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power supply – Hard drives have different amps

You compare a powered device to a powered device.

Voltage and amps are two different values ​​that mean different things. The important thing is that the tension is between the two. With regard to the current, as long as the source has at least as much as the needs of the device, it will work.

I like to use the analogy of a pipe. The tension is the amount of pressure inside the pipe. Current is the size of the pipe. If you put too much pressure in the hose, it burst or anything connected to it bursts. But if you simply connect a larger pipe to a device with a smaller input, it means nothing.

These molex adapters can be relatively inexpensive and it is not so difficult to plug them into the back. To have too much tension would make a device smoke, but it is not the case here. Most likely, the cable was plugged in the wrong way.

hardware – Macbook mid-2010: no power supply after ssd upgrade

I've replaced my hard drive with an SSD drive with the help of the ifixit guide on my MacBook Unibody, model A1342 (mid-2010).

But after reconnecting the battery, the Mac seems to be dead (Magsafe light off, no chime, no fan, nothing). I've tried another charger that works perfectly with another Mac without success.

Any chance that it is "only" a problem of battery? Or the logic board is dead? Or any other solution?

power supply – Use the same cables for the PSU

External cabling (outer side of the power supply) is usually interchangeable for personal computers. I will look for the specific plug number and amperage shortly.

The internal wiring (internal side of the power supply of the motherboard or other components) is modular or non-modular. Modular means that there are plugs inside the power block. Non-modular or wired means that the cables come out directly from the inner side of the power supply. In no case can internal cables be considered interchangeable.

The connectors at the end of the internal cables (SATA power supply, 24-pin ATX, etc.) are identical, but the rest of the cable can not be considered identical.

Event Supply Details in Domain Model

However, I struggled to understand how to proceed with Event Sourcing. It seems that the objects in my domain model need to know the events and generate them themselves.

Yes it is true.

So, your use cases look like functions that accept as arguments a command message and one Current stateand returns a events list.

In addition, you need a function that can take a Current state and one events list and create from there a new state.

You can then use these functions and organize them in different ways depending on how you want to store your state when you do not use it.

For example, if you plan to store "current state", you compose something like:

currentState = repo.get ()
events = useCase (currentState, commandMessage)
nextState = update (currentState, events)
repo.replace (currentState, nextState)

On the other hand, if you use an event store, you might rather see

currentHistory = repo.get ()
currentState = update (EmptyState, currentHistory)
events = useCase (currentState, commandMessage)
nextHistory = currentHistory.append (events)
repo.replace (currentHistory, nextHistory)

Separating "calculate the next change" from "apply the next change" is not familiar because we tend to blur the boundaries between these two responsibilities. But if you carefully refactor your "normal" domain objects, you can distinguish the two concerns.

The only way around this problem that I can think of is that my repositories rebuild domain objects from events, and then perform an elaborate change detection to generate the resulting events.

In a way, you can do it – it's like calculating the difference between two documents and generating a fix. But understand the semantics Patch is a difficult problem.

Should I consider events as part of the domain model?

Absolutely. These are messages with domain semantics.

keto supply vegetables, fresh v

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What are the total rewards for supply and mining of BEIM mimblewimble?

Beam is an implementation of mimblewimble paper. The launch of the main network takes place tomorrow (3 January). What are the total rewards for supply and extraction blocks for Beam?

power supply – Is the 4-pin connector of my ATX PSU inverted from the standard?

I just received an EVGA 750 GQ power supply. The manual mentions that it includes an ATX 20 + 4-pin motherboard cable. However, the 4-pin connector seems to reverse the pins of the 4-pin plug on the motherboard.

Here is a photo of the connector EVGA 750 GQ male:
enter the description of the image here

Here is the male connector of the old power supply:
enter the description of the image here

You can see that the pins are reversed compared to the EVGA power supply.

Here is the female connector of the motherboard:
enter the description of the image here

Wikipedia seems to indicate that the connector of the old power supply is the standard:
enter the description of the image here

I was wondering if anyone could know why the pins could be reversed on this diet? Is there a name for this "reverse connector"? And is there a way to adapt the connector to make it compatible with my motherboard?

I would appreciate any idea that anyone can share. Thank you for your help with this.

Best SSL Reseller / Supply Module for WHMCS?

I am looking for a fully integrated WHMCS module, able to automatically provide / synchronize / manage the client area, etc. I am on the latest WHMCS 7.6.1. Start a thread here to gather the latest news / reviews. Up to here my list of choices is:

1. The SSL Store – WHMCS module is free with a reseller account. The module seems rich in features but at the same time a little complicated. The prices of the SSL Store are mixed, some good but others expensive. Can not find many comments on the reliability of the module. Some bad reviews on the WHMCS market citing bugs (which is a red flag for me).

2. The GoGetSSL – WHMCS module is free with a reseller account. Seems to be open source. GoGetSSL prices look pretty good overall. But no comment on the quality and reliability of the WHMCS module itself.

3. ResellerClub – WHMCS module sold by resellerclub-mods.com for $ 22. ResellerClub has a limited choice of SSL certificates and prices are high. But as I currently use ResellerClub for domain names, selling SSL via these will be handy if everything works. Can not find many reviews on the module itself.

4. Namecheap – The WHMCS module is free with a reseller account. The module does not seem to be very actively developed (last update 07/2017). The Namecheap SSL prices are good. Can not find reviews on the module itself and the lack of recent updates is a bit worrisome (I do not know if it works well with the latest WHMCS)

5. SSL2Buy – Their website mentions that a WHMCS module is available but can not find any information about it. SSL2Buy has very good prices.

What I am looking for:

Reliable and free of critical bugs, fully compatible with WHMCS 7.6.1
Relatively easy to install / configure / maintain
Price and decent SSL choice

Please share your experience if you are currently using one of these WHMCS for SSL extension modules. Thank you!

Why do I have such a PSU (POWER SUPPLY USAGE) in games

Power peak photo
Photo Specifications

I turned on my computer today and all of a sudden, my energy consumption has increased for everything. Not only in games but when I open the task manager and watch videos …

I have never seen this happen on my computer before and it only started today after turning on my computer.

I added a photo of the problem and my specifications above in blue.

My power supply is an EVGA 600B 80+