magento2 – Magento 2: How to redirect to current store url with parameters in url from `controller_action_postdispatch` observer [Google search index issue]

When I enter my site’s internal URL for example-
It redirects me to the home page and also shows the error in
Google Search Console showing URL is not available to Google as
shown in the screenshot.

What I want is My Url should be redirected to the current store URL(not base URL) and also not show an error in Google Search Console.


I’m redirecting to a different store following way which is not the correct way to redirect to store Url, Also it’s redirected as expected but shows the error in google search

$storeId = 1;
$urlInterface = MagentoFrameworkAppObjectManager::getInstance()->get('MagentoFrameworkUrlInterface');
$redirecturl = $urlInterface->getCurrentUrl();
$redirecturl = str_replace($this->storeManager->getStore()->getBaseUrl(), '', $redirecturl);
$redirecturl = explode('?', $redirecturl);
$observer->getControllerAction()->getResponse()->setRedirect($store->getBaseUrl().redirecturl(0)."?geoipss_redirect=1&gipss_store_id=".$storeId); //redirecturl(0) == 'women/tops'
return $this;

I have tried adding a static URL that works fine in setRedirect()
but I need to redirect to a specific store’s current URL(not base

I have also tried with
$this->storeManager->getStore()->getCurrentUrl() it shows error in
google search.

Let me know If anyone has any idea.

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google play store – App doesn’t show on emulator playstore

The Play Store enabled emulator images are x86 images so they can be executed faster on an Intel/AMD CPU. Physical smartphones at the moment all use ARM CPUs (armv8a 64 bit to be precise).

If an app uses CPU specific native libraries it needs to include one version them for each CPU architecture it plans to support. Therefore if the app you want to install in the emulator only has native libraries for ARM then it can not be executed on an x86 emulator and thus will not be shown in Play Store.

Additionally when publishing an app in Play Store one can very flexible exclude or include certain device type(s).

As your app can be installed via side loading it seems to at least contain something for the x86 platform but detecting an emulator in an app and then let the app crash is simple. Besides that t!here are a lot of ways to detect an emulator. If an app developer does not want an app to be executed on an emulator it can get pretty hard and requires reverse engineering and code manipulation skills and many hours to make it run.

Especially financial apps disallow execution on an emulator as this is a common way for hackers to investigate such an app for attacking the bank, the app and their customers. Some banking apps even refuse to work on custom ROMs or rooted devices.

how to sell cloud store


i want to sell cloud store
a customer pay monthly amout to get a store in the cloud (prestashop or opercart)

there is a script or … | Read the rest of

how to sell cloud store


i want to sell cloud store
a customer pay monthly amout to get a store in the cloud (prestashop or opercart)

there is a script or … | Read the rest of

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sdl2 – How should I store the objects to render?

From what I understand, in order to show all elements of a 2D game in the proper way, I need to render them in order, from the further away from the camera to the closest. So I should sort them by depth before displaying them. Since sorting a list 60 times per second seems kinda clunky, would it be a better idea to store the objects to render in a binary search tree? Is there an ideal way to do store these objects? Or did I get something wrong? about this?

magento2 – Applied Theme not showing on store

I have created 2 custom themes for the site, and applied one of theme as the theme store.
But my webpage/store is loading the layout of the theme which is not been applied. I have been struggling with this since 2 days, still no luck.

I have tried to modify the theme table from the db as well where I made all the types to 0. cleared caches n number if times, removed pub/static/frontend folder, Even if I delete the theme it is not loading the layout of the applied theme.

Anything which I have not tried yet?

magento version: 2.4.1

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I want to make mods for the Game Pass/Microsoft Store version of Starbound. I know it is possible to install mods for this version, because I have seen people talk about it (but not write it), and I have seen the mod gear in the bottom right.

But, I have tried everything I could find, and cannot for the life of me find a way to actually get access to these folders. But this probably isn’t the place to go into that. Instead, I would like to know how to unpack the files to write a mod. When I try to use the “unpack_assets.exe” it just says I don’t have permission.