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visas h1b – SFO TO HYD via HKG with stopover of 15 hours, do I have to submit an inscription before arrival for a stay at the hotel in the HKG transit area?

I hold a H1b visa and work in the United States to travel to India via HKG where there is a 15h stopover. I saw that there is a check in before the arrival that the Indians must pass if they want to leave the transit area of ​​HKG. However, I plan to stay in a hotel called "Regal Airport Hotel" located in the transit area of ​​HKG.

Will I still have to check in before arrival? What are my other options? However, I do not intend to leave the transit area.

Thanks for the help!

Should you submit a paper version of your e-visa when entering Myanmar with an e-visa or show it on a phone / tablet / laptop?

Electronic Visas for Myanmar:

You must bring this visa approval letter with you, as the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population asks you to produce it for verification upon your arrival in Myanmar.

Is it necessary to present a paper version of an electronic visa when entering Myanmar with an electronic visa, or to show the electronic visa on an accepted phone / tablet / laptop?

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sharepoint online – Can not submit a form via Infopath

I have a strange problem and I have not been able to find a workaround even after more than two weeks of online research.

We use Office 365 Business Premium and, thanks to this, I have created a Sharepoint site to raise and approve purchase requests. The form was created with the help of Infopath Designer and contains calculations, repetitive tables and matrices of approval (search in the list of users of the point of sharing, matrix + workflows not configured as such).

The form is published on a particular site – xxxxx.sharepoint.com/sites/PurchaseOrder2/PurchaseRequistion/Forms/AllItems.aspx, where users fill out a new form to enter the necessary details. Many fields marked "can not be empty", the date fields run on a "= today" command and can not be modified. The calculation of subtotal and grand total was coded on a button.

The problems are currently below:

When the data is submitted, the error "The form can not be submitted due to an error" occurs. the details of the error give me "The form can not be submitted to the specified SharePoint list or document library." The SharePoint location may be read-only or you may not have any permissions to access it.An entry has been added to the Windows Event Log of the server ID: 5567

I also fail to send a simple form to the same library without data entry, get the same error. the problem also occurs when I try to submit the form in another library.

I currently have global administrator access and other users have edit access. Ask all your comments and suggestions about it.

Thank you!

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Community of the month n ° 32 – Submit your website / forum | Promotion Forum

Contest information

Community of the Month is a monthly contest where members can vote on the website or forum that deserves the most recognition. This competition brings together two competitions that we had previously organized in a single competition, bringing a new interpretation of this classic Forum Promotion.

Each month, the forums / sites are submitted from the 1st to the 15th and voted between the 15th and the 31st. Any site can be submitted, and the site with the most votes wins this month.

Submission rules

  • You must have 15 publications on Promotion Forum to submit a site.
  • In order for a site to be accepted, its owner (or administrator) must be a member of the Community Promotion Forum.
  • You are allowed to submit only one site per month.
  • All submitted sites must adhere to FP's Acceptable Content Policy.
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any site submitted to CoTM.
  • When a site wins the CoTM, it can no longer be submitted for two months.

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Submit your forum, blog or website

We are currently accepting submissions until 17:00 (23:00 GMT) on 15th of this month. To submit your community to this contest, please post the following form in response to this topic.

Current submissions:
Name of the site:
Admin Retail
Site link: https://admin-retail.com/

Name of the site: Forum exchange
Site link: http://forumpostexchanges.com/

Name of the site: Gab a ton
Site link: https://gabaton.com

Name of the site: DétruireRépéter
Site link: https://destroyrepeat.com

Can not submit a sitemap in the search console

I manage a few sites and one customer reported that his web traffic had decreased and his home page was no longer on Google.

The site has been running for 10 years without any problem.

I recently added an SSL certificate and using the web.config file, I configured it to redirect.

In the search console, only http was listed. I've therefore added https, then tried to submit a sitemap.xml file, but the message can not be read even if you can see it correctly in the browser. Additionally, when I try to run the Mobile Friendly test, the message "The page can not be reached – maybe the page is not available or is blocked by the robots file." .txt ", even if the robots.txt file lets everything pass. It bothers me and affects their ranking.

Can any one advise what this could be?

You can see on the image that the problems have started recently and that the home page is listed as excluded and "currently unindexed". No idea why.

Would this be the http / https redirect?

This is the configuration of the web.config file



enter the description of the image here

Web Design – How can I submit "negative" survey information without discouraging the user?


I am currently working on a project that will essentially become a website that will guide the user towards the optimal recruitment strategy for his specific hiring needs.

Before displaying the recommended path for the generated recruitment plan, I wish to display an infographic that shows how difficult / easy it is to recruit for the position specified by the user (based on data collected with thousands of employers twice a year).

User tests show that posting information such as "Employers in the 20th county think it's hard to recruit for the AA position" may discourage the user from seeing it, whereas sometimes a good alarm clock.

Although it is possible in some cases that the computer graphics tells the user that it is easy to recruit, it is almost always at least a challenge.

Our goal is to inform the user that he can not hope to hire overnight, what other users seem to suggest, what our users think. While simultaneously prompting the user to use the recommended plan to make it easier.


How to inform the user that it will be difficult to hire for the chosen position without discouraging him to try?


How can I inspire the user to perform an action that is not going to be easy?

I thought Wm. In his confirmation hearing, Barr stated that he would submit to Congress all the Mueller report authorized by law.

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