My Lenovo tab 4 M 10 is frequently switching off its own. How can I resolve this issue?

Can anyone say how to resolve this?

Frequently it is turning off its own.

networking – Weird “this site can’t be reached” errors from chrome when switching wifi spots with my laptop

So recently when I move from my house to my office (and vise versa) which are in different buildings using different VDSL connections different routers etc. I get a strange issue that I wasnt facing before (with the same laptop)

Half or more of my already opened tabs in Chrome just cant load (including this site incase I had an open tab with it)

The PC seems connected (bottom right corner shows connection) and some other tabs (usually video streaming services e.g youtube or netflix) seem to work fine for some reason… Usually google search works too but I cant load the page of a result lol

I can’t even log into my router using the default ip ( in my case) again while the PC seems to be connected and while some tabs still work

Closing chrome and opening it again doestn fix this, disabling the adapters and enabling them doesnt fix this, windows diagnostics dont fix it.

The only way to fix it is by rebooting my laptop (windows 10 64bit)

Then everything works fine until I move to the other place where the same thing happens and I have to reboot the laptop again…

I use google dns but I also tried deleting the dns settings but get the same issue…

Do I have a trojan that somehow reroutes my packets and gets confused when the public ip/internet connection changes (by moving to the other building) ? If so is there something I could do to check ont that (I mean check if a setting or a regkey etc is enabled? ) Bitdefender doesnt find anything.

stochastic processes – How to characterize the variance of a linear Gaussian system with switching?

Consider a random process described by the following linear dynamics:

x_{k+1} = a x_k + n_k,

where $|a|<1$ and $n_k$s are i.i.d. standard normal distributed.

It is quite easy to prove that $x_k$ converges to a zero mean normal distribution with variance $1/(1-a^2)$.

However, if we consider the following process,
x_{k+1} = begin{cases}
a x_k + n_k, & if |x|<M\\
b x_k + n_k, & if |x|geq M

where $|b|<1$ is also stable. I think it is quite easy to show that $x_k$ still converges to some stationary distribution with a zero mean.

On the other hand, is there a way to characterize that the covariance of such a distribution, especially when $M$ is very large? For example, something like
left|lim_{krightarrow infty} mathbb Ex_k^2 – 1/(1-a^2)right| leq C_1times exp(-C_2M^2),

where $C_1$ and $C_2$ are some constants related to $a$ and $b$.

The reason for believing the above inequality is that when $M$ is very large, there is a very small probability for $x$ to exit the region $\{|x|<M\}$ (which I think should be related to the error function of normal distribution, although $x_k$ is not exactly normal distributed), and even if it exists the region, it will come back very quickly since $b$ is stable. However, I am having trouble to put it in a rigorous way.

401k when switching jobs?

What do you do with your 401k when you switch to a new job? Do you leave it in the existing fund or do you transfer it to the one your new company has?

weapons – Switching from “claws” to handcrossbow

I’ve just started playing in a new campaign as a Tabaxi rogue, using claws for melee and handcrossbow for ranged.

During our last session, I had a brief discussion with the DM about “switching weapons” during combat, as I had first clawed the creature during my first turn, and then wanted to make a ranged on my second.

I know switching weapons during combat is an action, but will argue, that I did not carry any weapons that needed stowing away, just as if I had made an unarmed strike. My DM, however, argues that the claws are a weapon, thus needs to be stowed before drawing my handcrossbow.

I see the “grey area” here, but still believe retracting a cat’s claws should not be considered stowing a weapon in this case.

What are you guys’ thoughts on the matter?

database – Switching among theme customizations

I am developing a website that should switch between two looks (depending on the season) using different customizations of one WordPress theme. I mean all the changes are done on the wp-admin/customize.php page, without touching files, switching plugins, etc.

I started to write down changes needed to switch the versions (e.g. disable the secondary menu, switch header image, adjust positioning, …). As the list grows, I started to wonder if there is a way to keep both versions stored in WordPress and switch them at once. I am thinking about duplicating my child theme and store each customization in one of them. However, these themes would contain identical files and only differ in the customization which is stored in the database:

SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE 'theme_mods_%';

I guess I could switch the customizations directly in the database by changing the option_name (haven’t tried it yet though) but I’d like to do it more user-friendly, so I wonder:

Is there any way, e.g. a plugin, to switch among multiple saved customizations of the same theme (without tampering with the database)?

I tried to google this topic but unfortunately, I only got a ton of results about switching WordPress themes…

seo – Switching from single to multi language website – indexing problem and lost rank

I have a website which used to be to available in a single language website: French. We wanted to purpose our product in other language (English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.)

First, we have changed the URL structure by adding a language prefix:

Old Schema

  • https://mywebsite.example => French
  • Defaut language : French

New Schema

  • https://mywebsite.example/fr => French
  • https://mywebsite.example/en => English
  • https://mywebsite.example/es => Spanish
  • etc ..

In addition, we added hreflang meta tags

<link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="https://mywebsite.example/en" />
<link rel="alternate" hreflang="fr" href="https://mywebsite.example/fr" />
<link rel="alternate" hreflang="de" href="https://mywebsite.example/de" />

When users go to https://mywebsite.example, they get redirected to the language according to its browser. But the user has also the ability to switch language thank to a language menu.

The default language is English.

We have deployed this new version 10 days ago, and we have noticed that the French version (which had a strong SEO reputation) has been completely wiped out of the French version of Google.

There’s no error in the search console. What mistake did we make? Is it a question of time? I uploaded an XML sitemap, but I don’t think it’s a crawl problem.

magento2 – Error switching magento 2 version

The PHP version on your CLI and web server can be different. Put phpinfo();die; directly after the php opening tag to identify the version. If you have recently installed an updated PHP version you may just need to reload NGINX (or whatever you are using for your web server).

Identify the version and determine how that is configured on the server then switch it out for the correct version.

how to avoid iterm switching desktop when opening hotkey window

Well five years later I have to ask the exact same question since the answers are not actually answers.

Link to original question

How do I stop my Nikon 3500 menu from switching off?

My Nikon D3500 menu (the one showing ISO, F-Stop, shutter speed) switches off after about 7 seconds.

How do I stop it?