design system – What is the meaning of Drive, Drive Compact, Focus, Focus Compact in Style Guide

When I read this article, found following image.

Its talking about Frame Name

The frame name is the top-level grouping of the component, usually the
size (ie. Buttons have 4 sizes: Focus, Focus Compact, Drive, and Drive

naming structure of button component

Middle of the image, there is a list called

  • Drive,
  • Drive Compact,
  • Focus,
  • Focus Compact,

what are they?

How can I plot a 2D matrix with this style?

It is possible to plot the matrix like in the image. I’m using

ListPointPlot3D[amn, PlotRange -> All, Filling -> Axis]

Where amn is the 2D matrix but the result is not near to the image

enter image description here

spells – Would DnD 5e style heightening unbalance the game?

Non-damaging spells like Fear, Slow and Haste increase the target count when heightened. However, not liearly as in DnD 5e (+1 target / level) but quite randomly:

  • Fear gets 4 more targets for 2 more levels
  • Haste gets 5 more targets for 4 more levels
  • Slow gets 9 more targets for 3 more levels

Would this house-rule terribly upset the balance?

Every spell that has a heightened version that effects more targets, can be also heightened with the +1 target / level formula


  • Haste for 3 targets: 5th level spell
  • Fear for 2 targets: 2nd level spell
  • 6th level Slow would still effect 10 targets, as the new formula gave you a smaller number (4 targets)

While this gives more flexibility to non-blaster Sorcerers, blasters already have it. So I think the main reason this is not in the official rules is that the designers wanted to avoid too many similarities with DnD 5e.

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dnd 4e – Does the Ninth Legion Style contradict itself?

Yes, they contradict each other, though less so if you use a light shield.

From the Rules Compendium, p267:

Using a Shield
To use a shield, a creature must strap it to the forearm. Doing so is a standard action, unless otherwise noted. Removing a shield is also a standard action.

Light Shield
While using a light shield, a creature can use its shield hand for other purposes, such as holding another item or climbing, but the creature can’t make attacks with that hand or with anything it is holding in that hand.

Heavy Shield
While using a heavy shield, a creature can’t use its shield hand for any other task, since it must use that hand to handle the shield.

Note that if you wield a light shield, that hand is considered free but cannot be used to make attacks. Thus you could use Shifting Blade, but not Bludgeoning Vise, with a light shield. (Although Bludgeoning Vise doesn’t say you have to use the free hand for the unarmed attack, just that you have to have a free hand; note to self, further investigation required).

A character wielding a spear/pick and a heavy shield gives up the ability to use the greater style powers on a Combat Challenge attack (assuming they all require a free hand). A character wielding a spear/pick and leaving their other hand free gives up the ability to use the lesser style powers on an opportunity attack. A character wielding a spear/pick and a light shield gives up the ability to use some of the greater style powers on a Combat Challenge attack.

Why did the authors describe the style as being based on using heavy shields then? Poor editing would be my guess.

Note that your plan to drop the shield will probably not work unless you have a magic shield that explicitly allows you to do so; the rules point out that the shield is strapped to your arm, not simply held, and requires a standard action to equip/stow (compared to a minor action to draw/sheathe a weapon).

Alternative Interpretation: Specific Beats General

It’s possible to interpret things such that it works fine even with a heavy shield, however. Part of 4e is that specific rules trump general rules when there’s a contradiction. In general the powers listed by the Ninth Legion Shield feat require a free hand. However, the Ninth Legion Shield says that in the specific case when you are wielding a one-handed pick or spear and making a Combat Challenge attack, you can use those powers.

This could be read as overriding the free hand restriction of those powers, though the fact that it neither explicitly says so nor specifically requires you to wield a shield makes me dubious; that same logic could be used to say that it allows you to use those encounter powers even if you’re already expended them during the encounter, or even if you don’t actually know those powers!

linux – Can vsftpd handle DOSWindows style backslash in path names?

Is there an option to allow backslash in path on vsftpd?

Example problem from script in use.

CD: Failed changing remote folder FTPUSERFROM_FOLDER! (Remote sever replay: 550 Failed to change directory.)

Similar to pure-ftpd

/etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf parameter:


!Note there is not an option to change the scripts as they are on client side:

dnd 5e – If a character with the Thrown Weapon Fighting fighting style has no weapons drawn, can they use Two-Weapon Fighting to draw and throw 2 daggers?

No, the interaction of these two rules does not allow you to draw and attack with two daggers using TWF.

(See @Medix2’s answer for how you might achieve the desired result anyway, though.)

The Two-Weapon Fighting rules (as you’ve quoted) require you to already have both weapons drawn (emphasis mine):

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand, (…)

The “holding in one hand” is a qualifier for both the first and the second weapon, meaning that at the start of this attack combo, you need to have both weapons in one hand each.

The Thrown Weapon Fighting fighting style allows you to draw them as part of the Attack action, which means that when you make attack #1, you do not have weapon #2 in your hand.

This concludes in grammatical nitpickery, because Two-Weapon Fighting specifies that the conditions (both weapons in a hand each) have to be met when making the first attack. Since this (implicitly) excludes drawing them within the action, you cannot use Two-Weapon Fighting in this case.

However, as a DM, I personally would absolutely let this slide. You are already taking a niche and likely non-optimal route, so why not?

dnd 5e – With the Thrown Weapon Fighting style can you make two throw attacks with daggers?

With a fighter using the Fighting Style: Thrown Weapon Fighting from Thasas’s cauldron can you, while not having any daggers equipped from the start, still take them out and make two thrown attacks using the dual wielding rules?


You can draw a weapon that has the thrown property as part of the attack you make with the weapon.

Dual wielding rules

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand,
you can use a bonus action to attack with a different light melee weapon that you’re holding in the other hand.

You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative.

If either weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon, instead of making a melee attack with it.

Master Style Alert – Highlight when you’re editing a master template or master language

Do you frequently find yourself leaving development mode on and then accidentally end up editing master style templates in the templates section?

Frequently I find that I’m too much of an idiot to realise I’m editing master templates by mistake. Or I may be working on master templates for an add on and theme templates for other stuff, Before you know it, you’ve forgotten you’re in master and saved a change and you’ve got nothing to revert to.

Now you too can be slightly less of an idiot…