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First, this is not a slander, it is an article that explains why you should not use this video host or like this hosts.. everything is clear and I don’t understand why the administrators don’t understand it. I am writing an indirect scamming method that such video streaming sites use.

Definitely don’t use this video host( especially for adult videos. Because visitors often access such adult sites via vpn.(security, privacy, accessibility and ton of reason) These smart gentlemen pay first for your business, and then they stop paying after when their site reaches enough traffic, because by now, you’ll have uploaded and shared hundreds of videos.

if even only a fraction of your site’s users enter to the site with a vpn, they will not pay you. yeah, even if there are some visitors use a vpn… and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As you can see in the picture, at first they pay( yes, they are idiots and they have given money to bot/fake traffic for months, you can believe this if you are 7 years old, maybe)

After making more than +one payment , they say: your traffic is bot and we don’t pay you anymore. I wonder what idiot they expect to believe that? because of the situation I’m talking about at the top, they’re stealing people’s time, labor and money and they still brazenly continue to do it, because there will be a lot of carp that will fall into the same eating unless someone writes them down.

and then they accused me (and hundreds of others like me)) of using not legit, bot etc. traffic on Here

alexa rank of the site I use evoload: 240k…

As a result, the indirect scam method is as follows.

the method goes like this,
1. Allow adult videos.
2. Pay a little, and their site will be recognized.
3. Stop paying for sites with some vpn traffic.
4. Gain popularity and gain hitherto uploaded videos clicks.

Maybe although the situation is normal for non-adult videos but these sites get the most traffic and popularity from adult videos. the event like a joke… Even the most popular porn sites have at least 50% vpn traffic.

be careful, don’t waste your time guys.

and there will always be buffoons who will praise these video streaming sites. I just saw a few people kiss their ass for an extra $ 20 on here…

video streaming – Most popular on Rumble?

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python auto submit links to streaming sites | NewProxyLists

I have a script to upload links to movie sharing sites (i can add more sites if there is
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one of those sties is : primewire
, ( about hosting video sites i can add any other one if u wanna that )
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Looking for team or partner for streaming sites

Im looking for a team for streaming movie sites.its very hard to work alone to update daily.

Selling – | Streaming site | ReactJS | Automated | 210k Unique Visitors | NewProxyLists

I’m the owner of FastAnime
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streaming hosts ordered by alexa rank

i was bored and make a table with streaming hosts ordered by alexa rank

the idea of using to make streaming video sites?

This is an old service, why no one uses it to host videos and share them on online video websites

Movie Streaming sites for sale | NewProxyLists

Hello we are selling movie streaming sites with 35.000 movies and 75.000 episodes with psyplay and dooplay themes, all links works and will work forever. Movies and Episodes are auto updated each day.

Price for 1 time payment for site installed and optimized on your server is 250$

Price for website installed on our server will be 60$ month

You will get liftetime support and tutorial how to stay fully anonymous.

We can also provide you with domains, so if you live in US or other high risk country you don’t have any connection with the site.

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Streaming and files host with folder sharing?? | NewProxyLists

Looking for suggestions, which currently working file hosting and/or streaming hosts provide ability to share whole folders??

Say I wanna have folder named “1990s Movies”, and upload whatever there. Share only link to this folder, and users will see every file inside. When I upload new files there, those will also be visible and so on.

Im interested in hosts with affiliate programs.

Selling – Yetishare v5.0.0 File Hosting & Streaming Script – Discounted | NewProxyLists

Hi all,

I’ve just release v5.0.0 of our Yetishare file hosting script. Latest changes include a Core Script Rewrite, New Spirit Theme, File Previews and Improved Sharing.

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un: admin
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rank name alexa
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