How to use ‘Set Style’ in’s online tools ‘Create Custom Link’ to change ‘fillColor’?

I am using the online tool of Create Custom Link to change a normal object such as a square’s fillColor. Where

  1. Action for Cell(s): Set Style; Key: fillcolor; Value: #ffe6cc
  2. Tags:ss
    push the Add Action button, you can get the code in Custom Link:
  "actions": (
      "style": {
        "tags": (
        "key": "#ffe6cc"

But this one do not work.

Python class style with private methods and class variables

I wanted to add a private method and a class variable to a small Python class. Is the following idiomatic Python3 style OOP?

class Foo:

    # class data
    _regex = 'bar'

    def _private_method(self, string):
        if, string):
            return True
            return False

    def public_method(self):
        if self._private_method("string"):

api design – Is the “archetype controller” really complies with REST architectural style

I’ve read the Fielding’s thesis that defines the REST architectural style and noticed that the defined style appears to significantly conflicts with the so called “archetype controller”, that a definition can be found in many places, like here.

The first thing to highlight here is that the “resources archetypes” is not present in the original thesis, it was a later addiction (I don’t know who made this), and that is OK. But if it is not present in the beginning, then that the compliment of this resource style is not part of the REST constraints.

But the issue here is that it seems to mismatch with what Fielding originally wrote about this:

Any information that can be named can be a resource: a document or image, a temporal service (e.g. “today’s weather in Los Angeles”), a collection of other resources, a non-virtual object (e.g. a person), and so on. In other words, any concept that might be the target of an author’s hypertext reference must fit within the definition of a resource. A resource is a conceptual mapping to a set of entities, not the entity that corresponds to the mapping at any particular point in time.


The “archetype controller” seems to be a kind of a Remote Procedure Call. Not when he was talking about REST, but about HTTP, he also made the observation that HTTP is not RPC:

People often mistakenly refer to HTTP as a remote procedure call (RPC) (23) mechanism simply because it involves requests and responses. What distinguishes RPC from other forms of network-based application communication is the notion of invoking a procedure on the remote machine, wherein the protocol identifies the procedure and passes it a fixed set of parameters, and then waits for the answer to be supplied within a return message using the same interface.

What distinguishes HTTP from RPC isn’t the syntax. It isn’t even the different characteristics gained from using a stream as a parameter, though that helps to explain why existing RPC mechanisms were not usable for the Web. What makes HTTP significantly different from RPC is that the requests are directed to resources using a generic interface with standard semantics that can be interpreted by intermediaries almost as well as by the machines that originate services. The result is an application that allows for layers of transformation and indirection that are independent of the information origin, which is very useful for an Internet-scale, multi-organization, anarchically scalable information system. RPC mechanisms, in contrast, are defined in terms of language APIs, not network-based applications.


The question is, am I wrong, or has something wrong with the “archetype controller”?

ribbon – SharePoint Online “Page Elements” style for Format Text missing

We are currently experiencing a really weird bug where the “Page Elements” is missing under the Font Styles under Format Text.

Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

The weird thing is, it was working fine ever since we deployed it (5 months ago) and it just happened now.

All SharePoint portals inside our O365 (let’s call it O365 One) is affected.

Strangely, we have a different O365 (let’s call it O365 Two) account, and the “Page Elements” style is working there.

I even tried adding Custom Styles as defined here:

But it also did not work for (O365 One). However, Custom Styles worked for (O365 Two).

Can anyone help / know what to do?

Thank you!


We found something strange; the javascripts on the problematic sites are being directed to:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

While the correct sites are:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

But the things is, we haven’t done anything to change it. Might it be Microsoft’s side?


Using responseheaders, found out that the SP Version of the Problematic Sites is :

While the correct sites are:

It seems that is problematic?

[XTR] Style Switcher | NullScripts

Some new features have been added with this release.

Some changes made

  • The style changer feature will no longer be active on other pages that can only be made on the main page. This prevents different cookie retention for changes made to each page.
  • As a new feature, you can enable on all styles if you want, or you can only enable the active style modifier on the styles you specify.
  • Another new feature is that the shifts that occur in each page load, especially when boxed…


Asus to set USB boot style from UEFI/EFI to BIOS

On my Asus laptop,

  • I’ve disabled the Secure Boot Control, and
  • I’ve enabled (Launch CSM) (Compatibility Support Module)
  • I partitioned my HD using MBR
  • All my systems on my Asus laptop are boot from such BIOS/MBR/CSM mode, including Win8 and all my Linux

However, I found that my USB is booted in EFI style, and I have found nowhere in my Asus Q400A laptop BIOS to change / disable / switch that.

Anyone can help? — Because

boot your recovery live media using the same boot style (either BIOS or UEFI) as was used by the system you’re trying to repair;

I need to boot my USB in BIOS/MBR/CSM style to do my boot repair.


Style – HELPP | NullScripts

Hello, how could I do so that the statistics of the users, that is, this comes out with icons as it is found here, I leave them in a photo, I would like it to come out with icons in the 2 parts like, when you publish in a post and there is in the visitor of the memberI am using xenforo 2.2]



css – How can I style the required field error message

css – How can I style the required field error message – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Need Help to write an email into the desiging fonts style

This community is very unique and here people are very helpful so I am here to ask a question about the fonts style my question is I like stylish font style and so I want to send an email into the designing font style to my friends its possible if I can do this please tell me about this I love this type of the font style if anyone knows about this, please tell its make very helpful for me

Vintage style post for interior design office for $10

vintage style for a post 
it was the client requirements to have an old style effect
photoshop used using organized layers with suitable size for printing

by: ManarMohamed
Created: —
Category: Art & Design
Viewed: 285


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