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Hi all!

As some of you may know, I work in the field of Human Resources. Recently, I’ve been offered a job at a Casino managing their HR department (I actually start Monday!). I was hoping to see if some of you would be willing to answer some questions for me for a internal/external equity survey I’m doing! :heart:

  1. What is one job trait you cannot stand in a manager/supervisor? (I.e, micromanaging, doesn’t help, etc.)
  2. If you could implement one thing in your current job, what would it be? (And what is your current job??)
  3. How important are medical benefits to you?
  4. If you could have no PTO for two years, but get offered free medical benefits on a decent medical plan, what would you think?
  5. How important is a 401k? Would it help you determine if you wanted to work for a company or not?
  6. Name one thing your company could do right now to improve employee moral?
  7. What would you want if you were awarded employee of the month?

That’s all! :heart: I appreciate everyone who is willing to fill out those questions!

Thesis survey regarding stock agencies

Hello everyone!

I am an interactive media student from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and I am currently writing my bachelor’s thesis on the use of stock agencies during COVID-19 times. I am trying to research how COVID-19 has affected the usage of stock agencies from the perspective of their customers. I am looking for people who have ever licensed any kind of content from a stock agency to answer my Google Forms survey. The survey is short as it will only take roughly 3 minutes to answer. Your answers would really help me to graduate! Your answers will be handled anonymously, and they will only be used for research purposes for the thesis.

Link to survey:

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me in this thread.

Thank you in advance!


css – Sharepoint Online Survey | Yes/No (checkbox) > Horizontal Alignment of Box and Text

I am looking for the right approach to align the style of box and text. As of now, the question is shown on top and below comes the box. Taking a look at the underlying HTML, it looks like the two elements are separated into two rows of . The only thing I found and played with was the JSON Formatter, but unfortunately, I did not have any luck with this. Do you know a way how to make the two appear horizontally, i.e. next to each other? What would be the right approach? Thanks for any help!

What’s the best way to present NPS survey questions to users on phones?

NPS surveys generally take the format of:

enter image description here

The touch area of each selection seems to be pretty tight when I put my mockup on a phone… Is there a better design pattern that I could be using here for this type of input?

Other options I considered:


standard slider:

fun slider:

Interaction wise, sliders could work because they can snap to discrete values. The sliding action makes it easier to fine-tune values than tapping since the user can adjust their input provided the slider gives appropriate feedback.

I didn’t like this option because sliders tend to have a default starting value and I felt that this would bias the survey and many users may just submit the default value in order to bypass the survey instead of actually making a selection.


Pickers tend to have an empty or default field that the user must tap in order to bring up the picker UI. I couldn’t think of something reasonable to put in that field… I think the interaction is much more straightforward with the picker than with a slider though…
enter image description here

Using multiple ranking scale labels in a survey

Is it incorrect or confusing to use different labels in a set of ranking questions on a survey? (1 always being the least favorable, and 5 being the most favorable.) Note that this survey is intended for non-native English speakers, so I want to be as simplistic with the wording as possible and also be conscious of cross-cultural considerations.

For example:

  • How would you rate ________? (1 = Very Poor | 2 = Poor | 3 = Neutral | 4 = Good | 5 = Very Good)

  • How would you rate the usefulness of __________? (1 = Very Not Useful | 2 = Not Useful | 3 = Neutral | 4 = Useful | 5 = Very Useful)

  • How would you rate the importance of __________? (1 = Very Not important | 2 = Not Important | 3 = Neutral | 4 = Important | 5 = Very Important)

  • How likely are you to ________? (1 = Very Not Likely | 2 = Not Likely | 3 = Neutral | 4 = Likely | 5 = Very Likely)

Best practice for button layout in responsive survey?

enter image description hereHi everyone,

I’m designing a survey experience for a healthcare platform in which the user (often on the older side) fills out multiple surveys within a single flow.

To accommodate survey fatigue, I added a “finish later” button to the desktop design, Plus a “changes saved” indicator to mitigate anxiety of exiting a survey prematurely.

But as you can see, all the buttons don’t fit in a single row on the mobile design. To solve for this, I suppose I could go one of three ways:

The first way would involve just eliminating the “finish later” button and “changes saved” indicator from both designs; but of course the downside is that the user doesn’t have any indication that they could exit the survey aside from the “x” button on top – and with upwards of 10 surveys to complete, I am worried this will cause fatigue and drop off.

Second, I suppose I could remove those two elements from only the mobile form, but this would create the problem outlined in the first solution for mobile users, not to mention I don’t even know if this is technically feasible. (We’re building this with react).

Third, I could stack the buttons vertically in the mobile version, although I anticipate that will cause issues around visual hierarchy and limited screen real estate- and again, not sure if that’s even technically feasible.

Im wondering if anyone here has any experience with this dilemma who might share their insight? Or if you just have a good idea, any help is appreciated!

mobile application – Determining Information Priority using digital Survey

I would like to understand users information priority when it comes to planing trips, browsing and booking events/activities using mobile applications in general.

I’m currently limited to researching by conducting a (single page) digital survey (instead of in person interviews which I’d prefer).

Any tip on how to approach this or links to similar research are welcome. What’s your opinion about this type of questions:

“You are performing a task of planning your trip 2 weeks ahead/ looking for events to attend in your free time tomorrow.”

List of all Offers
List of all Vendors
Offer Categories (Music & Culture, Sport& Outdoor Activities, Shopping, Mobility)

Ticket Price
Date & Time
Event Description
Vendor Contact
How many people have booked so far (how many still can)
Corona related information

“You have chosen an Event you want to book. Rank how important finding this information is to you:”
Payment options
Whether I have to sign up to pay
Can I return a ticket
Can I pay in cash on the spot
Can I save event to mobile phone calendar
Can I share on social media that I’ll be attending

privacy – How many people would need to answer a survey of 1000 questions before the aggregate data from the survey is sufficiently anonymous?

Websites release statistics on their user base all the time and it’s not considered a breach of privacy because their user bases are so large that it’s impossible to pick apart who thinks or watches what. Additionally when nations or states or counties release election results it is impossible to figure out who voted for what even if the county has a miniscule population.

To be clear if the population is 1 then the results are never anonymous, and the more people there are the harder it is to see who answered what. Assuming that we know everyone in the voting pool.

But let’s say a survey with 1000 yes or no questions is released to all the residents of a county and when the survey was over results were shown which were based on a system of 1 for yes answers and 0 for no answers giving you totals for each question.

Do the more detailed results make it easier to piece together who said yes or no to what?

And if so how many people would need to answer the survey before the results were completely anonymous? Or sufficiently anonymous?

google drive – How to retrieve sections of a survey I accidently deleted (including the surveyors responses)?

First time using Google Surveys and I was so impressed! It was doing everything I needed for research on a book I am writing. However, Thursday night… on my phone looking at some responses I accidentally deleted the questions (and the responses). I could not find them anywhere and re-created the document but I am now missing my first 40 responses. The updated survey still includes the #40 replies at the top but the answers are not there. Can it be recovered? Please help!

user research – How to tie SurveyMonkey respondents to unique IDs so we can track their data across survey they fill out anonymously?

Looking to send SurveyMonkey links to ~100 users for an alpha test. It’s an anonymous survey and they will be required to complete 3. We would like to be able to track their responses across all 3 surveys, but they will be completing the surveys anonymously.

Has anyone had experience with this? A coworker said there a way to add a line of code in the email recruitment feature that will create a unique respondent ID for us but I’m not finding how to do this anywhere.