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Google Sheets Script Clear cell from sheet A after submitting value via form on sheet B

NOTICE – I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to scripting. I do a lot of Google research, cutting, pasting, editing, research, etc. I haven't been able to find what I need for this dilemma although I think it should be fairly easy.

In short

I need a specific cell cleared in sheet A (MaintenanceLogs) after submitting form data to sheet B (ClearMaintenanceFlag).

Sheet B contains the search data in column B that I want to search on column B of sheet A and clear the cell on the corresponding row on F in sheet A.

End user process

Users submit maintenance logs via a form (sheet A) and when they perform routine maintenance if they find something that requires follow-up, they check a box on the form that returns a "Yes "in column F. Column B of the maintenance logs contains a UniqueID generated when submitting its maintenance log.

When they correct the reported maintenance, they submit the unique identifier via the form that creates a log to indicate that the reported item has been corrected. We then want to remove the "flag" from the maintenance log.

My understanding

As mentioned, I'm a bit of a novice. I can do an obvious search function to find the said identifier and return the data from the indicator column, but putting it all together in an automated script ……… I'm a bit lost.

I think I should have an onChange event ?? or on Submit? I just don't know the syntax to remove it. I have done a lot of reading but it is a lot for a noob to collect. Glad to pay to make it work.

Final result

At the end, we want the "flag" to disappear from the maintenance log. I use filters, etc. to create filtered lists that show the maintenance items still in progress, so when the indicator disappears, my list is updated.

Confidence that makes sense. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be incredible.

google analytics – Massively view 307 redirects ga when submitting the form

Problem: I am trying to implement the form tracking database Google tracking extract I have tested the submission of the form locally and on the staging, but the form will not be submitted (I will not don't know why) and i keep seeing 307 massive redirects from GA

Massive 307 redirect

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

Here is my django form code:

{% csrf_token %}

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magento2 – Redirection when submitting a contact form

I have a contact page on Magento 2. After trying to submit the contact form, it redirects me to the website.com/contact/index/index/ page saying that the Captcha is incorrect. Then when I submit it, it submits it, but I don't see it in my inbox.

Here is my form.phtml:

escapeHtml(__('Write Us')) ?>
escapeHtml(__('Jot us a note and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.')) ?>
getChildHtml('form.additional.info') ?>

8 – Web Form – Delete attribute / state deactivated when submitting

I would like to find a way to remove the disabled attribute of web form fields inside a custom manager.

the disabled the attribute is currently applied to the elements of the web form when typed by the user conditions/states with the user interface and I would like to remove this attribute after clicking Submit so that these web form fields submit their values.

I looked at the functions available in the WebformhandlerBase: https://git.uwaterloo.ca/drupal-org/webform/blob/8.x-5.2-patch.7/src/Plugin/WebformHandlerBase.php, but can't find where this attribute exists, and don't do it not & # 39; t see an approach to modify / delete it.

public function validateForm() {} seems like a good time to change, but I can't find this attribute.

Noting that I managed to do it with jQuery, but I would prefer to do it in my custom manager

How to delete a form field attribute (disabled) with a custom manager after a user clicks submit?

plugins – Error in jQuery.ajax when submitting a form: Internal server error – UserPro

I therefore use the UserPro plugin to make a registration form. I have created a record field where users can choose their role. I did it as follows:

enter description of image here

In my registration settings (registration form settings) in UserPro, I have the following:

enter description of image here

As you can see, my standard roles to connect are Dj and Radiostation. However, for some reason, I get the error: Error in jQuery.ajax when submitting a form: Internal Server Error when I try to register one of the two.

The problem is resolved when I create a default role for registration, but it will not work. Since users will only register as one role.

My question: how can I solve the Internal Server Error when I try to register one of the two. when registering?

8 – Invalid cache when submitting ConfigFormBase

I have a ConfigFormBase called TextConfiguration where I have defined several fields for address, telephone number, etc …

These variables are indicated in the contact form on my website. When I modify them and I enter as anonymous in / contact, the value is not updated.

I tried this in my ConfigFormBase form, but it doesn't work.

// Additionally, clear cache to prevent mismatch data.
$tags = $this->config(static::COMPET_SETTINGS)->getCacheTags();
if ($tags) {

Am I doing something wrong? I need to configure or do something so that it updates the data when a value is changed? Thanks everyone!

Edit: Example of how I render the fields.

enter description of image here

Bitcoin core – block decoding failure (-22) solo data mining error when submitting block

The first problem is that the output of your script has an odd number of characters which means that it is not a valid hex. I guess you forgot a 0 when you copy and paste it. So, adding a 0 to the beginning of the data, there are still several things wrong.

If this is supposed to be a Bitcoin block, you are missing one of these fields in the block header: hour, bits or nonce (I can't say which one because the three are 4 bytes).

Then you incorrectly serialized the compact unsigned integer for the number of transactions. First of all, it looks like you are missing a byte for this; you have 0xfd which indicates that the number must be two bytes. However, the number you put in is only 1 byte. Second, this integer is in the wrong order. Serialization itself should have 0xfd first, then the number that follows in small endian.

Then in your coinbase transaction, it looks like you missed the segwit marker byte.

These are the things I don't see well with the start of your block; something else may be wrong further down the block.

Of course, I can be completely wrong if the format of your block is not the same as that of Bitcoin.

Should the optional blank field be displayed in the form preview before submitting?



Required fields; name, address, etc.
Two optional fields; overtime and remarks.


  • Fill in the form
  • Click on the review form
  • Modifications of the form in revision mode (all field fields disappeared) only a summary such as receipt
  • Review and submit


When the optional field is empty, should it always be displayed on the preview page with empty data or with the symbol (-) or should it be removed from the form preview?

If it is removed from the preview, does that mean that the user who completes all of the fields has a longer summary than those who don't?

Thanks in advance

magento2 – How to implement a redirect to a personalized success page after submitting a form on a personalized page (similar features such as payment)

I have a submission form and a controller, with the execute method. Right now, after submitting the form, my page reloads and at the top of the page I receive an alert that informs the user of the success or failure of the form. # 39; operation, how can I redirect to a personalized success page?

the execute my controller method app/code/Vendor/Module/Controller/Order/Create.php:

    public function execute()
        /** @var MagentoFrameworkControllerResultRedirect $resultRedirect */
        $resultRedirect = $this->resultRedirectFactory->create();
        $data = $this->getRequest()->getPostValue();
        $sampleIds = explode(',', $data('sample_ids'));
        if (count($sampleIds) >  $this->helper->getMaxCount()) {
            $this->messageManager->addError(__('The count of "samples" exceeds the limit'));
            $data = null;

        if ($data) {
            /** @var VendorModuleModelOrder $model */
            $model = $this->_objectManager->create('VendorModuleModelOrder');

            try {
                $this->messageManager->addSuccess(__('Request was added to processing.'));

                // Send email

            } catch (MagentoFrameworkExceptionLocalizedException $e) {
            } catch (Exception $e) {
                $this->messageManager->addException($e, __('Something went wrong while saving the data.'));
        return $resultRedirect->setRefererOrBaseUrl();