What are some good examples of successful search engine marketing?

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What are some good examples of successful search engine marketing?

What Are Some Good Examples Of Successful Search Engine Marketing?


Are so called “successful bloggers” faking it?

I can assure you that most of them are faking it.
They key to success is coming up with something unique and you will need drive, passion and belief to make it work.
The people that eventually succeed are not going to give away the concept and formula that they worked so hard on.
Don’t buy into these so called gurus selling programs that promise success.

Their arguments might be very compelling and they will show false evidence that makes it seem as if they are very successful.

Shopify stats for example can easily be modified. I can visit my own shop add 20,000 items to my shopify cart, never check out and the stats will say that I made $70,000 this month. Traffic stats can also easily be modified.


How To Create Your Own Successful App Like Uber – Other Opportunities For Earning Money

Ride-Hailing activities are in high demand around the world. Everyone knows the taxi algorithm but few are able to position themselves in this market. Uber leads the taxi industry, but when it was launched they also had to face a fall, after some innovations and improvements, they found a successful business model and application. Uber has conquered 70% of the global taxi services market.

After seeing such huge demand and profits, many businesses and young entrepreneurs started investing in Uber-like application development. Direct competition with Uber is a tough task, but learning from Uber's mistakes as well as innovative new features can help you compete with Uber.

Steps to Create Your Own Uber Clone Application

Choose the target location: Create your own personalized Uber taxi model, choose your target location where you want to serve customers. You can run a survey to find out the demand for your target location.

Target audience: After knowing your target location, the next step is to define your target audience.

USP of your application: USP is a unique selling point, your Clone uber the app must have additional functionality in order for people to love using the app.

Hire Experience Developer / Company: Converting your idea into reality is a huge task. The app idea you developed can only be met by trusting an app development company.

Comments and suggestions: The success and failure of businesses depends on these pillars. Customer feedback should be taken seriously by the company and always try to learn from user feedback.

Find out how to create a mailing list and create successful marketing campaigns for $ 1

Learn how to create a mailing list and create successful marketing campaigns.

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Email marketing for business is not a new concept, and it has proven to be one of the best marketing tactics
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With over 205 billion emails sent and received every day if your business doesn't take advantage of this powerful and massive
marketing channel then you miss a very effective way
to reach your target audience.

If you are already implementing an email marketing plan in your overall marketing strategy, the question becomes how to stand out
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Unlock the secrets of email marketing

Creating a successful email marketing campaign isn't difficult, but it requires you to do more than just send an occasional

Unfortunately, many companies have yet to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool for their business, either because
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earn email marketing.

Here are some of the benefits that you miss if you don't participate in email marketing for your business:

  • Stay connected with your target audience
  • Reach customers in real time
  • People interact more with email than any other marketing tactic
  • Measuring your progress is easy
  • It's more affordable than many marketing strategies
  • It allows targeted messaging
  • Increases brand awareness
  • It is timely
  • Almost everyone has an email account

If you don't currently have an email marketing plan for your business, you're missing out on reaching your audience and generating
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Why we want you to become a successful trader – general Forex questions and help


"Once you take the desire to make money from your trading and you want to do what good traders do, your mindset changes and you can take more good ones. decisions. " – Craig Cobb

Alan * has reached the end of his tether. His job is not enough to feed him with basic food, not to mention paying his rent. He's getting older and he has to get married to start a family, but he can't even afford the most discreet wedding ceremony. He wants to raise money for his wedding. He applied to a chemical factory and was hired immediately. Sometimes anyone who applies is hired immediately because no training is required. In addition, the strongest man in the world cannot work in the factory for a year.

Alan discovers that the working conditions are so ignominiously abject. Besides the fact that you have to work for at least 12 hours a day (84 hours a week), with very hard work, factory safety is zero and the spicy chemical itself poses a major health risk. If you are injured, you will be terminated without first aid. The monthly salary is less than 100 USD. You will be penalized for your late work and 3 USD will be deducted from your salary per day if you are absent, even if your absence is due to health problems.

Alan likes to work hard and is robust, but he leaves his job in less than 3 weeks. The stinking chemical weighs on his health.

Samson's wife died, leaving him 3 children. Samson believes that the only way to honor the memory of his beloved wife is to take good care of her children. Although his income is not very high, he manages the money well so that the children can go to school and have access to a basic balanced diet.

Suddenly, Samson's boss announces that the company is no longer making a profit and that all the employees will be laid off in a month. The company folds. Since then, Samson has been looking for a job – any job – without success. He lives in a country where more than 40% of able-bodied citizens do not work. Children are now suffering: they are out of school and suffer from malnutrition.

Alisa is a full-time housewife and a responsible mom. She resigned from work to care for her children because she feared that her children would suffer certain inconveniences if she and her husband had to stay away from home for economic reasons.

Alisa, however, perceives that her husband's income would barely be enough to support the family. Therefore, she must seek passive income to supplement the family's income and possibly protect her future.

Life is full of risks. Someone loses an election after spending a huge amount of money. That doesn't stop you from spending money on elections. Someone starts a transportation business and ends up running at a loss. This does not mean that transport is bad. Someone loses their child after spending a fortune raising and educating them. This does not mean that there is no point in taking care of your children. Someone buys valuables that are ultimately stolen, but that doesn't mean it is wrong to buy valuables. A film or an album is produced, but it does not sell well (a routed title or a smashing failure). So should we tell people to abstain from the production of films or albums? A dear Christian brother is sick and hospitalized. We pray fervently for his recovery; yet he dies. Does this mean that prayers are useless? Someone's house is destroyed in a natural disaster, but that doesn't mean we should preach against owning a house. Someone's marriage breaks down after spending huge sums on the union. Does this mean that it is wrong to get married? Someone had an accident with their car. Does this mean that you should not buy a car? The list could go on and on. Doctors have been imprisoned. The ferries capsize. Mines explode, etc. The list of occupational risks outside trade is inexhaustible.

