cloud computing – Student Project Ideas using Openstack

I am a student at University and have completed all on my CompSci courses and am getting started in my concentration, security. I need to complete a Project, and want to dive right in. Generally, what I want to do is create and monitor a secure cloud environment using Openstack. Normally, I would be able to use the Private Cloud provided by my school, but may not be able to do this due to social distancing. Assuming that I do have access, what is a good idea for the project aim, especially for someone who is new to Openstack and the cloud in general? What should the clients of my Openstack orchestrated cloud be using this service to do? Additionally, in the case where I do not have a Private cloud available to utilize, would I be able to undertake a similar project using a public cloud like AWS? I apologize if these questions seem bad, but I am new to this environment and would appreciate any input I could get.

java – How can I design my Spring program so that when a user logs in I can tell if they are a Staff member, student or faculty member?

A little more detail. Like I said I’m building this University Management System and it will have user authentication. It will also user authorization for some parts of the web layer, for example only a Student will be able to access the Student web portal to add/drop classes and only a Faculty will be able to use the faculty portal to grade students and see their list of course.

Here is the problem: When someone logs in (This is all using Spring Security and Spring MVC btw) I need to be able to tell if this a student, faculty or staff. And querying each table until I find a match seems like TERRIBLE design. Each Entity inherits from a common abstract class Person but the interface that they share is very basic, they have getters and setters for the ID, first name, last name ect. I could store the Authorization role in the abstract class and that would tell me if this Person instance is a Staff, Student or Faculty and then check the role to figure what specific subclass I am using but that seems contrived as well. Is there a intuitive and common sense way to approach this problem?

usa – I’m an international student in Canada. I want to see my girlfriend in the US

I am a Pakistani PhD student in Canada who has approximately $40k a year in funding. I have been here for two years and have visited the states for an academic conference on a visa. The same visa is also applicable to tourism.

My girlfriend, whom I met in Canada, is now moving to Colorado to begin medschool. I of course want to see her as regularly.

As a Pakistani, I expect to be question a lot when visiting the states. My ties in Canada are:

  • my PhD degree
  • my MS degree that I also earned here,
  • and my lease and car.

I understand not to volunteer information and to answer to the point. But what can I do to make this process simpler and convincing? My guess is repeated visits (~once every 2 months) to the same place will raise questions. I do not intend to stay for long periods – most commonly just a weekend and sometimes for 10 days. Month long visits are not a possibility for me.

Would repeated travel strengthen or weaken the probability of me being denied?

❓ASK – Can I make $50-$100 a week? (I’m Student) | NewProxyLists

Hi all, I’m struggling in finding a way to earn some bucks online. I’m not searching something where I do nothing and earn, but I’d like to do something, I’m pretty good in writing, I’m especially a fast typer, I tried for example with captcha…but they pay really low, I can’t type 1000 words…

what kind of health insurance does one need if that person is foreigner is applying for german student visa from paris

I wish to apply for a german student visa to start my doctoral studies. I’m an indian national and currently residing in paris. One needed document for visa application is health insurance proof. I’m not quite sure if my french public health insurance would work fine or I have buy another health insurance just for 3 months. Cause after starting my doctoral studies I will get health insurance from my research insitute. Thank you in advance!

europe – Questions regarding Belgian/Schengen long stay student visa-D

I’m starting to lose my mind over this so I thought I’d post on a forum to see if someone can help confirm some things for me. This is regarding a Belgian visa specifically but I imagine this rule would apply to all Schengen-area visas as well.

I’m an American, currently back in the US, and just finished my first year of a two-year master’s program in Belgium. A year ago I applied for a Belgian Visa-D long-stay student visa, and it will be set to expire before the next school year. Thus, my current visa needs to either be extended for a year or I need to apply for a new one.

My understanding is that I can’t apply for an extension on my visa as I don’t meet the requirements (I’m not in Belgium and I am experiencing a force majeur, medical issue, etc.), so an extension is off the table and I need to apply for a second visa.

