applications – Where does the Messages app store custom backgrounds?

The “Messages” app allows users to customize the background that text messages are shown on by selecting an image stored on the phone. I did this, so my chosen picture is shown along side the background choices that are built into the app. Since I lost the original and have no backups, I would like to find out where “Messages” stores the image so that I can make a copy (rescue my “lost” photo). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Android version 7.1.1

Messages: Version

Samsung SM-J700T1

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Follow as I build a real makeup Shopify store from scratch – Complete beginners tutorial

security – Is it bad idea to store my passwords on blockchain with a smart contract?

I want to save my passwords and some other personal data on a ethereum like blockchain. it seems more persistant to me. I may lose my e-mail , my pc may crush and I may lose my usb stick. But nothing will happen to a blockchain.

I will encryp it and put require(msg.sender,myaddress); to even read functions.
But still is there a way someone else can retrieve these information as it would be very bad because they could just easily login to my wallets with that info and steal funds.

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ios appstore – iPhone App Store: can I install free apps using Face ID instead of my Apple ID password?

The App Store prompts me for my password for every free app I am trying to install. I have already Face ID setup, can I use it instead? Or even the phonr’s passcode?

I have a Macbook where I’ve disabled the password prompt for free apps, but I’m not sure whether that’s device specific.

I have tried restarting the phone and disabling Face ID for the App Store.

iOS 14.1

Where to store (keep) websockets events?

I have an application that uses MySQL as the database.

When a user open a specific page, the app sends a websocket event to indicate all the other team members that this user is seeing the current page.

The issue is that if one of the team members refreshes their page, it will lose that event because the server do not store that user X is viewing the page.

For that, I store the view event on the database, and when loading the page, the site also returns who is viewing that page from the database.

But since this action can be a high input/output (many users opening/closing pages), is there a better way to do this, maybe storing on a NoSQL or some cache service like Redis?

Thank you

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object oriented – When dealing with session level data in a web app, is it better to maintain a static store of that data, or pass it around as needed?

I have a web app that is capable of connecting to multiple databases that are identical in structure but contain different data; each of our clients who uses the app gets their own copy of the database to avoid commingling of different clients’ data. We determine which database to connect to by looking up the client’s ID in a master database.

That sounds like a pretty solid design – however I have a question about what we should do with the connection strings once we retrieve them. Right now most of the data access functions look something like this:

Public Function GetUsersByRole(ByVal roleID As Integer, ByVal connectionString As String) As SqlDataReader
    ' connect to database using connection string passed in
    ' execute query
    ' return results
End Function

And we call it like so:

Dim connstr = Session("DotNetConnectionString") ' this session variable is populated from the master database when you log in
Dim drAdmins As SqlDataReader = DBFunctions.GetUsersByRole(1, connstr)

However I think it would be cleaner to instead have a central location to retrieve the connection string, so we don’t have to keep retrieving it over and over again and passing it in every time we want to do a query:

Public Shared ReadOnly Property ConnectionString As String
        Return Session("DotNetConnectionString")
    End Get
End Property

Public Function GetUsersByRole(ByVal roleID As Integer) As SqlDataReader
    ' connect to database using connection string from shared property defined above
    ' execute query
    ' return results
End Function

Then all you have to do to call it is:

Dim drAdmins As SqlDataReader = DBFunctions.GetUsersByRole(1)

So much easier!

Does my approach make sense or should I leave things as is? (In general, I’m not changing the existing data access methods; I’m mostly just doing it this way when I create new ones. There are too many data access functions for changing them all to be worthwhile!) I can see one potential disadvantage: it’s now impossible to query any client database other than the current client’s database. But really, why would you want to?! That sounds like a really bad idea, or a huge mistake waiting to happen! 😉

block editor – How to do store, retrieve and write attributes in the registerFormatType method in Guttenberg?

I’m trying to add a format that has multiple, independent attributes to a custom <a> tag. The attributes are href= and data-caption= and data-set= while I use custom client side JavaScript to process the data attributes.

Here’s my shoddy, work in progress code:

    var el = wp.element.createElement;
    var components = wp.components;

    var withSelect  =;
    var ifCondition = wp.compose.ifCondition;
    var compose     = wp.compose.compose;

            attributes: {
                url: 'href',
                caption: 'data-caption',
                setName: 'data-set',
            title: 'Sets Link',
            tagName: 'a',
            className: 'sets-link',
            edit: (props) => {
                return (
                    el(wp.blockEditor.RichTextToolbarButton, {
                        icon: 'block-default',
                        title: __('Sets Link'),
                        isActive: true,
                        onClick: () => {
                                wp.richText.toggleFormat( props.value, {
                                    type: 'test/sets-link'
                    props.isActive && ( el( components.Popover, 
                            position: 'bottom center',
                            headerTitle: 'Sets Attributes',
                            el( components.TextControl, {
                                placeholder: 'Set Name',
                                onChange:  (newSetName) => {
                                    setName = newSetName;
                            el( components.TextControl, {
                                placeholder: 'Set Caption',
                                onChange: (newCaption) => {
                                    caption = newCaption;
                            el( components.Button, {
                                className: 'button button-large',
                                onClick: () => {

                        withSelect( ( select ) => {
                            return {
                                selectBlock: select( 'core/block-editor' ).getSelectedBlock()
                        } ),
                        ifCondition( ( props ) => {
                        } )

Well, surprisingly, it works to a good degree. A Popover appears to accept input but it cannot store them in memory. Second, how can it export the stored attributes as output attributes.

I know that using registerBlockType method would be easier and more defined but the reason I’m not using it is that the custom links, <a> tag, may be mixed in with the rest of the RichText of the Guttenberg Editor.

I really appreciate all your help on this interesting conundrum.

mysql – Issues with store procedure and system

I take this opportunity to send you a greeting and I comment you, Im working in a store procedure using system inside of MySQL but in workbench, it appears me, missing ;, extraneous input. These are my variables with which; im playing:

/*Modify the delimiter by default*/
/*Dropping the store procedure if it exists on the database*/
DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS proc_statistics_mysql$$
/*Creating the store procedure*/
CREATE PROCEDURE proc_statistics_mysql()
/*Defining the security clause to check the privilege users*/
/*The store procedure contains only SQL language*/
/*Begining my store procedure*/
/*Declaring my variables with which im gonna work*/
    DECLARE var_os_version VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_ip_addr INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_hostname VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_cpuinfo VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_memtotal INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_memfree INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_memavailable INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_totaldisk INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_freedisk INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_usedisk INT DEFAULT 0;
    DECLARE var_mysql_version VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
    DECLARE var_mysql_dbs VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT '';
/*Assign the values to the variables*/
    SET var_os_version=(system cat /etc/os-release | grep -i 'Pretty_Name' | cut -d '"' -f2);
    SET var_ip_addr=(system hostname -I | awk '{print $1}');
    SET var_hostname=(system hostname);
    SELECT var_os_version,var_ip_addr,var_hostname;
/*Finishing my store procedure*/
/*Modifying the delimiter to the default*/

I want to collect some data of operative system and store inside a database using a store procedure to get the data