The fact that some people lose in trading does not make a bad career. This is in stark contrast to the opinions of the public. If they see a negative trade, they start preaching to people to avoid trading like a plague. These are the people who suffer losses in other areas of life, but they don't see bad things in it. If you do not know the successful traders, there are many.

Many people see trading as risky. Yet they lose a lot in other aspects of life. The majority of people start small businesses; but statistics show that over 90% of small businesses fail in their first 3 years. Think of an easy job, millions of people also plan to do this job. The economy is already overwhelmed. Generally, the jobs and trades that every Tom, Dick, and Harry find easy to do or get started don't do much financial freedom. The types of jobs that bring real financial freedom – like trading in markets – are what most people hate and find extremely difficult.

Some educated people suffer because they believe in the "I apply myself" mentality. After all, this is the reason why most people go to university. One of the most difficult things one can do now is to look for and get a good job. The number of dropouts would continue to exceed the number of jobs created and the situation is likely to worsen.

I know someone who wanted to find a job in a popular oil company. He was told to get a master's degree because he only had a bachelor's degree. He enrolled in a master’s program. After completing the program, he returned to the oil company, only to be informed that there was no vacancy for him. Although his diplomas are not unfavorable to him, should he work for an oil company? Can you ask Deron Wagner or Anton Kreil to obtain master's degrees before employing them?

Without financial freedom, the future looks really bleak. Most private companies do not have a retirement plan for their employees, even in developed countries. Most companies and organizations now prefer contract staff. Do you want to put your financial destiny in the hands of your boss?

You may be working right now (or even self-employed), but do you think people will still need your services at an advanced age? If you are a plumber or a driver, would people still give you work to do at an advanced age, when there are many young men who are also competent? Have you even saved enough money for your old age, or do you think your children will support you then?

Aging is not an offense: it is a privilege. However, some employers would not consider you if you are over a certain age. They will tell you, "Applicants over the age of 25 do not need to apply." Can they ever say that to David Tepper or David Harding?

Who risks nothing has nothing; and to do nothing is to become nothing. If you can become a good trader, you will achieve financial freedom. You are not going to be retired as you will continue to trade in your old age. You will exchange quietly and effortlessly and will be rewarded. People like Van K. Tharp and Joe Ross are older traders and they are successful.

The older you get and the more years you accumulate, the more valuable and sought-after you will become.

Trade is such a serious business. We want you to become a successful trader. When people complain about economic difficulties, you will only smile at your bank.

This article ends with the quote below:

“… Trading is the art of paying the price for something you want. It is the art of viewing fear as the greatest sin and giving up as the greatest error. It is the art of accepting failure as a step towards victory. " – Roy Longstreet

* The names in this article have been changed

dnd 5th – How long does the benefit of a successful saving throw against poison last?

In general, you will need to look at the rules for the specific effect. Most often, you probably have something like this, Giant Poisonous Snake statblock:

Hit: 6 (1d4 + 4) piercing damage, and the target must make a DC 11 Constitution saving throw, taking 10 (3d6) poison damage on failure, or half the damage on success.

If the rules don't say otherwise, as in this case, a save only protects against this one instance of the effect – if the snake bites you again, you will have to redo the recording.

When a backup protects you for longer, it will be explicitly stated in the rules of the capacity against which you are recording. Often this will use a label like this:

If the target successfully registers against the effect, or if the effect on it ends, the target is immune to this demon's spell for the next 24 hours.

This actually stems from the charming ability of Incubus and Succubus, but the principle is the same – if a saving throw confers longer-term immunity to an effect, rather than just preventing or weakening a single instance, the capacity itself will tell you so.

mariadb – Should I rethink my database and get rid of foreign keys for successful replication?

I plan to configure MariaDB replication in master-master or master-slave mode. The main problem I have now is the worry after reading this documentation.

We use a lot of foreign keys and we also use a lot of cascading effects, especially for ON DELETE. I really don't understand why this would be a problem if the slave and the master have the same table definitions, with the same cascading ON DELETE triggers.

Can I safely assume that if the two database servers have exactly the same storage engine (InnoDB) and the MariaDB version, the foreign keys and associated DELETE statements will work as expected? Or should we delete all of these CASCADEs and rework the software to work without them?

Thank you!

Successful Forex Trading – Discussions and Help

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linux – Ping to a successful IP address but telnet to a port with the IP result "Host is inaccessible", what are the possible reasons?

I have a host machine with a Linux system and its LAN IP

on the host there is port 2377 listening, so i can telnet :

(root@host-machine ~)# telnet 2377
Connected to
Escape character is '^)'.

now i connect in a docker container on the host, and i try to test the connection

bash-4.4# telnet 2377
telnet: can't connect to remote host ( Host is unreachable

bash-4.4# ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.096 ms
64 bytes from seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.102 ms

bash-4.4# telnet 3306

we see that the ping is successful , but the result telnet to port 2377 in the host is inaccessible, but strangely, telnet to port mysql seems to be OK
What's wrong?