is not entirely clear.

I am confused because I still have GmsCore.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk (not Phonesky.apk) in /system/priv-app, so I’m unsure as to exactly what the problem might be.

I’m aware that to do this right will almost certainly require a re-flashing my phone, but at this stage I still feel I’m just firing into the dark so if anyone has some light to shed on the right path it would be very much appreciated.


I want to remove the Google Play Store without affecting apps that rely on Google Play Services. Is this possible/reasonable to achieve with a stock ROM on a rooted phone?

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