Website Design – Temporary Highlighting Strategies for a Tab

I was wondering what strategies can be used to temporarily highlight a tab. With temporarily, I mean changing its appearance for a week or a month or so to report that something on this tab has changed.

Furthermore, I wondered how the strategy could differ depending on the type of change. Maybe if there is an important new feature, you want to highlight it a lot, although in my particular case, I only want to give the user a little boost.

In my case, the tabs look like the image below, but I'm glad to have a more general answer.

enter description of image here

I don't want to change the background color, as this can cause confusion on the active tab and think more like an asterisk or something.

Strategies for applying the uniqueness of fuzzy data to free text input

I have a website that allows administrator users to enter free text questions into a database that will eventually be asked of non-administrator users using the website. This system replaces an old system in which the question library has become almost useless due to the amount of duplicate questions, so one of my main goals is to do my best to detect and force the reuse of questions existing.

What strategies should I have to avoid ending up with the same problem? My initial thought is to compare user input to existing data using a search engine (CloudSearch, Elastic Search, etc.) and block the entry of questions on a certain threshold of score.

Are there other strategies? Is there a specific way to think about storing / disinfecting my data to maximize efficiency? I think of things like deleting low value words (the, of, is, etc.) to sum up to the essence of the matter.

As I ask this question, it seems very meta because maybe what I'm trying to create is the "Similar Questions" widget here on Stack Exchange.

gm techniques – Strategies to effectively run a temporary online game

Other questions helped determine where to find players online and some of the tools available for current virtual games (Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.). Many of these tools have an associated cost and a significant time commitment to set up a custom homebrew game.

Sometimes circumstances prevent us from meeting as we wish. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 is a good example. During these periods, it is important to find ways to continue playing together, even in a non-standard and non-permanent way.

In this question, I'm interested in knowing what DMs and their players are using to temporarily convert their normal pen and paper in face-to-face meetings into a system that works with a remote group. I'm not looking for specific software recommendations, although a good answer may include one. Instead, I'm mainly interested in the high-level strategy used to continue the role play without being in the same room together.

I am particularly interested in the answers that address the following common concerns with this type of conversion:

  1. Temporary – Suitable for short-term play, without running an entire campaign
  2. Role Play – Support for high quality, low delay communications
  3. Content – Manage custom content, including maps, documents, items, etc.
  4. Combat – Manage combat positioning, distances, and area effects normally performed on a battle mat

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