html – Why would you ever use the shadow DOM if you can’t apply global styles?

How can you expect to create re-usable components with the shadow DOM and also be expected to give it a separate style? How can anyone be able to share components with each other if that person can’t apply a style on top? I would never use anyone else’s components if they aren’t using my css library..

Side suggestion, <slot> should be useable in light dom with custom components.

CSS styles are not working in Sharepoint 2016 Server On Premises

Yes, this is because your customization uses a CSS version that does not support transform (should be used in CSS3).

Per my test, I add following code in SharePoint server 2016 page with Script Editor web part, it works well.

enter image description here

Since HTML 5 and CSS3 is valid in the page, it will also be valid in SharePoint Designer, if this is a warning, please ignore it.

Authentic Brand Name Supplier/Dropshipper, Shoes, Clothes, Accessories-Latest Styles

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Where do you ship from and to?

I ship to all locations Worldwide from both Europe and North America.

How do I make a payment when I order?

If you are dropshipping it will goes something like this. Once someone purchases an item you will send me their addresses to my email, you will then make a payment via PAYPAL, no credit cards required in any shape or form, I believe in clean, fast, safe transactions, after the payment I will process the items, run it through my employees and within 3 days I will send you the tracking code for each item, if I do not send the tracking code within 3 days you will get your money back no questions asked.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do and here is our refund policy: Your purchase is shipped brand new. Items that you return to us must be in the same new condition as they were received and within 7 days of your arrival shipping. All returned items must be in their original state and deemed to be in unworn condition before the can be accepted for a total refund. The item must be returned in new and unused condition, in the manufacturer boxes and with all paperworks (this includes warranties and authenticity cards) , parts and accessories (including dust bags) to insure full credit . NOTHING SHOULD BE TAPED TO THE BOX. The shoes or handbag box and any other items must be sent back inside a corrugated box (like the one it came in) to prevent any damage. Your return of merchandise will not be accepted if it is not sent back in the proper new condition. Returns not accepted will be disposed of or shipped back to you at your expense.

How are you able to offer such great prices for your products if they are Authentic?

The reason why it is at such a fantastic price is because I have a lot of connections, first of all, and as you know there is a consumer chain that goes something like this:



I take the products right from the factories. Therefore I am the supplier which in turn you wholesale the products to the consumer
the products are made in the exact same factories and have the exact same features and are all authentic but I get seperate shipments from the select factories, that is how I am able to offer such fantastic prices for Authentic Products.

How long does the Products take to ship?

It takes an average of 5-9 days for the product to reach your desired location.

programming languages – Nomenclature for simple versus “sophisticated” coding styles?

What might be the terminology for two very different coding styles possible in many current programming languages?

One style might be coding using only a fairly minimal set of common syntax elements and data types, etc. (The type of coding necessary in Tiny Basic or 8-bit assembly language, but still possible in much newer programming languages, etc.)

The other style might involve coding that includes many layers of function definitions, libraries, classes, generics, operator overloads, and other advanced features, etc. Possibly so much that a person with only a basic intro course in the programming language might have some difficulty reading the code. (or even recognizing it?)

What would I call these two to differentiate them?

macos – How to set default styles for Notes app

In the MacOS Notes app, I would like to set my own default font colors for different markup styles (headings, mono, title, etc).

For example, when creating a new note all the headings would be green and the title would be red.

I’m aware of the advice here about changing the .strings file but it looks like that is now outdated.

Are there any alternatives?

google docs – Enforce styles / disable manual font size selector &c, so no one can mess up the formatting

Today we decided to reduce the font size on a document, and my trick of changing the Normal style had no effect because someone had set the size of all the text manually, leading us to have to select the text under every heading and repeat the action. Worse, actually applying the Normal style, for future’s sake, eliminated all italics and bolds so I had to carefully re-apply italics and bolds where appropriate throughout the document.

I wish the font size selector in particular didn’t exist, because people always use it inappropriately.

styles – CSS stylesheet order acting inconsistently

I have my standard styles-m and styles-l stylesheets. I also have a custom.css stylesheet that loads later than those 2.
On both staging and production everything loads in that order, but in development, styles.css loads later than the other 2.

As a result, I often don’t end up with consistent results between dev and production. How can I make things load in the correct order in development?


8 – Bootswatch Cyborg, custom styles are not applied

I wish to create a new sub-theme based on the Bootswatch Cyborg theme. I wish to edit the CSS to change the styles. Without having to compile Sass or Less.

