websockets – Preferred framework for caching user query subscription?

Our users log in request for Live data. That request comes in the form of a query like


User will not only receive the current weather of London but also now he is subscribed to live weather data of London.

Our application receives wether data for various cities. Whenever application receives some data, that goes through active subscriptions if it belongs to any of the active subscriptions then an updated response will be sent to the user.

Apache Storm is used to process wether messages and Cassandra is used to persist weather data. Which framework is best suited To keep active cached active user subscriptions so that Storm can connect to that while processing the data?

personalization – Plan a gravity subscription, stripe add-on

I run a non-profit website here
I need to create a gravity form which allows donors to schedule their donations from a certain date to a certain date.
The donor can select (within this range) the days they want to donate, or they can select all of them.
Please see this example
is this possible with gravity form and band addon?

Or, if you can suggest any other unnecessary solution in the form of gravity.

wordpress – follow my users' advertising subscription

I have a wordpress website (live) with ads on it.
When one of my users clicks on the ad and signs up on the ad website (from my token), I get a commission, I want to donate a percentage from the commission to the user (who has completed the registration), the advertisement does not make & # 39; & # 39; don't give any information about the user who signed up, but every week they tell me "4 referrals have been made) and pay me.

Is it possible to know which of my users has completed registration, if so how exactly would I do it?

Note: this is my first question here (I didn't know if my question was more suited here to this or to stack overflow)

Membership – Manually associate a woocommerce subscription with a Stripe payment method

Our environment is WP + Woocommerce with subscription plugin + stripe

We are trying to import the existing customer database, but we are unable to associate the Stripe payment method with the woocommerce subscription.

When the administrator creates a user via the backoffice, the administrator can then create an order on behalf of the customer, this order can contain a subscription, this subscription can reference the "Stripe Customer ID" and "Stripe Source ID ".

So we tried to fill in this Stripe client ID, the stripe "cus_XXX" ID
And for the Stripe source ID, the stripe ID "src_XXX"

However, when you access the "my account" page as a customer
– go to the "payment methods" section and add a payment method> create a new user with said payment method
– go to the "my services" section> modify the payment> create a new user without any trace of the new payment method

How to link the user / order / subscription / payment method created manually to existing ones?

LinkList subscription for sale!

Hi guys!
Recently, I have purchased many lists of links for my projects and I want to select one that I have not used.
This is an active subscription to SeRocket Link List which is prepaid for the next 16 months.
The regular price is $ 49 / month as you can see here:


My price for the 16 months will only be $ 200.

PM for more details.

Return value of a subscription (ionic / angular)

So I want to return a subscription value:

export class UserHomePage implements OnInit {     
    uid: string;

    private afAuth: AngularFireAuth,
    private afs: AngularFireStore,
) {}

getAuth() {
    return this.afAuth.authState.subscribe(auth => {            <= // It's ok
    this.uid = auth.uid;
    console.log('ID : ' + this.uid);

I am trying to use "this.uid" in another function but the data is "undefined":

example() {                                                     <= // Problem !

I just find another topic on this forum here but I don't understand the observable way.

Could you explain to me how to return this data for the following functions.

Thank you (and sorry for my English)!

html – YouTube subscription button / link without redirection

I want to integrate a YouTube subscription button on my web page. But every time you click on the subscribe button, it redirects the user to the YouTube app to subscribe. I want the user to stay on my website, but allow the user to get a pop-up or something like that, to give them access.

PS: this is not a question of requesting a code. Just if someone points me in the right direction. I'll manage. But if someone is ready to share any code, thanks for the help.

commerce – Disable automatic subscription renewal by users

I work on a website with automatic renewal of commerce 2.x subscriptions with Drupal 8.
The problem is that after a user has paid for their subscription, they will no longer be able to cancel the automatic renewal.
I cannot find any relevant information on this functionality.

I wish to cancel the automatic renewal when they wish while keeping the current subscription until the end of the billing period.

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