Do i need to show my Canadian study visa refusal to the UK embassy for study visa?

You should truthfully answer the questions presented to you in the visa application. You are not required to volunteer information which is not asked for. Thus, if Canada asks if you’ve ever been refused a visa, you must disclose it.

If you do not disclose it, and Canada already knows about the refusal (a very likely situation, for the Five Eyes reason described in the other answer), you will be denied for deception, and possibly banned as well.

Your agent is giving you bad advice.

mp.mathematical physics – How are Clifford Algebras and Spinors used to study the Ising model?

I’ve heard Clifford algebras and spinors are useful tools to study the Ising model, but I’ve never find any good discussion on this matter. Also, as far as I know, in the original solutions of the 2-D Ising model, Onsager made use of the theory of Lie algebras. I imagine that these are equivalent approaches but how are they related?

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algebra precalculus – How to find the distribution of cases in the AstraZeneca/Oxford Phase 3 study interim analysis?

I’m trying to figure out whether it’s possible to find how the 131 cases from an interim analysis of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Phase 3 study are distributed among the two arms of two dosing regimens.

Vaccine Efficacy is abbreviated as VE.

Facts from the AstraZeneca November 23rd Press Release, as I understand them:

  • There are two dosing regimens. Let’s call them Regimen A and Regimen B.
  • Regimen A (2741 participants) has a VE of 90%
  • Regimen B (8895 participants) has a VE of 62%
  • The combined VE across the two regimens is 70%.
  • There were a total of 131 cases in the two regimens.

This is how the AstraZeneca Phase III Study Protocol defines Vaccine Efficacy (VE):

“VE is calculated as RRR = 100*(1-relative risk), which is the incidence of infection in the vaccine group relative to the incidence of infection in the control group expressed as a percentage.”

Side Note: I think they actually made a mistake with the word “relative risk” inside the formula. I think “relative risk” must be “risk ratio”. I looked up the notion of “relative risk” and it”s far more complicated than their own description of the formula. The word “risk ratio” I got from Lesson 3: Measures of Risk – Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice

Given he definition of VE and the total number of cases, I think it must follow that there were 30 cases in the vaccine group, and 101 cases in the placebo group, because this is the only proportion that results in a vaccine efficacy of 70%.

1-(30/101) = 0.702 = 0.70

Now the question is, how are these cases (30 in the vaccine group, 101 in the placebo group) spread along the two regimens?

I tried to write down the formulas, as best as I could. I used the following for the variable names:

  • P: The amount of cases in the placebo group P.
  • V: The amount of cases in the vaccine group V.
  • Three suffixes: t for Total, a for Regimen A, b for Regimen B.

Pt = 101 = Pa + Pb
Vt = 30 = Va + Vb
(1-Va/Pa) = 0.90 —> Va/Pa = 0.1
(1-Vb/Pb) = 0.62 —> Vb/Pb = 0.38

Is this making sense?
Can this be solved?

If so, is there one solution, or multiple solutions?

Thanks in advance!

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Bing Ads and Clickbank direct linking case study

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I wanted to share a case study on one of the ways I’ve been successfully making affiliate sales on Clickbank.

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What you need:

  • Clickbank account
  • Bing Ads account


  • Find a product in the Clickbank marketplace that converts but doesn’t have crazy competition
  • Set up a direct linking campaign using Bing Ads (no tracking software like Clickmagick required)
  • Prove your campaign’s stability by making commissions over a few days and then repeat with a different product to build up a suite of money-making Bing Ads campaigns

In the rest of this post is a description of exactly what to do. I have made a video with a case study showing the exact steps below being put into action from choosing a product and launching a Bing campaign to the results.


1. Find a product

Head over to the Clickbank marketplace and hit the search button to list all marketplace products. At this point the products will be listed in popularity order.

Go to the filters bar on the left and filter on the following:

Gravity: Filter to a gravity of between 20 and 70. This filter will give you a list of products that are seeing success with affiliate promotions but haven’t been overrun with affiliates yet (ie. 600+ gravity products)

Date added to marketplace: Filter to the last 2 months. This filter (combined with the above gravity filter) will give us popular products that are new.

Check out the products that remain and decide which one you want to promote. One of the criteria I use to decide what *not* to promote is that I avoid promoting MMO products on Clickbank. That’s because most people interested in MMO already know about Clickbank and are likely to buy a product they like through their own affiliate link, or refund, or both (​IMG)

2. Setup a direct linking campaign

Now that you’ve got a product to promote, head over to Bing Ads and set up a campaign.

We’re going to create a campaign to get clicks for people searching on the product name- so make sure you check the vendor’s affiliate terms to ensure they allow (or don’t specifically disallow) brand bidding.

The campaign should target the product name on exact match (product name in square brackets). That way, when someone searching Bing types in the product name your ad is going to show up. It’s important we target these people because they are warm leads.

When you set up your ad you don’t need to make any crazy promises, the traffic is warm afterall.

The most important part of your ad setup is the urls you use. The final url (which is the url displayed in the ad should be the url of the sales page, ie. not your hoplink). Your hoplink goes in the tracking template field (under “Ad URL options”).

The tracking template is traditionally used by tracking software and Bing sends the traffic through this link rather than the final url (provided that the visitor eventually lands on the final url). You can test that this all functions correctly using the Test button.

3. Prove your campaign

Let your campaign run for a few days and prove that it can be profitable. Traditionally, you should not make a decision on the profitability of a product until you have spent 3 times the payout commission on ads. So, if the product pays $24 in commission you let the campaign run until you’ve spent $72 and then decide whether to junk it or not. Because you’re running to warm traffic you can junk a campaign earlier if it’s not making sales.

That’s it!

Let me know if you have any questions!



website design – UX Case study that cover 1.5 year is it fine or better to divide into the short parts?

I’m writing a case study for work that I’ve done in my current company at 1.5 years. All case studies that I saw describe a specific feature or first launch, so timelines there always 2-5 weeks. And I’m wondering is it okay to write a case study that will cover High-level Goals that we get to in a 1.5 year?

Study and learn forex trading – General Forex Questions & Help

There are many factors in the area of Forex trading. As a trader, you must consistently study, learn, and expand your current information. But with the right equipment and training, you can continue to be a successful trader. So, focus on learning first, then think about investment. I recommend Eurotrader education resources which help me a lot to learn in my trading journey.

Do i need to show my Canadian study visa refusal in uk embassy for study visa?

I got a refusal from Canadian embassy, there is mo stamp on my passport, do i need to show my Canadian study visa refusal in uk embassy for study visa? However, my agent recommends me not to show refusal