The things I have done/tested to make it work:

  1. I used composer require drupal/bootstrap to copy the theme and I installed it in Drupal (on a localhost as well as a live host)

  2. I setup a sub-theme, as per documentation instructions, by using the starterkits/THEMENAME project; I installed the theme

  3. I followed steps 1-6 as described on!

  4. Since I wish to use/edit the Bootswatch Cyborg theme, in Drupal’s Appearance “bootstrap_subtheme” CDN settings, I set the following:

    CDN Provider:jsDelivr, Theme:Cyborg

The bootstrap_subtheme file tree is the following.

 2. bootstrap_subtheme.libraries.yml
 3. bootstrap_subtheme.theme
 4. config/install/bootstrap_subtheme.settings.yml
 5. config/schema/bootstrap_subtheme.schema.yml
 6. css/style.css

type: theme
base theme: bootstrap
core: 8.x
core_version_requirement: ^8 || ^9

name: 'bootstrap_subtheme'
description: 'A Drupal Bootstrap 3 based sub-theme.'
package: 'Bootstrap'

  navigation: 'Navigation'
  navigation_collapsible: 'Navigation (Collapsible)'
  header: 'Top Bar'
  highlighted: 'Highlighted'
  help: 'Help'
  content: 'Content'
  sidebar_first: 'Primary'
  sidebar_second: 'Secondary'
  footer: 'Footer'
  page_top: 'Page top'
  page_bottom: 'Page bottom'

    - bootstrap_subtheme/framework


      css/style.css: {}


.empty /null


schemas: ()


  type: theme_settings
  label: 'bootstrap_subtheme settings'


.h1 { font-size: 200px; color:red; }
.h2 { font-size: 95px; }
label { font-weight: 100; }

I flushed the cache. The styling doesn’t take effect.
When inspecting a webpage element (with Firefox) the stylesheet that it is using, points to

Further to this, I tried something else: I created a full HTML page in Drupal (published) and applied a style within it (.h1 {font-size:10px;}). The styling executes, and changes as it should.

Where is this going wrong?

The bottom line is that the css/style.css file (whose permissions are 744) is not read. Why?

customization – WordPress audio player has two different styles

The UI you want is the default browser UI for an <audio> tag, specifically Google Chrome. That tag gets swapped out for a JS based audio player control once the DOM has finished loading. The dark player is the JS based audio player. The light UI you prefer is the browsers default UI.

This means, that the UI you want is only available if the user has the same OS and browser, as well as the same OS settings.

For example, here is your MP3 file in various browsers default audio player implementations on MacOS in the big 3 browsers ( safari, google chrome, firefox ):




Notice my machine is set to dark mode and 2 of the browsers adjusted the players accordingly.

My recommendation is that you keep the WP Media element script/styling, and add your own styles on top. This ensures that your player looks how you want it on all platforms.

If however you wanted to revert to the <audio> tag, you can use this:

add_action('init', 'remove_media_element', 10);
function remove_media_element() {

But keep in mind:

  • This will also impact <video> tags
  • Player appearance will be different on different devices
  • Player functionality will differ. E.g. Safari has airplay controls, but Chrome does not, Chrome has a download menu but Safari does not
  • Some plugins will stop working. A quick google for that code revealed a user asking why it broken a gallery plugin
  • Browsers can and do change these UIs, what you see today may not be what you see tomorrow

8 – Custom styles not taking effect

I’ve read and gone through several articles on sub-theming. Many are outdated! I cant find what i need.

I wish to base my Sub-Theme on the bootswatch Cyborg theme.
This is what i have done:

  1. Downloaded latest drupalBootstrap, extracted, enabled in drupal.
  2. Setup a sub-theme. As per Documentation instructions, by using the starterkits/THEMENAME project and Enabled in drupal.
  3. I wish to use bootswatch Cyborg theme so i downloaded its bootswatch.less and variables.less and put them inside My-Subtheme/css. I also copied over bootstrap.min.css.

Inside My-Subtheme.libraries.yml i have:

      css/style.css: {}
      css/bootswatch.less: {}
      css/bootstrap.min.css: {}
      css/variables.less: {}

Inside My-Subtheme/css/style.css:

@import 'bootstrap.min.css';
@import 'variables.less';
@import 'bootswatch.less';

.h1 {
    font-size: 200px;

In Appearance My-Subtheme Settings:
CDN Provider:jsDelivr, Theme:Cyborg

The styling is not taking effect.
What am i missing?