Are the links in canvas / WebGL with a site map sufficient for SEO, or do I also need normal href links?

The main page of my site contains large graphics and animations implemented with Canvas / WebGL using the pixi.js library. The problem is that all links are also implemented in interaction with the WebGL layer.

But then I know that I can just list my links in sitemap.xml. Is the list of links in the site map sufficient for a good SEO in this situation?

Or should I check something and insert normal a instead?

How to find the necessary and sufficient conditions? [on hold]

Suppose we know the sufficient condition (not necessary) and the necessary condition (not sufficient). What is the best way to find a necessary and sufficient condition?

c # – Can not join the process. Visual Studio does not have sufficient privileges to debug this process. To debug this process, VS must be running as an administrator

I have a custom c # windows service that I have installed and trying to debug via Visual Studio. I am an administrator of the machine and I run VS as an administrator, but for some reason, visual studio does not allow me to debug by giving the error "Can not & # 39; 39 Visual Studio does not have sufficient privileges to debug this process.To debug this process, Visual Studio must be run as an administrator. "

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Customs and Immigration – Is my name on my wife's passport sufficient to establish a relationship with her and take her to Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa?

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Is my name on the passport sufficient to prove the relationship and bring it to Saudi Arabia with a family visit visa?

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The Stack Exchange network includes 175 question-and-answer communities, including Stack Overflow, the largest and most reliable online community on which developers can learn, share knowledge and build their careers.

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Best practices for multilingual websites – Should I list my URLs in each language or use of rel = "substitute" + is hreflang sufficient?

I'm working on the sitemaps of a multilingual website and I have a doubt about the best practice for referencing each language version of a page.

For a bit of background, the website references about 20,000 places with comments and descriptions of the community. The website is available in 5 languages โ€‹โ€‹(; …)

For the moment, my site map only refers to English pages and the site map for each page I specify. for each language (as well as English) recommended by Google.

In the Google Search Console, I find that about 75% of the pages with valid coverage are described as "indexed, not submitted in Sitemap", which makes me think that the alternative link with the hreflang attribute not enough to "submit" the page. google to index it.

Do I have to list the pages in the 5 languages โ€‹โ€‹of my sitemap and use them as well? on each link?

International Travel – Travel from Mumbai to Berlin via Munich. Short stop with immigration. Sufficient?

I apologize if this kind of question was asked again, but I am confused with some conflicting information and would appreciate correct advice.

I travel on Lufthansa flights from Mumbai to Berlin via Munich (same ticket), with a stopover of 1:20 in Munich. I arrive in Munich on a Friday at 5:40 via the LH 767 and my departure flight to Berlin is the LH 2030 at 7 am.

Almost every information I have read online indicates that I will have to go through immigration to Munich Airport and customs at Berlin Airport. However, when I called the Lufthansa agent to book the tickets, they said that immigration and customs formalities would only take place at the airport. Berlin and that Munich would be only a transfer between two gates.

So my questions are

1) Where should I get rid of immigration? Munich or Berlin?

2) Given the answer above, is a 1 hour 20 stopover sufficient to make a transfer?

3) If I do not make the connection, I read that they would book me on the next flight. By next flight do they mean the next available flight, or the same flight but the next day?
I really do not want this to be the last case, because I'm only in Berlin for a few days and I fly to Boston on Sunday.

Useful tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Is shared hosting sufficient for my projects?

Personally, I would not recommend installing 3 Prestashop installations on the same domain.

Most of the shared hosting now will limit you by file size, RAM usage and MySQL limitations. Prestashop may require a lot of resources, especially if it is used with various plugins.

It would be better to use multiple hosting accounts for each domain or to use a reseller account to create separate accounts for each domain.

Disk Encryption – To what extent are these steps sufficient to prevent recovery of deleted SSDs?

I am selling a 4 year old Dell computer with Windows 10 and two SSDs and I want to be sure that no one will be able to recover anything from my personal deleted files. Until now I have done the following.

  1. Completely Bitlocker encrypt both drives, including unused space. (Note that the machine did not have a TPM, so I had to use a password.)
  2. Uninstalling the software and deleting all the personal files. (For the sake of discussion, let's say I have not forgotten any personal files.)
  3. Creating a new administrator level account
  4. Connected to the new account.
  5. Completely deleted my previous user account.
  6. Completely Bitlocker DE-encrypted again both discs
  7. Completely encrypted bitlocker then decrypted both discs, again.

My idea was that if Bitlocker full disk encryption / decryption actually concerns the entire disk, two rounds of encryption / decryption would overwrite everything. But I do not know if I understand or even if the SSDs really work like hard drives in this regard

Is it sufficient? Is there another step to take that is not buying an expensive tool?

I can not sell that encrypted and I want to leave Windows 10 there, so I did not want to completely reformat the system drive.

mistletoe design – Should I have a button disabled or no button at all, if the user does not have sufficient privileges for the action?

The main driving force should be the expectation of the user.

If the button relates to a feature that a user can expect to own, it must be present and the disabled state clearly indicates that it is not available (an info- overflowing bubble may explain why).

If, however, this is a feature that the user with the reduced access rights would not expect to have or see (or perhaps even realize it does), then it should to be masked.

In both cases, you make a compromise.

The display of the Off button clearly indicates that the feature exists, but that it is disabled, but that it could cause confusion to the user who is wondering why you are showing him something that He can not do it – and in the case of permissions, it is unlikely that he can ever do it. to do, unlike something that is unavailable for temporary reasons, such as a "Next" button that becomes activated once the current page of the wizard has been completed. Another benefit of hiding is that the layout of the page is the same for everyone, which facilitates muscle memory for people likely to switch between different accounts or permissions, if any, in your application. It also allows the documentation or help pages to refer to the buttons according to their position, as this position is invariant.

Hiding the button keeps the interface clean and useful, showing only what is actually available. This prevents "why are they showing this?" and "what would it do?" ask yourself by the user. However, if it is a feature that the user can exclude, it is replaced by a different type of "where is it?" wonder.