vertical strips on sony ar7ii (some pictures)

Recently, I bought a Sony AR7ii and did about 2k photos with it.
works fine, but sometimes I see these black stripes.

I have no idea what causes it and how to avoid it. any idea would be appreciated! (

Complexity of STRIPS planning to find the optimal solution: PSPACE-complete or NP-complete?

I read the two articles below to try to determine if STRIPS is NP-complete or PSPACE-complete. Specifically, I try to understand the complexity of finding optimal solutions with the help of STRIPS.

Moreover, Bylander (1994) defines PLANMIN to find the shortest plane. This is related to the length directly where the goal is to minimize the length of the plane. I'm not sure I can apply his reasoning to my situation. I'm using an objective function other than length, for which I have to find the complete plan before calculating its utility, then a plan minimizing this utility. So I can not just stop my searches and go back if I find a plan longer than the shortest one I have found so far. Does this condition make this NP-complete search?

Thank you in advance.

Bylander, T. (1994). The computational complexity of propositional STRIPS planning. Artificial Intelligence, 69 (1-2), 165-204.

Erol, K., Nau, D.S. and Subrahmanian, V.S. (1991). Results of complexity, decidability and undecidability for domain independent planning: detailed analysis, 76 (CS-TR-2797), 75-88.