If you found a cure for religious, would you use it in the water supply?

Did not God use the Egyptians to enslave the Israelites? And the Babylonians to take Israel into exile? Did he not call the Philistines to invade the promised land?

The barbaric ideology known as Islam is used to awaken people from their spiritual sleep. People are shaking like scared women. They go to astrologers and psychics to see if the stars or the dead can give them advice. They will eventually recover their spirits and seek God. Then he will be their God and they will be his people.


General Hotel Supply Ideas

I tend to collect fridge magnets when I travel to a new place (usually for business). This is because they are small and easy to transport in the plane. I had used to pick up coffee cups and other items, but they were too big to be brought home and the woman ended up saying we had too many coffee mugs , anyway. So, the loving memories are for me. I find them easily in airports, but not so much in individual hotels (and I usually look.) I also prefer unusual magnets (hand-made, 3D, etc.) as opposed to a piece of soft plastic with an impression . For example, I bought a magnet in Georgia (in the United States) that contained a small container of the famous red clay from Georgia. I also bought in San Diego a magnet on which was glued a small seashell. In the Napa Valley, I bought a magnet with a small bottle of Chardonnay (obviously, it was plastic and filled with colored water but there was a fresh label on the bottle.) Obviously they all had professional art works, but they were cool because they had local materials. Note that these are all very small … maybe a square inch or more, on average.

Perhaps you could offer the hotel unique and handmade souvenir magnets that they would offer at gift shops. Even if they wear them now, if you have creative magnets made with local materials, this could be a hit for their customers.

recommended equipment – Power supply for a multi-camera scanning device

Buying cheap power adapters for parts and modifying them into a custom wire harness powered by a central power source is my favorite solution for a problem like this.

The most elegant solution for such a configuration is to design a wiring harness including the power cabling of each camera, as well as the synchronization of the trigger, and to distribute them in an organized tree.

  • All power / trigger / data cables are grouped into shared sleeves sized to operate from each camera at one or more center points to reduce the total number of connections to be made.
  • Just remember to keep different classes of connectors as clearly different from each other … Do not worry and use the same type of sync cable connector as the power connectors … The camera does not will not like. I would also suggest using physically different positive and negative connectors for your power lines to prevent accidental rollovers.

With custom length and bundled cables, you minimize excess wiring and maintain a clean professional look.

If possible, I would suggest a semi-modular approach to harness design. This will save you time and effort if you develop or modify your camera matrix.

Blockchain in Logistics Supply Chain – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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c # – Dependency injection in constructor vs Supply argument in utility functions

I have the following:

Public class Person {
public string FirstName {get; set;} = "";
public string MiddleName {get; set;} = "";
public string LastName {get; set;} = "";
public string Title {get; set;} = "";

public class program
public static void Main ()
var person = new Person {FirstName = "Daniel", MiddleName = "W", Name = "Craig", Title = "Mr"};

I write a class of service that reports to a user

  • Full name (First name + First name + Last name)
  • Title + Full name
  • First and last name

By using the addictive injection, I have the following elements:


Public class NameService {

private read-only Person _person;
NameService public (person person) {
_person = person;

public string GetFullName () {
var fullName = $ "{_ person.FirstName} {_person.MiddleName} {_person.LastName}";

return FullName;

public string GetFullNameWithTitle () {
var fullNameWithTitle = $ "{_ person.Title} {_person.FirstName} {_person.MiddleName} {_person.LastName}";

return fullNameWithTitle;

public string GetFirstLastName () {
var fullName = $ "{_ person.FirstName} {_person.LastName}";

return FullName;

Which I can use like this:

var person = new Person {FirstName = "Daniel", MiddleName = "W", Name = "Craig", Title = "Mr"};
var service = new NameService (person);

var fullName = service.GetFullName ();

however, I can also define the service like this:


Public class NameService
public NameService () {}

public channel GetFullName (person person)
var fullName = $ "{person.FirstName} {person.MiddleName} {person.LastName}";
return FullName;

public channel GetFullNameWithTitle (Person person)
var fullNameWithTitle = $ "{person.Title} {person.FirstName} {person.MiddleName} {person.LastName}";
return fullNameWithTitle;

public channel GetFirstLastName (Person Person)
var fullName = $ "{person.FirstName} {person.LastName}";
return FullName;

And then get the full name of a person as follows:

                var person = new Person {FirstName = "Daniel", MiddleName = "W", Name = "Craig", Title = "Mr"};
var service = new NameService ();

var fullName = service.GetFullName (person);

What is the best approach? My minds:


Looks like the service is designed on a "per person" basis. This means that the call of the full name of another person will require the instantiation of a new service with a new Person argument (and this does not matter).


It is a lightweight constructor that allows different Person objects to be provided to GetFullName (person) to allow different renderings of the full name.

What other advantages and disadvantages can you think of?

Hardware – This question is about the Dell T620's power supply fan (not linked to the database).

I've read your text about replacing the 6 fans on the Dell server and the new fans of my Dell T620 are now running very quietly. However, when I add 2 graphics cards (GTX GeForce 1050 Ti) to the server, the small fan located on the top power supply (1100W) works extremely hard. The lower power supply fan operates silently. Do you know if I can reduce the PSU fan anyway? Internet users say that graphics cards are messing up the thermal control system and running the fan at full speed. I check the temperature of the processors and they are both about 65 degrees. Thank you Brent! Tim

macbook – Is there a (non-obvious) way to diagnose a damaged magsafe power supply on a Thunderbolt display?

I recently repaired my MacBook (mid-2015, Retina) for hardware issues related to a SMC failure. After about a day of work, he started presenting exactly the same problems, which is strange considering that they replaced the entire logic board (as well as some other components such as fans, the magsafe input, even the auxiliary socket). I have since taken over the laptop.

Between having the MacBook in the store, I used my brother's MacBook (exactly the same model) while trying to eliminate any possible source of problems from my side. I imagine that it was just a faulty repair on the part of Apple, but I want to be safe. One thing we identified was a slightly damaged charger cable (bare wiring at the end), which we stopped using. However, considering the fact that the same problem occurred shortly after the recovery of my MacBook, if this is a problem, it is not the damaged charger cable (at least not the second time ).

The only thing I can think of is the Magsafe cable that connects to my MacBook from my 27 "Thunderbolt screen.Is there any way to determine if this might be the problem? has no fading, the LED is accurate, and the cable itself has no visible damage, it also loads any connected MacBook.

There has already been splashing on my desk, but the water would not have touched my MacBook (it still rests on a laptop stand). However, I can imagine it. perhaps touched the Magsafe adapter from the screen while he was disconnected from the laptop. Again, however, no signs of rust, etc. I really doubt that this is the problem, but I want to be positive.

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