The school I am enrolled in requires that I arrive at their office in person at the beginning of the school year to re-register for the next academic year, and after the exchange of several passive-aggressive emails from le secrétariat-étudiants, it seems that they’re unwilling to electronically send me the certificate of enrollment for next year (a required document for the long-stay student visa). According to them, I’ll need to travel to Belgium, just to sign a piece of paper and pay a nominal fee in person in mid-august, to receive this certificate. No way to work around it.

Given the current situation with the coronavirus and recent restrictions set out by the EU, I don’t believe I can return to Belgium without a valid student visa. So I’m in a cyclical issue where I can’t return to Belgium to get this essential document, but this essential document is needed in order to return. I hope that makes sense…

Le secrétariat-étudiants seems to believe that I can just hop over to Belgium on a tourist visa (even during coronavirus times) and once I’m there, I can apply for a long-stay visa. This is confusing to me and I have a couple questions:

  1. As an American, do I really not need a student visa at this moment to go to Belgium? Can I just return on a tourist visa but say I am a student? I understand that the EU is allowing students to come, but can I really return without a visa or any documentation that I am enrolled for this coming academic year? The Belgian and EU sites make me believe that this is not true, though perhaps I am missing something.

  2. Is it possible for me to apply for a long-stay student visa outside of my country, specifically in the country where I am planning to study? I’ve spent hours scouring the Belgian Office of Aliens/Immigration (both in English and French), the EU website, forums, travel blogs, anything on the subject. All sources seem to say that, I have to apply for this visa from my home country. This is what I did last year, as I needed to travel to complete an entrance exam, and then I returned to apply for my visa after receiving the documents.

I am hoping to avoid having to fly to BE, quarantine in a hotel room for two weeks, go to the school to register, fly back to the US, quarantine again, lodge by visa app, and then return to BE after my visa is complete… It’s very possible I am missing some key information and perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way, but the way I see it, it doesn’t seem possible to avoid.

google sheets – Help me separate each student into separate rows without inputting the parent data each time

I am collected data about parents and students. I need there to be a separate row for each student without entering the family data each time. I have always used the “pre-filled link” option to do this but need a less tedious way and want to use a formula to do this on my response sheet. I have found some resources online but I can not get any of the examples to work for me. Here is a copy of the response. I would like each row to include data from A-L (header data?) and make a new row for each student M-T, U-AB, AC-AJ, AK-AR. This is an example but the actual sheet will have more columns.
This has 2 tabs, how I my responses are coming out and the second tab is how I want it to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.

hash – College Economics Student in Support of Crypto Looking for Live Hashrate Data

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usa – Accompanying my wife (who is student) as a visitor

My wife is going to start her studies in the US. We are both Canadian citizens, and I’m working for a US-based company, that has an office in Canada (so it’s basically registered as a Canadian company)

I would like to accompany her to the US, and help her in finding a place, starting her day-to-day life, etc.

We both have I-20’s, and I intend to continue working for my company (the entity that I’m working for right now) while I’m in the US for a couple of months. I read another thread where people suggested to no to mention that you work remotely when your are visiting the US.

Now I have a few concerns:

  1. Will I have a problem at the border? when accompanying my wife? is there a chance that they say “you won’t come back to Canada, because your wife is going to stay there for a long time, so you will as well?”

  2. Should I go there as a visitor or with the I-20? Considering the COVID-19 situation I’m not sure they will even let me in as visitor.

  3. Should I mention that I’m working while there?


usa – Italian with recently expired M1 student visa wants to visit Italy & return to NYC

If you want to return in M-1 status, you’ll need a new M-1 visa. This is true even if your extension request is granted before you leave the US.

Normally, you can get that visa while you are in Italy, but I do not know whether restrictions related to the coronavirus will prevent or delay the process. You will also have to consider the possibility that the current travel restrictions may still be in place, in which case you’ll need to find somewhere else to stay for 14 days between leaving Italy and arriving in the US.

The above takes your question at face value, but perhaps I shouldn’t do that. Keep in mind that there is a distinction between visa validity and status. Your extension application was an application for extension of status. If your visa (that is, the sticker in your passport) is still valid through your anticipated return date, then you won’t have any problems at all other than the coronavirus restrictions.