bitcoin core – Stuck on creating ALTCOIN // PHASE: Genesis Block

I am right now following this tutorial:

I am stuck at the generation of the genesis block, I am completly out of ideas right now of how to work on

PS: using linux 20.20 ubuntu

Hope someonone can explain step by step

thanks, kind regards

Fix Dead or Stuck Pixel

Use a second lint-free cloth to dry your screen but having a site who teach stuck pixel vs dead pixel and give knowledge

Windows update is stuck at 0% Windows Server 2016 + WSUS

Since we upgraded to Windows Server 2016, updates crash at 0%;

Windows update is active, policies are applied correctly;

Other servers with Windows Server 2016 update normally, others crash at 0%.

We use a WSUS Windows Server 2016 server that provides the updates.

I have never found a definitive solution for this, many say to rename the “SoftwareDistribution” folder, but it doesn’t work!

enter image description here

enter image description here

boot loop – Nexus 7 2013 – stuck at android is starting optimizing apps. trying adb to get the data

I have a 2013 model Nexus 7.
It is running 6.0.1, unmodified with locked bootloader. USB debugging is on.

Battery drained to 0. Charged then the device is stuck on boot loop .. android is optimizing app X of x.
I don’t wanna lose the data so I’ve avoided hard reset.

  • I’ve wiped cache more than once.

  • I tried ADB Commands .. and while on the android is starting I can list the device and I can list the directoies ..

  • Tried adb pull /
    and it return this message.

    c:Adb>adb pull /

    • daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
    • daemon started successfully adb: warning: stat failed for path /proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/self/task/1208/root/proc/222/task/1208/fd/15:
      Protocol not available

Tried shell to see if I can list folders and

Adb shell ls /sdcard/sdcard
it returns the same message.

c:Adb>adb shell ls /mnt






sdcard *******************



c:Adb>adb shell ls /mnt/sdcard/
/mnt/sdcard/: No such file or directory

Is there any way that I can retrieve the data before hard resetting .. through adb or custom recovery .. or whatever.

fastboot – Oneplus 8T stuck in bootloop after flashing patched boot.img

I’m a complete newbie following a guide to root my phone, but it got stuck in a bootloop after rebooting, after flashing a patched boot.img created by Magisk. I have tried many things but with my lack of experience I’m stuck. One guide I’m following for unbricking your phone requires flashing all files from a stock (official) payload.bin file, but I can’t run the commands because of a ‘critical partition’ error.

Running ‘fastboot flashing unlock_critical’ only prints out the syntax commands as if I just typed in ‘fastboot’ as is… I’m stuck, I’m clueless and I’m beginning to panic ._.

Capsule getting stuck on edge of block

Not sure how to properly explain it so i recorded a video to explain it easier


usability – Stuck on handling common scroll gestures

I have a screen where users can switch between tabs via swiping back and forth. In each tab, it has a list of items. Recently I implemented a gesture handler for that list (so list can have more optons, but hidden initailly) and now it’s a lack in user experience since both, top navigation (tabs) and the list has the same gesture behaviours. Please refer to the image for more info.

So I am stuck in this and seeking help from you guys. If you have any advices, let me know.

enter image description here

Scrapebox stuck on 100% after scraping

The program stops on 100% and there is nothing you can do. Has anyone encountered anything similar? How to solve it?

the same problem with proxy and without proxy, i have 5 dedidacted proxy…

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modern experience – Problem with Hub-Site Navigation Settings (Stuck in Classic Mode?)


We are currently overhauling our SharePoint intranet at my company and have now made the intranet start page into a hub-site. However, since that old start page was created many moons ago, it seems that the Navigation Settings are also inherited from that ancient time (see screenshot below). Does anyone of you know how I can change the settings into Modern Sharepoint mode, where you simply build the navigation on the page instead of going to this separate cryptic settings section?

Thanks and kind regards,


enter image description here