terminal – Why is my Bash Profile suddenly not available and no commands work?

terminal – Why is my Bash Profile suddenly not available and no commands work? – Ask Different

macos – Application windows suddenly become inactive – Macbook M1

I noticed (for a couple of months now) that my application windows (i.e. Safari, Brave browser, Evernote) become inactive and I have to click in the window to make it active again.

It is as if something is clicking outside the window to make something else active. But I don’t see anything in the Finder that becomes active.

This is vert frustrating because (for instance) when I’m typing something I have to click in the window to make Safari active again. How can this happen and is there a fix for it?

I’m using Big Sur (11.4) with an Apple M1 8gig. Thanks! <3

performance – Python is suddenly running really slowly?

Python on my mac suddenly started running very slowly. I copied this code online and the author said it ran in 1.533 seconds but it took 58.153 seconds to run on my computer. Could it be because I installed JDK a few days ago?

import time

start = time.time()

def collatz(n):
 counter = 1
 while n>1:
  if n%2 == 0:
   n = n/2
   counter += 1
   n = 3*n+1
   counter += 1
  if n == 1:
   return counter

largest_number = 0

large_seq = 0

for i in range(1000000,1,-1):
 n = collatz(i)
 if n > large_seq:
  largest_number = i
  large_seq = n


end = time.time()


sql server – DB backups have suddenly gotten smaller

About 8 GB has been trimmed off of the size of our main database. This is reflected in backups and when we look at free vs available space.

Everything seems to be working and we can’t find any sign that data is missing but we’ve never seen this before. We’re a little worried that something untoward might have happened.

Can anyone tell us how 8 GB of data can disappear? If this is a normal thing, we’d like to understand how it happened as being able to halve the size of your database backups is actually somewhat useful.

We are running SQL Server Enterprise version 14.0.3391.2 on Windows Server 2019

Our main database is backed up every day just after midnight. The backup destination is a local disk. A new file is created for each database every time a backup runs. Our recovery mode is SIMPLE. Backups are not compressed. For at least the last couple of years, the backups have been around 15 GB each. Since 11 June, the file size has shrunk to just over 7 GB.

Doing some research, one thread on DBA StackExchange related to someone who was accidentally creating multiple backups in a single file.
I’ve run RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK against backups from 10 June (15 GB) and 11 June (7 GB). Both appear to contain a single backup. I also didn’t see any other noteworthy differences.

Upon restoring the database, I observed the total size to be around 30 GB on both the current and restored database. The free space on the current database was around 19 GB, while on the restored database it was around 11 GB. A difference of 8 GB, like the backups. Our backups are not compressed.

We haven’t noticed any data missing in our app which we rely on quite heavily. I’ve used SSDT to compare schema and data from the current database and the restored database.

The application that uses this database is under constant development so there were a few columns and tables that were added to the current database to support new features, but none removed.

Likewise there were some rows edited or deleted in the current database, but the associated tables account for well under 100 MB in the restored database, so even if they were totally deleted that wouldn’t result in about 8 GB of data vanishing.

We have one person developing the application. Database administration is shared between that person and me. Neither of us believes we’ve done anything that would cause this change.

There haven’t been any significant changes in how we use the database and if anything the backups should be getting bigger.

We’re a small company and it’s very unlikely that someone has done a data clean-up. Also that should have shown in data compare in SSDT.

I found nothing in the log files to suggest unauthorised access or a failed backup.

I’m currently restoring the backup from 11 June (7 GB) to see if that tells me anything though I’m not expecting much insight from that.

suddenly all special characters like `control`, `option` and `command` have disappeared from menus

OK this is weird, suddenly all special characters have disappeared from all my menus on all my applications. Anyone have any clues on this? Trying to think of anything I’ve done recently. This is MacOS Big Sur 11.3.1.

One thing I did do recently is disable SIP due to some Golang unit testing stuff, but I don’t really think that would be the problem.
enter image description here

Visual Studio suddenly asking for password. but works in ubuntu buy not in windows

I had Visual studio with ssh keys added to connect to few of the hosts.

It used to work before in both of my machines (Ubuntu and Windows 10)

But today, suddenly the windows machines VS studion prompts for password?

sign_and_send_pubkey: no mutual signature supported
root@hostxxxx's password:

any idea how to fix this.

The same key in ubuntu machine is working fine when i connect via visual studion code.

Why is Gmail suddenly not displaying my full name in the “From” field in my outgoing emails?

I recently noticed that Gmail is just displaying my email address (rather than my full name) in my outgoing mails:

enter image description here

Whereas earlier it used to be like this:

enter image description here

I did check the “Send mail as” field. It still shows my full name followed by my email id.

What went wrong and how can I correct this?

(I noticed this change today after re-installing my Chrome browser. I’m sure if it has anything to do with that.)

seo – Why did my website suddenly decrease the number of external links in the browser? I use Google tools to query and see that this is my site?

seo – Why did my website suddenly decrease the number of external links in the browser? I use Google tools to query and see that this is my site? – Webmasters Stack Exchange

magento2 – Checkout cart suddenly is not working anymore

In the middle of the day after 2 months without deploying anything, my Magento 2 cart is not working, everyone that tries to go to the cart account sees an error 500, my server said it’s probably a module since they aren’t able to see anything weird from their side.

These are the issues that I got in my logs.

Magento Checkout Cart is not working anymore

sleep wake – iMac late 2011 screen suddenly turn off but fan is still running

sleep wake – iMac late 2011 screen suddenly turn off but fan is still running – Ask Different

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